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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 35, Paying Respect

“An arrogant fellow who had no idea of how high the heavens are, or how vast the earth is!”

Leylin lowered his head to glance at Sadista’s two corpses. With a flip of his hand, two beautiful tongues of flame licked out like flower petals, gently drifting downwards. Once they touched those two corpses, the corpses absorbed the flame like a sponge absorbing water.

“Crackle…” In mere seconds, the two bodies were transformed into dust, while the interspatial ring flew into Leylin’s hands.

“This comes from the Infernal Realm. It should have some nice surprises within it for me.’ Leylin stored away the interspatial ring.

Leylin knew very well that the Infernal Realm was one of the Four Higher Realms.

Countless Deities were clustered together within the Infernal Realm. This was one of the Four Higher Planes, the four most bustling, populated of the countless planes of the universe. The Gebados Planar Prison, in comparison, was like an impoverished desert wasteland.

Although he, Leylin, was more powerful than Sadista, in terms of treasures and wealth, he most likely couldn’t compare to Sadista, who came from the Infernal Realm.

The treasures of the Necropolis of the Gods was enough to make countless experts turn red-eyed with greed, and was enough to cause some of the powerful clans in even a Higher Plane like the Infernal Realm to scheme.

Sadista had been sent by his clan to the Yulan Plane to fight for treasures. From this, one could imagine that Sadista was a well-respected figure within his clan, and even amongst Highgods was fairly powerful.

He had two mighty Highgod clones of darkness and wind! In addition, in the Laws of Darkness, he had fused three profound mysteries.

Such power could only be described as mighty.

But in front of the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin, Sadista’s two mighty divine clones were instantly killed in a single exchange of blows. Thus had he fallen, forever disappearing from the world.

Only, when Sadista executed his ultimate attack, causing the nearby space to distort and collapse, he had done so because he had sensed that this ‘Leylin’ was no ordinary opponent. Thus, he had used his full strength without hiding anything, and by doing so, attracted attention and fear from the many experts throughout the entire Yulan continent.

“What a powerful aura!”

Many Gods hidden throughout the Yulan continent felt their hearts shudder as they sensed the energy waves coming from the west.

“Who is it?” Within the imperial palace of the Yulan Empire, the face of the graceful, elegant brown-haired youth changed slightly as he looked towards the west. “Such a powerful aura and such vibrations in space. These energy waves are too powerful. It should be a Highgod-level expert.”

This brown-haired youth was the God who had taken over the Yulan Empire, Oerph.

Oerph was a fairly powerful figure amongst the Gods of the Gebados Planar Prison.

“Could it be that Highgods are engaging in a battle?” Oerph was rather puzzled. “But in the Yulan Plane, aside from Lord Beirut, the only Highgod present is Lord Adkins. Lord Adkins wouldn’t be foolish enough to go engage in a great battle against Lord Beirut, would he?”

Up till now, Oerph had no idea of the presence of ‘Sadista’ and ‘Leylin’.

Oerph’s eyes narrowed and his heart grew nervous. “It seems that the Highgods within the Yulan continent aren’t just Lord Beirut and Lord Adkins. There are others as well.” Oerph was now rather hesitant and uncertain.

There were now several Highgods within the Yulan continent.

Even if he, Oerph, was able to enter the Necropolis of the Gods, how many treasures would he be able to get?

Within the O’Brien Empire. Adkins had been enjoying watching the dance of the palace ladies. His face suddenly changed slightly as he looked towards the west.



Not hesitating at all, Adkins immediately sent out his divine sense surging out like a wave towards the west, instantly covering the entire area west of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, including Mount Copper Gong. Adkins’ investigation caused him to let out a shocked breath. “How could there not be a single Highgod present?”

But Adkins did discover that demolished mountain peak and the grass and trees.

“Devoured? A Highgod who trains in the Laws of Darkness!” Just from the aura of that battlefield, Adkins could come to this conclusion.

“That energy wave just now should have come from two Highgods doing battle. Otherwise, how could a Highgod be so bored as to so wildly blast out his power? Or, perhaps, this has to do with that Highgod in the Rohault Empire.” Adkins felt puzzled.

This event couldn’t help but make him think of Sadista.

After Sadista had arrived at the Yulan Plane, Adkins discovered his existence one day when spreading out his divine sense. From that day afterwards, he paid rather close attention to Sadista.

In terms of power, Adkins wasn’t any weaker than Sadista.

Adkins immediately spread out his divine sense further, also covering the Rohault Empire with it. “The aura of that Highgod in the Rohault Empire has vanished?” Adkins spread his divine across the entire Yulan continent, but aside from Beirut’s metallic castle, “Nothing. He isn’t in the Yulan continent.”

“What just happened, exactly?” Adkins frowned.

“Can it be that the Highgod of the Rohault Empire died?” Adkins heart shuddered. Although Adkins wasn’t afraid of Sadista, Adkins still had the feeling that Sadista wasn’t someone to be taken lightly. An expert such as him had actually vanished.

“Mount Copper Gong only has four people present. One is Linley and the Godeater Rat, while the other two are Gods. Those two Gods…should be people who resided within the Ruler’s Estate of Bluefire City. I remember them.” Adkins began to ponder the question.

Adkins wasn’t surprised upon discovering Leylin’s two brothers.

After all, as soon as that tunnel had opened, everyone had frantically scurried towards it. It was normal for even people who had belonged to the Ruler’s Estate to flee to the Yulan Plane.

“I keep on having this feeling that something’s not right.” Adkins frowned.

“Lord Adkins.” The nearby Barnas said softly.

Adkins turned to look at Barnas. Coming to a decision, he said “Barnas, come make a trip with me to the west.”

“To the west?” Barnas was somewhat surprised.

“Just come.” Adkins rose from his seat, then said to the group of palace ladies dancing gracefully in front of him, “All of you can go for now.” Adkins said calmly, and then he and Barnas transformed into an illusory streak which shot towards the western horizons.

Mount Copper Gong. Everyone was flying towards the elemental manor.

“Mr. Leylin, was that expert actually a God?” Bebe looked towards Leylin in astonishment.

Leylin, dressed in that dark golden robe, his long hair flowing freely, showed a hint of amusement in the eyes beneath his crimson eyebrows. “No, that was a Highgod.” Leylin looked at Bebe in surprise. “Bebe, didn’t I say just now that these two divine sparks were both divine Highgod sparks?”

“Yes, you did, but if that person had two Highgod clones, why is it that he died in just a flash?” Bebe didn’t dare believe it.

“Haha, although it might be incredible for others to accomplish this, it isn’t strange at all for Third Brother to have been able to accomplish this.” The bald man, Burgess, said with a loud laugh.

The white robed man also said, “Not only was that man a Highgod, he was a fairly powerful Highgod. Unfortunately, he actually wanted to fight against Third Brother.”

“Enough.” Listening to his two brothers brag, Leylin couldn’t help but stop them.

Linley gave this ‘Leylin’ a serious glance. Just now, when Sadista had caused the surrounding space to distort and devoured everything around him, Linley had the feeling that Sadista was completely undefeatable. He was certain…that if this Sadista had wanted to attack him, he probably would have been able to easily draw Linley into that distorted space.

He was too powerful.

He was ten times, no, a hundred times more powerful than the likes of Gods like Anras! But an expert as powerful as Sadista had died, just in an instant.

“The power of this Leylin should belong to the very topmost tier, even amongst Highgods.” Linley murmured to himself. “Perhaps he is an expert on the same level as Lord Beirut.” In his heart, Linley had already unconsciously put Leylin and Beirut on the same tier.

“Linley.” Leylin suddenly looked towards him.

“Mr. Leylin.” Linley listened carefully.

Leylin laughed, “Actually, this Highgod has a bit of a connection to you, Linley.”

“What?” Linley was somewhat surprised. “Has a connection to me? But I don’t know him at all.”

Leyln shook his head and said, “Linley, last time, didn’t that God come to Mount Copper Gong and attack you? Based on what I know, that God was this person’s subordinate.” Leylin was fully aware of many things regarding Sadista.

“He’s the one who wanted to kill my Boss?” Bebe was both angry and surprised.

He still remembered the friendly greeting Sadista had given him.

“I’m certain.” Leylin nodded seriously. “And this person isn’t from the Gebados Planar Prison. He is from the Infernal Realm, one of the Higher Planes.”

“He came from the Infernal Realm? Then why did he want to kill me?” Linley couldn’t understand. “I have no enmity with him.”

Leylin laughed loudly. “I’m not certain about why he wants to kill you. If you have some time, go ask Beirut. Perhaps Beirut would know. But of course, if he doesn’t know, you’ll have to go investigate for yourself.”

Linley nodded slightly.

“Came from the Infernal Realm? Wants to kill me? But the only people connected to me in the Infernal Realm are my ancestors.” Linley suddenly had a hint of an idea. “Could it be that it has to do with the ancestors of my Dragonblood Warrior clan?” Although he had this thought, Linley wasn’t very familiar with the ‘Infernal Realm’ of the Higher Planes, after all.

“Oh, guests are coming.” Leylin raised his head and glanced towards the northeast skies.

Dressed in a gaudy golden robe, a handsome youth descended upon Mount Copper Gong, a silver-haired old man by his side.

Adkins stood on the earlier battlefield, a large chunk of the surrounding space here having vanished. The nearby Barnas said, “Lord Adkins, I sense an extremely powerful darkness aura here.”

“Not just darkness aura. There’s also an extremely faint aura of fire.” Adkins’ face was extremely grave. “If my prediction is correct, that Highgod of the Rohault Empire is already dead, and the person who killed him trains in the Elemental Laws of Fire!”

“Fire?” Barnas was suddenly shocked.

“Right, fire!” Adkins’ face was extremely grave.

The two exchange glances, knowing what the other was thinking. Shaking his head, Adkins said, “Let’s go pay a visit. No matter who it is, we at least have to get a clear understanding as to his identity.” As Adkins spoke, he flew straight towards the elemental manor.

Adkins and Barnas didn’t fly directly into the manor. They landed outside of it, and then, quite politely, knocked on the door.

“I hope it isn’t him.” Adkins murmured in his heart.

“Creaaaak.” The door swung open, revealing the bald man’s figure.

The bald man, Burgess, saw Adkins. A smile immediately covered his face. “So it is Mr. Adkins. Long time no see. Please, come in.” Adkins smiled slightly, and then led Barnas into the elemental mansion.

Within the elemental mansion.

Linley and the others were all seated. When Adkins and Barnas entered the courtyard, Linley and Bebe were greatly shocked.

“Why is he here?” Linley, upon seeing Barnas, was instantly shocked.

When Ojwin and the others had attacked Dragonblood Castle, they had been under the leadership of Barnas. Afterwards, Hart and Harvey, the two brothers, had joined forces, destroying one of Barnas’ clones and forcing them to flee.

“In front of Barnas, even Ojwin and the others were behaving respectfully. But he is now standing respectfully behind this youth. Can it be that this seemingly handsome youth is the legendary Highgod, Adkins?” Linley secretly guessed.

As soon as the handsome youngster stepped into the courtyard, his gaze first swept past Linley and Bebe, then landed upon the Lord of Mount Copper Gong, Leylin. Instantly, the handsome youth’s eyes became filled with shock. He immediately knelt down on one knee and said with great courtesy while bowing, “Adkins pays his respects to the Lord of the City!”

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