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Chapter 1117: Passing Through the Mountains

Jian Chen said nothing. He just stared at the mountains while Zhou Chuyun, Liu Jun and the others all remained quiet. Clearly, they viewed Jian Chen as their leader.

"Sir, there are many powerful feral beasts in the mountains. There are even 16th Star beasts, so it's extremely dangerous. Since the ancient times, there has not been many people who have managed to pass through the mountains. They've all passed through using a single tunnel below," explained Zhou Chuyun. He knew that this was Jian Chen's first time in the divine realm, so he knew that Jian Chen didn't know much.

"How much time would we roughly spend by going through the tunnel?" Jian Chen asked.

"The tunnel's several tens of thousand kilometers away from us. We can't travel too quickly in the divine realm and combined with the obstructions we'll come across from time to time, it should take half a month," Zhou Chuyun analyzed diligently.

"Hehe, it must be your first time coming to the divine realm, warrior, for you to ask questions like this. The tunnel up ahead is the only way into the depths of the divine realm. No matter how long it is, you need to pass through it. Even 15th Star experts aren't exceptions and probably ordinary 16th Star experts won't be enough to pass through the mountains, unless they are on par with hall elders," an old man chucked from the other group.

"Just join our group. We can deal with the dangers we come across together. Otherwise, you'll probably pass away before you even get close to the tunnel if you travel alone," said a skinny young man.

"This is already close to the depths, so 15th Star ferals beasts often lurk nearby. Once you come across them, you won't even be able to run away. You should join us. Then we will have the power to fight back even if we come across 15th Star beasts."

Many people in the group spoke to persuade Jian Chen and the others to join them. They could tell with a single glance that the Blue Sky Adventurers possessed a group of Heaven Saint Masters, so they definitely could not be very powerful. Possessing three 13th Star experts was already rather impressive for them.

"Sir, what do you think?" Zhou Chuyun looked at Jian Chen, waiting for him to make the decision.

Several people in the other group were immediately interested with what Zhou Chuyun asked. To lead a 13th Star expert, that person was definitely of the 14th Star. If someone like that joined their group, their overall strength would definitely increase by very much.

At this moment, many people had made up their minds. They decided that they needed to pull Jian Chen and the others into the group.

"It'll take too long to travel through the tunnel. I want to cross through the mountains," Jian Chen indifferently replied. Crossing through the mountains to him seemed like an extremely ordinary matter.

However, it was a clap of thunder when the other people heard his words. They all became stunned as disbelief flooded their faces. Even Zhou Chuyun and the others who had a rough understanding of Jian Chen's strength looked the same.

Although people have crossed through the Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon before, all of them were terrifyingly powerful people without any exceptions. There were plenty of hall elders at the peak of the 16th Star among them, possessing the power to destroy the surroundings with a gesture of the hand. Did that mean that the young man who loved to appear ordinary possessed similar strength?

At that moment, Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun began to reassess Jian Chen's strength. Crossing the mountains was definitely not something a 15th Star expert could do.

"Warrior, you can't be joking, right? Do you really want to head through the mountains?" Someone asked in disbelief.

Jian Chen paid no attention to him as he walked closer to the mountain range. Zhou Chuyun and the others hesitated before making up their minds, closely following Jian Chen to the mountains.

"These people have no sense of danger. Do they really think that they're as powerful as a hall elder? I can guarantee that they'll die without a whole corpse soon." Someone broke into laughter.

Jian Chen and the people of the Blue Sky Adventurers had disappeared into the depths of the mountains. Closely after they disappeared, an earth-shaking roar broke the silence, ringing loudly through the sky. However, it soon fell silent. No one knew what had happened.

"T- that's the roar of a 15th Star beast. Those people have probably died to it."

"They sure are ignorant. 15th Star beasts are so powerful. How could they go against one with just their strength? Look, they've been torn apart by a beast before they could even do anything."

Many people in the larger group sneered at the bottom of the mountains. There were also others who regretfully sighed. A few glorious 13th Star experts had just passed away like that.

Several dozen kilometers ahead, the four old men suddenly halted. They looked back at the mountains behind them. They had obviously been alerted by the great roar. Gleams of light flickered through their eyes as they were filled with doubt.

"Someone's entered the mountains. Is it that young man?" One of the old men asked with a deep voice. He was very serious.

"That young man looks ordinary, but he's actually a great expert who keeps a low profile. He must be a 15th Star expert."

"The roar was from a 15th Star beast. It could only manage one roar before falling silent. Has it been killed?"

"Impossible. 15th Star beasts can't be slain so easily. Probably only 16th Star experts can do something like that. Is the young man a 16th Star expert?"

The four old men discussed the situation. They were all extremely stern, and some shock and disbelief was plastered across their faces as well.

Zhou Chuyun, Liu Jin, and the others followed behind Jian Chen as they shook in fear. Their faces were filled with dread as their legs trembled.

Behind them, a huge beast lay in a pile of rocks. Its bright red blood was scattered across the ground.

A 15th Star beast might not have been invincible among people of the 15th Star, but it was still extremely powerful. However, it had been beheaded by a single stroke from Jian Chen, dying after roaring in fear.

Killing a 15th Star feral beast with a single stroke was something Zhou Chuyun and the others had never even imagined. Never would they have thought that they would personally witness something like that. They became extremely shocked, as if they were living in a dream.

Jian Chen wielded his bloody Emperor Armament up ahead as he carved out a path, steadily but firmly. He did not want to waste too much time here, wanting to pass through the mountain range in the shortest amount of time. As a result, he finished all of the beasts he came across as fast as he could.

There were many beasts that lived in the mountains. Most of them were of the 15th Star. Although they lacked the ability to think, they seemed to have gained a low level of intelligence after reaching such a level of strength. They would become rulers of their own territory.

Jian Chen advanced through the territory of many powerful beasts. He constantly fought as the power of the Emperor Armament erupted from time to time. He paved a path of blood.

In just half a day, Jian Chen had killed five 15th Star beasts and more than ten 14th Star beasts. He obtained two 15th Star thunderstones and several 14the Star thunderstones, causing Zhou Lin and the other Heaven Saint Masters to grow envious.

Jian Chen only kept the two 15th Star thunderstones, throwing the others to Zhou Chuyun. Zhou Chuyun became very excited.

14th Star thunderstones were a great fortune to Zhou Chuyun and the others, but they were useless to Jian Chen. Only 15th Star thunderstones piqued his interest.

On that day, the divine realm was very noisy. Roars of beasts constantly reverberated across the mountains, alarming countless adventurers in the divine realm. The roars caused quite a large disturbance and various discussions could be heard everywhere.

Some people were saying that a king beast had been born in the mountains. It possessed a terrifying strength and was currently engaging in battles everywhere to expand its territory. There were also others who said that a terrifyingly-powerful person had ventured into the mountain range, which shocked many adventurers.

Below the mountains, a large group of adventurers currently moved by foot. Their complexions were very horrible, glancing back from time to time. They were filled with shock and doubt.

They could hear the great beast roars from several hundred kilometers away, which caused them to be filled with shock and an uneasiness. They knew that a king beast had not been born, rather a powerful adventurer had entered the mountains.

"This is impossible. He's actually still alive. The roars are filled with pain and fear. They sound so miserable. These are roars of despair right before death."

"Was that ordinary-looking young man a 15th Star expert?"

"No, it's likely he was a 16th Star expert. There have been many roars, so he's roughly killed twenty beasts. There are 15th Star ones among them."

People carefully analyzed the roars from the ground. They were utterly shocked. They had never thought that such a powerful expert had just brushed past them. The people who had spoken scornful remarks toward Jian Chen and the others were feeling the effects in particular. They were completely unsettled and filled with regret.

At the same time, nine black-robed men of various ages entered Divine City as they rode feral beasts. The patriarch of the Lanshan clan personally came to welcome them, politely inviting them into his clan.

The patriarch of the Lanshan clan lowered himself as he greeted the esteemed guests in an extravagant hall within the Lanshan clan.

"Experts of Deorc City, welcome to my Lanshan clan. You must've come for the divine water of the world," said the patriarch.

"Correct. We have indeed come for the divine water. Patriarch, please tell us all the details regarding the matter," a middle-aged man replied indifferently.

"Only the captain of a group of adventurers called the Blue Sky adventurers knows the location of the divine water. However, they've recruited a few experts and have already entered the divine realm," said the patriarch.

The nine people from Deorc City immediately frowned when they heard that.

"I've planted a tracking imprint onto a member of the adventurers. I am willing to lead the way for you all." Lan Mo walked in from outside and said to the black-robed people.

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