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Chapter 1611: A Bloody Battle Against the Evil Spirit (One)

The Primordial Godsilk was extremely mysterious. When Jian Chen had first obtained it, it could only block attacks from Saint Rulers. It was insignificant against attacks from Saint Kings. Although a Saint King's attack would not be able to rupture the Primordial Godsilk, the silk was unable to absorb such power, so Jian Chen was still hit with the force of the attack. The force would have been enough to jolt him to pieces when he was still weak.

The Primordial Godsilk worked exactly the same as before. It could only stop attacks from Saint Rulers, but it was so tough that his battle prowess at Godhood could not damage it at all. The large amounts of Xuanhuang Qi it had absorbed in the Xuanhuang Microcosm seemed to have completely settled into the silk as well.

"Primordial Godsilk, oh Primordial Godsilk. The crisis of the world has already appeared, so why do you still not show your might? You were born to deal with the crisis," Jian Chen mumbled as he stared at the Primordial Godsilk in his hands. He began to secretly worry as he sensed the evil power rapidly approach them.

Jian Chen had studied the Primordial Godsilk for a very long time back in the space created by the Yinyang Saint Rock. Unfortunately, he had found nothing. He had asked the sword spirits as well, but even the sword spirits had no idea how to get the Primordial Godsilk to display its might. Although they had seen a few treasures forged from Primordial Godsilk in the Immortals' World, the people in possession of them were not the first owners. Instead, they had obtained them through various methods, including killing and stealing. They obviously did not know how the Primordial Godsilk would deal with the crisis.

A terrifying pressure shook outer space, causing the stars to darken. The evil power approached the Tian Yuan Continent at an unbelievable speed. It had used a single day to reach the Tian Yuan Continent from the depths of space. Both Jian Chen and the Spiritking could now clearly see a smear of demonic, red light in the distant space.

The red light expanded at an unbelievable rate as the evil power approached the planet. In just a few seconds, it seemed to have become a scorching sun, shining with a blinding red light that dyed the entire sky red.

"Dahahaha… Sustenance.. Sustenance… My sustenance… all of my sustenance… I will become even more powerful by devouring you…"

An extremely powerful idea expanded from the red light, sweeping across all of space. Not only did Jian Chen and the Spiritking sense it, but all the people on the Tian Yuan Continent, the Beast God Continent, the Wasteland Continent, and the Sea realm sensed the idea as well, causing countless people's expressions to change. They paled in a single moment and hundreds of millions of people vomited blood. Their eyes became completely bloodshot and a few weaker people even bled from all their orifices. The looked terrifying.

All the mortals among the four races who did not cultivate tilted their heads and fell unconscious. There were even many people whose heads exploded.

In a single moment, the four races entered a state of mass panic. Countless mortals fainted and countless fighters became injured as well.

The Sainthood experts from the two worlds who stood in formation in the sky all became extremely grim. They were not injured, but they felt like their heads were being split open, as if a nail was being driven into their soul, making it ache.

The several dozen Origin realm experts from the two worlds became extremely ugly. What happened on the Tian Yuan Continent could not escape their senses. The evil power had only let out a single idea, but it had already caused so much destruction. This shocked all of them. The evil power was far greater than they could have imagined.

"Can Jian Chen and the Spiritking destroy this evil power?"

At this moment, a similar thought appeared in the heads of all the Origin realm experts. They had not started fighting yet, but they had already witnessed how terrifying the evil power was. They began to doubt whether or not Jian Chen and the Spiritking could deal with this crisis, because this crisis was so terrifying that it seemed much greater than both Jian Chen and the Spiritking.

However, they did not shrink back at all no matter how much despair they felt since there was no way out. The only hope for them was to face it head-on and squeeze out a chance for survival.

Jian Chen and the Spirtking both stood up. They stared sternly ahead before moving at the same time. Their bodies became swords as they radiated a surging sword intent, charging toward the evil power at the speed of lightning.

As they charged toward the evil power, fairy Hao Yue was feeling conflicted inside the Bright Moon Divine Hall. She murmured to herself, "There's less than a ten percent chance that this world will survive the crisis. With Jian Chen's and the Spiritking's strength, they'll only be able to keep the evil spirit busy for some time, which won't be very long. Once the two of them fall, the evil spirit will move against all forms of life on this planet. Even I won't be able to survive in my current form. Do I have to use the forbidden technique to leave here in the end?"

Fairy Hao Yue hesitated. She would be protected from the evil spirit if she used her forbidden technique and could even return to the Saints' World, but the price be too much. The price was so drastic that she was willing to give up her body and live as a soul for over ten thousand years just to avoid using it.

"I'm too weak right now. I don't have a body, nor do I have Moonlight Force. My soul will disintegrate even if it's just fleeing from here if I use the forbidden technique…" fairy Hao Yue sighed. Her face was filled with helplessness. She did not consider her disciple, You Yue, at all. She had only accepted You Yue because Jian Chen's talent had caught her eye. She wanted to form a bond with Jian Chen through You Yue so that she could pay a small price or even nothing to leave this place when Jian Chen ventured to the Saints' World in the future.

She had never thought that this world would face a crisis at this very moment, destroying her plans. When the evil spirit was coming to attack, it had disturbed the laws of the world as well, making it impossible for the passage to the Saints' World to be opened, so she could not return to the Saints' World by herself even if she paid a price for the forbidden technique.

Jian Chen wielded the Zi Ying Sword while shrouded by a layer of dense violet light. He charged into the red light as a violet comet. Beside him, the Spiritking wielded the Cloudstream Sword. He seemed to have become a huge sword as he charged into the red light with Jian Chen. The two of them moved with full power to fend off the evil power around them.

The two of them charged into the blinding red light while a blurry figure hovered in the center of the light. It radiated the icy-cold presence of evil. With a strange laughter, the blurry figure that seemed to be condensed from mist slowly raised its hands toward Jian Chen and the Spiritking. At that moment, an endless amount of blood-red mist spewed out, enveloping Jian Chen and the Spiritking.

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