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Chapter 655: Tian Jian's Strength

Thanks to the Space Gates that opened up in the fabric of the world, the Saint Kings of the Aoyun clan and the Tianmu clan arrived. Although they were also Saint Kings, the Saint Kings of the Aoyun and Tianmu clan would made their entrance far more impressive than Tian Jian. The pressure that accompanied their arrivals was far beyond what Tian Jian’s ‘ordinary’ presence was.

A white-robed and another gray-robed old man walked out of their respective Space Gates. Both of them looked to be in their seventies, and had eyes that shone with the brightness of a sea of stars. If one were to look at their eyes, it’d be possible that they’d be lost in them. The two of them stood right in front of their respective families, and their elderly bodies looked as if they were immortal figures that would never die. Practically anyone that looked at them felt a strange mystique wash over them as if feeling that the world had recognized these figures as the strongest.

“We pay our respects to the lord!”

“We pay our respects to the grand elder!”

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