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Chapter 1510: Zhou Chuyun's Close Call

Zaar Caiyun, who had been in a coma for many years, awakened because of Shangguan Mu'er's melody. At the same time, Jian Chen left, returning to Flame City. He left to give Shangguan Mu'er, Hao Wu, and Zaar Caiyun some space. He could no longer interfere with how they dealt with each other. This was all he could do.

There were still two days before Jian Chen's wedding. When he returned to Flame City, the entire city possessed a new appearance. Whether it was the various shops in the city or the residential zones for the members of the mercenaries, they had all been covered with decorations. The entire city was bubbling with joy.

The divine realm was a famed place in the sea realm. Not only was it famous because of how dangerous it was, where even 17th Star experts could die, but it also hid many fortuitous encounters as well as treasures that could make 15th and 16th Star experts waver.

The divine water of the world was one particular example. Not only could it change someone's constitution, making a cripple become a cultivation prodigy, but it could also condense one's soul and strength it. It also increased the chances of a Saint Ruler breaking through to Saint King.

As a result, even though the divine realm was a terrifying place that could claim the lives of Saint Emperors, the danger was not enough to stop countless adventurers from gathering and forming groups to enter in search of treasure.

At this moment, several people jetted toward the exit of the divine realm. The person at the very front was disheveled and pale. He was covered with wounds and heavily injured. Behind him were five other figures radiating with presences no weaker than him. They were pursuing him.

All six of them were Saint Rulers. It was impossible for the person fleeing to outrun his enemies due to his heavy injuries. As a result, the five Saint Rulers inched closer. In the end, the five people caught up a few dozen kilometers away and an intense battle immediately erupted.

Even if the fleeing person had been in peak condition, he definitely would not have been able to fend off five other people, let alone defend himself while he was heavily injured. As a result, as soon as they began fighting, he was knocked away and spit out blood. His injuries became even heavier, and he even lost the ability to flee.

As if the five Saint Rulers knew that their opponent had been incapacitated, they took their time. They slowly surrounded the bloodied Saint Ruler on the floor. One of them sneered, "Zhou Chuyun, how are you worthy of possessing 16th Star quaking thunders? If you knew you'd end up like this, why didn't you just hand them over? That way, you would have been able to emerge alive at the very least. It's just a pity that you made the five of us chase you all the way from the depths of the divine realm here for the quaking thunders. Even if you hand them over willingly now, we will not forgive you." As he said that, he slowly raised the spear in his hand, targeting Zhou Chuyun's head.

Zhou Chuyun lay on the floor as he stared at the five of them. His eyes were filled with regret, but he seemed to understand that he could not avoid death no matter what today. He sighed inside and slowly closed his eyes. The moment his eyes shut, he could not help but think of his daughter, Zhou Lin.

"Lin'er, I won't be able to accompany you in the future. You have to look after yourself." At death's doorstep, the one thing that Zhou Chuyun found most difficult to let go of was his daughter, who he had left in Divine City.

At the same time, the Saint Ruler's arm suddenly moved. The spear in his hand shot toward Zhou Chuyun's head with lightning-like speed, appearing as a blur.

However, just when the spear had traveled halfway, the space around them suddenly froze. At that moment, time seemed to stop around the six people. The spear that had been targeting Zhou Chuyun's head froze there as well. It was unable to cross the remaining distance no matter what.

It was not just the spear. Even Zhou Chuyun and the Saint Rulers who were pursuing him had been immobilized by the frozen space. They were stuck.

Shock and fear filled the eyes of the person wielding the spear. He was unable to move at all even with his strength as a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, so it was impossible for a Saint Ruler to have frozen the space around them. Even Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers could not achieve such a feat. This could only be the work of a Saint King.

Similar emotions flooded the eyes of the four other Saint Rulers. A Saint King was actually stopping them from killing Zhou Chuyun. Even if the Saint King was not acquainted with Zhou Chuyun, just freezing the space around them signified that this Saint King wanted to save him. They could only pray that the Saint King was not familiar with Zhou Chuyun and was just lending a hand when in need. That way, they still had a chance of living.

Zhou Chuyun could also sense the changes of the space around him. He immediately opened his eyes and saw a white-dressed woman, who seemed to be in her twenties. A fist-sized beast lay on her shoulder.

The woman was emotionless. She looked at the five Saint Rulers who had hunted down Zhou Chuyun with cold killing intent. She coldly said, "I hate those who kill for treasure the most." With just that, the woman's palm gently touched the heads of the five Saint Rulers. Immediately, their eyes dimmed before losing all light in a single moment. They had become empty shells.

The gentle strike from the woman had wiped out their souls.

Space returned to normal and the five Saint Rulers collapsed powerlessly. The woman passed over their corpses and made her way to the exit of the divine realm. She paid no attention to Zhou Chuyun, as if she did not help Zhou Chuyun to save him and only helped because she found people who killed for treasure annoying.

Zhou Chuyun stood up with great difficulty and clasped his hands at the woman who was traveling further away, "I am the captain of the Blue Sky Adventurers, Zhou Chuyun. I thank senior's kindness for saving my life."

The woman paid no attention to Zhou Chuyun. She stepped toward the exit and, in just a few steps, vanished from his vision.

Zhou Chuyun deeply sighed after surviving. He pulled out medicine from his Space Ring and consumed it. He then collected the Space Rings of the five Saint Rulers before leaving in a hurry. He had come close to dying many times in the past, but this was the closest he had ever come to death. He had already made up his mind to never venture into the divine realm again. He wanted to return to the Tian Yuan Continent with his daughter. Even if it meant death to return, he wanted to die in his homeland.

At this moment, the woman who had saved Zhou Chuyun stood outside the divine realm. She gloomily looked at the familiar world and showed deep anguish. However, it was soon drowned out by roaring hatred. An icy-cold killing intent radiated from her body. She discerned her orientation and shot off.

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