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Chapter 1297: Reinforcements (Two)

It was a continent of sand. The color yellow stretched as far as the eye could see, connecting with the sky. It was a wasteland without any signs of life. The sun hung high in the deep-blue sky and continued to beat down on the sand, turning the world into something akin to an oven.

At this moment, the space above a sand dune began to pulse. A middle-aged man then fell from there. He was in horrible shape and gave off a presence vastly different from the world.

“I’ve finally escaped!” The middle-aged man looked around and immediately sighed. He was one of the Saints Kings at Great Perfection from the World of Forsaken Saints.

“I need to hide carefully over the next few days and not reveal myself. I must collect all the information I can so that I can report it to the Spiritking,” thought the man. His eyes immediately became filled with respect and admiration when he thought of the Spiritking.

At this moment, the sand several kilometers away began to wildly churn. A giant rockman rose up. He seemed to have been hidden in that location long before this Saint King’s arrival but had suddenly stood up right now. He rose higher and higher, only stopping after reaching a height of a hundred meters. He shone with an earthen-yellow light as he gave off a vast presence.

The Saint King from the World of Forsaken Saints stared at the rock giant who had risen from the ground. He was utterly shocked because he had completely missed the fact that there was a Saint King at Great Perfection hiding nearby.

The rock giant seemed to be formed from boulders tightly linked together and seemed to be without flesh. However, he gave off the vigorous presence of life and possessed clear facial features. His eyes shone like torches as he stared unblinkingly at the Saint King from the World of Forsaken Saints. He was surprised and full of doubt.

A long while later, the giant rockman began to speak. He said with a heavy voice, “Not a part of our Hundred Races nor a human or magical beast, let alone a member of the Sea race. You don’t belong to this world.” With that, the rockman’s presence erupted. He walked over and the ground shook with every step as he approached the Saint King in a hostile manner.

The Saint King from the World of Forsaken Saints was stern. He did not engage in conflict with the rockman and immediately ripped open a Space Gate in an attempt to flee. He could already feel that the rockman was an expert of the same level as him, a Saint King at Great Perfection. He would have obviously chosen to fight if he was in his peak condition, but after leaving behind a fragment of his soul and the journey through the spatial tunnel, his strength had been reduced. He was not the rockman’s opponent.

The rockman attacked the air from afar and the sand beneath the Space Gate immediately rose up. It condensed into pillars of rock in just a single moment as it shot into the sky with powerful ripples of energy.


The terrifying ripples of energy within the pillar of rock exploded as soon as it approached the Space Gate. The foreign Saint King had no time to block the attack and the terrifying energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, causing the space to distort. The Space Gate collapsed before it had even successfully formed.

The Saint King acted very decisively as well. Seeing how he was unable to flee through the Space Gate, he decided to fly. He fused with the surrounding space and used Spatial Force to escape into the distance. He traveled over ten kilometers in a single moment. He knew he could not stick around for long since many more experts would arrive very soon.

The rockman did not pursue him. He crouched with great difficulty with his cumbersome body and stuck his right hand into the sand.

Several dozen kilometers away, the foreign Saint King celebrated after seeing how the rockman did not pursue him, but in the same moment, a hand that was several dozen meters long and completely composed from rock, suddenly emerged from the sand. With a flicker, it shot toward the Saint King with a heavy, powerful force.

Caught off-guard, the foreign Saint King was struck by the hand and vomited blood. He immediately shot back.

However, he stabilized himself very quickly. He did not bother with the rockman, traveling around the hand and heading off in the other direction.

“This entire world is my power. You cannot escape,” the rockman’s heavy voice resonated from several kilometers away. He then stuck his left arm into the sand as well.

The foreign Saint King had traveled a few dozen kilometers after changing direction, but he was soon stopped by the left arm of the rockman that had suddenly erupted from the sand. He was injured again and his wounds deepened.

The rockman’s arms seemed to be able to ignore the distance, able to reach as far as they needed to go.

As if he understood that he could not be obstructed by the rockman if he reached a certain altitude, the Saint King charged into the air. He refused to believe that the rock arms could stop him over ten thousand meters in the air.

But just when he wanted to take to the upper atmosphere, a green streak of light shot over from above with unbelievable speed. It was a three-meter-long green arrow, completely condensed from energy. It locked onto the foreign experts’ presence and was filled with cold killing intent. It could not be dodged.

Spurt! The green arrow passed through the chest of the Saint King, immediately causing him to wail out in agony. His face immediately became rather withered. He seemed ill.

Not only did the green arrow deal a heavy wound to him, it had siphoned away a portion of his vital essence as well.

A woman slowly descended from the sky, encased in green light. She did not seem very old, only in her twenties. She wore a dress while her green hair flowed down her shoulders. She was an alluring beauty, but her eyes were filled with an icy-coldness. She seemed holy and solemn and also possessed a certain level of prestige.

A pair of three-meter-long wings flapped slowly behind her. They shone with an azure luster through the light. The feathers of the wings seemed soft and smooth. They were extremely pretty.

She was an elven expert. She held a simple but beautiful wooden bow, covered with simple patterns. However, there was no arrow.

The foreign Saint King landed on the sand below and vomited blood several times. When he stood up, the space above him had already begun to pulse in an unstable manner as four Space Gates ripped open simultaneously. Four experts emerged from them and encircled the Saint King from different directions.

Vast presence revolved around the four of them. They were all Saint Kings at Great Perfection.

One of them was a three-meter-tall extremely burly man. He carried a mace that was even longer than him. His top half was bare, and he wore shorts. Muscles riddled his body, which was impressive to see.

He was an expert of the berserkers. They possessed extremely great battle prowess that would skyrocket when they went berserk. They were invincible among people of the same level of cultivation, and some talented individuals could even fight those of a higher cultivation level. It was rumored that the berserkers possessed the blood line closest to the war god.

Opposite him was a short old man. His body was firm and his skin was dark. His arms were extremely thick, possessing explosive power.

The old man was an expert of the dwarves. He carried a meter-wide shield on his back, which was much larger than he himself. The shield seemed simple, but it possessed a great force. 

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