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Chapter 1080: Visiting the Protector Clan

“Jian Chen, the failure isn’t important. Your talent is supreme, so you’ll reach Saint King sooner or later,” Huang Luan comforted. Her face was filled with concern. She seemed worried that Jian Chen’s failure would affect his state of mind.

Jian Chen smiled wryly inside when he heard her concern. Once he began his journey of the Way of the Sword, the sword spirits would forcefully purge his comprehension of the mysteries of the world. He would also lose all his abilities as a Saint Ruler. Right now, breaking through to Saint King was no longer important.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Huang Luan visited the grand elder Tian Jian as well as Tie Ta who always stayed there. They talked for a little before leaving Mercenary City. Jian Chen and Huang Luan returned to the Changyang clan in Lore City through a Space Gate created by Rui Jin.

It had been three whole years since Jian Chen had last visited the Changyang clan. During that period of time, nothing really changed about the clan—other than Jian Chen’s second brother, Changyang Ke.

After seeking Jian Chen’s assistance that night, Jian Chen had ordered an exclusive alchemist of Flame City to refine a ten-thousand-year heavenly resource into a pill and deliver it to the Changyang clan when he last visited Flame City. After ingesting the pill, Changyang Ke immediately underwent an overwhelming change. His ordinary talent was completely raised to the level of a genius; not only did his strength increase, his rate of cultivation also became extremely fast. He had become a Earth Saint Master now, and he was at the Third Cycle.

At night, Jian Chen and Huang Luan arrived in the fragrant garden behind the clan. Huang Luan had changed into a luxurious, snow-white dress in an attempt to dress like the young lady of a large clan. Any heroic spirits present on her had completely disappeared. She seemed more like a loving, considerate, and well-educated wife.

Huang Luan gently hugged Jian Chen’s arm. She leaned her head on Jian Chen’s shoulder as they slowly strolled through the garden. Her face was filled with happiness.

“Jian Chen, I want to go the sea realm to cultivate after some time. The water-attributed energy there is extremely dense, so it’s very suitable for my Water Spirit’s Body. I believe that if I cultivate there, the rate at which my strength will increase will not be slower than in Mercenary City,” Huang Luan looked at Jian Chen tenderly as she spoke. Her voice was gentle and pleasant.

Jian Chen obviously did not turn down Huang Luan’s suggestion. The Water Spirit’s Body was different from ordinary constitutions. The effects of cultivating in a place with rich water-attributed energy would indeed be impressive, allowing someone with that constitution to comprehend the mysteries of the world in greater detail.

“Luan’er, once I find a way to remove the seal in your head, I’ll take you to the sea realm. As for your cultivation method, I have indeed found the first version of the Scripture of the Aquatic Sunflower in the Space Ring of the Huanggu clan ancestor. However, it’s only an elementary Saint Tier cultivation method. Let me see if I can obtain a better Saint Tier cultivation method more suited for you from the sea goddess after I return to the sea realm. I think she knows quite a few as one of the four supreme experts from ancient times,” Jian Chen caringly said. Huang Luan had already become his woman both in name and in reality, so he needed to put all his effort into forging her future.

Huang Luan nodded obediently and sweetly smiled. She felt extremely moved with how much care Jian Chen was showing. At the same time, she felt extremely satisfied.

Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly froze at this moment. A delicate person in luxurious robes currently sat in a pavilion up ahead.

“Second aunt,” Jian Chen whispered inside. Although all he could see was her back, he could tell with a single glance that she was his second aunt who had loved him like his own son since he was young.

Jian Chen and Huang Luan hurried to the pavilion. Arriving before her, Jian Chen asked, “Aunt, it’s already so late; why are you sitting here all by yourself?”

Yu Fengyang sat in an utter daze. She seemed to have failed to notice Jian Chen at all, so the sudden voice immediately caused her to jump in fright. She looked back instinctively, and when she discovered Jian Chen, a forced smile appeared on her sorrow-ridden face. She said gently, “It’s Xiangtian.” Yu Fengyan seemed much more haggard than before, much different than the way she looked several years ago. Her gaze was filled with deep reminiscence.

Jian Chen felt rather horrible when he saw how Yu Fengyang had become. His second aunt had loved him very dearly when he was young; although he was not her child, she treated him like her own, which was why she had taken up an extremely important position in Jian Chen’s heart long ago.

“Aunt, are you alright? Have you begun thinking about sister again?” Jian Chen asked in concern. He had learned about what had happened to his eldest brother and sister long ago.

The accumulated longing and pain within Yu Fengyang gushed out uncontrollably when she heard Jian Chen mention Changyang Mingyue. She began to sob painfully as tears poured from her eyes like a fountain. She cried from her loneliness.

Jian Chen’s face darkened when he saw how painfully Yu Fengyan cried. He cared very much for his aunt, so he felt rather horrible seeing her like this.

“I have no idea how Mingyue is right now. I haven’t seen her in over a decade. Mingyue, I know you’ve become the holy maiden of the Ice God Hall now. When will you return to see your mother? It’s been over a decade since I last saw you. I miss you so dearly,” sobbed Yu Fengyan as her tears mixed with her voice.

Jian Chen watched his weeping aunt with mixed emotions. After a moment of silence, he sighed inside and then proceeded to comfort her, “Aunt, don’t be like this. I haven’t seen sister in over ten years as well, so I also miss her very much. Once I finish with my matters in a few days, I’ll take you to the arctic to go find sister.”

Yu Fengyang’s face froze when she heard that. What Jian Chen had said was like a glimmer of hope in the dark to Yu Fengyang. Her gaze, which was filled with sorrow and reminiscence, stirred. She grabbed Jian Chen’s hand in a trembling manner and emotionally said, “Is that true? Xiangtian, are you really willing to bring me to Mingyue?”

The arctic did not belong to the Tian Yuan Continent. It was just like the Three Saint Island the Heavenly Enchantress inhabited; it was located across the sea, beyond the continent. The continent and the arctic were separated by water, and it was much further away compared to Three Saint Island. Although Yu Fengyan was a madam of the Changyang clan patriarch, she possessed no real power in the world despite her status in the clan. Coupled with the fact that the arctic was so far away, it was almost impossible for her to go looking for Changyang Mingyue.

The distance was so great that even Heaven Saint Masters could not venture to the arctic. Only Saint Rulers possessed the ability, and even they would find it costly to take this very long journey. Yu Fengyang’s status in the clan was not at the level where she could ask a Saint Ruler to accompany her to the arctic.

“Aunt, don’t worry. Once I deal with everything, I will definitely go to the arctic Ice God Hall,” swore Jian Chen. He actually missed his sister very dearly as well.

Other than Bi Yuntian, his sister treated Jian Chen the best during his childhood, even far better than his own father, Changyang Ba.

Jian Chen and Huang Luan accompanised Yu Fengyan back to her room after comforting her, before separating to their own rooms.

The morning of the next day, Jian Chen went to visit Kendall’s wife and son. Their inn in Lore City was extremely famous; everyone in the city knew about it. Its name had even spread throughout the entire kingdom.

The inn was the safest inn in Lore City, possibly even in the entire kingdom. Fights and arguments would rarely occur there, and if there were people who dared to start a fight, a large group of mysterious experts would charge in from outside and throw them out without exception, sometimes even taking their lives.

The inn was always protected by a group of mysteries experts. The identities of these people had already become a known secret in Lore City. Many people knew that they were members of the Changyang clan.

Over time, it lead to extremely few conflicts in the inn. Some fleeing mercenaries had even treated the inn as a safe haven.

Jian Chen had already repaired Sans’ Saint Weapon that had been destroyed by the people of the Yangji sect, allowing him to cultivate once more. He was no longer a cripple, and his talent was also improved by Jian Chen through heavenly resources. As a result, his cultivation speed was extraordinary.

Jian Chen paid extra concern to the mother and son, almost to the point where he would care for the most trivial details. This was all so he could return Kendall’s kindness.

He had repaid Kendall’s kindness countless times over to Sans and his mother.

Bidding farewell to them, Jian Chen returned to the Changyang clan. Afterward, he left the city with Changyang Zu Yunxiao, Changyang Zu Yeyun, Changyang Zu Yunkong, and Huang Luan. They planned to visit the Changyang protector clan in order to remove the seal in Changyang Zu Yunkong’s head, as well as to resolve the secret technique embedded in Huang Luan.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao constructed a Space Gate with his abilities as a Saint King. After passing through it, Jian Chen and Huang Luan discovered they had arrived in the sky above an unknown, ancient mountain range.

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