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Book 18, Highgod – Chapter 7, Parting Words

“One of the five Kings?” Linley couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. Each of the five Kings of the Gebados Planar Prison was a supreme expert. Bluefire was one of the five Kings. Since Odin was titled the ‘Vile King’, on par with Bluefire, then Odin’s power was definitely at an astonishing level as well.

“The deaths of the Boss and of Second Bro have to do with him?” Linley couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, Third Bro! You know that our Second Bro, George, was very talented in magic. In addition, he was fairly diligent in his training…a century after you left, he reached the Saint-level. He should have had eternal life, but…”

Reynolds’ face turned dark. Clearly, this filled his heart with boundless rage. However, Reynolds forced it down, so that he could continue to speak. “The first time Odin attacked, he struck at the imperial capital of the Yulan Empire. With just a flip of his hand…that Odin destroyed half of the imperial capital. In addition, he had a group of subordinates, all of whom were Deities!”

“Odin issued an order. Everyone within the imperial capital at or above the Saint level was to be killed. No one was to be spared!”

“Second Bro, ‘George’, was killed there.” Reynolds continued to speak, but as he did, his tears began to fall.

Although Linley had mentally prepared himself, he still felt his head go dizzy. He still clearly remembered how of the four brothers, George was amiable, good-tempered, and yet always willing to share in the shouldering of any burdens. “Second Bro died, just like that?” Linley couldn’t believe it. George, who had always had such distant, lofty goals, had died?

How could Linley swallow his rage, after his close friend had been killed like this?

“Odin…must die.” Linley’s face was like iron.

“Big Bro.” Wharton said hurriedly.

“Third Bro.” Reynolds hurriedly called out as well.

“Reynolds, you, you said…” A trembling voice rang out. Delia, standing next to Linley, stared at Reynolds nervously, her eyes filled with fear and worry. “You said that everyone at or above the Saint level in the imperial capital was killed? What about my elder brother? How is my elder brother?”

In the Leon clan, aside from Delia, the only person to reach the Saint level was Dixie.

Over the course of two thousand years, those previous family members of hers had turned to dust long ago.

Delia truly hoped to see her elder brother, Dixie, on this return. The genius elder brother who had always taken care of her.

“Dixie?” Reynolds was stunned.

“Right, my brother! Is my brother still alive?” Delia’s entire body was trembling.

“Delia…” Linley couldn’t help but take Delia’s hand in his own. He could clearly sense how her hand was shaking.

“Dixie is dead!” Wharton said. “The ten Saints who were at the imperial capital were all killed, and Dixie was one of them! Odin and his subordinates were too vicious, and he even had Highgods serving him. There was no way such a powerful force could be resisted at all. How could any Saints flee?”

Delia’s face instantly turned pale.

“My brother died?” Delia lowered her head, two streams of clear tears falling down her face.

“Delia..” Linley said hurriedly.

Delia suddenly opened her eyes, grinding her teeth. “Odin. I must kill him!” Delia turned to look at Linley. “Linley…I must kill him, I must!!!”

“We must. We must.” Linley felt his own killing intent surge as well.

“No, don’t.” Taylor was absolutely frantic. “Mother, Father, don’t go! This Odin is truly too powerful. Back then, Odin even attacked Dragonblood Castle. It took Lord Beirut making an appearance to stop him. Lord Beirut said…that even in the Higher Planes, this Odin would be considered a top-tier expert.”

“Right.” Reynold said frantically as well. “Third Bro, no matter what, don’t put yourself at risk.”

“I remember Lord Beirut said something about a Seven Star Fiend. That this Odin could be considered a Seven Star Fiend.” Sasha said hurriedly as well.

It was evident that they clearly remembered the scene of how Lord Beirut had appeared when Odin had attacked. They, too, were filled with the utmost of hatred towards Odin, but Lord Beirut had solemnly warned them of how powerful this Odin was, and that they would die if they fought him.

“Seven Star Fiend?” Linley’s gaze flashed with cold light.

The nearby Bebe said angrily, “Even if he is an Asura, he will still die!”

Reynolds and the others didn’t understand the meaning of this. They didn’t understand what the terms ‘Seven Star fiend’ and ‘Asura’ entailed.

“Right. Boss Yale?” Linley suddenly thought of Yale.

Yale was a member of the Dawson Conglomerate. Odin had unified an empire, but what did Yale have to do with that?

“Third Bro, first calm down. Don’t act rashly out of anger.” Reynolds said hurriedly. As Reynolds and Wharton saw it, their biggest concern was that Linley would go insane and go try and make trouble for Odin. As they saw it…although Linley was a genius, he had only trained for two millennia, while that Odin was someone who was far more monstrously powerful than even the now-deceased Adkins.

“Fine. I won’t act impetuously. Speak, hurry.” Although Linley said these words, rage was blazing within his chest.

The death of Second Bro as well as that of Delia’s elder brother…they had to be avenged!

“Fine. I’ll speak.” Reynolds shut his eyes. He took a deep breath before opening them again, but tears began to uncontrollably appear within them nonetheless. “When Boss Yale was young, he didn’t work hard in his training, and he was also the least talented of us four brothers…and so he became stuck as an eighth rank magus. However, this didn’t prevent his becoming as the Chairman of the Conglomerate.”

Linley nodded slightly.

He remembered that Yale had once said that he dreamed of becoming the Chairman of the Dawson Conglomerate and swallowing up the other two trading guilds, becoming the single largest trading guild of the entire Yulan continent.

“That year, although the Yulan Empire and the O’Brien Empire were restored to power, they had too few experts and were too weak. In the entire Yulan continent…only the Baruch Empire could be considered a powerhouse.” Reynolds said slowly. “With our help, the Dawson Conglomerate naturally expanded nonstop, moving as easily as a fish does in water. The other two trading guilds were squeezed and nibbled down. In the end, they completely collapsed and were swallowed up by the Dawson Conglomerate. Boss Yale accomplished his goal and was extremely happy. Myself and Second Bro, along with Boss Yale, even had a special get together and celebration for this event.”

A drifting look was in Reynolds eyes.

“That year, the three of us celebrated together. We even sighed that it was unfortunate that you, Third Bro, weren’t here. Otherwise, the four of us would’ve been able to have a good get-together.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel a deeply buried part of his heart tremble. It was the deep recesses of his heart, where the love he bore for his brothers lay.

“When the three of us were together, everything was fine. But…after we separated and went about our own business, not long afterwards the ‘Vile King’ Odin appeared. He first showed off his brutal, domineering, unstoppable power by forcefully uniting the various empires into his ‘Odin Empire’. Reynolds said in a low voice. “But Odin wasn’t satisfied with just that. He took a fancy to the Dawson Conglomerate! Although the Dawson Conglomerate was just a merchant conglomerate, as the largest one in the continent…it had astonishingly great power secreted throughout the continent.”

Linley’s face became ugly to behold.

In the past, when the Dawson Conglomerate was just one of three major trading guilds, it was already very powerful. By the time it swallowed up the other two…Linley could imagine how formidable the hidden power of the Dawson Conglomerate was.

“One of Odin’s clones trains in the Edicts of Death.” Reynolds said somberly. “He easily took control over several major empires because he was able to spiritually dominate quite a few critical members of the various empires, and so he was able to easily unify the nations. As for Boss Yale…his soul was dominated as well.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel pain in his heart.

Boss Yale had been dominated once in the past as well. That time, Linley had rescued Boss Yale, but…this time, he wasn’t there. Nobody was there to rescue him.

“In a short year, with Boss Yale’s cooperation, the management structure of the Dawson Conglomerate was completely changed and replaced with Odin’s people. It can be said…that aside from Boss Yale, not a single member of the Dawnson clan remained, out of all the important, high-level members of the Dawson Conglomerate. They were all replaced by Odin’s men.” Reynolds’ voice was hoarse.

Reynolds suddenly stared at Linley, letting out a grief-stricken laugh. “Third Bro, do you know why Odin is known as the Vile King?”

Linley was stunned.

“why?” Linley said.

“Because he truly is vile! Not only does he have all sorts of evil techniques, he himself is an evil, vile person!” Reynolds was unable to control his voice. “After the Dawson Conglomerate fell under his control, that bastard actually controlled Yale and made him personally kill one member of the Dawson clan after another. These people included Boss Yale’s son, his wife, his descendants, his brothers…they all died. And Boss Yale personally killed them all.”

Linley’s heart grew cold.

“Boss Yale no longer held any more value for him, but he didn’t just kill Boss Yale. He let Boss Yale regain his mind and his freedom!” Reynolds said in a low voice.

“This…that, that bastard! He has to die!” The nearby Ina couldn’t help but growl out as well.

Linley’s face was ashen.

“When Boss Yale regained his senses, he knew what he had done. Perhaps only an extremely few members of the Dawson clan were still alive; those who were in very distant, remote regions. The central members of the clan, however…Boss Yale’s relatives…he had killed them all, sparing none. Boss Yale was in such agony, he went insane…”

Reynolds’ body was trembling slightly.

Linley already felt as though countless knives were stabbing into his heart.

“But that Odin sealed up Boss Yale’s mageforce, and then bound him and strung him up on a tree in the Odin Palace.” Reynolds sobbed, his tears pouring forth. “When bored, Odin would often go sit beneath the tree, drinking wine and enjoying the services of the palace made. When he listened to Boss Yale’s insane curses, he seemed to rather enjoy it…as though he enjoyed Boss Yale’s madness, his despair!”

Linley felt as though his head was about to explode.


This wasn’t just ‘vile’. This was utterly perverted! Odin was a pervert!

After having stolen away the Dawson Conglomerate, which Yale had worked for all his life, he then had Yale kill his own relatives, then gave Yale his mind back! And Odin enjoyed listening to Yale’s curses, enjoyed Yale’s madness…

“When I learned this, I frantically hurried to that place.” Reynolds said bitterly. “Boss Yale barely had any life left in him. Odin was too powerful; he could’ve killed me with a single finger. So all I could do was secretly use my divine sense to enter Boss Yale’s mind and speak with him!”

“By then, Boss Yale’s mind was at the point of collapse! I am unable to imagine what sort of mental torment he must have felt during the time he had been hung up there. All I knew was that Boss Yale, ever so graceful and vigorous and carefree, was at the point of collapse.”

Linley was so angry, he could no longer speak. He just stared at Reynolds.

“When I sent out my divine sense, Boss Yale reacted, very slightly. But he just repeated the words, ‘I have sinned!’ ‘I have sinned!’” Reynolds’ voice trembled. “He begged me to kill him. He was hung there and his mageforce was sealed; he was unable to kill himself. He wanted me to kill him! To release him from it all!”

Linley’s body shook.

“I agreed.” Reynolds said in a low voice. “Boss Yale was already insane. I had never seen him like that before.”

“Before he died, Boss Yale told me that Odin was extremely strong, far more powerful than the last Highgod, Adkins. Afterwards, he said one thing to me…‘Fourth Bro, no matter what, you and Third Bro are not to avenge me. Do not try to avenge me!” Reynolds’ face was covered with tears now.

Linley just stood there, stunned.

“You and Third Bro, no matter what, are not to avenge me. Do not try to avenge me!!!”

Boss Yale’s dying shout seemed to echo in his ears. “BOOM!” Linley’s mind was utterly blank, but he felt as though an explosion had gone off within it.

“Aaaaaaah!” Linley knelt down on the ground, agonized, releasing a growling, agonized cry from his throat.

“Third Bro.” Reynolds went to go lift Linley up.

He could imagine how agonized Linley was…because when Reynolds had seen Boss Yale and what terrible shape he had been in, Reynolds was utterly agonized as well. He had even killed Yale with his own hands, so as to grant Yale release.

Linley, kneeling there on the ground, lifted his head up. His eyes were red, and his entire body was shaking. He growled out, “Odin!!! I will definitely make him go insane from agony as well! I will make him go hysterical!!! Make him die!!!” Linley’s voice seemed to have been ground out from every single tooth in his mouth.

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