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Chapter 1582: Secret of the Beast Furs (One)

Tie Ta held out the beast fur in his hand and slowly glanced at the people in front of him and the fused beast fur from time to time. The beast fur had become visibly larger after all the smaller beast furs had fused together. Tie Ta's expression was rather strange, filled with some confusion. He was rather puzzled.

It was as if the secret hidden within the beast fur made Tie Ta extremely surprised and that there were many aspects that he did not understand.

All the Origin realm experts looked at the beast fur as well. Even though they could see that the secret hidden within the beast fur was probably extraordinary due to Tie Ta's expression, none of them did not proceed to take the fur.

"What secret's hidden inside? Let me have a look." In the end, Xiao Ling was the first one to move. As childish as she was, she obviously did not try to push it away out of courtesy. Her bright eyes were filled with interest and curiosity. She grabbed the beast fur from Tie Ta's hands. She used her small hands to unfold it and found that there was nothing on the snow-white fur. All she could feel was gentle fur.

Xiao Ling paused before examining the beast fur in closer detail. Doubt filled her face, but as soon as she became doubtful, she seemed to think of something. Her eyes lit up as she said, "I understand. I can only see the secret by using my soul. Hehe." Xiao Ling curiously giggled as she sent her soul into the beast fur.

Everyone gathered their attention on Xiao Ling. The secret within the beast fur had even shocked and confused Tie Ta, so they were curious to learn its secret, but no one wanted to take the lead.

However, just a few seconds after Xiao Ling sent her soul into the beast fur, her face suddenly changed, and she could not help but tremble. Her eyes became misty as translucent tears welled up in her eyes. She seemed very sad.

"Sob… master, master, where are you… don't abandon me. I miss you so much… master, where are you…"

Surprisingly, Xiao Ling suddenly began to cry after sending her soul into the beast fur. She became extremely sorrowful as tears poured from her eyes like a fountain. As the tears ran down her cheek, they struck the floor with a pitter patter, splashing into smaller drops.

Xiao Ling's tears flowed without stopping as she sobbed. She seemed to have gone from a happy girl to an abandoned child in a single moment. She became extremely sad and filled with sorrow. She seemed completely helpless.

Tian Jian, the sea goddess, Houston, Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, Guihai Yidao, Tie Ta, and so on all looked at each other. All of them were speechless. However, everyone could sympathize with Xiao Ling as she cried. All of them felt pity for her.

At the same time, everyone became even more curious as to what secret was hidden within the beast fur.

"Sister Xiao Ling, don't cry. You still have me. I'm your younger brother, Xiao Jin," Xiao Jin said as he held Xiao Ling's hand. Although three years had already passed, Xiao Jin had not changed at all. He looked the same as before, a three- or four-year-old old. He looked naive and cute.

When Xiao Jin spoke, he grabbed the beast fur from Xiao Ling's hand. Without any interest in the secret hidden within the beast fur, he shoved it into Houston's hands. To Xiao Jin, Xiao Ling suddenly began to cry because of the beast fur. He obviously could not let it remain with Xiao Ling any longer.

The white tiger in human form also seemed to remember the father he had never met when he saw how sad Xiao Ling had become. Indescribable sorrow appeared on his face as well. He stood there silently without saying anything at all.

Over the past three years, the white tiger had always remained silent. He rarely spoke, making him seem cold. His face appeared the same as before, remaining just as youthful as before with snow-white hair. However, the childishness on his face was gone. It had been replaced by resolute and cold expression that did not suit his age. He looked as heroic as a general that had gone through many wars.

When Houston obtained the beast fur, everyone immediately shifted their gazes to him.

Houston silently thought about what to do before throwing the beast fur into the air. He froze it in the air with an invisible power so that it would not fall to the ground.

"Since everyone is so interested in the secret hidden inside, why don't we all have a look together?" Houston said to everyone. Aside from Tie Ta, Xiao Jin, and Xiao Ling, everyone sent their souls into the beast fur. Even Tian Jian was not an exception. He sent his soul inside in order observe the mysteries hidden within.

There seemed to be a whole different world within the beast fur. When everyone's soul entered the beast fur, they saw the vast outer space. Stars packed every inch of the surroundings while glistening brightly.

Everyone became stunned at the sight. None of them had thought that there would be an entire world hidden within the beast fur. The world was not particularly large, but what shocked them even more was that they could actually sense a complete set of laws in the sea of stars. These laws were not present in the world they came from.

At the same time, after a closer examination, they realized that the laws were extremely complete but different from the laws outside, as if they were missing something else. As a result, the universe they stood in no longer seemed complete.

"Slaughter governs life. It reigns above all life and moves through the fate of all organisms. My way is the Way of Slaughter…"

At this moment, a vague voice rang out in the heads of everyone like a great bell. As the voice rang out, the vast sea of stars seemed to vibrate. Countless stars glistened and alternated between light and dark. They seemed to be alive.

With that, a white-robed man silently appeared before everyone. His clothes and long hair gently fluttered. He had his back to everyone, obscuring his face. His body was filled with the strange presence of ways, making him seem like he had fused with the world, as if he was the world or, maybe in other words, like the world had conjured him.

"Who is this? Is this the Winged Tiger God?" The Origin realm experts were all shocked. Their powers were greatly restricted in this world that seemed both real and imaginary. They seemed to have become ordinary people.

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