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Book 13, Gebados – Chapter 21, Four Mighty Gods

In the air above the O’Brien Empire.


A terrifying sonic boom could be heard, and energy blasted in every direction. Four indistinct human figures were flying at high speed towards the east, shoulder to shoulder. The four figures had reached a terrifying level of speed, and they weren’t trying to hide themselves. Sonic booms exploded forth while at the same time, a terrifying, wild aura exploded from their bodies.

In the ground below, there lived countless civilians as well as hidden experts.

One middle-aged man who had been laughing while giving some pointers to some youngsters raised his head to stare at the skies in shock, his face changing. “This is…four Gods? Could it be from Adkins’ side?”

“Master, Master.”

Those youths were calling out in confusion.

“All of you, keep training.” The middle aged man instructed casually, then left. While walking away, he felt a hint of confusion. “Four Gods heading out together, and not trying to hide their movements at all. It seems they are about to undertake something major.” The middle-aged man couldn’t help but feel curious.

With a flicker, he disappeared from the road.

Barnas, Gatenby, Hanbritt, and Ojwin flew shoulder-to-shoulder in a straight line. Their long robes fluttered as their sonic booms reverberated in the air. As Barnas had put it, “When acting, we have to have an imposing manner. There’s no need to act as though we are about to sneak attack them. This will cause our Lord Adkins to lose face.”

How could Ojwin and the others refute Barnas, now that he had spoken?

Naturally, the four heroically flew towards Dragonblood Castle. Wherever they passed, hidden Saints and Deities all noticed them, who quickly used their divine sense to contact their friends, causing many experts to quietly follow.

Fortunately, Barnas and the other three were actively emanating a tyrannical aura. Otherwise, there would be no way for these Deities and Saints to follow them.

Within Dragonblood Castle.

In the empty area of the western gardens, a violet sword shadow fluttered about like a dream. Linley’s body swayed at high speed along with his sword, and occasionally, a humming sword song could be heard. Wherever Bloodviolet crossed, spatial folds would be seen, followed by occasional spatial collapse. Other times, the only thing left behind would be tiny cracks in space.

As he continued to train, Linley’s understanding of ‘Profound Truths of Velocity’ grew deeper and deeper, while Bloodviolet’s power was slowly brought out as well.

Linley had discovered that Bloodviolet’s humming sword song was actually secondary. Bloodviolet’s true power still lay in its fierce sharpness. As Linley and Bloodviolet became more attuned, even though Linley’s understanding hadn’t increased much, the power of his Dimensional Decapitoator clearly increased significantly.


Linley, who had been absorbed in his training, suddenly came to a halt staring towards the north in surprise. “What a terrifying aura, and no attempt to hide it at all.” Linley could clearly sense that in the north, a powerful aura was moving at high speed towards Dragonblood Castle.”

Not just Linley.

Even the War God and the High Priest, who were absorbed in fusing with their divine God sparks, and Tarosse, Dylin, Cesar, Bebe…all Deity-level experts present sensed it.

“Mr. Barnas. Dragonblood Castle is up ahead.” Ojwin felt extremely excited right now.

He finally had the chance to get revenge.

“For this day, I have waited two years.” Ojwin’s face was somewhat red, and his eyes stared towards Dragonblood Castle like sharp knives.

The silver-haired Barnas stared calmly at the distant Dragonblood Castle. “Oh, that’s Dragonblood Castle? On the way over, the four of us actively emanated our auras. There’s quite a few people behind us.” Barnas was quite certain about this.

Ojwin, Hanbritt, and Gatenby were all awaiting Barnas’ command.

“We definitely cannot cause Lord Adkins to lose face. This time, we have to deal with them in a beautiful fashion, Hanbritt.” Barnas said calmly.

“Mr. Barnas.” Hanbritt respectfully awaited the order.

“You act directly to destroy Dragonblood Castle. Those ordinary people aren’t qualified to take part in battle.” Barnas gave out the cruel order, and Hanbritt’s eyes lit up. He immediately flew in front, and with a cold smile on his face, extended his two hands.

“Rumble…” In an instant, the world began to shake.

A wild surge of wind elemental essence came roaring towards Dragonblood Castle from every direction, creating an enormous, millstone-like green vortex in the air above Dragonblood Castle. This enormous green vortex was filled with faint golden wind blades, blocking out the light of the sun.

The entire Dragonblood Castle was covered by that ice cold green light.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!” In the air above Dragonblood Castle, many human figures suddenly appeared. It was Tarosse, Dylin, Linley, the War God, the High Priest, Bebe, and the rest of the Deities. The actions of the enemy were on simply too grand of a scale. Everyone in Dragonblood Castle could sense this aura.

Linley, the War God, and the others all raised their heads, staring at the sky.

In the air, the enormous green vortex was clearly filled with incredible power. If this power were to shoot down, even Supreme Warrior Saints would most likely die. Only Deities would be able to survive.

“They plan to destroy Dragonblood Castle and kill all the ordinary people in it.” Linley’s face was ashen.

Dragonblood Castle, below them, held too many of his family and friends. Linley definitely wouldn’t allow this to occur.

“Ojwin again. And this time, he brought two more people.” Tarosse sneered as he looked at those four figures, and Dylin let out a disdainful laugh as well. “Tarosse, it seems last time, Ojwin didn’t mind the pain he suffered last time at all. He still dares to come.”

“Then let’s just destroy his remaining body as well and be done with it.” Tarosse laughed calmly.

Right now, perhaps only Tarosse and Dylin were still capable of laughing so calmly.

Within Dragonblood Castle, Wharton, Taylor, Gates, Delia, and the others all raised their heads, staring at those four figures, their hearts shaking. In their eyes, those four full Gods that were emanating that heart-palpitating aura were like four invincible demons.

Powerful, irresistible!

“Let the ash fly.” Hanbritt smiled, then pressed downwards with his right hand!

The massive green vortex that had been above Dragonblood Castle suddenly began to sink downwards, while at the same time, the countless faint golden wind knives began to descend downwards like locusts. In the field of vision of Linley and the others, nothing could be seen besides those infinite faint gold wind knives.

“Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!” ……

Metallic collision sounds could be heard. In the surface of Dragonblood Castle, a green-white semi-translucent barrier appeared. The countless faint golden wind blades slashed down against the semi-translucent barrier, but the barrier wasn’t damaged at all.

“Good heavens.” The thousands of people within Dragonblood Castle stared up at the enormous barrier that covered the entire sky.

They could all clearly see those countless faint golden wind blades shoot down upon the semi-translucent barrier. Many of the guards and serving women in Dragonblood Castle began to sweat. Deity-level combatants were reputedly capable of instantly destroying the heavens and the earth. This indeed wasn’t just a myth.

“Haha, Lord Adkins is a revered Highgod. Can it be that you think killing these ordinary people will gain face for your Lord Adkins?” Tarosse’s voice rang out loudly, shaking the surrounding area of several dozen square kilometers.

The countless wind blades came to a halt.

Hanbritt, his face ashen, retreated to Barnas’ side. He had summoned his strength for a long time, but Tarosse had in but a few moments created that semi-translucent barrier to resist him. His power was clearly inferior to Tarosse’s.

Barnas stared at Tarosse. “Tarosse? Your power isn’t bad. I’ll give you a chance. You can leave now, and I can spare your life.”

Tarosse and Dylin were both startled.

“You silver-haired old man, have you gone silly?” Tarosse let out a laughter born from the utmost of rage.

Barnas laughed calmly, then with a flip of the hand, retrieved an ancient, unadorned spear. This spear was bronze colored, and had some bloody runes carved atop it. But this spear, in Barnas’ hand, seemed to suddenly transformed that smiling, silver-haired old man into an invincible divine spirit!


“Rumble…” That spear alone emanated an aura that ripped through the surrounding space.

“Highgod artifact.” Tarosse and Dylin’s faces both changed.

“Since you don’t intend to accept my good intentions, then…” Barnas looked calmly at Tarosse. “Accept death.” Barnas suddenly moved, his body transforming into a blur, slashing through the sky in a moment. That ancient spear in his hands pierced directly towards Tarosse.

Space seemed to freeze, with only that spear remaining!

Irresistible power!

Tarosse’s face changed dramatically. Gritting his teeth, he instantly divided into two bodies. The green-robed Tarosse and the black-robed Tarosse simultaneously went to block this attack. A devilish green whip wrapped around towards the spear like a serpent, while an icy cold black, long narrow blade carried a destructive aura as it chopped towards the spear.


Barnas’ body shuddered slightly, but the green-robed Tarosse and the black-robed Tarosse fell down towards the ground.

The terrifying collision force created clearly visible ripples which blasted in every direction.

Linley, the War God, the High Priest, Bebe, and Cesar, the Demigods, could clearly sense the power emanating from this ripple, which pressed their bodies down towards the ground. Linley’s face changed dramatically. “Not good!” If this ripple were to strike Dragonblood Castle, Dragonblood Castle would definitely be transformed into rubble, and many people would die.

“Hmph!” With a flip of his hands, Dylin struck out with two palms, sending out a surge of destructive energy which dissipated the oncoming ripples.

“Swoosh!” Tarosse’s two bodies once more flew up into the air, standing shoulder to shoulder with Dylin.

The black-robed Tarosse messaged mentally, “Dylin, this old fellow is too powerful. His personal strength is on par with mine, but he has that Highgod artifact. Not just him. He has three Gods behind him as well. This time, we’re going to have some trouble!”

Dylin’s face was ugly to behold as well. “All we can do is go all out.”

Linley and the others landed on the ground. Wharton, Delia, and the others all immediately ran over. Wharton said in concern, “Big bro, the situation seems grim.”

Linley felt worried as well. All he could do was whisper, “Don’t worry. Lord Tarosse and the others should still have some methods.” Bebe was next to Linley, unable to do anything either. After all, Bebe was only a new Demigod. There was nothing he could do in a battle like this.

“Linley, quick, lead everyone to flee for now.” Tarosse’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind.

Linley’s heart shook.

“This time, the enemy is too powerful!” Tarosse didn’t feel any confidence at all either.

“Boss, the situation isn’t good.” Bebe was worrying as well.

“Today!” A sonorous voice rang out from above, as Barnas stared down at the people in Dragonblood Castle. “Not a one of you will be able to escape. Prepare to accept the punishment of the ‘Spear of Cortez’ [Ge’te’si]!” Countless spear images filled the air. Barnas, wielding the spear in his hand, stared down at the people in Dragonblood Castle like an invincible fiend.

“Rumble!” Countless spear shadows fell down like the rain.

Barnas actually separated into two figures, while Ojwin, Gatenby, and Hanbritt only had one body. The five figures shot down at high speed from mid-air. Ojwin, n particular, laughed with loud, wild glee, “All of you will die!!!”

Everyone in Dragonblood Castle felt despair.

“Flee!” Linley’s face was ferocious. He ‘shouted’ with his divine sense to everyone!

Instantly, the War God, the High Priest, Linley, Delia, Bebe…everyone began to flee in every which way. They all wanted to flee the battlefield in the shortest time possible. Only by doing so might some of them be able to live for a while.

“Haha…why are you all fleeing? No rush!” A loud laugh could be heard.

Suddenly, four blurs appeared, shooting out from Dragonblood Castle into mid-air. The formerly frightened Dylin and Tarosse were overjoyed, and they instantly charged over alongside those four figures.

Barnas’ side had: Barnas’ two divine clones, Gatenby, Ojwin, and Hanbritt, the latter three who only had one body.

Dragonblood Castle’s side had: The four figures who had suddenly appeared, Tarosse, Dylin.

The six figures attacked the five figures, with three of them attacking Barnas’ two clones…the battle started in an instant, then ended in an instant. Linley and the others, who had been fleeing in despair, now raised their head in confusion to stare at the sky…and by then, the battle was already over.

Barnas, Gatenby, Hanbritt, and Ojwin. The four of them were covered in blood.

“Highgod artifacts, four of them…all Highgod artifacts!” Barnas’ face was utterly pale, but his eyes were filled with amazement as he stared at those four who had appeared out of nowhere. Judging from their appearances, those four clones belonged to two different people. Of the four figures, two wore violet robes, while two wore golden robes. Their facial features were extremely similar.

Just then, it had been six against five. Those two violet-robed figures had combined to attack one of Barnas’ clones, destroying it and seizing the divine God spark.

“Barnas, today, we destroyed one of your clones. You can f*ck off now.” One of the violet-robed figures flipped the divine spark in his hand while laughing calmly.

“This…no….” Ojwin, seeing this, was totally stunned.

Just then, victory had been within his grasp. Not even Tarosse had been a match for Barnas, but who would have thought that the battle would have suddenly changed. These four clones that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere actually all had Highgod artifacts!

“Dragonblood Castle is a place under Lord Beirut’s protection. Go tell Adkins that he had best not permit people to come here in the future. Otherwise, next time, it won’t be as simple a punishment as destroying one of your clones.” The violet-robed youth laughed calmly as he spoke.

Ojwin, Hanbritt, and Gatenby immediately looked at Barnas.

Barnas’ face was ashen. Staring at the four figures wielding Highgod artifacts, his heart grew cold, and then with a low growl, he said, “Let’s return.” Ojwin, although unwilling, could only stare at the four mysterious youths before following Barnas and departing.

“They came just to give us a divine spark.” The four figures turned.

Tarosse, Dylin, Linley, the War God, and the others all went to welcome them.

They could instantly tell that the four figures were the divine clones of two separate people, because two pairs of the four were identical in appearance.

“Bebe, you decide how to handle this divine spark.” The violet-robed youth tossed the God-level divine spark in his hands to Bebe. Bebe accepted it, while at the same time, staring in shock at those four figures.

He could feel their aura, and it was too familiar. Bebe stared, slack-jawed. “You are Hart and Harvey?”

“Oh, right.”

The four figures merged into two youths, while at the same time, two violet-gold figures flew over towards them, fusing into the bodies of the two youths.

“But…you guys…you guys…?” Bebe stuttered, unable to speak.

“Those are our original bodies. Our original bodies are naturally still at the Saint level.” The violet-robed youth, ‘Hart’, said. “Our Lord Father was worried about you, so naturally, he had us stay here.”

Linley, the War God, the High Priest, and the others all felt their minds in a state of chaos.

What the?

Those two Violet-Gold Rat Kings were actually full Gods.

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