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Chapter 1562: The Spiritking Attacks

Jian Chen placed his hand around You Yue's thin waist. You Yue did not resist at all. She leaned her head on Jian Chen's shoulder with a smile full of joy. She wore a small pouch of fragrance on her, so Jian Chen immediately smelt a faint fragrance. The pouch contained extremely valuable herbs and flowers and could calm people down. Jian Chen immediately felt relaxed, calmer and less restless.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and said, "Yue'er's right. Lian'er, don't worry about the World of Forsaken Saints. The Spiritking may be very powerful, but there's still a shred of hope for us. This shred of hope can only become larger after a few years or even decades. The supreme divine hall from Mercenary City will be able to earn us some of that valuable time."

As soon as Jian Chen finished speaking, the ground immediately began to shake, as if an earthquake was happening. Not only was the entire city lord's estate violently shaking but so was the entire city.

An extremely powerful earthquake was happening across the Tian Yuan Continent. It affected an extremely large range, having originated from the ruins of Mercenary City over a million kilometers away. The epicenter of the earthquake was there, spreading out across the entire shattered continent.

Jian Chen's face froze. He said, "It's the World of Forsaken Saints attacking the supreme divine hall above the tunnel. I'll head over immediately." Jian Chen could no longer afford to accompany You Yue and Bi Lian. He immediately stood up and left the city.

"Brother, you have to be careful!"

"Jian Chen, no matter what happens, you have to come back safely!"

The two women immediately followed Jian Chen out of the building. Their eyes were filled with worry and a reluctance to part with him. Even though the tunnel leading to the World of Forsaken Saints had been blocked by the supreme divine hall and made it impossible for the people from the other world to cross over, they would worry every time Jian Chen left. They worried that accidents would happen.

Jian Chen left through the Space Gate that had been set up in Flame City to go to the ruins of Mercenary City. It was much faster than flying over a million kilometers for him.

When Jian Chen arrived, a deafening rumble constantly reverberated around. The supreme divine hall, which was blocking the tunnel, was gently shaking while extremely violent streams of energy leaked out form below it. Within the streams of energy were strands of extremely sharp sword Qi, causing space to shatter and collapse. Everything was turned to nothingness due to its destructive powers.

The supreme divine hall had stood like a mountain earlier. It had not moved even after taking on a full-powered attack from Ouyang Yangwen. Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, Guihai Yidao, and the sea goddess had all been absent at that time while all the Origin realm experts who had been supporting the divine hall were heavily injured. However, Ouyang Yangwen was still unable to force the supreme divine hall to move.

Yet now, all the Origin realm experts of the Tian Yuan Continent had recovered their strength and Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, Feng Xiaotian, and the sea goddess were present. Yet, under these circumstances, the divine hall still shook. This all pointed to the fact that the divine hall was being attacked by an extremely terrifying expert.

"The Spiritking!" Jian Chen immediately thought of who was attacking the divine hall. Aside from the Spiritking, who had also comprehended the Way of the Sword and surpassed Jian Chen's own comprehension, there was no one else.

The current Spiritking was like a god in the World of Forsaken Saints. He had created a legend. Even Ouyang Yangwen and Xiong Zhong, who were almost at Reciprocity, deeply feared him. They would obediently follow any order from the Spiritking and would never question them.

At the same time, the Spiritking was like a huge mountain that weighed on Jian Chen's heart, almost suffocating him. This was because he had heard the rumors regarding the Spiritking from the other people of the foreign world. Not only had the Spiritking reached mid Reciprocity, but his battle prowess was also at the level of Godhood experts.

He was a legendary figure. His talent was so great that it was almost unprecedented. He was the greatest genius in all of the foreign world's history as well as the most powerful Spiritking. In just a few centuries, he had gone from a nameless figure to the supreme sovereign of the foreign world.

With a single movement, Jian Chen entered the divine hall. The atmosphere inside was extremely stern. All the Origin realm experts were present and channeling their origin energy into the jade-white seat. They worked together with many Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors to push the divine hall to its limits so that they could guard the entrance and block the path of the foreigners.

Jian Chen made his way over to the jade-white seat and gently placed his hand on it. His Chaotic Force surged into the seat without any restraints at all.

Since Jian Chen's Chaotic Force was special, the shaking divine hall gradually calmed down. However, the deafening booms continued to ring from the blocked tunnel.

As the divine hall gradually stabilized, the great expert from the foreign world also seemed to understand that he was unable to smash through the divine hall. He stopped attacking and the great booms suddenly stopped.

Everyone fell silent within the supreme divine hall. After seeing how they were not going to be attacked again, they all let out a breath of relief and pulled back their hands. However, every single one of them was extremely stern.

"That should have been the Spiritking of the foreign world. He really is strong. Just his attacks alone required all of us to work together. It's fortunate that he didn't take part in the battle earlier, or we would not have been his opponent even if we worked together. We would not have been able to injure him," Feng Xiaotian said grimly as he frowned.

"These attacks have already surpassed Reciprocity. Only experts at Godhood can stop the Spiritking. If we want to use the divine hall to stop attacks from experts at Godhood, the origin energy we need will increase by several fold. We do have the Mortal Energy Fruit, but they will only last us a few decades at most. If the Spiritking continuously attacks the divine hall, we'll last an even shorter amount of time. We might finish off all the fruit in just a few years," Yang Lie said in a solemn voice.

"In such a short time frame, it's impossible for any of us to break through to Godhood. Continuing to remain defensive won't work," said Changyang Mingyue. Her face was filled with worry. After a moment of hesitation, she gritted her teeth and said, "I'll go back and find protector Shui to see if she has any methods of making me break through to Godhood in the shortest time possible." With that, Changyang Mingyue left the divine hall and traveled to the Ice Goddess Hall with lightning-like speed.

Jian Chen stared at Changyang Mingyue's back as she grew further away. He was probably the only person who knew protector Shui's true strength. As a supreme Godking who even managed to kill the greatest Godking of the God race, she definitely would have valuable heavenly resources on her. He was extremely willing to have Changyang Mingyue break through to Godhood.

"Protector Shui may not interfere with the matters of this world, but my sister is clearly valuable to Protector Shui. If Protector Shui assists my sister and increases her strength, that shouldn't count as interfering," Jian Chen thought. He then looked at Shangguan Mu'er. After a while of hesitation, he walked over and said, "Mu'er, there's something I want to discuss with you."

Shangguan Mu'er's face was neutral. She only slowly hesitated before nodding in the end. She left the divine hall with Jian Chen.

A thousand kilometers away, Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu'er stood above the clouds, like a match made in heaven.

"Mu'er, everyone understands the strength of the foreign world and the Spiritking extremely well. Even if we don't include the Spiritking in the picture, just Ouyang Yangwen is hard enough to be deal with. In a few decades, when we use up all of the Mortal Energy Fruits, what will we use to stop the next attack? My sister may have gone to find protector Shui, but I don't think her chances of success will be great. As a result, the only way for us to achieve victory lies with us." Jian Chen looked at Shangguan Mu'er as he spoke in a stern voice.

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