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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 32, Earth and Wind

Linley didn’t discover that Anras had come. Rather, he was focusing on pondering the Throbbing Pulse of the World.

“Mr. Leylin’s words were correct. The ‘Essence of the Earth’ is the profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth with great defense against material attack, while the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ defends against spiritual attacks. At the same time…it not only can defend against spiritual attacks, it can also engage in spiritual attacks.”

Linley was currently pondering how to rely upon the Throbbing Pulse of the World to execute a spiritual attack.

Within that quiet, gloomy gorge, atop a distant tree, there was a human figure. It was Anras.

Anras was looking at Linley, training within the gorge. “Killing him will only require a single blow!” Although Anras knew Linley was a Demigod, Anras still decided to engage in a sneak attack, so as to kill Linley in a short amount of time. This was the order of Sadista.

It was very quiet within the valley.

“Swish!” Very suddenly, a streak of red, fiery light split through the air, piercing towards Linley.

Linley was shocked.

“Not good.” Linley could feel that he had already become restricted by a Godrealm.

Other Demigods, if suddenly ambushed by the Godrealm of a God and this full-strength attack, definitely wouldn’t be able to react in time.

But Linley had often sparred with Burgess, a full God. Now, in the face of Anras’ sneak attack, Linley reacted almost naturally…

First of all, relying on the two divine clones within his body, he immediately created two Godrealms of his own.

At the same time, Bloodviolet instantly appeared within Linley’s hands, and in a very practiced manner, it danced out. Countless sword shadows transformed into a long violet chain, which intersected with that fiery red light. Linley himself relied on the backlash from those colliding blows to rapidly retreat.

“Bang!” Linley was sent smashing far away into the mountain walls behind the waterfall. The mountain walls cracked open, and stones came tumbling down.

“Hrm?” Anras’ face changed. “Linley was able to block my sneak attack, just like that?”

Anras was very surprised.

“Swish!” Anras slashed downwards in a line, moving like a bird of prey as he charged towards the hole in the mountain wall which Linley had just created. But with a ‘BOOM’ sound, at another part of the mountain wall, Linley suddenly exploded out like a bolt of lightning, landing on the empty ground of the gorge.

Azure-gold draconic scales covered Linley’s entire body, and his iron-whip-like draconic tail flashed with icy cold light as it gently swayed about. Linley’s icy, dark golden eyes stared coldly towards the mountain wall.

“Who are you?” Linley barked.

After having transformed into the Dragonblood Warrior form, Linley’s speed had risen dramatically. Even though he used his two Godrealms together, the opponent’s God-level Godrealm still put him at a disadvantage. However, by relying on the Profound Truths of Velocity and his Dragonblood Warrior form, he was still able to maintain parity with the opponent’s speed.

Linley’s loud shout didn’t just shock Anras.

At the same time…

In a different part of Mount Copper Gong, where Bebe and the white-robed man were sparring, the two of them as well as the spectating Burgess were all shocked.

“Boss.” Bebe’s face changed. He immediately charged towards the gorge alongside those two Gods.

“Not good.” Anras knew that the situation was dire. “If I wait until those two Gods get here, I won’t have any chance at all!” Anras’ body was wrapped in flames, and he slashed through the skies like an arrow, charging towards Linley.

That icy, flame-wrapped spear in his hands pierced directly towards Linley.

“My most powerful attack!” Anras’ eyes glittered coldly as he stared at Linley.

Linley stood there, staring at him with those dark golden eyes, not dodging at all.

“He’s asking to be killed.” Anras, seeing that the opponent wasn’t dodging, couldn’t help but sneer in his heart.

Actually, when Linley came out from the mountain walls and shouted loudly, he had already controlled the divine power in his body to be transformed by the Throbbing Pulse of the World into surges of pulsating power which were spreading out from Linley’s feet. With Linley at the center, an area of a hundred meters had become the domain of that pulsating power.

“Right at this moment!” Linley’s eyes suddenly lit up!

At the same instant, dozens of surges of pulsating power emerged from within the ground, rising up from below to surround Anras at high speed. It was as though…’hands’ had suddenly appeared from the ground, snatching at Anras’ legs and covering his entire body.

Anras’ face changed dramatically.

“Die!” Right at this moment, the Dragonformed Linley swept out with Bloodviolet and his adamantine heavy sword in his hands as he charged at Anras.

“BOOM!” The divine power in his body bursting forth, Anras hurriedly broke free of the restraining power of the large amount of pulsating power. However, at the same moment he broke free of that power, the distance between himself and Linley had been decreased to less than ten meters. A distance of less than ten meters, to Anras and Linley, was simply too close.

Because their speed was too fast!

How could Anras retreat? After all, Bebe and those two Gods were flying over at high speed as well.

A dazzling, cold light flashed out from his spear as he thrust it towards Linley, the tip of the spear carrying a dim surge of faint red light.

This was Anras’ most powerful attack; ‘Soul Destroyer’!

A devilish violet light flashed, while at the same time, a pleasant flute melody could be heard. Upon hearing this melody, even Anras was slightly affected. After having trained for twenty years, Linley’s ‘Hymn of the Wind’ technique was now much more powerful than it had been in the past.

More importantly, this ‘Hymn of the Wind’ wasn’t just a flute melody; it also contained an invisible ‘sound wave attack’.

Bloodviolet clashed head on with the spear.


Those illusory sword shadows and those illusory faint red spear shadows collided at the same time.

“BOOM!” The illusory sword shadows held on for only an instant before shattering. The faint red spear shadow had only dimmed slightly, continuing to pierce towards Linley.

“Not good.” Linley’s face changed dramatically.

But this spiritual attack was simply too fast. There was no time!

“Terrible!” Leylin, hidden within a distant rock nearby the gorge, was greatly shocked. Although he was fast, he wasn’t as fast as a spiritual attack.

“Die!” Linley bellowed as his adamantine heavy sword landed on Anras’ body.

Although it took a while to describe, in truth, Linley had executed simultaneous attacks with Bloodviolet and the adamantine heavy sword. Anras had chosen to not dodge, but he only had a single weapon. Between Bloodviolet and the adamantine heavy sword, Anras had clearly sensed that Bloodviolet posed a higher threat.

He had blocked Bloodviolet, and so naturally, the adamantine heavy sword landed on his body.

At the same moment that the dim red spear shadow pierced into Linley’s body…

A queer sort of spiritual energy that had been transformed into vibrational waves passed through the adamantine heavy sword and entered Anras’ body.


The scale-shaped, semi-translucent barrier covered Linley’s entire sea of consciousness, revealing only that single gap. The dim red spear shadow smashed against that translucent scaled barrier, then shattered immediately. Only a small amount of the dispersed red energy struck against that flaw in the barrier, attempting to break through.

However, Linley’s spiritual energy had formed into a Pulseguard Defense.

If it had been the dim red spear shadow, perhaps Linley’s spiritual Pulseguard Defense wouldn’t have been able to hold. However, this was nothing more than the scattered remnants of that attack.

An illusory, translucent sword-shape pierced directly into Anras’ sea of consciousness.

If one magnified this illusory sword shadow ten thousand times, one might discover that this was actually countless, dense spiritual waves that formed a complete sword shape. Linley’s previously quite ordinary spiritual energy, after being transformed by the Throbbing Pulse of the World, had become extremely terrifying.

The illusory sword shadow pierced into Anras’ sea of consciousness. Anras’ spiritual energy immediately rose up, creating a defensive, blocking wall. Only, this sort of ordinary defensive wall, in the face of that illusory sword shadow formed from those countless ripples of spiritual energy, quickly collapsed.

The illusory sword shadow smashed viciously against the divine spark.

“BANG!” The divine spark trembled, and in the end, the soul contained within it was dispersed.

The Omega Wave of the Throbbing Pulse of the World – Voidpulse Sword!

“Success?” Linley was overjoyed.

Originally, Linley had only utilized the Throbbing Pulse of the World to create vibrations to attack the enemy’s internal organs. Based on what he had learned from the ‘Hymn of the Wind’ and the results of months of study, Linley had already begun to understand how the Throbbing Pulse of the World could be used to execute spiritual attacks. Actually, this Voidpulse Sword of Linley’s wasn’t perfect yet. Sometimes he was successful in utilizing it, but sometimes he would fail.

Unexpectedly, this time he had succeeded.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, another figure suddenly appeared from within the corpse of Anras. This figure grabbed that divine spark and then quickly charged into the skies.

“This Anras had another body!” Linley’s face changed.


Linley immediately pursued.

“My God body was actually destroyed. I, an exalted God, was actually defeated by a Demigod?” Anras’ heart was filled with rage. He had two bodies, one a God-level divine fire clone, while the other was a Demigod-level divine wind clone. Anras naturally cared the most about his God-level body.

“I definitely, definitely will get revenge!” Anras howled angrily in his heart, but at the same time, Anras frantically tried to flee.

“Whooooosh.” His divine sense frantically surged out, blasting towards the Rohault Empire.

“Lord Sadista!”

Sadista was awaiting the good news from Anras. “Oh, Anras, you succeeded?”

“Lord Sadista, save me, save me!” Anras stuttered out. This instantly caused Sadista to be stunned. Sadista immediately spread out his own divine sense, encapsulating the entire Mount Copper Gong area with it, allowing him to clearly know the situation within.

“What?” Sadista’s face changed dramatically.

Although this took time to describe, in reality, from the moment when Linley and Anras first fought until now, there had only been two exchanges; the first was the sneak attack, while the second was the full-strength attack of both sides. These two exchanges went by very quickly. Bebe and those two Gods had yet to reach the gorge.

Anras was unlucky enough to have met with Linley, who was in possession of a damaged soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.

No matter how badly damaged a Sovereign artifact was, it was still a Sovereign artifact! Unfortunately for Anras, Linley’s Bloodviolet as well as adamantine heavy sword both contained terrifying spiritual attacks.

“Flee, flee!” Anras frantically tried to flee. His remaining body, being a wind-type Demigod body, was indeed very fast.


An enraged screech filled the air, and an enormous, illusory Godeater Rat suddenly appeared in mid-air. The Godeater Rat opened its mouth, and a bizarre force suddenly enveloped Anras, freezing him in mid-air, preventing him from moving at all.

“Bebe?” Linley came to a halt as well, staring at the distant Bebe in astonishment.

Bebe had already transformed into the Godeater Rat form, with a length of half a meter. Only, behind Bebe’s body, there was an enormous illusory Godeater Rat that was over a hundred meters tall.

“Ahhh, noooo!” Anras felt a sense of hopelessness.

A wind-style divine spark directly emerged from within Anras’ body, transforming into a ray of light as it streaked straight towards Bebe’s mouth. Like eating a bean, Bebe swallowed the wind-style divine spark into his stomach.

Anras’ body slumped powerlessly to the ground.

Bebe scrurried over, grabbing Anras’ interspatial ring as well as that fire-style divine God spark. “Hmph, you dare act against my Boss, and you still want to flee? In your dreams!” Bebe gave Anras’ corpse two or three good kicks as well, clearly quite angry.

The bald man, Burgess, as well as the white-robed man and Linley all stared in astonishment, mouths gaping.

“This…this is the divine ability of a Godeater Rat?” Linley’s heart trembled.

Devouring someone’s divine spark?

No wonder they dared style themselves as ‘Godeater Rats’. This was too monstrous.

“Boss.” Bebe flew over, tossing the fire-style divine God spark in his hands to Linley. “I’m not able to digest this God-level divine spark. All yours.”

“Oh.” Linley accepted the God-level divine spark.

“Wait, what did you say?” Linley looked towards Bebe. “Did you just say, digest?”

Divine sparks were so hard as to be indestructible. Even divine artifacts wouldn’t be able to leave the slightest mark on them. This was why when Deities died, they would leave behind a divine spark. Not even the full-strength attack of a Highgod could shatter a divine spark. But Bebe had…

“Right. I’m only a Demigod, so I’m only able to digest Demigod-level divine sparks.” This was Bebe’s explanation.

Linley looked at Bebe, truly not knowing what to say.

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