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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 27, Disaster Descending From the Skies

Within the dark caverns. In the empty main hall.

Three Linley’s were seated in the meditative position, dressed in a long yellow robe, a light green robe, and a sky-blue robe. The strange thing was, the yellow robed Linley actually seemed to be teleporting around, occasionally appearing in different areas throughout the main hall.

This cavern estate had been formed by Linley using his sword, and the walls and the floor all had sword scars.

While Linley and Delia were training, Bebe was extremely bored.

“Training is so complicated.”

Bebe sat there on the floor of the main hall, lying against the stone, his head upraised and carrying that straw hat. “Why is it that I can never settle down to train? It’d be wonderful if I could be like the Boss. He actually starts grinning mid-training!” Bebe mumbled as he looked at the three Linleys.

Bebe didn’t like to train. In the Forest of Darkness, even the easiest ‘Essence of Darkness’ mystery had taken him nearly twenty years to master, and that was with Beirut’s assistance!

Taking off his straw hat and looking at it, Bebe naturally began to think of Nisse, a hint of grief appearing in his eyes. “I wonder how Nisse is doing.”

Moments later.

With a flip of his hand, Bebe put the straw hat back on his head. “Forget it. No point to thinking randomly. Motherf*cker, the more I think about it, the more miserable I feel. Better to focus on my training!” Bebe gritted his teeth. “I refuse to believe that I have no talent in training in the Laws. I’m a Godeater Rat! Grandpa Beirut helped me so much. If it was the Boss, he probably would have easily gained insights into those three profound mysteries by now. I need to work harder. I can’t lose face. At the very least, I need to master those three types of profound mysteries.”

Bebe shut his eyes and began to quietly train as well.

A long time later, the light green robed Linley stood up as well. In his heart, he said to himself, “So the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves could actually reach such a level. Not only could it create unique vibrations within the insides of something, it could also simultaneously attack from outside. Combining the inner and outer aspects is indeed a very powerful material attack. Only, how would one use the Profound Mysteries of Sound Waves to attack the soul?”

Linley was pondering this. Suddenly, he discovered that Bebe was training intensively as well. He couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s rare to see Bebe working so hard.” But right at that moment…

“Boss, you finished your training?” Bebe immediately opened his eyes.

“And I was just praising you at how hard you were working.” Linley laughed.

Bebe stood up. “Boss, you have no idea. When I’m training in the Laws of Darkness, I’m extremely sensitive to any nearby movements. As soon as you stood up, I immediately woke up as well. Right, Boss. Your divine earth clone keeps on flickering around. What’s that about?”

“Can it be that you have forgotten how in the past, Haydson was able to change his physical location with his technique?” Linley said with a laugh.

“Right, it does seem really similar. Boss, you figured it out?” Bebe said in pleased surprise.

“Not even close. I’ve just started with the basics.” Linley laughed.

He had been training in this technique for quite some time. It belonged to the ‘Worldwalker’ profound mystery, one of the six profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of the Earth. Actually, getting a basic understanding of the Worldwalker profound mystery wasn’t that hard; the ‘Worldwalker’ profound mystery and the ‘Essence of the Earth’ profound mystery were actually somewhat linked.

In order to completely master the profound mysteries of the ‘Essence of the Earth’, one had to be able to reach an extremely high level of merging with the earth essence.

As for the Worldwalker mystery, it required a person to be completely merged into the earth essence, and then travel through the earth essence, instantly appearing somewhere else. From the outside, it looked like teleportation, but in reality, it wasn’t.

Upon reaching mastery in the ‘Essence of the Earth’, training in the ‘Worldwalker’ technique became much easier.

“Bebe, as I recall, when you were in the volcano range, it seemed like you used a technique which destroyed even that Highgod artifact of Elquin. What was that all about?” With regards to this, Linley hadn’t yet had a chance to ask in detail.

Bebe pursed his lips. “This was a life-saving measure which Grandpa Beirut had given me. He said it was enough to deal with most Highgods. However, Grandpa Beirut originally told me that the energy in the black pearl was only enough to be utilized three times. I’ve already used it once, and I only have two more remaining.”

Linley nodded slightly.

The power of that attack had truly been astonishing. Even Elquin, when taking that attack head on, had his Highgod artifact destroyed. Most likely, an ordinary Five Star Fiend or Six Star Fiend would have perished.


Bebe suddenly looked towards the outside of the cave. “Boss, I feel something going on outside.” Linley’s face changed. Instantly, his two clones merged with his original form. This time, Linley immediately used his original form, and his body became covered with the Pulseguard Armor.

Right at this moment…

A surge of divine sense swept out, instantly encompassing the entire cave.

“Haha…just three Gods!” A loud voice rang out from outside the cave. “The three of you, hurry the f*ck up and come out.”

“Get the f*ck out here!” Instantly, a large number of angry roars rang out.

Linley frowned. It seemed as though quite a few people were shouting from outside, but Linley’s current level of power was far greater than it had been when they had first come to the Infernal Realm, especially after his original body Dragonformed. Linley was confident in the shattered ‘soul-protecting Sovereign artifact’ against ordinary Highgods, especially when he had his trump card, those two drops of Sovereign’s Might.

Of course he was not afraid!

“Let’s take a look.” Linley said.

Bebe, made bold by his talents, accompanied Linley towards the cave exit as well.

Linley headed out, and saw a large group of people floating directly outside. This group was formed into a surrounding circle which had completely sealed off the cave. Linley immediately spread out his divine sense, immediately encompassing all of them.

“Eighty two, three of them being Demigods, the rest being Gods!” Linley made up his mind.

All of them were Gods. The current Linley didn’t fear them at all.

“Boss, they actually stumbled onto us.” Bebe’s smirking mouth had a hint of amusement as well. He had been in a fairly bad mood recently. Salomon’s true face and Nisse’s departure had all caused Bebe to be in a foul mood. Only, in front of Linley and Delia, Bebe pretended to laugh and pretended as though nothing was amiss.

In truth, in his heart, he felt quite miserable.

After having stewed for so long, right now, Bebe wanted to let loose and vent!

The leader of this large group was a silver-haired, horned man. He laughed loudly. “What? Just the two of you came out? What about the woman inside? Have her come out as well. Or did you think you would be able to flee?”

“Haha, there’s a woman? Big brother, let me have her.” A horned man with short silver hair next to him said loudly.

“No problem.” The leader laughed loudly.

Immediately, the other bandits all began to laugh loudly.

Linley frowned, and Bebe rubbed his nose as well, their gazes turning cold.

“I will give you a chance.” The leader said arrogantly. “Since you are both Gods…how about this. Offer me your interspatial rings. I will permit you to join us. Don’t worry…in the future, you will have a share in the wealth which we take in the future.”

Linley secretly shook his head.

These bandits truly were interesting. They wanted to take his valuables and also have him join them? However, this was a fairly common sight in the Infernal Realm.

The leader said. “Have you finished consid…”

“Motherf*cker, are you done with the bullshit?!” Bebe shouted angrily.

The bandits were all stunned, and then the face of the leader turned cold. “Brothers, since they don’t want their lives, finish them!” The leader waved his hand, ordering his subordinates to charge. Clearly…he didn’t hold these three Gods in high regard.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

Transforming into blurs or streaks of lightning or flashes of fire, dozens of figures charged forward like a swarm of wasps.

Bebe stored his straw hat into his interspatial ring, while at the same time wielding that black dagger. Glancing sideways into the swarm of charging bandits, he grinned savagely, then wildly began to execute his Shadowshape Doppelganger technique, immediately transforming into dozens of images which charged up.

“Haha, die.” A God-level Fiend stabbed into Bebe’s true body, but when the divine artifact sword in his hand struck him, it gave out a ‘Clang!’ sound, not harming Bebe at all.

Bebe delivered a backhand blow with the dagger.

“Swish!” He stabbed directly into the head of that God-level Fiend. Bebe’s eyes were filled with a light of bloodlust.


Bebe’s dagger then stabbed out towards another person, while Bebe himself didn’t even bother to dodge the enemy’s attacks.

A large group charged towards him, stabbing towards Bebe from every area, while the rest charged towards Linley.

Linley wielded Bloodviolet and just stood there. Seeing the group of bandits charge over, Linley’s hand suddenly began to flash with a hazy violet shadow moving at an exceedingly high speed. If one looked carefully, however, one would have a slow sort of feeling.

A visual misperception!


Two heads were chopped off simultaneously, while the rest of their body was shaken by vibrations into muddy flesh. Two divine God sparks fell down from mid-air, and the violet illusion vanished.

“Too weak.” Linley said to himself quietly. His most powerful physical attack, ‘Bewildering Shadow’, was an attack capable of threatening a Highgod. Against these Gods, it was effortless.

Instantly, eight people on the bandit side had died. The attacking bandits as well as the leader watching behind were all shocked. They hadn’t expected that this time, they had rammed into an iron board. The leader immediately shouted loudly, “Brothers, launch group attacks!”

Instantly, the bandits flew back, gathering together.

Linley and Bebe each stood at one side of the entrance to the cave.

“You killed eight of my brothers.” The leader’s gaze was savage. “Brothers, all together.”

Depending on if they were fighting against experts or weaklings, these bandits would use different methods. The bandits once more swarmed forward like wasps, but in truth, this time was different. They were all moving in an organized, concerted manner.

At virtually the same time, the bandits brandished their weapons.

After having seen the chaotic battle between the Black Dragon Tribe and the other tribes, Linley and Bebe knew exactly how terrifying this sort of concerted group attack could be.

“Bebe, let’s kill them together.” Linley almost instantly entered his Dragonform.

His body became incredibly powerful, and was endowed with astonishing speed and strength. The power in his body exploded forth, and at the same time, he utilized his Profound Truths of Velocity. Linley was like a ray of golden-azure illusory light, charging towards the group of bandits, who weren’t at all surprised by Linley’s transformation.

In the Infernal Realm, there were simply too many races and lifeforms of various types.

“Bang!” “Bang!”

Almost instantaneously, over twenty soul attacks struck out, some which contained material components as well. This was the joint attack launched by the seventy four surviving bandits, but Linley’s speed was simply too fast, and his body was too small. He was only struck by two of the soul attacks.

The two soul attacks were merely God-level soul attacks. They did nothing to Linley at all.

As for those five material attacks which struck him, they didn’t break a single draconic scale.

Not just Linley; the same was true for Bebe!

“Not good!” Seeing this, the leader’s face changed.

Linley, his face sinister, let the devilish Bloodviolet sword land its first attack upon the horned man with short silver hair. The horned man didn’t have any chance to flee at all. Bloodviolet swept straight past his head, and his head instantly was shaken into muddy flesh.


Linley’s right leg struck out like a meteor carrying trillions of kilograms of force, smashing against a green-haired man’s waist. “BANG!” The explosive force caused the green-haired man’s body to completely explode, leaving behind only a God-level divine spark.

This kick contained the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ as well as the massive strength of Linley’s Dragonform. It was extremely powerful.

“Swoosh!” A man chopped straight downwards with his warblade through the air, directly towards Linley’s head.


A golden-azure light flashed. It was Linley’s draconic tail. The fierce tail struck out with a ‘Clang!’, sending the warblade flying while also crushing the God’s head into a pile of pulp.

The Dragonformed Linley was nothing short of a man-shaped weapon, even more terrifying than a Deathgod Golem. After all, not only was Linley’s defense tough, he also knew profound mysteries!

However, Linley’s slaughtering speed was only on par with Bebe, who was in the middle of letting loose to his unhappiness.

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