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Chapter 1083: Patience Wearing Thin

Everyone in the surroundings immediately gained an understanding of Jian Chen, and their gazes toward him all underwent some changes.

"I never thought that Changyang Xiangtian was actually like that. He doesn't even respect his elders…"

"How dare he disrespect his elders? He even dared to dismiss great elder Jueri! He cannot be forgiven…"

"I really do wonder how such a disrespectful and immoral person can enter our protector clan. He was even personally welcomed by the great elders and received the nine chimes of the Bell of Grand Clarity…"

"In my opinion, Changyang Xiangtian probably has some powerful person supporting him, which is why he's able to act so unrestrained. The nine chimes earlier were probably not for Changyang Xiangtian, but the person behind him in my opinion…"

Soft discussions appeared in the surroundings. All the clansmen began to point at Jian Chen after hearing the middle-aged woman's explanation and behaved as if they did not welcome him at all. There were even some people who looked at Jian Chen with hostility.

Changyang Zu Yeyun cracked very soon after listening to the discussion regarding Jian Chen. She called out, "All of you shut up! Not only is Changyang Xiangtian the most outstanding genius of our clan in all of history, he's a valued guest of the clan at the same time! Someone who is welcomed by nine chimes of the Bell of Grand Clarity isn't someone you can make judgements on so easily!"

"Yeyun, I know that Changyang Xiangtian's a descendent of your son Yunkong. This is why you're protecting him. To be honest, if Changyang Xiangtian, this disrespectful, arrogant person, wants to remain in the protector clan, I'll be the first one to disagree," the middle-aged woman coldly replied. She seemed to think of something and gently sighed. "I wonder if the esteemed great elders have become confused today or not, to use nine chimes of the bell to welcome a disrespectful junior who even dares to dismiss a great elder."

Changyang Zu Yeyun became so furious she began to tremble. Her face was bleak as she glared at Changyang Qing Lengshuang. She coldly said, "Lengshuang, the only thing that is respected on the Tian Yuan Continent is strength. Changyang Xiangtian has the ability to dismiss anyone in the protector clan, and with his current abilities, he should be enjoying a treatment like the nine chimes."

"Yeyun, don't bring up the matters of the Tian Yuan Continent. Why don't you open up your eyes and look at where we are. This is the protector Changyang clan, not some Tian Yuan Continent," Changyang Qing Lengshuang coldly responded. She thought inside, "Changyang Xiangtian, don't think that just because you have some abilities, you can overlook us seniors. I've already shown you enough respect back in Lore City, yet you didn't appreciate it at all and are showing no respect to us seniors again. It's not my fault if that's the case. Hmph, I know you're very strong, but the protector clan is not a place where you can act without restraint."

Jian Chen calmly stood with his arms crossed. He stared nonchalantly at Changyang Qing Lengshuang and said, "You're Changyang Qing Lengshuang, right?" Jian Chen's voice was rather icy, and it possessed no emotion whatsoever.

However, what he said was a great provocation and was without a doubt scornful in Changyang Qing Lengshuang's ears. She immediately became enraged as she screamed, "Changyang Xiangtian, you disrespectful descendant. How dare you refer to me by my name? Are all the seniors of the clan nothing in your eyes?" Changyang Qing Lengshuang looked around at the crowd as anger filled her face. She continued, "Look, everyone, just which rule of the clan has Changyang Xiangtian broken already…"

As soon as Changyang Qing Lengshuang finished talking, she became surprised. In that moment, she felt like the surrounding temperature had plummeted, as if she had been thrown into a cavern of ice. Her feet and hands immediately grew cold. The next moment, a suffocating feeling suddenly appeared. Her neck had already been tightly grasped by Jian Chen's hands, preventing her from breathing.

Her face immediately became rather pale. The unpleasant sound of choking came from her throat. She had lost her ability of speech now that her neck was being tightly grasped.

She felt astounded inside as she gave Jian Chen a death glare with her wide eyes. She struggled to believe just how bold Jian Chen was, to move against her even in the protector clan.

Jian Chen tightly grasped her neck as the powerful grip of his right hand crushed her neck forcefully. Without showing any mercy just because she was female, he said, "Changyang Qing Lengshuang, do you really think that I won't do anything to you just because we're in the protector clan right now? I can kill you even here."

Everyone fell silent at that moment. They all stared at Jian Chen in shock as disbelief flooded their face. No one had ever thought that Jian Chen would actually be so reckless, conducting such a treacherous action before everyone as a junior.

"Release aunty Lengshuang!" At this moment, the two woman who always followed Changyang Qing Lengshuang finally returned to their senses. Without any fear, they drew their Saint Weapons and stabbed at Jian Chen as hard as they could.

A sharp light flickered through Jian Chen's eyes and the surrounding space froze in that instance. He used his abilities as a Saint Ruler to forcefully immobilize the two women.

Bang! The next moment, the frozen space violently shook before suddenly shattering. The two women both flew back after vomiting a mouthful of blood. They were heavily injured and were caught by two old men in the end.

The two old men were both Saint Rulers. After quickly checking over the two women, their expressions changed, and they furiously yelled at Jian Chen, "How dare you Changyang Xiangtian! How dare you act so recklessly and injure people from the protector clan! Everyone, let's capture this arrogant bastard!" The two old men charged at Jian Chen. Powerful presences radiated from every part of them. They had no intentions of holding back.

Several other Saint Rulers in the crowd also became furious and charged at Jian Chen.

Just as a wrinkly old man wanted to charged up to teach Jian Chen a solid lesson, he was suddenly stopped by a middle-aged man. The old man could not help but call out furiously, "What're you stopping me for? Move, I want to teach that disrespectful junior a solid lesson."

"Old man, it's best if you don't take part. That junior's something else. We can't afford to provoke him," the middle-aged man used a communication technique as he stared at Jian Chen in deep fear.

Similar occurrences happened elsewhere. Throughout various parts of the crowd, a few other people who wanted to teach Jian Chen a lesson were stopped by their good friends. There were still some people who knew things about Jian Chen in the protector clan. There were not many of them, but everyone who did understand Jian Chen's abilities helped out their friends.

Even though a few Saint Rulers were stopped by their companions, five Saint Rulers, who didn't understand the depth of Jian Chen's abilities, angrily charged at him. They reached for Jian Chen with their powerful hands, trying to capture him. Meanwhile, the two old men who had caught the ladies had drawn their Saint Weapons. Energy rippled from the weapons as one of them stabbed at Jian Chen. The other one chopped at Jian Chen's arm that was mercilessly holding Changyang Qing Lengshuang by the throat. He wanted to severe Jian Chen's entire right arm.

Even though Jian Chen faced the attacks from five Saint Rulers at the same time, he did not panic at all. He remained composed, except his gaze became colder. It turned into a glare.

"You want to harm me, mere Saint Rulers? You overestimate yourselves," Jian Chen growled. His voice was clearly heard by everyone.

A few people who did not know who Jian Chen was felt shocked when they heard his cold and arrogant words. They all thought that Jian Chen was extremely arrogant inside, where he even looked down on Saint Rulers and even provoked them by labeling them as overestimating their own abilities.

Jian Chen's grasp on Changyang Qing Lengshuang's neck remained tight, while his empty hand curled into a fist. Without even looking at the five Saint Rulers, he threw a punch at the Saint Weapon that chopped toward his arm.

Jian Chen's punch possessed unbelievable speed. The instant it began moving, it temporarily disappeared. The punch contained Jian Chen's Ninth Heavenly Layer comprehension of space, so it contained Spatial Force. It struck the Saint Weapon instantly.

Bang! The collision made a muffled sound. Jian Chen's fist was like a tough piece of diamond; his fist remained unscathed after colliding, while the Saint Ruler was blown back along with his Saint Weapon. In the middle of the air, there was the sounds of bones breaking, and his right arm slumped down, powerless. The bones in his arm had been shattered by Jian Chen's punch.

Jian Chen's body was tough enough to endure a full-powered attack from a Saint Ruler's Saint Weapon, and not only did he come out unscathed, he had even knocked the opponent away with a single punch.

Jian Chen did not hesitate after that. He continued with another punch, striking the second old man with his Saint Weapon. He, too, was knocked away with his Saint Weapon, ending up just like the first old man; his arm was shattered as well.

Against mere Saint Rulers, Jian Chen had no need to use his sword since it would be going overboard. Just his bare hands were enough, and he would create a deterrence by just using his hands.

At this moment, three other old men arrived beside Jian Chen. Six powerful hands locked onto Jian Chen's joints on all his limbs, and they pulled at the same time. The old men wanted to dislocate Jian Chen's limbs.

But, the next moment, all three of them became astounded. Shock flashed through their eyes. They suddenly discovered that they did not feel like they had grabbed a joint but a piece of steel instead. No matter how much force they used, they could not move them at all.

With their strength, even if it was a piece of steel, it would immediately change shape just with their grip, yet Jian Chen's bones were actually countless times tougher than steel. Their fingers had even begun to ache slightly from their use of force, yet Jian Chen's bones did not move at all.

"My god, what is this body? Probably even magical beasts don't have a body this tough." The three old men all became extremely shocked.

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