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Chapter 1527: Fighting Xiong Zhong (Two)

The clash between Jian Chen's Zi Ying Sword and Xiong Zhong's metal mace created countless more energy ripples. The tunnel, which had become extremely tough, enough for Returnance experts to pass through, cracked. These cracks covered the entire tunnel, and each one was several meters long. They crisscrossed with one another, forming something like a web. The tunnel looked like it was going to rip in half.

Jian Chen's expression suddenly changed the moment the Zi Ying Sword struck the metal mace. An extremely powerful force was transferred into the Zi Ying Sword. Not only did the force numb his entire right hand, but it even caused it to ache. He actually felt like he temporarily lost his right hand all together.

That was not all that happened. The moment the metal mace had fallen, it had erupted with extremely great power. As soon as the two weapons clashed, it landed heavily on Jian Chen's chest.

Jian Chen's protective light was penetrated by this attack of energy. It tore through his defences and landed on his chest like a hot knife through butter.

Jian Chen grunted. His entire body was blown back, almost being knocked out of the tunnel and into the sky of the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jian Chen stabilized himself with great difficulty. Blood leaked from the corner of his mouth, and with a glance at his right hand, he discovered that it had been dyed red. The webbing between his thumb and index fingers had been torn.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and tightened his grip on the Zi Ying Sword. He stared at Xiong Zhong with great interest as battle intent roared within him. Xiong Zhong was indeed very powerful, far more powerful than Jian Chen, but not only did Jian Chen fail to reveal any fear, but this clash had provoked his desire for battle.

The chaotic neidan within Jian Chen's body began to revolve as strands of Chaotic Force surged out of it. The Chaotic Force rapidly circulated through his body, filling every corner. Not only did Jian Chen push the defenses of his Chaotic Body to its limits, but his wounds rapidly began to heal as well. The torn part between his fingers rapidly closed, returning to its original appearance in just a few short seconds.

Xiong Zhong remained where he was. He had not taken a single step back. However, his huge body had trembled slightly. Several dozen swords slashes covered the upper half of his body. Each slash was extremely thin and a random length. They were not very deep either and were quite difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. They only managed to draw some blood.

These wounds were all due to residual sword Qi, but they were just scratches to Xiong Zhong. He did not feel the slashes at all. He stared at the metal mace in his hands, and his eyes were filled with an odd light. An extremely eye-catching white mark was now present on the dark mace.

Xiong Zhong looked at the Azulet swords. His eyes continued to shine with an odd light. He said with praise, "These two swords really are impressive. They're far more powerful than my Heavenquaker. They are probably no weaker than the Spiritking's Cloudstream Sword. I may not be in need of weapons like that, but I don't mind collecting them. At the end of the battle, those two swords will belong to me." As soon as Xiong Zhong said that, he charged at Jian Chen with his metal mace. He said, "Let's finish this quick, just in case Ouyang Yangwen hears of them. He also uses the sword."

A cold light flashed through Jian Chen's eyes when he heard Xiong Zhong. He used the Illusory Flash and became a blur, charging forward in a hurry. The Zi Ying Sword had turned into a blinding streak of light as he stabbed it forward while surrounded by a resplendent white light.

As he stabbed out, a sword intent that was much more powerful than before enveloped the region. The sword intent seemed to come from the heavens, crushing down with an overwhelming presence. It also seemed like it had appeared from the surrounding void, filling the tunnel with a heavy pressure, as if the space within the tunnel had become a domain of the sword. Extremely sharp sword Qi was present everywhere, running amok in the surroundings.

The Zi Ying Sword moved extremely quickly. It let out a resplendent white light, causing the surroundings to appear duller. It seemed to have become the only existence in the world.

Jian Chen used his powers of partial achievement Sword Origin. Although the difference between minor and partial achievement was only a tiny step, the Way of the Sword was a law of the world. Jian Chen could use slightly more of the power of laws, so just this tiny difference was enough to give him an unimaginably great increase in strength.

The threat it posed to those who had not comprehended laws was unimaginable. It was similar to the threat that origin energy posed to Saint Emperors.

Xiong Zhong became rather stern. He could clearly sense that Jian Chen was much stronger than before. He needed to face the power of laws within the strike seriously.

"I never thought his comprehension of laws has reached such a level. It's getting closer to where the Spiritking is. I can sense that it's not much weaker than the Spiritking's comprehension. His talent is even greater than the Spiritking's," Xiong Zhong sighed in amazement inside. He felt more and more admiration for Jian Chen because Jian Chen's true strength was nowhere near his own, yet Jian Chen had comprehended a law and comprehended so much of it already.


The Zi Ying Sword and the metal mace clashed once again. This time, Jian Chen managed to remain on equal ground with Xiong Zhong by using the power of the Way of the Sword. They were basically locked in a stalemate.

Xiong Zhong's body shook violently as he took three steps back. The tunnel would shake with every step he took, so it trembled a total of three times.

Jian Chen had not been blown away like last time, but he also staggered five steps back. Thin cracks would appeared in the tunnel with every step he told, but they would close up in the blink of an eye. The webbing between his thumb and index finger had torn once again. A droplet of blood oozed out, falling out of the area protected by Jian Chen's light. It was torn to pieces by the rampant residual energy.

Another several dozen thin sword slashes had appeared on Xiong Zhong's burly body. They were deeper than before, forcing Xiong Zhong to cast a barrier around himself.

As soon as Jian Chen stabilized himself, he pushed off with one foot. He shot off like an arrow, charging toward Xiong Zhong with a seemingly unstoppable force. He stabbed the Zi Ying Sword at Xiong Zhong in a way that seemed no weaker than the attack before. The Qing Suo Sword also hovered above him. It was covered by a layer of white light. It also stabbed at Xiong Zhong with a surging sword Qi.

Xiong Zhong roared and his presence suddenly skyrocketed. Like a god of war, he faced Jian Chen with a tremendous, terrifying pressure.

Booms rang out constantly as the two of them clashed around a dozen times. Destructive energy shot out after every collision of their weapons, causing the tunnel to constantly shake. Cracks never stopped appearing.

Boom! With a heavy sound, Jian Chen's chest was struck by Xiong Zhong's mace. His entire chest collapsed as the powerful shockwave passed through his body, punching a hole through him. A bowl-sized hole appeared, obliterating his organs.

On the other hand, Jian Chen's Zi Ying Sword managed to pierce Xiong Zhong's protective barrier and his waist. Even though the wound was only two inches deep, it had deposited a strand of the power of laws. A sliver of sword Qi lingered where the wound was. The Qing Suo Sword had also managed to leave an inch-deep wound in his back, causing it to become dyed with blood.

Jian Chen was blown away once again. He was pale.

Xiong Zhong staggered back. He was in a horrible shape.

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