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Chapter 1330: Facing Against the Hall Master (One)

Tao Zhengtian’s divine hall had been pierced and was severely damaged. It was nowhere near as powerful as before. Jian Chen condensed a few sword Qi and sent them at the divine hall. Each sword Qi was no weaker than an attack from a Saint Emperor, so they sliced the divine hall into pieces, causing it to fall from the sky.

There were several tens of thousands of direct descendents and experts from the alliance within the divine hall. Even more branch descendents and unimportant members had been dismissed to avoid the trouble. Now that the divine hall was destroyed, all the people hiding in it were exposed, including several dozen Saint Rulers.

Although the people had no idea what had happened outside, they felt that something was off. Seeing how the tough divine hall had actually broken apart, their thoughts were immediately confirmed. Some people with a faster reaction time began to flee into the distance as quickly as they could, but the Saint Rulers fled the fastest out of all of them.

Jian Chen expanded his soul and enveloped a radius of several thousand kilometers. He used his soul to lock onto the Saint Rulers among all the fleeing people, and with a few twitches of his fingers, strands of finger-length sword Qi shot out. He had produced several dozen sword Qi in an extremely short amount of time, slaying all the fleeing Saint Rulers.

The Saint Rulers were unable to resist the sword Qi condensed by Jian Chen after he had reached Sword Origin. They were all slain by the single strand of sword Qi.

In the end, none of the Saint Rulers from the alliance managed to flee. All of their souls were destroyed. Jian Chen did not hunt down the people below Saint Ruler. His status was different. He was not interested in killing them, and if he killed too many people, he would suffer the punishment of Celestial Decay.

However, the alliance was destined to decline now that it had lost all these Saint Rulers and Saint Kings because there were far more experts in the sea realm than the Tian Yuan Continent. Without Saint Rulers or even Saint Kings watching over them, it would be very difficult for an organization to develop.

With a wave of Jian Chen’s hand, several dozen Space Rings flew over. These were all rings that the Saint Rulers wore. They contained everything the Saint Rulers had saved up over their lives. It was a very great sum of wealth to the Turtle clan.

After that, Jian Chen used his soul to sweep through the divine hall, checking every corner inside. However, he failed to find anything valuable.

“Jian Chen, the hall master has personally come,” Tie Ta said with a muffled voice. He looked into the distance. His eyes were filled with a powerful killing intent.

Jian Chen had sensed the presence as well even without Tie Ta’s warning. An extremely powerful presence was rapidly approaching the area.

“In the Xuanhuang Microcosm, I could kill Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts, and we even killed a Class 10 one. I wonder how much more powerful Saint Emperors are compared to Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts,” Jian Chen thought to himself. He felt an urge to take on the hall master. He currently wanted to find a Saint Emperor to test out his own strength.

Although he could kill Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts in the Xuanghuang Microcosm, they lacked intelligence and special abilities. The experience he gained when fighting them was nowhere near as rich as when fighting experienced fighters. Being able to slay Xuanhuang beasts only meant that he possessed attacks no weaker than a Saint Emperor. However, he still did not know his overall strength.

This was because Saint Emperors were far more difficult to handle than Class 9 Xuanguang beasts. A Saint Emperor’s method of fighting was flexible, and they had also comprehended the mysteries of the world and knew various secret techniques. Their battle prowess could not be compared to Xuanghuang beasts that only possessed brute strength.

A tremendous pressure surged in front of them, quickly spreading through the empty air. The space it passed by actually thickened like mud.

A figure quickly flew over from the distant horizon. He had already fused with the surrounding space and made no sound at all as he flew. He was extremely fast.

In less than a second, the figure traversed the several dozen kilometers at an unbelievable speed and arrived before Jian Chen. Immediately, a vast pressure filled the surroundings, causing the air to tremble as the ground below sank.

Jian Chen felt his body tighten. His clothes immediately began to stick to his body. At that moment, he felt like he was holding up a huge mountain. It was extremely heavy and breathing became much more difficult.

“Saint Emperors really are more powerful than Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts,” Jian Chen shivered inside. This was not the first time he had faced a Saint Emperor, but he had now gained an even better understanding of the strength of Saint Emperors with this.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, how dare you!” The hall master of the Serpent God Hall was bathed in blue light, only revealing a blurry silhouette. His tone was icy and filled with an unsupressable rage and killing intent. He had underestimated Jian Chen before and had sent out a clone to deal with Jian Chen. Not only did he fail, but his clone was also slain, causing his soul to become extremely injured. This was a permanent stain to his name as the hall master who reigned supreme in a region of the sea realm. He was extremely furious over this matter.

Jian Chen’s chaotic neidan spewed out strands of Chaotic Force, filling every corner of his body. He activated the supreme defenses of the Chaotic Body to resist the hall master’s pressure. He said with composure, “Esteemed hall master of the Serpent God Hall, I never thought you would arrive so quickly. I was just unable to hold back just then, so I accidentally wiped out your clone. Even the fleeing fragment was dispersed by me. I shouldn’t have caused any losses for the esteemed hall master, right?”

Sparks immediately seemed to flash around the hall master when he heard such an excuse. It was extremely frightening. He angrily replied, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, you still don’t have the right to act boldly before me. Even if your strength has increased, it is still as significant as an ant before me. Since you’ve set foot in the territory of the Serpent God Hall today, I’ll bury you here for all of eternity.” With that, the hall master extended an arm toward Jian Chen. The moment he extended his arm, it immediately transformed into an elongated serpent dragon’s claw and appeared before Jian Chen.

“Aren’t you saying that a little too early? We still don’t know whether or not you can make me stay today, but it’ll be even more impossible to bury me here,” Jian Chen sneered. Even with his rich experience of killing Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts, he still did not dare to be careless while fighting a Saint Emperor. He immediately pushed the Chaotic Body to its limits and clenched his right hand, condensing a strand of dazzling white sword Qi from nothing. He then stabbed at the claw.

Ding! The claw and sword Qi collided and produced a metallic sound. Jian Chen only left behind a shallow mark on the claw with sword Qi. It was not like the damage he had dealt to Tao Zhengtian’s divine hall, where he possessed absolute power.

Jian Chen was blown away by the strike. He retreated several kilometers before finally dispersing all the force that remained from the claw. He became very stern. From just the clash, he understood that the hall master’s personal strength was many times more powerful than the clone from before.

“What tough claws. My attack barely managed to leave a mark on them,” Jian Chen thought. Dealing with the hall master of the Serpent God Hall was going to be much more difficult than he had imagined.

What he did not know was that the hall master was flabbergasted. If his face had been visible, Jian Chen would have discovered it filled with disbelief. The hall master stared at the droplet of blue blood that oozed out of his palm in a rather stunned manner. He did not return to his senses for quite some time.

He was a serpent dragon, so his body was no weaker than magical beasts. His claws were the toughest parts of his body as well as his most powerful weapon. He had fought against people of the same cultivation level as him in the past before he had reached Saint Emperor and no one had managed to damage them. However, the ruler of the Turtle clan had actually managed to leave a mark, which really shocked him.

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