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MISDISTINGUISH, mis-dis-ting'gwish, _v.t._ to make wrong distinctions concerning.

MISDIVIDE, mis-di-v[=i]d', _v.t._ to divide wrongly.--_n._ MISDIVI'SION, wrong or unfair division.

MISDO, mis-d[=oo]', _v.t._ to do wrongly.--_v.i._ to act amiss, err--_ns._ MISDO'ER; MISDO'ING.

MISDOUBT, mis-dowt', _v.t._ to have a doubt or suspicion regarding: to suspect.--_n._ suspicion: hesitation.--_adj._ MISDOUBT'FUL (_Spens._), misgiving.

MISDRAW, mis-draw', _v.t._ to draw or draft badly.--_v.i._ to fall apart.--_n._ MISDRAW'ING.

MISDREAD, mis-dred', _n._ (_Shak._) dread of evil to come.--_v.t._ to regard with dread.

MISE, m[=i]z, _n._ expenditure, outlay: a gift of money to a superior, prince, &c.: in a writ of right, a traverse by which both parties put the cause directly upon the question as to which had the better right: the adjustment of a dispute by arbitration and compromise, as the 'Mise of Lewes' in 1264. [Fr.,--L. _mitt[)e]re_, _missum_.]

MISEDUCATION, mis-ed-[=u]-k[=a]'shun, _n._ improper or imperfect education.

MISEMPLOY, mis-em-ploi', _v.t._ to employ wrongly or amiss: to misuse.--_n._ MISEMPLOY'MENT, ill-employment: improper application: misuse.

MISENTRY, mis-en'tri, _n._ a wrong entry, as in an account.--_v.t._ MISEN'TER, to make such.

MISER, m[=i]'z[.e]r, _n._ a miserable person: an extremely covetous person: a niggard: one whose chief pleasure is in hoarding wealth.--_adj._ like a miser.--_adj._ M[=I]'SERLY, excessively covetous: sordid: niggardly. [L.

_miser_, wretched.]

MISER, m[=i]z'[.e]r, _n._ a tubular well boring-bit, with valved opening for the earth passing up.

MISERABLE, miz'[.e]r-a-bl, _adj._ wretched, exceedingly unhappy: causing misery: very poor or mean: worthless: despicable: barren.--_n._ MIS'ERABLENESS.--_adv._ MIS'ERABLY. [Fr.,--L. _miserabilis_--_miser_.]

MISEREATUR, miz-[.e]r-[=e]-[=a]'tur, _n._ the first part of the absolution service in the R.C. liturgy, beginning 'Misereatur vestri omnipotens Deus.'


MISERERE, miz-e-r[=e]'re, _n._ the name by which in Catholic usage the penitential 50th Psalm of the Vulgate (51st in A.V.) is commonly known, from its commencement, 'Miserere mei, Domine:' a musical composition adapted to this psalm: a hinged folding-seat in a church stall, which, when turned up, shows a bracket on which a person who is standing can lean. [L., 2d pers. sing, imperf. of _miser[=e]ri_, to have mercy, to pity--_miser_, wretched.]

MISERICORDE, miz-e-ri-kord', _n._ mercy, forgiveness, pity: a folding-seat: a narrow-bladed dagger for putting a wounded foe out of pain by the _coup-de-grace_. [Fr.,--L.,--_misericors_, _-dis_, tender-hearted.]

MISERY, miz'[.e]r-i, _n._ wretchedness: great unhappiness: extreme pain of body or of mind: a cause of pain or sorrow: (_Shak._) avarice. [O. Fr.,--L.


MISESTEEM, mis-es-t[=e]m', _n._ want of esteem: disregard: disrespect.--_v.t._ MISES'TIM[=A]TE, to estimate wrongly.

MISEXPRESSION, mis-eks-presh'un, _n._ a wrong expression.

MISFAITH, mis'f[=a]th, _n._ (_Tenn._) distrust.

MISFALL, mis'-fawl', _v.t._ (_obs._) to befall unluckily.

MISFARE, mis-f[=a]r', _n._ (_Spens._) ill fare: misfortune.--_v.i._ to fare or succeed ill.

MISFEASANCE, mis-f[=e]z'ans, _n._ (_law_) a wrong done, as distinguished from _Nonfeasance_, which means a mere omission: the doing of a lawful act in a wrongful manner, as distinguished from _Malfeasance_, which means the doing of an act which is positively unlawful.--_ns._ MISFEAS'ANT, MISFEAS'OR, one who commits a misfeasance. [O. Fr., _mes-_, wrong, _faisance_--_faire_--L. _fac[)e]re_, to do.]

MISFEIGN, mis-f[=a]n', _v.i._ to feign with bad design.

MISFIT, mis-fit', _n._ a bad fit, of clothes, &c.--_v.t._ to make of a wrong size: to supply with something that does not fit.

MISFORM, mis-form', _v.t._ to form or shape badly or improperly.--_n._ MISFORM[=A]'TION.

MISFORTUNE, mis-for't[=u]n, _n._ ill-fortune: an evil accident: calamity: (_coll._) a euphemism for a lapse from virtue resulting in the birth of a natural child.--_adj._ MISFOR'TUNED. (_Milt._), unfortunate.

MISGET, mis-get', _v.t._ (_Spens._) to procure unlawfully.--_adj._ MISGOT'TEN, wrongly obtained.

MISGIVE, mis-giv', _v.t._ to fill with doubt: to destroy confidence.--_v.i._ to fail, as the heart: to give way to doubt.--_n._ MISGIV'ING, mistrust.

MISGO, mis-g[=o]', _v.i._ to go astray or amiss.

MISGOVERN, mis-guv'[.e]rn, _v.t._ to govern badly: to use power unjustly.--_ns._ MISGOV'ERNANCE (_Spens._), ill government: irregularity; MISGOV'ERNMENT.

MISGRAFF, mis-graf', MISGRAFT, mis-graft', _v.t._ (_Shak._) to graft wrongly or on a wrong stock.

MISGROWTH, mis-gr[=o]th', _n._ an irregular growth, an excrescence.

MISGUIDE, mis-g[=i]d', _v.t._ to guide wrongly: to lead into error.--_ns._ MISGUID'ANCE, MISGUIDE' (_obs._).

MISHALLOWED, mis-hal'[=o]d, _adj._ devoted to evil ends.

MISHANDLE, mis-han'dl, _v.t._ to maltreat.

MISHANTER, MISCHANTER, mi-shan't[.e]r, _n._ (_Scot._) an unlucky chance, misfortune.

MISHAP, mis-hap', _n._ ill chance: accident: misfortune.--_v.i._ MISHAP'PEN (_Spens._), to happen ill.

MISHEAR, mis-h[=e]r', _v.t._ to hear incorrectly.--_v.i._ to mistake in hearing.

MISHMASH, mish'mash, _n._ a hotch-potch, medley.

MISHMEE, mish'm[=e], _n._ the bitter tonic root of a Chinese species of gold-thread.

MISHNAH, MISHNA, mish'na, _n._ a great collection of _halachoth_, comprising the body of the 'Oral Law,' or the juridico-political, civil, and religious code of the Jews; it forms one of the divisions of the Talmud--the 'Gemara,' or commentary on the Mishna, being the other; and it was finally redacted at Tiberias in 220 A.D.:--_pl._ MISH'NOTH.--_adjs._ MISHN[=A]'IC, MISH'NIC. [Heb.,--_sh[=a]n[=a]h_, to repeat.]

MISIMPROVE, mis-im-pr[=oo]v', _v.t._ to apply to a bad purpose: to misuse.--_n._ MISIMPROVE'MENT.

MISINCLINE, mis-in-kl[=i]n', _v.t._ to cause to incline wrongly.

MISINFER, mis-in-f[.e]r', _v.t._ to infer wrongly.--_v.i._ to draw a wrong inference.

MISINFORM, mis-in-form', _v.t._ to tell incorrectly.--_ns._ MISINFORM'ANT; MISINFORM[=A]'TION; MISINFORM'ER.

MISINSTRUCT, mis-in'strukt', _v.t._ to instruct improperly.--_n._ MISINSTRUC'TION, wrong instruction.

MISINTELLIGENCE, mis-in-tel'e-jens, _n._ wrong or false information.

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