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Chapter 1593: A Mighty Return (Two)

The sword Qi, which was not as large and didn't seem as mighty, gave Ouyang Yangwen the chills. He felt an unprecedented threat from the sword Qi. It surged toward him with the presence of death.

Ouyang Yangwen felt his limbs become extremely cold the moment the sword Qi, which was less than a meter long, locked onto him. The coldness spread throughout his entire body.

Ouyang Yangwen's heart suddenly sank. He immediately tried to dodge, but the sword Qi was moving too fast. It was too late for him to dodge. It collided with his attack in a single moment.


With the sound of metal colliding, the light from Ouyang Yangwen's sword immediately dispersed. The sword Qi continued on with an unstoppable force, colliding with Ouyang Yangwen's sword and producing a streak of beautiful sparks. Ouyang Yangwen's sword was actually knocked out of his hand, and he experienced an extreme force, which traveled from his sword, into his right arm, and then into his body, causing him to shudder violently. His entire right sleeve turned to dust, revealing his thin arm. However, the arm was covered in blood now. It oozed from his pores.

Ouyang Yangwen was extremely shocked. He became filled with disbelief when he felt the intense pain from his right arm. He had reached Reciprocity now, making him one of the most powerful experts in the World of Forsaken Saints let alone the Tian Yuan Continent. Yet, he had been injured by a single strand of sword Qi, and the sword Qi had not come from any powerful treasure. It had come from two fingers.

"Who is it? How can there be someone so powerful in this world!?" Ouyang Yangwen snarled inside. His heart began to beat uncontrollably. He became extremely stern and lost his composure and the arrogance he had revealed before.

Ouyang Yangwen's eyes narrowed and he felt even more shocked. He discovered that the sword Qi had not dispersed after smashing through his attack and clashing with his sword. It continued to shoot toward him as a streak of white light.

The sword Qi moved just too fast, as if it had exceeded the boundaries of time and space. It had arrived in a single moment and, even with Ouyang Yangwen's strength at Reciprocity, he was only able to watch it approach him without being able to do anything at all.


The sword Qi pierced through Ouyang Yangwen's chest and continued toward the tunnel behind him. The sword Qi created an endless rumble in the tunnel and caused it violently shake.


It was also at this moment that Ouyang Yangwen's chest exploded, raining blood and pieces of flesh. A head-sized hole had appeared in his chest. His flesh and organs were gone.

The sword Qi from before contained an abnormally powerful and violent energy. The energy was so great that Ouyang Yangwen's body was unable to withstand it. His body exploded when the energy passed through him.

Ouyang Yangwen grunted before being sent flying like a loose arrow. He was pale and very heavily injured.

Xiong Zhong placed a hand on Ouyang Yangwen's back and dispersed the force driving him backward. He glanced at Ouyang Yangwen's wounds and his eyes narrowed. He stared at the hand, which had come out of nowhere, and became extremely grim.

The five Receival elders revealed drastically different expressions. They stared at the huge hole in Ouyang Yangwen's chest with disbelief.

Ouyang Yangwen possessed a status equivalent to past Spiritkings in the World of Forsaken Saints. He was an existence that had made it to the very apex since, according to the records of the foreign world, Reciprocity was the limit. No one had ever made it to Godhood, meaning Reciprocity experts reigned supreme. Yet, the person who was supposed to reign supreme had been injured after a single clash, and they did not even know who had attacked. They all felt extremely astounded by this, making them shiver with fear.

All the experts on the side of the Tian Yuan Continent were stunned. Many people's eyes widened unnaturally as they gazed at the hand with shock, disbelief, and some hope.

The sea goddess, Houston, Tie Ta, and all the other Origin realm experts experienced the same emotions. No one paid any attention to Ouyang Yangwen. All of their focus was on the hand, as if the hand had become the only thing in their world.

"It's big brother! I knew big brother would return." Xiao Ling was the first to respond, joyfully crying out. She clapped as she jumped up and down. She was in high spirits.

At the same time, the white tiger and Xiao Jin recognized the owner of the hand. They immediately became flooded with joy. One of them was a Winged Tiger God and possessed an extremely sensitive sense of smell. The other possessed a droplet of Jian Chen's essence blood. They were both extremely familiar with Jian Chen's presence.

"Big brother? I- is it Jian Chen…"

The other Origin realm experts and the many Sainthood fighters all clearly heard what Xiao Ling said. They were dumbfounded before becoming overwhelmed with disbelief.

Was it really Jian Chen? Just a single strand of sword Qi created from his fingers had heavily wounded the undefeatable Ouyang Yangwen. None of them remembered Jian Chen being so powerful. Even after twenty years, it was impossible for him to become so powerful.

At this moment, the space where the hand was began to rapidly widen. Under everyone's nervous and excited gazes, it rapidly formed a Space Gate, and a young man in white robes with two swords on his back emerged. Beside him was a beauty in a purple dress holding a zither.

To no surprise, the two of them were Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er.

"It's sovereign Jian Chen!"

"Sovereign Jian Chen has returned!"

When the two of them appeared, everyone cried out in excitement. They were experiencing joy and many other emotions after having avoided death. 

"Jian Chen, how can it be you?!" On the other side, Xiong Zhong cried out as well. His eyes had drastically widened. He refused to believe that the mysterious expert who had just heavily injured Ouyang Yangwen in a single attack was Jian Chen.

This was because Jian Chen had still been slightly weaker than him twenty years ago. Jian Chen had only emerged victorious during their battle due to his extraordinary patience and recovery abilities. However, Xiong Zhong had broken through to Reciprocity after twenty years while it should have been impossible for Jian Chen's strength to advance due to the lack of origin energy within the past twenty years. How could he suddenly become so powerful?

Ouyang Yangwen removed a pill from his Space Ring and ate it while in great pain. His body immediately began to heal. Even the hole in his chest became filled with new flesh. He also stared at Jian Chen in shock. He had come with a mindset for revenge. Having reached Reciprocity, he no longer attached any importance to Jian Chen, but he had never thought that the reality would be so brutal. He had actually been heavily injured after a single attack by someone he had never treated seriously, which was something he was unable to accept.

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