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OVERPASS, [=o]-v[.e]r-pas', _v.t._ to pass over: to pass by without notice.--_pa.p._ OVERPAST' (_B._), that has already passed.

OVERPAY, [=o]-v[.e]r-p[=a]', _v.t._ to pay too much: to be more than an ample reward for.--_n._ OVERPAY'MENT.

OVERPEER, [=o]-v[.e]r-p[=e]r', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to overlook: to look down on: to hover above.

OVERPEOPLE, [=o]-v[.e]r-p[=e]'pl, _v.t._ to fill with too many inhabitants.--Also OVERPOP'ULATE.

OVERPERCH, [=o]-v[.e]r-p[.e]rch', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to perch or fly over.

OVERPERSUADE, [=o]-v[.e]r-p[.e]r-sw[=a]d', _v.t._ to persuade a person against his inclination.

OVERPICTURE, [=o]-v[.e]r-pik't[=u]r, _v.t._ to exceed the picture of: to exaggerate.

OVERPLATE, [=o]'v[.e]r-pl[=a]t, _n._ in armour, a large pauldron protecting the shoulder, or a cubitiere protecting the elbow.

OVERPLUS, [=o]'v[.e]r-plus, _n._ that which is more than enough: surplus.

OVERPLY, [=o]-v[.e]r-pl[=i]', _v.t._ to ply to excess.

OVERPOISE, [=o]'v[.e]r-poiz, _v.t._ to outweigh.--_n._ O'VERPOISE, a weight sufficient to weigh another down.

OVERPOST, [=o]-v[.e]r-post', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to hasten over quickly.

OVERPOWER, [=o]-v[.e]r-pow'[.e]r, _v.t._ to have or gain power over: to subdue, defeat: to overwhelm.--_adj._ OVERPOW'ERING, excessive in degree or amount: irresistible.--_adv._ OVERPOW'ERINGLY.

OVERPRAISE, [=o]-v[.e]r-pr[=a]z', _v.t._ to praise too much.--_n._ OVERPRAIS'ING, excessive praise.

OVERPRESS, [=o]-v[.e]r-pres', _v.t._ to overwhelm, to crush: to overcome by importunity.--_n._ OVERPRESS'URE, excessive pressure.

OVERPRIZE, [=o]-v[.e]r-pr[=i]z', _v.t._ to value too highly: to surpass in value.

OVERPRODUCTION, [=o]'v[.e]r-pro-duk-shun, _n._ the act of producing a supply of commodities in excess of the demand.

OVERPROOF, [=o]'v[.e]r-proof, _adj._ containing more than a certain amount of alcohol, stronger than proof-spirit, the standard by which all mixtures of alcohol and water are judged--containing 57.27 per cent. by volume, and 49.50 per cent. by weight, of alcohol.

OVERPROUD, [=o]-v[.e]r-prowd', _adj._ too proud.

OVERPURCHASE, [=o]-v[.e]r-pur'ch[=a]s, _n._ a dear bargain.--_v.i._ (_obs._) to pay too dear a price.

OVERRACK, [=o]-v[.e]r-rak', _v.t._ to torture beyond bearing.

OVERRAKE, [=o]-v[.e]r-r[=a]k', _v.t._ to sweep over, as a vessel by a wave.

OVERRANK, [=o]-v[.e]r-rangk', _adj._ too rank or luxurious.

OVERRATE, [=o]-v[.e]r-r[=a]t', _v.t._ to rate or value too high.--_n._ O'VERRATE, an excessive estimate or rate.

OVERREACH, [=o]-v[.e]r-r[=e]ch', _v.t._ to reach or extend beyond: to cheat or get the better of.--_v.i._ to strike the hindfoot against the forefoot, as a horse.

OVERREAD, [=o]-v[.e]r-r[=e]d', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to read over, to peruse.--_adj._ OVERREAD ([=o]-v[.e]r-red'), having read too much.

OVER-RECKON, [=o]-v[.e]r-rek'n, _v.t._ and _v.i._ to compute too highly.

OVERRED, [=o]-v[.e]r-red', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to smear with a red colour.

OVERREFINE, [=o]-v[.e]r-r[=e]-f[=i]n', _v.i._ to refine too much.--_n._ OVERREFINE'MENT, any over subtle or affected refinement.

OVERRENT, [=o]-v[.e]r-rent', _v.i._ to exact too high a rent.

OVERRIDE, [=o]-v[.e]r-r[=i]d', _v.t._ to ride too much: to pass on horseback: to trample down or set aside.--OVERRIDE ONE'S COMMISSION, to act with too high a hand: to stretch one's authority too far.

OVERRIPEN, [=o]-v[.e]r-r[=i]p'n, _v.t._ (_Shak._) to make too ripe.--_adj._ OVERRIPE', too ripe, more than ripe.

OVERROAST, [=o]-v[=e]r-r[=o]st', _v.t._ to roast too much.

OVERRULE, [=o]-v[.e]r-r[=oo]l', _v.t._ to rule over: to influence or to set aside by greater power: (_law_) to reject or declare to be invalid.--_v.i._ to prevail.--_n._ OVERRUL'ER.--_adv._ OVERRUL'INGLY.

OVERRUN, [=o]-v[.e]r-run', _v.t._ to run or spread over: to grow over: to spread over and take possession of: to crush down: (_B._) to run faster than: to pass in running: to extend composed types beyond their first limit.--_v.i._ to run over: to extend beyond the right length, as a line or page in printing.--_n._ OVERRUN'NER, one that overruns.

OVERSCORE, [=o]-v[.e]r-sk[=o]r', _v.t._ to score or draw lines over anything: to erase by this means.

OVERSCRUPULOUS, [=o]-v[.e]r-skroop'[=u]-lus, _adj._ scrupulous to excess.--_n._ OVERSCRUP'ULOUSNESS.

OVERSCUTCHED, [=o]-v[.e]r-skucht', _adj._ (_Shak._) over switched or whipped, or more probably worn out in the service.

OVERSEA, [=o]'v[.e]r-s[=e], _adj._ foreign, from beyond the sea.--_adv._ to a place beyond the sea, abroad.--Also O'VERSEAS.

OVERSEAM, [=o]'v[.e]r-s[=e]m, _n._ a seam in which the thread is at each stitch passed over the edges sewn together.--_n._ O'VERSEAMING, the foregoing kind of sewing.

OVERSEE, [=o]-v[.e]r-s[=e]', _v.t._ to see or look over, to superintend.--_n._ OVERS[=E]'ER, one who oversees: a superintendent: an officer who has the care of the poor, and other duties, such as making out lists of voters, of persons who have not paid rates, &c.: one who manages a plantation of slaves: (_obs._) a critic.--OVERSEERS OF THE POOR, officers in England who manage the poor-rate.--BE OVERSEEN (_obs._), to be deceived: to be fuddled.

OVERSELL, [=o]-v[.e]r-sel', _v.t._ and _v.i._ to sell too dear: to sell more than exists, of stock, &c.

OVERSET, [=o]-v[.e]r-set', _v.t._ to set or turn over: to upset: to overthrow.--_v.i._ to turn or be turned over.

OVERSHADE, [=o]-v[.e]r-sh[=a]d', _v.t._ to throw a shade over.

OVERSHADOW, [=o]-v[.e]r-shad'[=o], _v.t._ to throw a shadow over: to shelter or protect.

OVERSHINE, [=o]-v[.e]r-sh[=i]n', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to shine upon, illumine: to outshine.

OVERSHOE, [=o]'v[.e]r-sh[=oo], _n._ a shoe, esp. of waterproof, worn over another.

OVERSHOOT, [=o]-v[.e]r-sh[=oo]t', _v.t._ to shoot over or beyond, as a mark: to pass swiftly over.--_v.i._ to shoot or fly beyond the mark.--_adj._ O'VERSHOT, having the water falling on it from above, as a water-wheel: surpassed: fuddled.--OVERSHOOT ONE'S SELF, to venture too far, to overreach one's self.

OVERSIDE, [=o]-v[.e]r-s[=i]d', _adj._ acting over the side.--_adv._ over the side.

OVERSIGHT, [=o]'v[.e]r-s[=i]t, _n._ a failing to notice: mistake: omission: (_orig._) superintendence.

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