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Chapter 1596: Killing Their Way into the Foreign World (Two)

Over ten protectors from the Sacred Spirit Hall were gathered at the top of the World Mountains in the World of Forsaken Saints. They leisurely conversed with each other. From time to time, they would glance at the entrance of the tunnel.

"Elder Ouyang told us to wait here for orders three days ago. He entered the tunnel to attack the divine hall with elder Xiong Zhong and the five other elders. It's already been three days. Have they gotten through the divine hall blocking the exit yet?" A middle-aged man in golden, embroidered robes wondered aloud. Although Xiong Zhong and Ouyang Yangwen had both reached Reciprocity and should not be regarded as elders anymore, the two of them were willing to maintain the position of an elder out of respect for the current Spiritking.

As a result, everyone in the World of Forsaken Saints continued to refer to them as elders and not Spiritkings. However, even though they were still elders, they would always be mentioned separately from the other five elders.

"Since elder Ouyang has tasked us to wait here for orders, the divine hall will fall soon. Let's wait patiently. Once the divine hall gives way, elder Ouyang will definitely contact us…" Another Receival protector said. He was an old man who seemed ordinary, except for his eyes. His eyes were extremely deep, possessing the many vicissitudes of life. He had clearly lived for a very long time.

"Elder Ouyang and elder Xiong Zhong have both reached Reciprocity. Either one of them will be able to flatten the other world. Having us wait for orders means we are only for cleaning up the aftermath." A middle-aged man in red robes added. He possessed a full head of fire-red hair. He was currently playing around with flames, which were leaping about his hands. Clearly, he was a fire-attributed Origin realm expert.

The other protectors all agreed with what the red-robed man said. Although the other world had driven them back once, the people there were still nothing compared to experts from the World of Forsaken Saints. Was there anyone who could stand up to a Reciprocity expert in the other world? They, the protectors, would only be responsible for cleaning up the aftermath.

At this moment, the tunnel became extremely unpeaceful. Streams of violent energy surged out into the World of Forsaken Saints, beyond the top of the mountain, before being dispersed by the spatial cracks and shockingly powerful lightning around the mountains.

The protectors all stopped discussing their thoughts. All of them shifted their eyes to the tunnel. Invisible energy permeated the surroundings, isolating them from the streams of energy. They would not be harmed by any of the streams.

"These abnormalities must be because the divine hall on the other side has been breached." A similar thought appeared in the heads of many of the protectors. They had even begun to prepare to receive orders at any time and enter the tunnel.

The streams of energy from the tunnel became even more violent. Gradually, the protectors all frowned. The wild streams of energy were several times more powerful than before. They could even feel, with their sharp senses, that the presence of some other power was present in the streams. The presence was extremely powerful, which surprised them all.


It was also at this moment that the tunnel suddenly rumbled. An extremely powerful pulse of energy surged out, making all the protectors show a different expression and retreat as quickly as possible.

Several figures shot from the tunnel among the stream of energy. They moved so fast that only a blur was visible. With the whistling of wind, all of them pulsed with powerful energy.

To no surprise, these figures were Ouyang Yangwen and the others. They had passed through the tunnel as quickly as possible, thus, sweeping up a great stream of energy. This was why they had caused such a great disturbance when they charged out of the tunnel.

"It's elder Ouyang and elder Xiong Zhong!" The protectors recognized them and called out. Their faces were filled with confusion. They could not understand what elder Ouyang and Xiong Zhong were doing. They had actually charged out of the tunnel urgently and in miserable shapes, as if they had encountered something extremely terrifying.

"Quick, pass on my orders. Immediately summon all protectors here as soon as possible. We cannot wait." Before Ouyang Yangwen had even stabilized himself, he was loudly passing on an order. He was extremely grim.

The protectors all became stunned. However, their faces suddenly changed when they noticed that elder Ouyang was covered in blood. They became filled with disbelief, and without any hesitation, they passed on the message to the other protectors.

"Immediately summon all the guards of the Sacred Spirit Hall as well," Xiong Zhong ordered sternly.

"You idiot. If Jian Chen really does pursue us, how are you going to threaten him with Saint Emperors?" Ouyang Yangwen swore at Xiong Zhong, showing him no respect at all.

Xiong Zhong coldly glanced at Ouyang Yangwen's chest and said with a deep voice, "The guards can get into formation. They may not be able to threaten Jian Chen, but they are still better than nothing. They might be able to stop him temporarily during an important moment? Do you still want to be beaten up by Jian Chen?"

Ouyang Yangwen's gaze turned cold and he snorted, no longer saying anything more. He had indeed suffered from Jian Chen's hand. If it were not for his precious medicine, his wounds would probably be even more severe.

Ouyang Yangwen formed a seal with his hands and there was a flash of light. He then said, "I've contacted the Spiritking, but the Spiritking's in seclusion in the depths of the third floor. He seems to be cut off form the world. We can't enter the third floor, so I don't know if the Spiritking has received the message or not."

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er steadily made their way through the tunnel. They arrived at the entrance to the other world but were met with a layer of formations. They were unable to see what was going on in the foreign world at all.

"Be careful, they probably have an ambush set up," said Shangguan Mu'er. She was filled with caution.

Jian Chen nodded slightly and said, "Now, only the Spiritking truly worries me out of all the experts from the other world. It'll be very difficult for Ouyang Yangwen and the others to threaten me. Mu'er, follow behind me." With that, Jian Chen extended a finger and shot a strand of resplendent sword Qi toward the formation.

The formation was not very powerful. Its true purpose was to cover the entrance to the World of Forsaken Saints and act as an alerting mechanism. It loudly crumbled due to Jian Chen's sword Qi.

All the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints had gathered at the top of the World Mountains, aside from the Spiritking. Although they had lost many people on the Tian Yuan Continent, they still had over thirty Receival experts, five Returnance experts, and two Reciprocity experts, so the total amount of experts present approached fourty.

All the Origin realm experts from the foreign world waited in a great formation. The moment the formation over the tunnel entrance shattered, they all struck out together. They had all learned about the severity of the situation because of a detailed explanation from the five elders, so they did not hold back at all when they struck out. They used everything they had right from the start.

Origin energy violently surged from close to forty Origin realm experts. They were sending their strongest attacks toward the entrance of the tunnel. Their attacks fused together after entering the tunnel, forming an extremely powerful pillar of light, which was condensed from origin energy. It surged through the tunnel with a terrifying presence, headed toward Jian Chen.

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