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Book 11, Necropolis of the Gods – Chapter 19: Three Divine Artifacts

Linley looked at the dark red hatchet.

“Not long ago, this hatchet was over a hundred meters long, but now, it is so tiny.” Linley, in his heart, valued this axe very highly. “Most importantly, that Flame Tyrant was only a Prime Saint level expert, and yet in his hands, this axe was capable of such tremendous power.”

Linley thought of his own Bloodviolet sword.

“Both of them are divine artifacts, but in my hands, Bloodviolet is only capable of unleashing a portion of its power.”

Linley understood that his own Bloodviolet was perhaps an even more terrifying weapon, but at the Saint-level, he simply wasn’t capable of fully unleashing the power of Bloodviolet. It was much the same with the ‘Coiling Dragon’ ring. The current Linley couldn’t actively utilize the Coiling Dragon ring at all.

The more powerful an artifact was, the greater the requirements were for activating it.

However…this divine artifact axe was something which even Saints could use. To a Saint, this axe was a better weapon.

“Linley, take it. You made the greatest contributions in killing the Flame Tyrant.” Desri flew over as well.

Linley suddenly thought of Barker, and said, “Then I won’t hesitate.” At the same time, Linley accepted the dark red hatchet, storing it into his interspatial ring. “I hope Barker survived. If he truly…well, I’ll gift this axe to Gates and the others.”

Linley still felt guilt in his heart towards Barker.

“The Flame Tyrant is finally dead. But Hayward and the others…” Desri felt extremely miserable right now. Higginson, Olivier, and the rest of the twelve remaining experts flew over from afar. There had originally been over twenty of them. But now, only a few were left.

“Big brother.” Higginson was in great pain as well.

Desri and Higginson looked at each other, agony in their eyes. But they understood…ever since they chose to come to the Necropolis of the Gods, they set on a path where they could not blame others if they died. Actually, Hayward had already lived for thousands of years. Dying now wasn’t a big deal.

After all, these people had already experienced many things in life.

Olivier looked at Linley, a hint of a resigned smile on his lips. “This Linley saved me yet again.” Olivier was a very arrogant person and he hated owing others. But Linley had saved him twice now.

“Linley, your attack is very unique.” Rutherford sighed in amazement. “That Flame Tyrant had incredible defense, but your attack seemed to completely ignore it.”

Linley didn’t try to hide anything. “This is an attack which I have gained insight into which can ignore the target’s defense.”

“What a bizarre, shocking attack.” Fain sighed in amazement as well.

The nearby experts all felt their heart shudder. Linley was a Dragonblood Warrior, and thus his natural talent was at the absolute peak of what humans could reach. But now, Linley’s understanding of the Laws had reached such a terrifying level as well. Linley was more powerful than others in both aspects.

With those aspects combined, it could be said that his attack power was the greatest amongst the Saints of the Yulan continent!

“The number one Saint-level expert of the Yulan continent…that is you!” Desri sighed approvingly as he looked at Linley.

“I only possess powerful offense and decent defense. In terms of speed, I cannot compare to you and Fain, Desri.” Linley replied honestly. The understandings he had gained in the Elemental Laws of the Wind were still very far from the level of mastery.

“Right. How is Tulily?” Rosarie, looking much better now, suddenly said. “Let’s go see if he is still alive.”

“Right.” Fain and Desri nodded as well.

Tulily was the Prime Saint with the most powerful attack of the group, after all. If they wanted to make it further into the Necropolis of the Gods, they couldn’t lack someone like him. Linley and the others immediately flew towards the place where Tulily’s body had collapsed and landed next to him.

Moments later…

Next to the boiling hot river of lava, his body covered with blood, Tulily was currently seated cross-legged on a stone. His arms were completely shattered, and even one of his legs had been partially torn off. There was a large amount of fresh blood on his chest.

“Tulily.” Desri flew over. “You are lucky to be alive.”

Tulily, seeing Desri fly over, revealed a bitter smile on his face. “I was almost finished just then. Desri, give me a hand…your powers in utilizing healing energy is the best amongst all Saints.” Desri immediately stretched his hand out and immediately released healing magic.

At Desri’s level, he was capable of instacasting light-style magic of the ninth rank.

But Olivier, despite also training in the Laws of Light, was a warrior, after all. His healing abilities were far inferior to Desri’s.

Rosarie, Rutherford, and Fain all landed as well. Tulily looked at the four of them, then said in surprise, “Desri, how can you all be so leisurely? Can it be that you killed the Flame Tyrant? What method did you use to kill him?”

Tulily was extremely surprised. He had personally witnessed the terrible might of the Flame Tyrant.

“It was Linley who killed him.” Rosarie said, while pointing at the distant Linley, who was still in mid-air.

Tulily raised his head and glanced at Linley. “Linley?”

“Right. All by himself, he landed one sword against the body of the Flame Tyrant, and then the Flame Tyrant died.” Desri sighed in praise. “In terms of attack power, Linley has to now be ranked number one amongst the Saints of the Yulan continent.”

Soon, Tulily’s injuries were completely healed.

“That exit to the seventh floor is in the center, where the Magma Demons are clustering.” The most powerful group of Saints in the Yulan continent flew directly towards the center of the sixth floor.

Indeed, there were a large number of Magma Demons clustering here.

“That Draconian is coming. Flee, quick!” Seeing Linley, the many Magma Demons were so terrified that they immediately fled.

“Yet again, they call me a Draconian!” Linley shook his head and sighed, while Bebe snickered, “Boss, those fellows have no experience. They don’t know what a Dragonblood Warrior is. They only know about the relatively common ‘Draconian’ race which lives in the other realms. Compared to your Dragonblood Warrior lineage, Boss, those Draconians are far weaker.”

As they spoke, the many experts landed.

There was no need to fight. Linley’s prestige from being the slayer of the Flame Tyrant had caused the many Magma Demons scurrying everywhere in terror.

“The exit!” The experts immediately saw the nearby stairway. They were now in the heart of the volcano, and the stairways here emanated with a black aura. This was the exit to the seventh floor.

“Hey, what’s that?” Bebe flew over.

Next to stairway, there were two weapons there. One of the two weapons was a blood red scimitar, while the other one was a magistaff. The magistaff was topped with a large gemstone, and the powerful energy coursing through it filled Linley with awe.

“Two divine artifacts.” Desri said in astonishment, and Fain and Tulily were both shocked and delighted as well.

“Two divine artifacts?” Linley was somewhat surprised.

But then, Linley instantly understood. Lord Beirut had previously said that only on the eleventh floor of the Necropolis of the Gods would divine sparks appear, and that the first ten floors wouldn’t have any divine sparks. However, the first ten floors might have divine artifacts.”

“This is the Necropolis of the Gods. Many Deities have died here. It is normal that they left behind some divine artifacts.” Linley knew very well that divine artifacts weren’t nearly as valuable as divine sparks.

The sixth floor was so hard to defeat that for there to be a total of three divine artifacts here wasn’t too strange, actually.

“There are two more divine artifacts here. How should we divide them?” Bebe stood next to the divine artifacts and said in a loud voice.


Everyone was silent. Many people turned to look at Linley.

On the sixth floor, the person who had truly rendered the greatest merit was Linley. But of course, Rosarie and the Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions had contributed as well. In terms of dividing up the divine artifacts, only people who had contributed should be awarded the divine artifacts.

Linley didn’t say anything.

He had already taken one of them. If he took too many, others would feel unhappy as well.

“Everyone, let me take this scimitar. I won’t take any of the other divine artifacts that appear in the higher floors. In addition, consider this as me, Tulily, owing all of you a favor.” Tulily said with sincerity. “This scimitar truly is the type of weapon which I like the most.”


The warriors of the great plains to the far east commonly used scimitars, and Tulily himself had reached an extremely high level of skill in using them.

Only…at Tulily’s level, ordinary ‘good’ weapons weren’t as effective as Tulily’s fists. However, divine artifacts were different. Divine artifacts were usually wielded by Deities, and from this, one could imagine how powerful they were.

“Linley, what do you say?” Fain and Desri looked at Linley.

Tulily also looked hopefully towards Linley. Truthfully speaking, Tulily rarely was so nervous, but he truly was worried right now that Linley would refuse. If Linley didn’t agree, there was nothing he could do…after all, on the sixth floor, Linley had essentially saved his life.

“I have no objections.” Linley smiled as he spoke.

Although Tulily was at a very high level of enlightenment, he still felt a strong surge of excitement in his heart.

“Linley, thank you.” Tulily said solemnly towards Linley.

Tulily wasn’t a very good talker, but these two words, ‘thank you’, included boundless gratitude.

With Linley having no objection, Rosarie naturally had no objection either. As for the others…none of them were qualified to object. Tulily immediately grabbed the blood scimitar. “With this scimitar, my power will multiply several times over.” Tulily was boundlessly excited.

“Alright, the scimitar has been distributed. The magistaff?” Bebe pointed at the magistaff.

“Boss, Delia needs a magistaff, right?” Bebe said.

Rosarie, a Grand Magus Saint, had wanted to claim this divine artifact of a magistaff for herself, but hearing Bebe’s words, she no longer could speak.

Linley was paying attention to the look on Rosarie’s face.

“There will be divine artifacts on the seventh and the eighth floors as well. And it’s hard to say whether Delia will need a divine artifact or not.” Linley said mentally to Bebe. He wasn’t a person who couldn’t see the big picture. He immediately laughed and said, “It is better if we make immediate use of this divine artifact. That way, we have a better chance of surviving in the higher floors.”

Linley looked at Rosarie and Desri. “Rosarie, Desri, the two of you are Grand Magus Saints. You two decide who this divine artifact will go to.”

“Rosarie, you take it” Desri immediately said.

On the sixth floor, the various experts would prepare for roughly a month, and Rosarie and Tulily grew accustomed to their new divine artifacts as well. The first group of ten major experts all remained here on the sixth floor, while only three of the experts in the second group remained. The others had all given up and returned to the fifth floor.

One of the three experts remaining in the second group was Olivier.

Higginson had given up. Clearly, Hayward’s death had negatively impacted him quite a bit. After all, the upcoming seventh, eighth, and ninth floors would not be any less dangerous than the sixth floor.

A month passed in the blink of an eye.

Next to the flowing river of lava, Desri spoke out. “Let’s go!”

Linley, Tulily, Rosarie, Fain, Rutherford, Olivier, and the others all rose to their feet. Everyone had reached their peak condition over the course of this month.

Including Olivier’s group of three, the thirteen experts continued up into the stairway to the next floor.

Necropolis of the Gods, floor seven!


As soon as the thirteen experts of the Yulan continent entered the seventh floor, they felt a breeze.

“How comfortable.” Linley’s lips had a hint of a smile about them. Compared to the scorching hot environment of the sixth floor, the environment of the seventh floor was much better.

The seventh floor was a desert world, but Linley and the others had entered an oasis amongst the desert. This oasis was extremely large, at least ten square kilometers in size. The thirteen experts carefully inspected their surroundings, all of them on their guard.

“There’s water in the distance.” Bebe saw the lake in the middle of the oasis, and couldn’t help but feel excited.

“Hey? What’s going on with the plants in this place? Why is the grass here so sharp?” Desri frowned as he spoke.


The ‘oasis’ suddenly moved, and tens of thousands of tendrils of vegetation rose into the sky, as this ‘oasis’ of ten square kilometers in size suddenly enveloped all of the experts within. Linley, as well, was suddenly trapped in this prison of countless blades of grass and leaves.

“Not good.” Linley’s face changed dramatically, and a devilish flash of violet light suddenly flashed out in his hand.

“Ah!” A miserable scream split the air from afar.

In the blink of an eye, another expert had been heavily injured or killed. Who knew which of the thirteen it was?

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