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UNACADEMIC, un-ak-a-dem'ik, _adj._ not scholarly or classical.

UNACCENTED, un-ak-sent'ed, _adj._ without accent or stress in pronunciation: not marked with an accent.

UNACCEPTABLE, un-ak-sept'a-bl, _adj._ not acceptable, not pleasing or welcome.--_n._ UNACCEPT'ABLENESS.

UNACCOMMODATED, un-a-kom'[=o]-d[=a]t-ed, _adj._ not accommodated, unfurnished with accommodation.--_adj._ UNACCOMM'ODATING, not compliant.

UNACCOMPANIED, un-a-kum'pa-nid, _adj._ not accompanied, escorted, or attended: not connected: (_mus._) having no instrumental accompaniment.

UNACCOMPLISHED, un-ak-kum'plisht, _adj._ unfinished: lacking accomplishments or acquirements.--_n._ UNACCOM'PLISHMENT.

UNACCOUNTABLE, un-ak-kownt'a-bl, _adj._ not accountable or to be accounted for: not responsible.--_ns._ UNACCOUNTABIL'ITY, UNACCOUNT'ABLENESS, the state or quality of being unaccountable.--_adv._ UNACCOUNT'ABLY, inexplicably.

UNACCREDITED, un-a-kred'i-ted, _adj._ not accredited or authorised.

UNACCUSABLY, un-a-k[=u]'za-bli, _adv._ so as to be beyond accusation.

UNACCUSTOMED, un-a-kus'tomd, _adj._ not accustomed or used.--_n._ UNACCUS'TOMEDNESS.

UNACHIEVABLE, un-a-ch[=e]v'a-bl, _adj._ not achievable.

UNACHING, un-[=a]'king, _adj._ (_Shak._) not giving pain.

UNACKNOWLEDGED, un-ak-nol'ejd, _adj._ not acknowledged or recognised: not confessed: not noticed.--_adj._ UNACKNOWL'EDGING, unthankful.

UNACQUAINTANCE, un-ak-kw[=a]nt'ans, _n._ want of acquaintance: ignorance.--_adj._ UNACQUAINT'ED, not acquainted: (_Spens._) unusual.--_n._ UNACQUAINT'EDNESS.

UNACQUIRED, un-a-kw[=i]rd', _adj._ not acquired or gained.--_adj._ UNACQUIR'ABLE, not acquirable.--_n._ UNACQUIR'ABLENESS.

UNACTED, un-ak'ted, _adj._ not acted or performed.--_adj._ UNAC'TIVE, inactive: without efficacy.

UNADAPTED, un-a-dapt'ed, _adj._ not adapted.

UNADMIRE, un-ad-m[=i]r', _v.t._ not to admire.--_adj._ UNADMIRED', not admired.

UNADORNED, un-a-dornd', _adj._ not adorned.

UNADULTERATE, -D, un-a-dul'te-r[=a]t, -ed, _adj._ unmixed, pure, genuine.

UNADVENTUROUS, un-ad-ven't[=u]r-us, _adj._ not adventurous or bold.

UNADVISED, un-ad-v[=i]zd', _adj._ not advised: not prudent or discreet: rash.--_n._ UNADV[=I]SABIL'ITY.--_adj._ UNADV[=I]S'ABLE, not advisable.--_n._ UNADV[=I]S'ABLENESS.--_advs._ UNADV[=I]S'ABLY; UNADV[=I]S'EDLY.--_n._ UNADV[=I]S'EDNESS, imprudence: rashness.

UNAFFECTED, un-af-fekt'ed, _adj._ not affected or moved: without affectation: not affected or artificial: plain: real: sincere.--_adv._ UNAFFECT'EDLY, in an unaffected manner: without affectation.--_n._ UNAFFECT'EDNESS, the state of being unaffected.

UNAFFIED, un-a-f[=i]d', _adj._ not allied.

UNAFRAID, un-a-fr[=a]d', _adj._ not afraid.

UNAGREEABLE, un-a-gr[=e]'a-bl, _adj._ not agreeable.--_n._ UNAGREE'ABLENESS.--_adv._ UNAGREE'ABLY.

UNAIDED, un-[=a]'ded, _adj._ not aided.

UNAIMING, un-[=a]'ming, _adj._ having no definite aim.

UNALIENABLE, un-[=a]l'yen-a-bl, _adj._ inalienable.--_adv._ UN[=A]L'IENABLY.

UNALIST, [=u]'nal-ist, _n._ one who holds only one benefice--opp. to _Pluralist_. [L. _unus_, one.]

UNALLIED, un-a-l[=i]d', _adj._ having no alliance or connection.--_adj._ UNALL[=I]'ABLE, incapable of such.

UNALLOWABLE, un-al-low'a-bl, _adj._ not allowable.

UNALLOYED, un-al-loid', _adj._ not alloyed or mixed: pure.--Also UNALLAYED'.

UNALTERABLE, un-awl't[.e]r-a-bl, _adj._ not capable of alteration or change.--_ns._ UNALTERABIL'ITY, UNAL'TERABLENESS.--_adv._ UNAL'TERABLY.--_adj._ UNAL'TERED, not altered or changed.

UNAMBIGUOUS, un-am-big'[=u]-us, _adj._ not ambiguous, clear.--_adv._ UNAMBIG'UOUSLY.--_n._ UNAMBIG'UOUSNESS.

UNAMBITIOUS, un-am-bish'us, _adj._ not ambitious.--_adv._ UNAMBI'TIOUSLY.

UNAMENDABLE, un-a-men'da-bl, _adj._ not capable of being amended or corrected.

UN-AMERICAN, un-a-mer'i-kan, _adj._ not in accordance with American ideas or feeling,--_v.t._ UN-AMER'ICANISE, to make un-American.

UNAMIABLE, un-[=a]'mi-a-bl, _adj._ not amiable, ill-natured.-_ns._ UNAMIABIL'ITY, UN[=A]'MIABLENESS.

UNAMUSED, un-a-m[=u]zd', _adj._ not amused.--_adj._ UNAM[=U]'SING.--_adv._ UNAM[=U]'SINGLY.--_adj._ UNAM[=U]'SIVE, not giving amusement.

UNANCESTRIED, un-an'ses-trid, _adj._ having no distinguished ancestors.

UNANCHOR, un-ang'kor, _v.t._ to loose from anchorage.--_v.i._ to become loose or unattached.

UNANEALED, UNANELED, un-a-n[=e]ld', _adj._ (_Shak._) not having received extreme unction.

UNANGULAR, un-ang'g[=u]-lar, _adj._ not angular.

UNANIMITY, [=u]-na-nim'i-ti, _n._ state of being unanimous.--_adj._ UNAN'IMOUS, of one mind: agreeing in opinion or will: done with the agreement of all.--_adv._ UNAN'IMOUSLY.--_n._ UNAN'IMOUSNESS, unanimity.

[L. _unus_, one, _animus_, mind.]

UNANNOUNCED, un-an-nownst', _adj._ not announced.

UNANSWERABLE, un-an's[.e]r-a-bl, _adj._ not answerable or capable of refutation.--_ns._ UNANSWERABIL'ITY, UNAN'SWERABLENESS, the state of being unanswerable.--_adv._ UNAN'SWERABLY, in an unanswerable manner.--_adj._ UNAN'SWERED, not answered: unrequited.

UNANXIOUS, un-angk'shus, _adj._ without anxiety.

UNAPOSTOLIC, -AL, un-ap-os-tol'ik, -al, _adj._ not in accordance with apostolic usage or authority.

UNAPPALLED, un-a-pawld', _adj._ not appalled or dismayed.

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