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Chapter 1411: Nubis' Scheme

"Xiao Bao's soul is different than mine, but I feel like his soul is much more powerful than an ordinary person. Even mine cannot compare to his," Jian Chen thought. Jian Chen wondered if it was one of the differences between the Innate Chaotic Body and the normal Chaotic Body.

The normal Chaotic Body cultivated Chaotic Force as well, but there were many aspects that could not compare to the Innate Chaotic Body. The normal Chaotic Body's only advantage was that there were quite a few people who could practice it. There had always been practitioners of the normal Chaotic Body in the Immortal's World.

The normal Chaotic Body only required Chaotic Force to modify and morph it. The Innate Chaotic Body rarely ever appeared at all.

Although the creation of a normal Chaotic Body seemed easy, there were not many people who could succeed. There were countless prodigies who wasted themselves on this path of cultivation because not everyone could use Chaotic Force to modify themselves.

Jian Chen had learned all this from the sword spirits.

"The medicine keeps the flame blazing. Daddy, I've done it. Have I properly stepped onto the path of cultivation?" Xiao Bao roused from his cultivation and his eyes immediately lit up. His face was filled with excitement.

Jian Chen finally smiled when he saw how excited Xiao Bao was. His face was filled with relief. Xiao Bao had truly embarked on cultivating the Chaotic Body. His strength was equivalent the first layer of Jian Chen's Chaotic Body, allowing him to fight Saint Rulers.

At the same time, he had condensed his soul. A condensed soul was the representation of a Saint Ruler. Even though he walked a different path of cultivation and did not comprehend the mysteries of the world, his true strength was even slightly stronger than when Jian Chen was at the first layer.

This was all because of his Innate Chaotic Body!

Xiao Bao had not even reached ten years old yet. If the the news that he possessed the strength of a Saint Ruler was broadcasted, it would definitely shake the entire world.

This was because many people had only just begun cultivating at this age. They were working hard on condensing their Saint Weapons to become a Saint.

The Heavenly Enchantress entered the cave. She did not even glance at Jian Chen, placing all her attention on Xiao Bao. A sliver of joy flashed through her eyes when she sensed how Xiao Bao's presence had become countless times more powerful than before, but the joy was hidden very soon.

Jian Chen knew that the Heavenly Enchantress had always been secretly watching over Xiao Bao, because she could not stop worrying about him. She showed her love for Xiao Bao very rarely, but it came from the bottom of her heart.

Jian Chen removed a large amount of heavenly resources, the ones he had obtained from the Xuanhuang Microcosm, and Class 8 and 9 Xuanhuang Beast energy crystals. He gave them all to Xiao Bao so that he could continue cultivating.

Jian Chen was dissatisfied with Xiao Bao's strength at the level of Saint Ruler. He did not know when the World of Forsaken Saints would attack again, but there was one thing he was certain about. The next time they attacked, the combatants from the foreign world would definitely be even more terrifying. The battlefield might even engulf the entire planet, and Saint Emperors may not be able to protect themselves. As a result, Jian Chen needed to do everything his could to increase Xiao Bao's strength in the time he had in an effort to make him even stronger.

Jian Chen then took out some divine water of the world, a fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach, and some Comprehension Tea Leaves and gave them to the Heavenly Enchantress. He then explained their usages to her.

The Heavenly Enchantress walked another path of cultivation. She didn't need to comprehend the mysteries of the world on the Tian Yuan Continent, but her Way of the Zither was also a type of law, one of the myriad of ways, so these items would obviously benefit her.

The Heavenly Enchantress hesitated to accept Jian Chen's items. She did not take them immediately. If Jian Chen was giving them to her to keep for Xiao Bao, she would not hesitate to take them. She believed that he was only supposed to give Xiao Bao things. However, it was a whole different matter if he was giving them to her to use.

"The spatial tunnel was not stable last time the foreign world attacked, so no Origin realm experts came. Only a clone of their leader, the Spiritking, had come. However, the tunnel will become extremely stable the next time they attack. There will be Origin realm experts. If you are not powerful enough, how will you protect Xiao Bao? Do you want to see Xiao Bao fall before you without being able to do anything?" Jian Chen explained.

A struggle unfolded within the Heavenly Enchantress' eyes when she heard his words, but she silently agreed with him in the end. She accepted Jian Chen's items because she understood the power of the foreign world very well. She understood that the next time they attacked, it would definitely be like a storm and the entire world become the battlefield. Nowhere would be safe, so the only way to survive was to be powerful enough.

The Beast God Continent was a land no smaller than the Tian Yuan Continent. Ninety percent of its surface was covered in lush forests while enormous ancient mountain ranges stood in large clusters, almost occupying the entire continent. There was rarely any flat land.

The Beast God Continent was an extremely suitable habitat for the magical beasts. It was a like heaven to them. Not only did the continent have far more mountain ranges than on the Tian Yuan Continent, but the energy of the world there was denser as well. They would be able to cultivate at greater speeds.

The Beast God Continent also had cities and tribes that represented the rulers of certain regions. Class 7 Magical Beasts in human form would shoot through the sky from time to time.

Within an ancient mountain range, a young man in golden clothes lay lazily on a three-meter-long branch. He was in a daze as he stared at the sky in exhaustion.

"Sigh, the Beast God Continent is just far too vast. Even after becoming a Saint Emperor, it's not easy to find a specific person. I've already been here for several days, yet I haven't heard any news of that old snake. Where the hell is he hiding?" The young man murmured. To no surprise, this young man was Nubis, and he had just broken through.

"Was there only that snake that had been slain by the grand elder of Mercenary City on the Beast God Continent?" Nubis furrowed his brows in thought before shaking his head again, "Impossible, the sources of my information are reliable. There should be another, even more powerful snake on the Beast God Continent, but I've found nothing regarding him even after several days of searching. Has that old snake been keeping a low profile, meaning he's not well-known? Or is it that no one knows where that old snake is?"

Nubis suddenly slapped his knee after a moment of silence. He immediately sat up and said, "Since I can't find that old snake, I can only draw him out. Hmph, I refuse to believe that I can't find you."

Nubis was immediately encased by a dazzling golden light. His presence rapidly weakened as he bathed in the light, dropping from Saint Emperor to Saint King very quickly. It did not just stop there, dropping to even lower levels, before stopping at the level of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler in the end.

Afterward, Nubis transformed into a golden, several-thousand-meter-long snake that was only the thickness of a tree in a single movement. He took to the sky, and from afar, he seemed like a golden ribbon.

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