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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 25, A Trillion Years of Depression

Faced with Elquin’s attack, Learmonth naturally chose to flee for his life!

“Haha, you want to flee?” Hundreds of shadowy illusions filled the area, and Elquin’s loud laughter seemed to come from the mouths of every shadow. Suddenly, an enormous serpentine whip shadow slashed down towards Learmonth, who with a ferocious look stabbed out once more.

The same technique!

Starpoint – Explosions!

The blood red whip shadow tore through the air towards the longsword anew.


Elquin’s right hand trembled, and his body couldn’t help but be pushed backwards, while Learmonth himself was knocked flying before once more forcing himself to come to a halt in mid-air. His face was ashen, and he growled, “Elquin, don’t go too far!” Learmonth had realized that in terms of speed, he was inferior to Elquin. There was no way he could flee.

Elquin’s face was sinister, and he snickered. “I didn’t expect that you had enough spiritual energy to execute that attack a second time. However, your technique is only enough to wound me. In terms of the profound mysteries of the Laws, you are far too weak compared to me. I want to see how many times you can execute it.”

Clearly, Elquin didn’t want to spare him.

Elquin had a belly full of rage right now and he wanted to find a place to vent it. How could he let Learmonth leave?

Especially since, as Elquin saw it, Learmonth’s future potential was unlimited. Elquin naturally would be delighted to kill such a genius as him.

“You want me to die?”

Learmonth took a deep breath, standing there in mid-air with his longsword raised. He said emotionlessly, “If you want to kill me, I will make you pay a price!”

“Pay a price?” Elquin chuckled. He didn’t even know how many times he had heard these words before. Many people, before he killed them, had promised to make him pay a price, but unfortunately, they still died while he, Elquin, was living quite happily.

Learmonth seemed extremely calm. His entire aura had been drawn back into his body, and he stared coldly towards Elquin.


Learmonth’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then he shut them.

“Huh?” Elquin couldn’t help but feel stunned.

Not just him. Even the spectators below, Linley and the rest, felt stunned. At the critical moment in the battle, Learmonth actually shut his eyes?

“You want to try and scare me, just before dying?” Elquin laughed coldly in his heart. The long black whip in his hand once more spun out. Although in his heart, he felt disdainful, Elquin still used his most powerful attack. The long black whip instantly turned scarlet red and simultaneously transformed into a nine-headed serpent!

Instantly, a dark red sword flash appeared in front of Elquin.

Elquin’s face changed dramatically. Unable to dodge at all, all he could do was use his blood red, fan-sized right hand to slap towards it.


The dark red sword light instantly pierced through his palm and entered his body.

“Urgh…ahhhhh!” Elquin’s entire body quivered, and his entire body emanated a red light.

“Boom!” Elquin’s entire body exploded, and two Highgod sparks as well as an interspatial ring fell down from mid-air.

Linley and the other two, watching this battle, were all stunned, along with the little golden kitten. Clearly, just now, Elquin had the advantage, and Learmonth was actually trying to flee. But who would have imagined that Learmonth would suddenly snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?

“What? Learmonth won?”

Linley was quite shocked. “And that dark red sword flash. Not only did it contain Destruction divine power, it also contained fire divine power. It was very obvious.” Linley was completely puzzled. Previously, when Learmonth had attacked, Linley had only sensed the aura of Destruction, and hadn’t sensed the fire divine power at all.

The fire divine power was very weak.

However, why did it suddenly change just now?

“Haha…” Learmonth began laughing loudly in mid-air. “I finally completed this technique. Haha. I finally fused the Way of Destruction and the Elemental Laws of Fire. Indeed, only when both divine power fuses as well as the profound mysteries of the Laws fuse, will the power greatly increase. I’ve finally developed it!” Learmonth was extremely excited.

Hearing Learmonth’s excited voice in mid-air, Linley understood.

“Did he just say that he fused the profound mysteries of two different types of Laws together?” Linley was tremendously shocked.

Given his current level of training, Linley only knew that for example the six types of profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth could be fused. He had never, however, heard of different profound mysteries of different Elemental Laws as capable of being fused.

But hearing from what Learmonth was saying, it seemed as though the different Elemental Laws, such as the Laws of the Earth and the Elemental Laws of the Wind, were capable of having two of their profound mysteries fused as well.

“This, this, how is this possible?” Linley didn’t understand.

It wasn’t just Linley who was astonished. The other listeners, being Bebe, Delia, and the little golden kitten were all shocked as well.

Learmonth lowered his head to glance at Linley’s group, understanding their puzzlement. Laughing, he said, “Don’t overthink it. The different profound mysteries of different types of Elemental Laws can only be fused by people like me, with a mutated soul. There is no way for you to fuse your divine power, and no way to develop an attack like this.”

Linley began to understand.

Divine power and profound mysteries were paired together.

For example, when using earth divine power to use the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, the power would be great. If one was to use wind divine power instead, although one could still use it, the power would be much lower.

But fusing divine power, such as Learmonth…

Destruction divine power and fire divine power, upon being fused…if one was capable of also using a fusion of the profound mysteries of the Edicts of Destruction and the Elemental Laws of Fire…would have an absolutely terrifying amount of power once utilized.

The fusion of divine power already resulted in an extreme increase in power. Once the profound mysteries were fused as well, then matched with the fused divine power…no wonder Learmonth had been able to kill Elquin!

“Whew.” Learmonth’s face was very pale, but his eyes were still filled with jubilation.

Actually, after the repeated battles just now, his spiritual energy had been all but used up. As his power had increased dramatically, however, and as he had entered the realm of a Seven Star Fiend in power, Learmonth was indescribably delighted. “When I go back, I’ll immediately take on a seven star mission. When the time comes, I’ll challenge an Asura!”

“Just now, Elquin wanted to kill me. But now…”

Learmonth shook his head and sighed. Some things were very hard to predict. Actually, if Elquin hadn’t pushed him to the brink of death and cause him to gain an insight that he previously had not been able to understand, how could he have made this breakthrough?

“This Elquin’s interspatial ring should have many treasures within it.” Learmonth flew straight down. Although he wasn’t greedy, this was something which belonged to the person he had killed; it was wealth which he deserved to have. Naturally, Learmonth wouldn’t reject it.

Right at this moment…

Very bizarrely, the entire volcano range suddenly vanished, and the interspatial ring of Elquin which had been atop the rocks of the volcano range vanished as well.

“You even want Elquin’s items?” A low, gravelly voice said.

The volcano range had vanished, but another person had appeared!

“Who are you?” Learmonth turned to look at the newcomer. He couldn’t help but be startled. This person was three meters tall, and was covered with a fiery red armor. His long scarlet hair fluttered unrestrained, and his craggy form was very clear. He was obviously a very muscular person.

The fiery haired man stared at Learmonth, then said clearly, “Actually, I need to thank you!”

“Thank me?” Learmonth could sense that this person was extremely powerful.

The fiery haired man laughed. “Right. Thank you for killing my master!”

At this moment, Linley and the other two, floating in mid-air, were shocked. “Killed his master? Could it be that he is…?” Linley turned to look, and indeed, the little golden kitten was missing. “He is Phusro! He is that little golden kitten!”

“He is Phusro?” Bebe stared wide-eyed.

“He is Phusro? That little kitten? How?” Delia couldn’t believe it either. Who would made the connection between that adorable little kitten and this muscular giant?

Linley felt astonished as well, that the adorable little kitten had actually transformed into such a bulky giant whose voice was so thunderous.

“To thank you for killing my master, you can die as well.” Phusro laughed loudly.

Learmonth’s face immediately changed, and with a flip of his hand, a Golden Soul-Pearl suddenly appeared in Learmonth’s hand, which he immediately swallowed. This Golden Soul-Pearl emitted a large amount of soul essence, capable of both nourishing and strengthening the soul, as well as recovering spiritual energy.

Phusro was in no hurry to attack.

“Are you done?” Phusro laughed calmly.

Learmonth was extremely shocked. Could it be that Phusro was going to let him recover? His current level of power was definitely comparable to a Seven Star Fiend’s.

“I’m done.” Learmonth replied.

“Then you can die now.” In Phusro’s hands, an axe suddenly appeared with a volcanic image atop it. Phusro suddenly chopped down with the axe, and with a ‘RUMBLE’, repeated layers of explosions could be heard.

Wherever the axe passed, space itself blew apart. The spatial walls of the Infernal Realm seemed to be as thin as paper.

Absolutely irresistible force!

Learmonth was so terrified that his face changed, and he immediately executed his most powerful sword attack…

The dark red sword flash also caused space to explode, flashing through the shattered space as fast as lightning, charging towards the heavy, oncoming axe as though it were a meteor shooting through the sky.


The axe trembled slightly, and its power decreased dramatically, but at the same time, an enormous illusion of an axe flew out like an attacking ripple, shooting towards Learmonth.

“Swoosh!” Learmonth, after using his most powerful sword attack, immediately dodged backwards and fled at high speed, moving as though he had become a dark red illusion. Even though he was struck by two surges of the illusory axe ripples, Learmonth still frantically fled, and in the blink of an eye, Learmonth completely disappeared.

Phusro held his giant axe, pursing his lips helplessly. “He ran really fast. When his divine power fused, even his speed increased many times, while I just so happen to be a bit slow, unlike Elquin, that bastard, who specialized in speed. Otherwise, I definitely would have killed him…”

Watching this, Linley’s group was stunned.

“Delia, Bebe, this Phusro has some issues. Let’s hurry up and leave.” Linley, recovering to his senses, hurriedly led Delia and Bebe to flee.

“Huh? You want to flee?”

Phusro suddenly chased after Linley’s group. In terms of speed, Phusro was inferior to Learmonth, but Linley’s team was composed of Gods. How could they escape?

“Swoosh!” Phusro appeared in front of Linley’s team.

Seeing Phusro in front of them, Linley’s team had to come to a halt.

Linley felt nervous. “This Phusro is too unpredictable. He’s extremely powerful, but before this he’s never intervened, nor did he help his master. His master was willing to let us go free, but who knows if he is.” Linley was very nervous.

“Why are you fleeing?” Phusro seemed rather disgruntled.

Linley’s group could only stand there in mid-air. Bebe murmured, “Who knows what’s going on with you. You were actually so powerful!”

“Powerful?” Phusro began to bellow angrily. “What the f*ck good does being powerful do? Can I be more powerful than a master-servant bond?”

Linley’s group was stunned. Master-servant bond?

What did strength and power have to do with a master-servant bond?

Phusro bellowed, “When I was just a Saint, I was forcibly tamed by this Elquin and had a master-servant bond set up! I don’t even know how many countless years have gone past now. He’s grown all the way from being a Demigod to a Seven Star Fiend!”

“But I am more powerful than him. Of the six profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of Fire, I’ve already fused five of them. I am a Volcano Titan and extremely talented in the fire element. Killing him would be utter simplicity, and even becoming an Asura isn’t a problem!”

Phusro roared angrily, “But what good is being powerful? He was my master! I couldn’t resist him. The binding power of the master-servant bond is too terrifying!”

“But…” Bebe wanted to interject.

“Shut your mouth! Listen to me!” Phusro bellowed indignantly.

Linley’s group was terrified. Phusro was an utter madman. All they could do was listen.

Phusro continued, “This Elquin likes kittens. F*ck his grandmother, I’m a goddamn Volcano Titan, a valiant Volcano Titan. He actually had me transform into a kitten? And had me transform into an adorable little golden kitten? And every day, be in his arms and be petted by him?”

The muscles on Phusro’s face were twitching. “Aaaaaaargh! The days passed like years, and every day, he would pet me with those filthy hands of his. Pet me gently. AAAAAAAAARGH! I almost went insane! But he was my master. All I could do was endure it! Motherf*cker, I had to endure it all!” This bellow caused the entire world to echo with his voice.

Linley’s group was caught between terror and shock, but they also felt that this Phusro was rather pitiable.

Indeed, he was quite pitiable.

A powerful, valiant Volcano Titan, forced to become a little kitten and allow others to pet him for trillions of years.

“Do you know what that felt like?” Phusro stared with wide eyes towards Linley’s group.

Linley’s group could only maintain their silence.

“But I managed to endure it. I hid my power, and on the surface only revealed a tenth of my true ability.” Phusro said coldly. “I always hoped for someone to be able to kill him! But he truly was a coward, while he was also a Seven Star Fiend. There were very few people capable of killing him, so I never had the chance. But this time, my chance came!”

“Originally, I wanted him to kill you, Bebe.”

Phusro pointed at Bebe. “When the time came, I would leak this information and have Beirut come avenge you and kill him. By then, I would be freed.”

“Beirut? You know my Grandpa Beirut?” Bebe was very startled. As Bebe saw it, his Grandpa Beirut was only someone who stayed on the Yulan Plane.

“I don’t know him, but I’ve heard of him. Motherf*cker, I told you to shut your mouth. Why are you talking?” Phusro began to bellow at him again.

Bebe immediately shut his mouth.

“This madman.” Bebe muttered to himself. “I, Bebe, won’t bicker with a madman.”

Phusro continued, “But Elquin, that coward, actually didn’t dare to kill you. He actually was going to release you, so I had to intentionally guide that Learmonth here to come deal with him.” Suddenly, Phusro began to laugh excitedly. “Haha, I originally didn’t expect Learmonth to be able to kill him, but who would have expected that Learmonth actually did in fact kill him? Haha…”

Phusro suddenly grabbed Bebe. “Do you know? I really didn’t expect it, really didn’t expect Learmonth would kill him.” This grab of Phusro’s was very powerful. Fortunately, it was Bebe, as if it were Delia, most likely her body would have been torn apart.

“Uh, I know.” Bebe nodded hurriedly.

He was rather frightened of this seemingly insane Phusro.

Phusro suddenly raised his head. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” A wild bellow rang out. It included no profound mysteries; it was a pure, simple roar, a roar which shook the heavens. A roar which included a trillion years of grief, depression, and rage!

A trillion years of depression!

This sort of torment had almost tortured him to death, and yet every day, Phusro had to pretend to be so adorable, and keep going ‘meow’, ‘meow’!




Phusro’s face was savage, and he bellowed towards the heavens. “I WILL NEVER BE A KITTEN AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN!!!” Only after screaming for a long time did he calm down. Phusro’s facial expressions slowly returned to normal, and he took a deep breath, then let out a deep breath.

Turning his head, he looked back at Linley, Delia, and Bebe.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe were still utterly dumbfounded. None of them knew what this madman would do next.

“Whew. I feel much better now.” Phusro beamed at Linley’s group.

Linley’s group couldn’t help but gawk. However, Linley could understand how terrifying the trillion years of depression had been.

“The restrictive power of a bond is indeed completely irresistible.” Linley said to himself. “Even for someone as powerful as Phusro, whose power had vastly exceeded Elquin’s, but who still had to transform himself into a little kitten.” When Linley imagined the life Phusro had lived, he could feel Phusro’s pain.

It hurt just thinking about it. He could fully understand what level of depression, rage, and grief Phusro had reached, after trillions of years.

“I couldn’t even give voice to the rage, grief, and depression in my heart. Can you imagine what that feels like?” Phusro was now completely calm and amiable. “Now, I’m finally free. I’ve also said everything I want to say. I feel much better now.”

Linley’s group nodded.

“Haha…” Phusro laughed brilliantly. “I’m finally free. I’m finally free!”

Phusro turned to glance at Linley’s group. “Thanks for listening to me say so much. Actually, I’m usually very taciturn. Alright. We’ve killed so many Gods and Highgods this time. I imagine that these ordinary Highgods don’t have much wealth on them. I’ll give it all to you. Consider this your reward for listening to me complain!”

With a wave of his hand, Phusro immediately brought out over a hundred interspatial rings.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe were stunned.

But then, with a wave of his hand, Linley collected this interspatial rings. “Mr. Phusro, this…”

“Haha, in a trillion years, you are the first person to call me Mr. Phusro.” Phusro was exceedingly delighted. “Just based on this alone, you can take these toys with a clear conscience. Don’t think too much of it; these interspatial rings don’t have much wealth inside them. The most valuable two belonged to that Inigo and Elquin, which I will keep.”

“Alright. Take good care of yourselves. I, Phusro, am now free. I don’t want to stay in any one location. I will…roam the Infernal Realm!” His voice still echoed in the air, but Phusro himself had already vanished.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe just looked at each other.

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