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BEYOND, be-yond', _prep._ on the farther side of: farther onward than: out of reach of: past in time: above, superior to.--BEYOND MEASURE, excessively; BEYOND SEAS, abroad; THE BACK OF BEYOND (_De Quincey_, &c.), a humorous phrase for any place a great way off; TO BE BEYOND ONE, to pass his comprehension; TO GO BEYOND, to surpass: to circumvent: (_B._, _Shak._) to overreach. [A.S. _begeondan_--pfx. _be-_, and _geond_, across, beyond.

See YON.]

BEZANT, be-zant', or bez'ant, _n._ a gold coin, first struck at _Byzantium_ or Constantinople: (_her._) a small circle or, like a gold coin.

BEZEL, bez'l, _n._ the part of the setting of a precious stone which encloses it: the oblique side or face of a cut gem: the grooved flange or rim in which a watch-glass is set: the slope at the edge of a chisel or plane (usually BAS'IL). [From an O. Fr. word represented by mod. Fr.

_biseau_; its ult. origin uncertain.]

BEZIQUE, be-z[=e]k', _n._ a game at cards for two, three, or four persons, played with two to four packs, from which cards with from two to six pips have been removed. The name _Bezique_ itself is applied to the combination of the knave of diamonds and queen of spades. [Fr. _besigue_, of obscure origin.]

BEZOAR, b[=e]'z[=o]r, _n._ a stony concretion found in the stomachs of goats, antelopes, llamas, chamois, &c., formerly esteemed an antidote to all poisons. [Through Sp. _bezaar_ and Ar. _b[=a]zahr_, from Pers.

_p[=a]d-zahr_, counter-poison, _zahr_, poison.]

BEZONIAN, be-z[=o]'ni-an, _n._ (_Shak._) a beggar, a low fellow. [It.

_bisogno_; Sp. _bisono_, Fr. _bisogne_.]

BEZZLE, bez'l, _v.i._ (_obs._) to drink hard: to squander:--_pr.p._ bezz'ling; _pa.p._ bezz'led. [O. Fr. _besiler_. See EMBEZZLE.]

BHANG, bang, _n._ the native name for the Indian preparation of hemp which is smoked or swallowed for its narcotic and intoxicating qualities--in Arabic known as _hashish_. [See ASSASSIN. Hind. _bh[=a]ng_; Pers. _bang_; Sans. _bhang[=a]_.]

BIAS, b[=i]'as, _n._ a bulge or greater weight on one side of a bowl (in the game of bowling), making it slope or turn to one side: a slant or leaning to one side: a one-sided inclination of the mind, prejudice: any special influence that sways the mind.--_v.t._ to cause to turn to one side: to prejudice or prepossess:--_pa.p._ b[=i]'ased or b[=i]'assed.--_ns._ B[=I]'AS-DRAW'ING (_Shak._), a turn awry; B[=I]'ASING, a bias or inclination to one side. [Fr. _biais_, of dubious origin; Diez suggests L. _bifax_, _bifacem_, two-faced.]

BIAXAL, b[=i]-aks'al, _adj._ having two optic axes.--Also BIAXIAL. [L.

_bi-_, and AXIAL.]

BIB, bib, _n._ a cloth put under an infant's chin: a similar article of dress for adults, worn over the breast or above the apron.--_v.t._ and _v.i._ to drink, to tipple.--_adj._ B[=I]B[=A]'CIOUS.--_ns._ BIB[=A]'TION, tippling; BIB'BER, a tippler: chiefly used in composition as (_B._) wine-bibber. [M. E. _bibben_, most prob. from L. _bib-[)e]re_, to drink.]

BIB, bib, _n._ a fish of the same genus as the cod and haddock, also called the _Pout_.

BIBBLE-BABBLE, bib'bl-bab'bl, _n._ (_Shak._) idle talk. [Reduplication of BABBLE.]

BIBLE, b[=i]'bl, _n._ the sacred writings of the Christian Church, consisting of the Old and New Testaments.--_adj._ BIB'LICAL, of or relating to the Bible: scriptural.--_adv._ BIB'LICALLY.--_ns._ BIB'LICISM, biblical doctrine, learning, or literature; BIB'LICIST, B[=I]B'LIST, one versed in biblical learning: one who makes Scripture the sole rule of faith.

[Fr.--Low L. _biblia_, fem. sing., earlier neut. pl., from Gr. _ta biblia_, lit. 'the books,' esp. the canonical books of Scripture, _biblion_, a book, dim. of _biblos_, papyrus, paper.]

BIBLIOGRAPHY, bib-li-og'raf-i, _n._ the description or knowledge of books, in regard to their authors, subjects, editions, and history.--_n._ BIBLIOG'RAPHER, one versed in bibliography or the history of books.--_adj._ BIBLIOGRAPH'IC. [Gr. _biblion_, a book, _graphia_, description.]

BIBLIOLATRY, bib-li-ol'at-ri, _n._ superstitious reverence for the Bible.--_ns._ BIBLIOL'ATRIST, BIBLIOL'ATER, one given to bibliolatry. [Gr.

_biblion_, a book, _latreia_, worship.]

BIBLIOLOGY, bib-li-ol'[=o]-ji, _n._ an account of books: biblical literature, or theology. [Gr. _biblion_, a book, _logos_, discourse.]

BIBLIOMANCY, bib'li-[=o]-man-si, _n._ divination by selecting passages of the Bible at hazard, and drawing from them indications concerning future events. [Gr. _biblion_, a book, _manteia_, divination.]

BIBLIOMANIA, bib-li-[=o]-m[=a]n'i-a, _n._ a mania for possessing _rare_ and curious books.--_n._ BIBLIOM[=A]N'IAC, one who has a mania for possessing _rare_ and curious books.--_adj._ BIBLIOMAN[=I]'ACAL. [Gr. _biblion_, a book, and MANIA.]

BIBLIOPHILE, bib'li-[=o]-f[=i]l, _n._ a lover of books, esp. a collector of _rare_ books. [Fr.--Gr. _biblion_, a book, _philos_, friend.]

BIBLIOPOLE, bib'li-[=o]-p[=o]l, _n._ a bookseller.--Also BIBLIOP'OLIST.

[Gr. _biblion_, a book, _p[=o]leein_, to sell.]

BIBULOUS, bib'[=u]-lus, _adj._ drinking or sucking in: spongy. [L.

_bibulus_--_bib-[)e]re_, to drink.]

BICAMERAL, b[=i]-kam'[.e]r-al, _adj._ having two chambers. [L. _bi-_, twice, and _camera_, chamber.]

BICARBONATE, b[=i]-kar'bon-[=a]t, _n._ a carbonate or salt having two equivalents of carbonic acid to one equivalent of base. [L. _bi-_, twice, and CARBONATE.]

BICE, b[=i]s, _n._ a pale blue or green paint. [Fr. _bis_.]

BICENTENARY, b[=i]-sen'te-na-ri, BICENTENNIAL, b[=i]-sen-ten'ni-al, _adj._ pertaining to the two hundredth.--_n._ the two hundredth anniversary.

BICEPHALOUS, b[=i]-sef'al-us, _adj._ double-headed. [L. _bis_, twice, and Gr. _k[=e]phal[=e]_, head.]

BICEPS, b[=i]'seps, _n._ the muscle in front of the arm between the shoulder and elbow. [L. _biceps_, two-headed--_bis_, twice, and _caput_, head.]

BICHROMATE, b[=i]-kr[=o]'m[=a]t, _adj._ having two parts of chromic acid to one of other ingredients. [L. _bis_, twice, and CHROMATE.]

BICIPITAL, b[=i]-sip'it-al, _adj._ (_anat._) having two heads or origins.--Earlier form BICIP'ITOUS.

BICKER, bik'[.e]r, _v.i._ to contend in a petty way: to quiver: to move quickly and tremulously, as running water.--_n._ a fight, a quarrel: a clattering noise: a short run.--_n._ BICK'ERMENT (_Spens._), bickering, strife. [Acc. to Skeat, _bicker_ = _pick-er_, or _peck-er_, to _peck_ repeatedly with the _beak_.]

BICKER, bik'[.e]r, _n._ a bowl for holding liquor, esp. of wood: a vessel made of wooden staves for holding porridge. [Scot. form of BEAKER.]

BICONCAVE, b[=i]-kon'k[=a]v, _adj._ concave on both sides. [L. _bi-_, twice, and CONCAVE.]

BICONVEX, b[=i]-kon'veks, _adj._ convex on both sides. [L. _bi-_, twice, and CONVEX.]

BICORPORATE, b[=i]-kor'por-[=a]t, _adj._ (_her._) double-bodied, as the head of a lion to which two bodies are attached. [L. _bis_, twice, and CORPORATE.]

BICUSPID, b[=i]-kus'pid, _adj._ having two cusps: a pre-molar tooth. [L.

_bi-_, twice, and CUSP.]

BICYCLE, b[=i]'si-kl, _n._ a cycle or velocipede with two wheels furnished with rubber tires, arranged one before the other, impelled by pedals, and steered by transverse handles affixed to the front wheel--also BIKE (_colloq._).--_n._ B[=I]'CYCLIST. [Formed from L. _bi-_, _bis_, twice, and Gr. _kyklos_, a circle.]

BID, bid, _v.t._ to offer: to propose: to proclaim, as the banns of marriage: to invite: to command: to make an offer, and to increase the amount offered for a thing--at an auction:--_pr.p._ bid'ding; _pa.t._ bid or bade; _pa.p._ bid, bid'den.--_n._ an offer of a price.--_ns._ BID'DER, one who bids or offers a price; BID'DING, offer: invitation: command; BID'DING-PRAY'ER, a form of prayer directed to be used before all sermons, lectures, and homilies preached apart from the daily service or holy communion--as university sermons, so called because in it the preacher is directed to bid or exhort the people to pray for certain specified objects.--TO BID FAIR, to seem likely. [A.S. _beodan_; Goth. _biudan_, Ger.

_bieten_, to offer.]

BID, bid, _v.t._ to ask for: (nearly _obs._): to pray. [A.S. _biddan_; Goth. _bidjan_; Ger. _bitten_; the connection with BID, to command, is dub.

See BEAD.]

BIDE, b[=i]d, _v.t._ and _v.i._ same as ABIDE, to wait for.--_n._ BID'ING (_Shak._), residence, habitation. [A.S. _bidan_; Goth. _beidan_.]

BIDENTATE, b[=i]-dent'[=a]t, _adj._ having two teeth.--Also BIDENT'AL. [L.

_bi-_; twice, _dens_, _dentis_, a tooth.]

BIELD, b[=e]ld, _n._ (_Wordsworth_) shelter: protection. [Scot.; conn. with BOLD.]

BIENNIAL, b[=i]-en'yal, _adj._ lasting two years: happening once in two years.--_n._ a plant that lasts two years.--_adv._ BIENN'IALLY. [L.

_biennalis_--_bi-_, twice, and _annus_, a year.]

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