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Chapter 1018: The Three Levels of the Origin Realm

Xiao Ling’s words shocked Jian Chen. Xiao Ling herself was a supreme expert who had surpassed Saint Emperor. She had to use her own strength, the seal Mo Tianyun left behind all those years ago, as well as the vast quantities of energy accumulated over countless years beneath Mercenary City to block the attack of the expert from the World of Forsaken Saints. So, just how terrifyingly powerful was this person’s strength?

Jian Chen immediately became filled with anxiety after learning what had happened to Mercenary City. He was almost certain that the person who had attacked the seal had surpassed Saint Emperor, which made Jian Chen feel extremely grim.

The World of Forsaken Saints had already given birth to people who had surpassed Saint Emperor and there must have been quite a few of them. There would also be quite a lot of Saint Emperors.

On the other hand, within this world, the war god of the Hundred Races, Aergyns, had already died in battle out of the four supreme champions. The strongest human, Mo Tianyun, had already disappeared with the Winged Tiger God, with only the sea goddess still alive. However, only her soul remained, so her strength was nowhere near her prime.

Even with the three other great races in perspective, there were only a few Saint Emperors. How could they possibly repel the invasion of the terrifying World of Forsaken Saints with just this much?

“Xiao Ling, if you were to face up against the person who attacked the seal, would you be able to beat him?” Jian Chen stared fixedly at Xiao Ling. There was only Xiao Ling in the current world who possessed strength beyond Saint Emperor.

Xiao Ling shook her head without any hesitation and said, “Big brother, Xiao Ling definitely can’t defeat that person. Xiao Ling assumes that person is at least at late Returnance, or even at Reciprocity.”

“Returnance? Reciprocity?” Jian Chen stared blankly when he heard these two unfamiliar words for the first time. He asked seriously, “Xiao Ling, are the Returnance and Reciprocity you speak of realms beyond Saint Emperor?”

“Yeah. These are all things that master once told me. Master said that the Saint Rulers, Saint Kings, and Saint Emperors on the Tian Yuan Continent are all part of Sainthood, while the realm beyond that is the Origin realm. However, the Origin realm is split into three smaller realms, which are Receival, Returnance, and Reciprocity. Each smaller realm has another three levels,” said Xiao Ling.

“So above Saint Emperors is the Origin realm.” Jian Chen came to an understanding. Afterward, his face twitched, and he asked Xiao Ling, “Xiao Ling, what level of cultivation are you up to right now?”

“Big brother, Xiao Ling is only at early Returnance right now. Xiao Ling can’t defeat that person,” Xiao Ling said pitifully. She seemed like she had been wronged.

Jian Chen was silent. With Xiao Ling’s explanations, he had gained an even clearer understanding toward the strength of the World of Forsaken Saints. Those who had surpassed Saint Emperor should be at Receival, while those who had even surpassed that should be at Returnance. Meanwhile, the person who attacked the seal was extremely likely to be at Reciprocity, which shocked him deeply.

In the ancient times when Mo Tianyun had entered the World of Forsaken Saints all by himself, he killed over twenty people that had surpassed Saint Emperor, at Receival, and another three beyond that, at Returnance. According to his estimations, it was extremely likely that  Mo Tianyun was at Returnance or Reciprocity. Yet now, Jian Chen felt extremely pressured as the World of Forsaken Saints had given birth to an expert as great as Mo Tianyun.

After he bid Xiao Ling farewell, Jian Chen heavy-heartedly returned to the surface. Tian Jian, Rui Jin, and the others remained floating high up in the sky. The various Saint Kings from the protector clans and other organizations had gathered as well. Kaiser’s presence had alarmed all of them and drawn them over.

The group of elders behind Tian Jian had decreased substantially. Many of the elders at Saint Ruler had all been sent off to stabilize the situation of the city, as well as create a reason for the phenomenon.

“Look, Jian Chen’s back!”

They immediately discovered Jian Chen as soon as he appeared on the surface, and they all descended to his side.

“Jian Chen, are you fine?” Rui Jin was the first one to speak. He was filled with concern. Although he had only met Jian Chen a while ago, Jian Chen was directly related to his chances of meeting his clansmen again. As a result, it could be said that Rui Jin and Hong Lian cared for Jian Chen’s life the most after Tian Jian and Houston.

“Jian Chen, what did the barrier spirit say to you? Did you understand why the phenomenon earlier had occurred?” Tian Jian asked impatiently.

All the people from the ten protector clans were slightly startled by Tian Jian’s questions. Their gazes toward Jian Chen immediately began to flicker with light. If Changyang Xiangtian of the Changyang clan had some connection to the barrier spirit of Mercenary City, it would be an extremely bad piece of news to them.

After some thought, the great elders of the protector Changyang clan all began to smile slightly at the same time. Their gazes toward Jian Chen carried some pride.

Jian Chen did not immediately answer Tian Jian. He hesitated with a sunken expression; he pondered whether he should tell them all about the matter or not.

A while later, Jian Chen finally made up his mind. He said, “Senior Tian Jian, the matter is important, so can we find a place where we can talk alone?”

Tian Jian also understood the severity of the matter when he saw Jian Chen’s sternness. He did not dare to hesitate at all and immediately brought Jian Chen into an independent space within Mercenary City.

Afterward, Jian Chen told Tian Jian everything about the World of Forsaken Saints and Xiao Ling’s situation over there, including when he met a fragment of Mo Tianyun’s soul. He only hid the matter concerning the Yinyang Saint Rock.

When Tian Jian learned about the World of Forsaken Saints from Jian Chen, he became stunned. He did not return to his senses even after a very long time. The existence of such a world shocked Tian Yuan, where he struggled to stay calm even with his mental fortitude. He was speechless.

Only after an extremely long time did Tian Jian finally return to his senses. He sucked in a deep breath and slowly suppressed his shock. He stared at Jian Chen with interest and asked him with a slightly trembling voice, “Jian Chen, is that all true? Is there really a tunnel to the World of Forsaken Saints hidden beneath Mercenary City? The sudden trembling of Mercenary City was also because an expert from that world who has surpassed Saint Emperor was attacking the seal?”

“I’m absolutely certain,” Jian Chen replied sternly. He had really wanted to continue to hide the matter of the World of Forsaken Saints. This was to prevent panic on the Tian Yuan Continent after the new broke out. However, he could no longer afford to choose this course of action now that the matter had developed to such a state.

Tian Jian’s complexion changed very quickly and it became extremely ugly. He said hoarsely, “We need to tell the ten protector clans about this immediately so that we can come up with a plan of counterattack. Jian Chen, come with me as well.” Tian Jian left hurriedly with Jian Chen.

Tian Jian immediately found the people of the protector clans and members of the other organizations after he left the independent space. Then, he sternly invited them to a meeting in Mercenary City. He even invited Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and Houston.

Houston and Hong Lian did not follow along due to their injuries. Instead, the elders of Mercenary City gave them a place to recuperate. Only Rui Jin and Hei Yu followed along.

Several elders of Mercenary at Saint King gathered with several dozen experts from the protector clans and other organizations in a majestic hall.

Throughout the entire process, Tian Jian maintained an extremely sunken expression. No one understood the reason for this other than Jian Chen. They had no idea what had happened that would make the grand elder of Mercenary City behave like this.

Tian Jian cut right to the chase and told everyone present about the news regarding the World of Forsaken Saints that he had learned from Jian Chen. He went into particularly great detail about their strength.

All of them became dumbstruck after learning about the World of Forsaken Saints. Disbelief flooded their faces. The news from Tian Jian was doubtlessly like a bolt from the blue; it stunned them all.

“Grand elder, what did you say? There’s a seal beneath Mercenary City that seals the entrance to another world?”

“Grand elder, is that true? Does the World of Forsaken Saints really exist? Are they really that powerful?”

“Grand elder, that’s a little too exaggerated. Let’s not talk about whether that world exists or not first. Just over twenty experts who had surpassed Saint Emperor and three people even beyond that is shocking enough, yet all of them actually died to Mo Tianyun. We find that extremely difficult to believe.”

“Grand elder, may I ask where you obtained this information…”


An uproar broke out after a lull of silence. All the people present, regardless of being from the protector clans or other organizations, spoke their doubts. What Tian Jian had said was just a little too out of hand, to the point where no one present believed it.

“Everyone be quiet please!” Tian Jian raised his hand to stop all their discussions. Afterward, he pointed to Jian Chen and said, “I heard all this information regarding the World of Forsaken Saints from my friend here, Jian Chen. Jian Chen’s understanding is much greater than mine. If everyone has any further doubts, you are welcome to ask Jian Chen.”

“What? You heard this information from Jian Chen? Hahahaha! Grand elder, aren’t you a little too naive? You’d even believe such an outrageous thing,” said a ruddy old man, as he laughed aloud. He did not believe the information at all.

Jian Chen glanced at the old man. He recognized him. It was a great elder of the Yiyuan sect.

“Yeah, grand elder. How can you just believe something so outrageous? It must be fake, no doubt. Otherwise, why would there be no record of something so great within the protector clans at all?” Another great elder of a protector clan added.

The pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion clasped her hands at Jian Chen and said, “My friend here shouldn’t be someone who likes to tell lies, but the matter regarding the World of Forsaken Saints is just too outrageous. May I ask if you have any evidence for the other world’s existence? Or maybe you could lead us to the seal underneath Mercenary City? We wish to hear the truth regarding this.”

The protector clans were all founded in the ancient times and had survived since then. They were even older than Mo Tianyun, so all of the people from the protector clans felt extremely confident. Any major matter that had occurred in this world would possess records in their archives, while the World of Forsaken Saints—a huge matter itself—was not present at all. This was why they did not believe in its existence. 

Also, such important news came from Jian Chen, who was a junior, which made it even harder for them to believe.

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