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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 18, Salomon’s Rage

Salomon’s face was savage, and the fury in his heart was roaring.

He, Salomon, was only an illegitimate child of the Boyd clan. He had been kicked out of the household after entering it for only a single day! Alone and without any support, he had been escorted to his teacher’s place, a reclusive expert who had only accepted him as a disciple for his father’s sake.

However, his teacher was a person with an extremely perverted disposition.

“I endured the humiliation of being expelled from the clan, and the life of torment I lived with Teacher I endured as well. I dreamed of one day standing at the pinnacle of the Infernal Realm, and trample down upon those bastards who looked down on me. Everything was for the sake of this!” Salomon thought back to all of the past years.

He had been enduring this entire time.

After receiving the news from the two servants that the Boyd clan had been destroyed, and that the only remaining person with the blood of the Boyd clan remaining was him, he hadn’t been heartbroken; instead, he had been wildly jubilant!

If they died, good! Those bastards deserved to die!

His chance had come!

Because those two servants had brought an enormous fortune with them, in accordance with the plans his father had laid prior to dying, Salomon had remained hidden with his teacher for a long period of time. After achieving success, he led the two servants and his ignorant little sister out towards the Jadefloat Continent!

On this trip, Salomon was planning to spread his wings and become without peer!

His plans had been very perfect.

The two servants had been two chess pieces he had been prepared to sacrifice to begin with. When he first saw Linley transform, Salomon had guessed Linley’s identity. For the sake of drawing a closer relationship with Linley, he had revealed his own name. At that time, he had thought that Linley wouldn’t immediately know his true identity.

After all, it was just a single character.

Salomon had thought that in the future, after Linley learned more about the affairs of the Boyd clan, he would feel Salomon had behaved very sincerely to him. Salomon had been in such danger, and yet had still revealed his identity! This action was a bit risky, but in order to win Linley’s trust, it was worth it.

More importantly…

First, he felt that Linley wouldn’t immediately know about the affairs of the Boyd clan.

Second, he could tell what sort of a person Linley was, especially from the way Linley had risked his own life to rescue Salomon’s little sister. This let him understand that Linley shouldn’t be the sort of person who would lust after a friend’s wealth. After all, Linley had been willing to risk his own life for Salomon’s little sister; would he care about a little money?

Salomon’s calculations had been very clear.

However, who would have imagined that the affair at the castle of sand had caused the Boyd clan’s affairs to be revealed. Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but suspect who Salomon was. In order to reduce their suspicions, Salomon had told Linley his true identity. As Salomon saw it…Linley shouldn’t have been able to reveal it.

First of all, Linley’s character. He shouldn’t have been the type to reveal it.

Secondly, Linley remained within the metallic lifeform. He shouldn’t have had a chance to reveal it.

But now…

This black-robed man had immediately been able to recognize him.

“The Boyd clan was destroyed, and those two old servants died as well. Who else in the entire Infernal Realm knows who I am? It must be Linley. Right. It was Linley. It was Linley who must have sent a message with someone else at Yilan City through divine sense and revealed my secrets. That must be it!”

Salomon was absolutely enraged.

“That bastard, Linley. He really puts on quite an act. Even I was tricked by him. I was wrong about him!” Salomon’s mind was filled with hatred. As he stared at Linley, his eyes betrayed his desire to devour Linley and tear his life away.

His dreams!

His goals for which he had struggled towards for countless years!

It was very likely that it was Linley who caused them to all come to naught!

How could he not hate Linley?

Linley was currently flabbergasted. Salomon was staring at him viperously, but he hadn’t revealed Salomon’s identity!

“Linley, you…you are impressive!” Salomon ground his teeth, his eyes turning red.

“I…” Linley felt completely wronged.

He could guess that this Salomon definitely believed that it was he, Linley, who had revealed the secret. But he had never spoken of it.

“Salomon.” Linley wanted to speak.

“You don’t need to say anything!” Salomon’s gaze was viperous. By his side, even Nisse, so familiar with him, felt her heart quiver. Was this her warm, friendly big brother?

“Salomon, why are you staring at my Boss like that? What sort of look is that? What sort of attitude is that?” Bebe shouted angrily. In Bebe’s mind, Linley was like his parent or older brother; he wouldn’t permit anyone to treat Linley like this, even if the person was the big brother of the girl he liked.

Within the cave, the golden magma continued to bubble and boil.

But the aura now seemed very strange.

“Child of the Boyd clan, stop wasting time. My patience has limits.” The black-robed Elquin, carrying the golden kitten, laughed calmly as he spoke.

Salomon immediately turned his head to stare at him.

“You want the fortunes of my Boyd clan. I’ll tell you this…” Salomon’s face was savage. “I don’t have it!”

The smile on Elquin’s pale face vanished, leaving behind only a cold emotionless look. He stared coldly at Salomon. “It seems you want to die.”

“Even if you kill me, I still don’t have it.” Salomon raised his head.


Elquin sneered coldly, and then he suddenly seemed to have teleported as a black blur appeared in front of them. Elquin himself appeared right in front of Salomon, casually slapping towards Salomon with a palm.

It was still that sallow, yellow hand which was covered by a translucent glove.

Salomon’s eyes were savage. He retreated at high speed, while at the same time, an explosive, gloomy black light burst forth from his hands. “Rumble…” The air shuddered, and the gloomy black light shot directly towards that seemingly slow but actually incredibly fast right hand.


A very gentle sound. Elquin’s right hand trembled, then he hurriedly retracted it. His right hand remained that sallow yellow color, and he hadn’t been harmed at all.

“You…this is…? Tell me, who is your teacher?” Elquin gave Salomon a surprised glance.

Salomon, who had retreated to the distant edges of the cave, snickered. “Why ask about my teacher? Can it be that you are already afraid after I used just a minor technique like this?”

A hint of anger appeared within Elquin’s ashen face. He let out a cold snort. “I gave you a chance, but you didn’t take it!” Elquin’s right hand stretched out slowly, and it gradually began to turn blood-red, and it swelled in size as well.

The entire right hand was now even larger than an ordinary person’s head, and it was as scarlet red as a drop of blood.

Elquin placed the golden kitten in his arms down, then turned to stare at Salomon. “Did you think that you would be able to threaten me with those little tricks?” As soon as he spoke, Elquin suddenly transformed into hundreds of shadows, filling virtually the entire cave.

Elemental Laws of Darkness – Shadowshape Doppelganger technique!

“Am I really going to be forced to use that technique?” Salomon hesitated.

Suddenly, a fan-sized blood red hand came slapping down towards his head. The air around the blood-red hand was twisting and distorting like a vortex, while at the same time the vortex of space was faintly swirling with a black smoke.

Salomon’s face changed dramatically, and then turned savage. He actually shot out with his own twin hands, a black light covering his right hand which clashed directly with that blood red palm.

“BANG!” The cave itself trembled.

Salomon was knocked backwards like a bag of sand from the blow. “Crunch!” The bones of his arms were shattered, revealing red flesh and blood as well as white chunks of bone that went flying everywhere. Salomon himself was smashed into the wall, and he spewed out fresh blood from his lips, then slid down to the ground.

“Big brother!” Nisse called out in alarm.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe all frowned.

“Linley, why did Salomon act that way towards you? Can it be that it is because of his identity, that he thinks you revealed it?” Delia asked through her divine sense.

Linley felt sourness in his heart, and he sent back, “It should be, but I…”

“I know.” Of course Delia knew that Linley wasn’t the person to reveal it. After all, in the Infernal Realm, how many people did Linley even know? Even if wanted to send someone a message, he didn’t have the ability to.

Linley looked at the heavily wounded Salomon. All he could do was to secretly shake his head. Most likely, no matter what he said, Salomon wouldn’t believe him.

“Don’t kill me.” Salomon stood up and hurriedly shouted.

“Oh, you don’t want to die now?” The black-robed Elquin snickered, while at the same time, with a wave of his hand, that little golden kitten returned to his arms while the blood red color in his right hand returned to his normal dark color. “What, are you now prepared to give me the wealth of the Boyd clan?”

Elquin was worried as well. Worried that Salomon wasn’t actually carrying the treasure on him. This was why Elquin didn’t want to directly kill Salomon either.

“My teacher’s name is Elektra [Yi’lai’ke’te’la]!” Salomon said hurriedly.

Elquin frowned, a look of detestation appearing on his face. “So it really is that freak, Elektra. When I saw the destructive light you generated, I knew it. Child of the Boyd clan, for you to be his disciple means that you really have quite the capacity for endurance.” Elquin let out two chuckles.

Salomon’s face was gloomy. He thought back to the time he had spent by his teacher’s side, which was indeed extremely painful.

“The fortune of the Boyd clan? Where is it?” Elquin continued.

Salomon’s face turned rigid. Just now, he had been hoping that upon hearing the name of his teacher, this person would give up. However…it seemed as though this person didn’t care too much about his teacher.

Elquin, seeing the look on Salomon’s face, understood. Letting out a cold laugh, he said, “What, did you think that just because you reported your teacher’s name, I would be afraid? First of all, given your teacher’s temperament, even if you died, he wouldn’t come out to avenge you. In addition, even if your teacher did come, I, Elquin, wouldn’t be afraid of him, that old freak!”

Salomon hesitated a moment. Seeing that Elquin’s face was slowly growing more sinister, he hurriedly said, “Mr. Elquin, please give me a little time.”

“Fine.” Elquin nodded slightly.

He didn’t want to force Salomon too much either. After all, who knew if Salomon had put the treasure somewhere else.

Right now, within the cave, aside from Linley’s group, there were several other Highgod Fiends who were maintaining their silence. These Highgod Fiends, upon hearing the dialogue between Salomon and the Elquin, could guess now what the treasure they were escorting on this mission was.

“So this fellow is actually a member of the Boyd clan.” Those Highgod Fiends all looked towards Salomon.

But Salomon himself was staring at Linley. In a low voice, he said, “Linley, do you know how many years I have waited for this day?”

“Salomon, I didn’t…”

“No need to speak.” Salomon shouted in a cold voice, and the gaze which he swept towards Linley carried within it a hint of viperous fury. “Linley, for this day, I have trained for over a million years! A million years! Do you know how long a period of time that is? In addition, I had to endure the torments of that old freak Elektra!”

Elquin’s eyes contained a hint of amusement within them. “A million years? This little fellow’s endurance really is pretty strong.”

Salomon’s eyes were glowing red. “I’ve been enduring this entire time. Waiting! The final hope of the Boyd clan, the final hope of myself, Salomon! I, Salomon, trusted you and told you my identity. But…I didn’t expect that you would actually reveal it! You, Linley, actually destroyed my one and only hope!”

“I misjudged you!”

Salomon ground his teeth. “You greedy, ravenous wolf, I misjudged you!!!”

Salomon turned to stare at Elquin. “Mr. Elquin, I truly am amazed that you were able to insert a spy like Linley into the escort squad of Fiends. I truly admire you. I admire you so much I could kowtow to you!” Every single word of Salomon’s contained boundless anger.

Elquin raised an eyebrow, then laughed. He didn’t deny it!

Elquin’s laughter, as Salomon saw it, was a self-delighted laugh. He became all the more enraged!

“Big brother Linley, it really was you?” Only now did Nisse begin to understand. She stared at Linley in disbelief. “You actually belong to this Elquin’s side? It was you who revealed my big brother’s status?” Nisse hadn’t understood how the other side had come to know of her brother’s identity.

But now, she understood.

Linley felt misery in his heart. He spoke out, “Salomon, Nisse, if I told you that it wasn’t me who revealed it, would you believe it?”

“Ninny!” Bebe’s handsome, delicate face was filled with rage. “My Boss said he didn’t reveal it, and that means he definitely didn’t reveal it. In addition, we don’t even know this black-robed guy! I can vouch for it with my life. Ninny, can it be that you don’t even trust me?”

“But, my big brother, he…” Nisse knew very well how hard her big brother had been striving.

Once he succeeded in this venture, her big brother would rise to the heavens in a single bound.

“Bullshit.” Salomon glanced coldly at Bebe. “Ninny, can’t you tell that this Bebe grew close to you, most likely as part of a pre-planned plot?” Upon hearing this, Nisse’s face couldn’t help but turn white. After speaking, Salomon turned to look at Elquin. “Mr. Elquin, I know that Linley belongs to your side, but…I hope that you will kill him! Otherwise, don’t even think about acquiring the treasures of my clan!”

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