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Chapter 1005: Hong Lian

“It regards the Winged Tiger God,” Kaiser said slowly. He gazed mercilessly toward the path lord of carnal desires.

The path lord’s expression remained the same. He had already guessed that it would be related to the Winged Tiger God when Kaiser stated he wanted to work together.

After some more silence and pondering, the path lord asked, “What are the details of working together?”

The tiger emperor said, “Human Saint Emperor, you’re a smart person as well, so you should know why we want the Winged Tiger God. The Winged Tiger God is the god of the magical beasts, so how can we allow a human youngster to raise it as a pet? However, that youngster has two experts protecting him, and they possess origin energy treasures that protect them, which makes even Saint Emperor unable to do anything to them. As a result, I want you to help us out and keep one of them busy.”

“Once the Winged Tiger God matures, it’ll surpass Saint Emperor. No one can contend with it other than the greatest human expert Mo Tianyun in the ancient times. Do you really think that I’ll help you and bring a calamity to my Tian Yuan Continent?” the path lord said coldly.

Kaiser and Lankyros had expected the path lord to say this long ago. Their expressions remained calm and, Kaiser said, “Human Saint Emperor, you are over-worrying. The Winged Tiger God will not invade your Tian Yuan Continent even if it fully matures, because your continent has nothing that tempts us. Only the Beast God Continent is truly suitable for us magical beasts, so you don’t need to worry about that.”

Kaiser continued, “There must be something on the Winged Tiger God that tempts you as well. If you agree to work with us, we’ll give you ten drops of the Winged Tiger God’s essence blood as remuneration. You should know exactly how precious its essence blood is, so I don’t need to explain any further.”

The path lord’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard them mention the essence blood. A sliver of greed appeared in the very depths of his eyes.

Kaiser and Lankyros did not continue to speak. Instead, they stared at the path lord in interest as they waited silently for his reply.

“Alright, I’ll work with you. I’ll keep one of them busy,” the path lord of carnal desires agreed in the end after quite some hesitation. He really did need the essence blood very much, and the only way to obtain it was to work with Kaiser and the tiger emperor. This was the only way to keep the two experts besides the Winged Tiger God busy.

“Hahaha, I hope we can work together happily,” said Kaiser as he laughed aloud. He was filled with confidence now that the path lord had promised to aid them.

Lankyros also smiled as an indiscernible sliver of excitement appeared in the depths of his eyes. He thought, “Looks like it’ll not be long until the day I enter the ninety-ninth floor of the Beast God Hall and receive the Winged Tiger God’s legacy. Kaiser, you really are a good helper of mine.”

At this moment, Kaiser and Lankyros’ faces changed drastically. They revealed horrible expression in that moment and an unsuppressible rage began to radiate from them. It caused the surrounding air to freeze.

Their sudden change mildly surprised the path lord. He immediately became cautious and asked, “What happened?”

“Someone killed the person we planted in the Cross Mountains,” Lankyros growled. His face darkened to the point that it became terrifying.

Kaiser gently closed his eyes and said coldly, “That brat must have done it. How dare he breaks the rules of the humans and trespass the depths of the Cross Mountains? Does he really think that we magical beasts are easy to oppress?”

A dense killing intent flickered in Lankyros’ eyes. He said, “We just happened to want to find him, but I never thought he would come provoking us instead. Hmph, we can’t let him go this time. Let’s go to the Cross Mountains right away.”


Rui Jin stood with his arms crossed and at leisure in a scorching region covered with volcanoes. He stared silently at the volcano that constantly-churned magma.

At this moment, the magma began to surge more and more violently. A layer of white flames shot out from the opening. They were terrifyingly hot and turned the surrounding rock into red lava and widened the volcano opening.


The lava suddenly exploded and a clarion phoenix cry pierced the sky. A huge phoenix had shot out from the lava. She was coated in terrifying flames, as she circled around in the sky. Immediately, the surrounding temperature began to skyrocket and even the surroundings turned red.

“Hong Lian, congratulations on successfully reaching Great Perfection, though you were a little slower than Hei Yu,” Rui Jin smiled at the phoenix as he stood near the volcano. The flames that gushed out from the volcano failed to get any closer to him.

The phoenix flew around two more times before her scorching white flames began to disperse. In the end, she transformed into a slender woman who seemed to be in her twenties, as she descended slowly.

She wore a long, red dress, while her crimson hair shone like raging flames. She was extremely pretty and as enchanting as a picturesque drawing.

She was the Scorching Divine Phoenix who had left the artifact space with Rui Jin and the others—Hong Lian.

She was already at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer when she had first left the saint artifact, only an inch away from the Ninth. The energy of the world was much denser outside than within the artifact space, so she immediately found a perfect place to seclude herself as soon as she had come out. After so many years of cultivation, not only did she reach the Ninth Heavenly Layer successfully, she had even surpassed it and reached Great Perfection.

Hong Lian landed slowly next to Rui Jin and said with some surprise, “Rui Jin, what did you say? Hei Yu has reached Great Perfection before me?”

“Yep,” smiled Rui Jin. He was happy to see Hong Lian, as there were not many people who had the right to be his friends in the artifact space. There was only Hei Yu and her.

“How is that possible? When we first broke free, Hei Yu had just reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer, so how did he reach Great Perfection before me?” Hong Lian found this unbelievable.

Hei Yu did not bother to explain. With a flip of his hands, a piece of armor completely forged from blood-red plumage and an exquisite red hairpin appeared. A pearl-like white bead was attached to the red piece of armor.

“Hong Lian, examine these items are,” Rui Jin smiled as he held the armor and hairpin.

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