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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 24, Myriad Swords Converge, the Pearl of Life!

The Queen Mother, Lachapelle, hovered there in mid-air like a queen, the thousands of nearly translucent green tendrils swiveling around her devilish body.

Meanwhile, below her…

Countless tendrils and vines rose up into the air, waving wildly. Rumbling growls could be heard from beneath the sands. A large number of ‘children’ components under the control of Queen Mother Lachapelle were covering the black pyramid, completely blocking it off.

Linley glanced at the nearby Rosarie and Desri. These two Grand Magus Saints had already begun to mumble the words to their spells, and were about to complete them.

Rosarie’s long, jade-green hair suddenly rose upwards as a wild surge of water-type elemental essence blasted forth from her. Countless amounts of frost and ice descended, and the temperature suddenly reached an extremely low point. Even the countless waving tendrils and vines below them were suddenly frozen.

Water-style forbidden-level magic: Absolute Zero.

At the same instant, a surge of invisible, ripple-like energy blasted out from Desri, shooting directly towards the mid-air Queen Mother Lachapalle. The Queen Mother Lachapalle’s body only trembled slightly, and she wasn’t much affected.

“Crunch. Bang.”

Many tendrils shattered from the cold.

The body of Queen Mother Lachapalle was covered with a layer of frost as well.

“This is the attack you have planned?” Queen Mother Lachapalle laughed wildly. “In terms of spiritual energy, how can the likes of you compare to me? As for water-style magic…haha, that’s even more laughable. I, Lachapalle, am a practitioner of the Elemental Laws of Water and Wind.”

“So powerful!” Linley’s group sighed in their hearts.

Plant type creatures which had large bodies generally also had enormously powerful souls to match. The Queen Mother’s real body was actually even more terrifyingly enormous, but as she trained, she had naturally begun to shrink it in size, but her soul had only grown more and more powerful.

Both sides were peak Saints.

But human Saints were far inferior to this sort of terrifying plant creature.

The Queen Mother Lachapalle’s words had just come out…


Eighteen rays of black light shot out from the eyes of the three siblings, the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions. Those eighteen rays of light instantly covered Queen Mother Lachapalle. It was as though her enormous body and tendrils had suddenly been covered with a layer of black skin.

The eyes of Queen Mother Lachapalle instantly widened, and her delicate face instantly changed and contorted.

She…couldn’t move!

“Swoosh!” Working in perfect concert, as those eighteen rays of light had shot out, Linley had already flown straight to the Queen Mother at high speed.


“Kill him!”

Countless ‘child’ components from beneath the sand roared deafeningly, wanting to watch as their Queen Mother annihilated these humans. But in that moment, none of them had noticed…that their Queen Mother could no longer move.

Bloodviolet in one hand, and the adamantine heavy sword in the other, the Dragonformed Linley stared straight at the distant Queen Mother Lachapalle with his dark gold eyes. At his highest speed, he charged towards her. Linley had already entered the range of the countless tendrils and vines of Queen Mother Lachapalle.

Linley’s lips quirked upwards.

The wild wind howled as Linley instantly crossed hundreds of meters, reaching a distance of less than a hundred meters away from Lachapalle. To Linley, a hundred meters was but the blink of an eye…but when experts fought, that blink of an eye was what determined victory.

“Rooooar!” A furious roar escaped the lips of Queen Mother Lachapalle.

Countless tendrils, and those vines surrounding the Queen Mother’s body, shot directly towards Linley. The Queen Mother’s eyes were filled with boundless rage, and she swore to herself that she was going to kill all of the humans in front of her, starting with the one closest.

The Queen Mother had broken free of the ‘paralysis’.

“Not good.” The faces of Desri, Rosarie, and the others all changed.

Bebe’s beady little eyes suddenly had a red light flash through them, while at the same time his body became covered with a layer of pitch-black light. Bebe transformed into a black ray of light, ignoring the deadly danger as he charged over. “Boss.” Bebe was extremely worried.

An enormous number of tendrils snaked towards him.

Linley himself was very calm. He had prepared for this eventuality long ago.

Bloodviolet, in his hand, suddenly transformed into ten million devilish flashes of violet light. Everywhere the flashes appeared, blurry folds in space could be seen, while at the same time, the violet flashes of light all bizarrely coiled and snaked their way forward in a very peculiar pattern as they stabbed towards one spot.

Spatial Freezing!

The large number of tendrils charging towards him suddenly dropped dramatically in speed, as though they were travelling through mud.

As for Linley’s ten million sword flashes, they actually converged on one spot, uniting into one indistinct, heart-stopping violet light. This violet light was like a comet charging straight ahead, utterly unblockable.

“Bang!” The violet sword light charged forwards, and those tough, half-translucent tendrils instantly crumbled and shattered, with countless tendril parts sent flying everywhere.

Profound Truths of the Wind – Myriad Swords Converge!

The most powerful sword attack which Linley could muster through using the Profound Truths of the Wind!

Linley instantly scurried out from the space that had been shattered by his ‘Myriad Swords Converge’ attack, while the Queen Mother, Lachapalle, stared in astonishment. “How is that possible?” Her tendrils were far more powerful than those of the ‘child’ components’.

So many tendrils had surrounded the human, but the human had instantly broken through.

“Die.” Having breached the cage of tendrils, Linley had already reached the air above Queen Mother Lachapalle’s head, and the adamantine heavy sword in Linley’s hand came chopping down.

Lachapalle immediately dove down at high speed.

But how could her body’s movement speed compare with a weapon’s? Queen Mother Lachapalle also controlled her tendrils to block, but…it was too late.

“Bang!” Linley’s adamantine heavy sword collided with Lachapalle’s head.

The adamantine heavy sword only lightly touched Lachapalle’s head, and Lachapalle’s massive body suddenly began to tremble, and then a green liquid began to flow out from her mouth and her eyes. Those wildly waving tendrils had already begun to droop down lifelessly.

Linley’s other hand didn’t just rest; he once again utilized the ‘Myriad Swords Converge’ attack.

The devilish flash of ten million swords, moving in that strange cadence, once more appeared, and space once more froze. Those ten million swords converged on a single location, forming a blurry, violet sword flash, which pierced directly towards Queen Mother Lachapalle’s head.


Starting from the head, the Queen mother’s entire body collapsed and transformed into green colored debris. Only after her body burst apart did Linley realize that actually, her internals had already been shaken by the ‘Profound Truths of the Earth’ into something as soft as mud. But when the Queen Mother’s body fully collapsed, Linley found to his surprise…that within the body of this Queen Mother, there was a very small, yet glittering, green-glowing translucent pearl.

With a flip of his hand, Linley grabbed the translucent pearl. As for Queen Mother Lachapalle, the remaining half of her body and a large number of tendrils collapsed lifelessly from mid-air, falling downwards and smashing into the countless vines below.

The wildly waving tendrils of the ‘green sea’ below suddenly halted.

None of these plant creatures could dare believe it. Their mighty ‘Queen Mother’ had been killed in mid-air by this warrior who looked like a Draconian.

Their invincible Queen Mother…had died!

“Listen up.” Linley shouted coldly towards the people below. “All of you better scram. Otherwise…I’ll kill all of you, just like how I just killed your Queen Mother.” Linley swept the ground coldly with his gaze.

“Rustle, rustle…”

Countless tendrils and vines frantically sank into the sand, and the ‘green sea’ that had occupied an extremely wide expanse of space suddenly transformed into desert again. As for those plant creatures, they all fled at high speed in terror. Even their Queen Mother who was hundreds of times more powerful than them had died.

How could they, mere ‘child’ components, compete?

The black pyramid, which had been covered by countless vines and rattans, now revealed its true appearance once again.

“Boss, you scared me to death.” Bebe was now by Linley’s side, and he had re-absorbed that layer of black light back into his body.

Linley couldn’t help but hug Bebe.

Although Bebe was emotionally immature, sometimes naughty and mischievous, while at other times as bloodthirsty as any magical beast, he was willing to give up his life for Linley’s sake. The two had grown up together, and their lives were like one. Their affection for each other was so deep…that with their souls interlinked, they could physically sense it.

“I’m fine. Without a degree of certainty, would I, your Boss, dare act in such a way?” Linley snickered.

At this time, Desri and the others flew over as well. After the sudden reversal in fortune they had just witnessed, they now all had incandescent smiles on their faces.

“Linley, when you demonstrated that attack of yours in front of us earlier, I didn’t have much confidence.” Fain laughed. “But after seeing it just now, I now know how powerful that sword of yours is. No matter how powerful one’s defense is, one still won’t be able to take that sword of yours.”

When Linley had demonstrated it, he was only demonstrating it into the air. How could Fain and the others clearly see how powerful it was?

“Everyone, let’s hurry up and see if can find if there are any divine artifacts here on the seventh floor.” Desri said to everyone. “We agreed early on that the person to kill the Queen Mother would take possession of the divine artifacts, if there are any. Linley risked his life to kill her…and so he should get the divine artifact. Everyone, search carefully.”

Linley hurriedly said, “No need to go to so much trouble…”

“You just stay here. We’ll help you look.” One of the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions said. They had underestimated the strength and power of the Queen Mother. Even when the three brothers had joined forces and executed their forbidden technique, they had only been able to paralyze the Queen Mother for an instant.

Linley had made the greatest contribution to killing the Queen Mother. Everyone hurriedly began to help search for the divine artifact, and even Olivier voluntarily flew down to the ground. All of the experts began to carefully search.

As for Linley, he flew to the exit platform next to the black pyramid.

This was because last time, on the sixth floor, this was where the divine artifacts had been placed. But this time, it was different.

“Nothing there?” Linley shook his head. He had searched for quite some time by the stairs, but he hadn’t found anything.

The experts searched carefully in a circle with an area of a square kilometer. In the end, they all returned to the black pyramid.

“Did you find anything?” Desri asked.

The others all shook their heads.

Desri frowned. “Strange. On the sixth floor, including the hatchet the Flame Tyrant had, there were a total of three divine artifacts. The Queen Mother Lachapalle of the seventh floor was at a higher level of power than the Flame Tyrant. But we weren’t even able to find a single divine artifact.”

Linley was puzzled as well.

“This shouldn’t be the case.” Fain was confused as well. “Where is that divine artifact?”

“Oh, right.” Rosarie’s eyes lit up. “On the sixth floor, the Flame Tyrant himself was wielding that greataxe. Were there any divine artifacts on Lachapalle’s body? Linley, did you see anything?”

“On her body?” Linley started.

And then, Linley instantly thought of the round pearl he had already absorbed into his interspatial ring. He immediately retrieved it with a flip of his hand. “Right. When I killed the Queen mother and her body collapsed, I found a seemingly unusual pearl inside her body, and so I grabbed it. Take a look. What is this?”

Linley didn’t think that this round pearl was a divine artifact.

As he saw it….it should be something similar to a magical beast’s magicite core, the essence of the Queen Mother.

“Pearl of Life.” Upon seeing the round pearl in Linley’s hand, the three Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions let out simultaneous cries of shock.

Linley, Desri, and the others all stared at the three Six-Eyed Golden Lions in puzzlement. One of them immediately explained, “This Pearl of Life is a type of spiritual pearl treasure which we once saw in the past when we were with Father. Now we understand…why that Queen Mother ‘Lachapalle’ was able to instantly regrow her damaged tendrils.”

“If the Pearl of Life enters one’s body, then the boundless life energy contained within the Pearl of Life will be provided to the user. Even if one’s body is chopped into eight pieces, it will return to normal in a flash, needing just one or two seconds. In other words…as long as your soul isn’t destroyed, then you will never die.” The Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lion said excitedly, “To Saint-level experts, this Pearl of Life is more precious than any divine artifact!”

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