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Chapter 1370: Glory of the Turtle Clan (One)

The elders of the Turtle clan all stopped talking. They clearly were all very heavy-hearted. Even after hearing that the ruler would increase their strength and allow it to skyrocket, no one was able to lighten up.

This was because the current glory of the clan and the reason why they possessed such a great status in the sea realm was because of the ruler himself. The clansmen had not contributed much at all. The ruler had already become the spiritual leader of the clan. His presence possessed extremely great significance to the clan. No one could go without the ruler.

Although their ruler had left the clan from time to time, his absence had only been temporary. However, it was different this time. Jian Chen did not give an explanation, but the elders could already sense that his departure would be the real thing. He might not return ever again.

"Ruler, don't abandon us. The clan cannot go without you. If the ruler isn't present, the clan will have lost its soul even if we're powerful. We'll just be reduced to the living dead," an elder knelt down as tears streaked his face as he begged the ruler.

"Don't abandon our clan, ruler…"

"Ruler, the clan needs you…"

The other elders all knelt down and bitterly pleaded with him. They all wanted Jian Chen to stay.

Jian Chen sighed inside when he saw this. He fell silent for a while before saying, "If the Turtle clan wants to become truly powerful, you need to be able to go without the ruler. A Turtle clan that can maintain its glory even without their ruler is a true, peak-level clan. Only then can you go through thick and thin without waning. Elders, please come to me into the secret room."

Jian Chen lead the sorrowful elders into the largest secret room available before removing various heavenly resources from his Space Ring to increase their strength.

The elders knew that the ruler had already made up his mind and would not change it no matter what. They all gloomily sat down in the room in dejection.

Jian Chen glanced at the depressed elders and said nothing. He pulled out some Heaven-connecting Flowers he had obtained from the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

The faint fragrance of the flowers permeated the entire room. The fragrance possessed the power of gathering concentration and could refine the energy within people and suppress their inner demons, allowing them to cultivate without being affected. Even in the Immortals' World, the flowers were extremely precious.

And the flowers he had brought out had grown in the Xuanhuang Microcosm, so they were even more extraordinary. Their effects were even stronger than ordinary ones.

The elders immediately gathered their attention when they caught a whiff of the fragrance. Their eyes shone with interest. They were brimming with vigor once again. They were clear-headed once more. Their sorrow from the departure of their ruler had instantly vanished.

Jian Chen secretly praised the effects of the flowers. They really were powerful when he sensed the reaction of the elders. The power of the clowers had not disappointed him.

Jian Chen pulled out a large gourd from his Space Ring and poured out some blood. He split it into over a dozen droplets, which then floated before each elder. Each droplet was thumb-sized and pulsed with powerful energy.

"This is what I obtained from the hall master of the Serpent God Hall. It's the blood of an emperor and should possess great benefits for you," said Jian Chen, before using his mind to guide the droplets of blood into the mouths of the elders.

The energy hidden within the blood immediately began to radiate as soon as it reached their stomachs. A violent presence rampaged within the elders' bodies.

The elders became too busy to talk. They immediately gathered their attention and closed their eyes to refine the droplet of blood. Although it was a Saint Emperor's blood, there was not a lot of it and it had been stored for a long time already. The violent nature present inside had mostly dissipated, no longer able to pose any threats to the elders.

The elders refined the blood very quickly. Not only did they sense an obvious increase in their strength, but their bodies also became even more powerful as well.

The great effect of the droplets of blood was not an increase in strength but an increase in toughness of the body.

The elders all beamed with joy. The blood of an emperor was something that countless experts lusted over, but no emperor was willing to allow others to consume their blood, as it would take a toll on their vitality without a doubt at all. They all felt extremely proud seeing how they could actually enjoy something like this.

They all looked at Jian Chen again and saw him boiling water, about to make tea. Before them was a small bowl, and each bowl was filled with a faint, green liquid.

"This is divine water of the world!" An elder recognized what it was and could not help but cry out. The divine water of the world was a rare treasure of the sea realm. With just a single gulp of it, it was enough to make a person with mediocre talent become a genius that would only appear once in ten thousand years. It possessed great effects on Saint Rulers as well. Not only could it increase their strength, but it could also refine their souls and set down a foundation when they break through to Saint King.

"The divine water of the world will allow you to reach the 15th Star without any obstructions or worrying about personal talent. Drink it," Jian Chen calmly ordered. He had collected several hundred liters of it from the depths of the divine realm, so he still had a lot of it in stock.

The elders all excitedly drank the water before them before closing their eyes. They all seemed intoxicated. Not only would the refinement of the soul from the water fail to cause them any pain, but it would also make them feel like they were transcending. It was extremely comfortable.

After a certain period of time, the special feelings brought on by the water slowly vanished. The elders opened their eyes and were all overjoyed. Not only had their souls strengthened after ingesting the water, but even their strength had made great improvements as well. They did not break through, but it was equivalent to several decades or even a century worth of cultivation.

What left them ravished with joy was that after the refinement of the souls, breaking through to Saint King would become a hundred times easier. All they needed to do was work hard and reaching Saint King would basically pose no problem.

At this moment, the light fragrance of tea hit their noses. Jian Chen had poured the tea for them, and on the tables, there were several fist-sized peaches.

These were first grade Violet Cloud Peaches. A single one of them could increase cultivation by five hundred years, and these five hundred years was calculated according to the Immortals' World. It would have far greater effects than that on the elders because their talent was not particularly impressive.

Under Jian Chen's orders, the elders first consumed the peaches before downing the entire cup of Comprehension Tea.

The emperor's blood and divine water of the world from before was only for establishing a foundation for them. The Violet Cloud Peach and Comprehension Tea would be the heavenly resources responsible for making their strength skyrocket.

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