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UNDERCURVED, un-d[.e]r-kurvd', _adj._ curved so as to pass below the body--of parts of the upper surface of an insect.

UNDERCUT, un-d[.e]r-kut', _v.t._ to cut under, as a mass of coal: to strike a heavy blow upward: to go to the foundation of.--_adj._ made so as to cut from the under side: effected by undercutting: having the parts in relief cut under.--_n._ UN'DERCUT, the act or effect of cutting under: a blow dealt upward: the tenderloin.

UNDERDITCH, un-d[.e]r-dich', _v.t._ to make a deep ditch so as to drain the surface of.--_n._ UN'DERDITCH, a drain under the surface of the ground.

UNDERDO, un-d[.e]r-d[=oo]', _v.t._ to do less than is requisite, esp. to cook insufficiently.--_n._ UNDERDO'ER, one who does less than is necessary.--_adj._ UNDERDONE', done less than is requisite: insufficiently cooked.

UNDERDRAIN, un-d[.e]r-dr[=a]n', _v.t._ same as UNDERDITCH.--Also _n._ UN'DERDRAIN.

UNDERDRAW, un-d[.e]r-draw', _v.t._ to represent inadequately in art, or by words.

UNDER-DRESSED, un-d[.e]r-drest', _adj._ inadequately dressed.

UNDER-DRIVEN, un-d[.e]r-driv'n, _adj._ driven from beneath.

UNDERESTIMATE, un-d[.e]r-es'ti-m[=a]t, _v.t._ to estimate at too low a rate: to set too low a value on.--_n._ an insufficiently high opinion.

UNDER-EXPOSED, un-d[.e]r-eks-p[=o]zd', _adj._ (_phot._) not exposed to the light long enough to make a good negative.

UNDERFANG, un-d[.e]r-fang', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to undertake, to circumvent, to entrap. [A.S. _underfangen_, _underfon_--_under_, under, _fon_, to take.]

UNDERFEED, un-d[.e]r-f[=e]d', _v.t._ to feed inadequately.--_adjs._ UNDERFED'; UNDERFEED'ING.

UNDERFIRED, un-d[.e]r-f[=i]rd', _adj._ insufficiently baked.

UNDERFLOW, un'd[.e]r-fl[=o], _n._ a current flowing below the surface.

UNDERFOOT, un-d[.e]r-f[=oo]t', _adj._ downtrodden, abject.--_v.t._ to shore up, to underpin.--_adv._ under the feet, below.

UNDERFURROW, un-d[.e]r-fur'[=o], _v.t._ to cover with a furrow, as manure, to plough in.--_adv._ under a furrow.

UNDERGARMENT, un'd[.e]r-gar-ment, _n._ any article of clothing worn under another.

UNDERGEAR, un'd[.e]r-g[=e]r, _n._ undergarments generally.

UNDERGIRD, un-d[.e]r-gird', _v.t._ to gird or bind under or below: to gird round the bottom.

UNDERGLAZE, un-d[.e]r-gl[=a]z', _adj._ suitable for underglaze painting, of a pigment.--UNDERGLAZE PAINTING, in ceramics, painting in a vitrifiable pigment before the glaze is applied.

UNDERGO, un-d[.e]r-g[=o]', _v.t._ to go under or be subjected to: to endure or suffer: to pass through: to sustain without sinking: to partake of.--_adj._ UNDERG[=O]'ING, suffering.

UNDER-GOWN, un'd[.e]r-gown, _n._ a, gown worn under another.

UNDER-GRADE, un'd[.e]r-gr[=a]d, _adj._ in bridge-building, having the truss below the roadway, as in a deck-bridge.

UNDERGRADUATE, un-d[.e]r-grad'[=u]-[=a]t, _n._ a student who has not taken his first degree.--_adj._ pertaining to such.--_n._ UNDERGRAD'UATESHIP.

UNDERGROUND, un'd[.e]r-grownd, _adj._ under the surface of the ground.--_n._ that which is underground.--_v.t._ to place underground.--_adv._ UNDERGROUND', beneath the surface of the earth.

UNDERGROVE, un'd[.e]r-gr[=o]v, _n._ a grove of low trees under taller trees.

UNDERGROW, un-d[.e]r-gr[=o], _v.t._ to grow beneath the normal size.--_n._ UN'DERGROWTH, shrubs or low woody plants growing among trees: copsewood.

UNDERGROWL, un'd[.e]r-growl, _n._ a subdued growling or grumbling.

UNDERHAND, un-d[.e]r-hand', _adj._ and _adv._ secretly: by secret means: by fraud: in cricket, delivered with the hand underneath--opp. to _Over-arm_ and _Round-arm_.--_adj._ UNDERHAN'DED, clandestinely carried on: short-handed.--_adv._ UNDERHAN'DEDLY.--_n._ UNDERHAN'DEDNESS.

UNDERHEW, un-d[.e]r-h[=u]', _v.t._ to hew less than is proper, esp. to hew unfairly timber which should be square, so that it appears to contain more cubic feet than it really does.

UNDERHOLD, un'd[.e]r-h[=o]ld, _n._ in wrestling, an unfair seizing of the opponent under the arms.

UNDER-HONEST, un-d[.e]r-on'est, _adj._ (_Shak._) not quite honest.

UNDERHUNG, un-d[.e]r-hung', _adj._ hanging over, protruding from beneath: running on rollers on a rail below it--of a sliding-door--opp. to _Overhung_.

UNDERJAWED, un'd[.e]r-jawd, _adj._ having a heavy underjaw.

UNDERKEEP, un-d[.e]r-k[=e]p', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to keep under or in subjection.

UNDERKING, un'd[.e]r-king, _n._ a subordinate king.--_n._ UN'DERKINGDOM.

UNDERLAP, un-d[.e]r-lap', _v.t._ to be folded under, to extend beneath the edge of.

UNDERLAY, un-d[.e]r-l[=a]', _v.t._ to lay under or to support by something laid under.--_v.i._ to incline from the perpendicular.--_n._ UN'DERLAY, a piece of paper pasted under woodcuts, stereotype plates, &c. in a form, to bring them up to the necessary level for printing.--_n._ UNDERLAY'ER, one who underlays.

UNDERLEASE, un'd[.e]r-l[=e]s, _n._ a lease granted by a lessee for a shorter period than that covered by his own lease.

UNDERLET, un-d[.e]r-let', _v.t._ to let below the proper value: to sublet.--_ns._ UNDERLET'TER; UNDERLET'TING.

UNDERLIE, un-d[.e]r-l[=i]', _v.t._ to lie under or beneath: to be liable to.--_adj._ UNDERLY'ING, lying under or lower in position: supporting, fundamental.

UNDERLINE, un-d[.e]r-l[=i]n', _v.t._ to draw a line under or below, as a word.--_n._ UN'DERLINE, an announcement of a theatrical performance to follow placed in an advertisement of the present one.

UNDERLINEN, un-d[.e]r-lin'en, _n._ linen underwear--loosely applied to cotton or even woollen underclothing generally.

UNDERLING, un'd[.e]r-ling, _n._ an inferior person or agent: a sorry, mean fellow.

UNDERMAN, un-d[.e]r-man', _v.t._ to provide with an insufficient number of men.--_adj._ UNDERMANNED'.

UNDERMASTED, un-d[.e]r-mas'ted, _adj._ not having sufficient masts.

UNDERMENTIONED, un'd[.e]r-men-shund, _adj._ mentioned underneath or hereafter.

UNDERMINE, un-d[.e]r-m[=i]n', _v.t._ to form mines under, in order to destroy: to destroy secretly the foundation or support of anything.--_n._ UNDERM[=I]'NER, one who undermines, a secret enemy.

UNDERMOST, un'd[.e]r-m[=o]st, _adj._ lowest in place or condition.

UNDERN, un'dern, _n._ nine o'clock in the morning, the third hour, the period from that till noon.

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