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From October 4th, the entire open water of the Saint Herner Island had started to become boisterous. Besides the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago that converged in Saint Herner Island, all the influential and talented figures had arrived by airship or steamer. Batches of people from all walks of life started to converge in Saint Herner Island so as to witness the rare duel on the sea. 

In Ewentra Archipelago, duels always happened due to animosity or love. Duels were not forbidden in Ewentra Archipelago. As long as the two parties agreed, they could sign a contract on duel when the notary and their friends and family members were at present. Such duels were usually considered as bright and brave deeds, which would even be praised by residents here. 

Even barbarian tribes in Sinaira Island and old major clans in Akray Island paid special tribute to such a duel and the outcome of such a duel. 

In Ewentra Archipelago, even two guys' duel would become a local hot news, not to mention such a large-scale duel between two fleets. The shock was like a super tsunami caused by Richter magnitude 10 earthquake, which spread across Ewentra Archipelago in the shortest period.

As for the parties of the duel, one of them represented the most powerful force in Ice and Snow Wilderness, the other one represented the power of the local major clans of Ewentra Archipelago. This duel would determine the belonging of the entire Ewentra Archipelago, the fates of numerous people, even the future of the entire north water. Of course, such a large-scale duel would cause a shock. 

From October 4th, as so many people poured in, all the hotels and inns across Saint Herner Island had been reserved. Even the rent had increased by 10 times. In such a case, all the common households across Saint Herner Island had hung out billboards so that they could rent their own houses at lower prices than that of inns. Due to the developed commercial trade across Ewentra Archipelago, all the residents here had a sensitive commercial awareness. 

Similarly, the prices of berths for ships below 5,000 tons at the dock of Saint Herner Island also surged to 2,000 from 160 gold coins per day. However, the berths had also been occupied by deluxe private yachts. 

For commoners, the berthing cost of 2,000 gold coins a day was astronomical. However, such a bit of money was nothing but sh*t for those rich maritime traders. Even if they stayed in Saint Herner Island for one month, it would cost them about 60,000-70,000 gold coins. However, it was too cheap for them to witness such a great duel. 

In this case, numerous luxury cruises and private yachts arrived from all directions. They just wanted to witness such a historical moment. As no vacant berths were left at the dock, those luxury cruises and private yachts just loitered in the open water of Saint Herner Island. As a result, the entire open water of Sainter Herner Island had been covered with cruises and yachts in a couple of days as dense as woods. When those cruises and yachts needed a supplement, they would anchor at the temporary dock.

In such a case, being required by almost all the passengers, the Narwhal also changed its route and left Akray Island for Saint Herner Island.

Being different from last time, this time, Narwhal could not find an available berth at the dock of Saint Herner Harbor anymore. The Narwhal could only anchor in an eastern water being close to the island. If passengers wanted to join the bet, they would be transported to Saint Herner Harbor from Narwhal by small ships. After that, they would be taken back. 

Similarly, besides the major clans of Ewentra Archipelago which started to converge in Saint Herner Island, a lot of big figures in Ice and Snow Wilderness also wanted to witness this duel which could influence the future of the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness and the entire north water.

Almost when the news reached Ice and Snow Wilderness, Peter Hamplester had raised 270 million gold coins from Golden Roc Bank with his ownership of the Tribal Axis Railway as a mortgage and thought he would win the battle, which completely boiled the stalemate situation in Ice and Snow Wilderness. 

5 years ago, the most valuable place across Ice and Snow Wilderness might be Eschyle City, which was the only city in Ice and Snow Wilderness. However, the most valuable city across Ice and Snow Wilderness now was Tribal Axis Railway. 

After 5 years of development, this railway artery that connected the south with the north almost bore its fruits. 

The resources developed by the migrants less than 100 miles away from the railway such as forest farm, mines, pasture and farmland made many people drool, not to mention the great value of the railways itself.

The region along the Tribal Axis Railway had already become the most developed and active place across Ice and Snow Wilderness. Such a situation made people both envious and fearful. 

They were envious about the constant gold coins and more and more available resources brought by the Tribal Axis Railway. They were fearful because huge bear tribe and iron bear tribe became the largest benefactor of the Tribal Axis Railway Plan. As a result, the two tribes developed much faster and gradually surpassed all the other tribes. 

Because of Tribal Axis Railway, the situation of Ice and Snow Wilderness turned intense. Being instigated and colluded by the commissionary group of Sacred Light Empire, the bear tribes started to covet the Tribal Axis Railway. They wanted to change the pattern of the Ice and Snow Wilderness basically.

Frankly, since Zhang Tie took the Tribal Axis Railway as the mortgage, this duel had not simply been involved with the future of the entire Ewentra Archipelago, but also the future of the entire north water including Ice and Snow Wilderness.

All the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago were driven mad by Zhang Tie's action. It meant that as long as they won the battle, they could not only keep their position in Ewentra Archipelago, but also control the economic artery of Ice and Snow Wilderness. They had never imagined about such a rare opportunity before. 

If Golden Roc Bank didn't participate in such a duel, nobody dared accept Zhang Tie's mortgage. Because they were afraid that Zhang Tie would break his words. Nobody dared rob away the Tribal Axis Railway from a knight. However, with Golden Roc Bank as the warrantor, they didn't have to worry about the credit as they knew Ice and Snow Wilderness never dared repudiate a debt from Golden Roc Bank, no matter how powerful they were.

In the odds 1:1.1, the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago chipped in 297 million gold coins in the blink of an eye.

As for the same event, some people were happy while some people were sad. When all the major clans across Ewentra Archipelago were frenzied, mountain bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness felt unhappy. If Peter won, he would occupy the entire Ewentra Archipelago and make astronomical gold coins. Besides, he had the huge bear tribe and wild bear tribe on his side. Peter would have everything like people, money, fleet, territory, reputation and authority. By then, nobody dared oppose him. They had to be low-key and look at Peter's face. Of course, they could not accept it. 

If Peter lost the battle, with Golden Roc Bank on his back, the Tribal Axis Railway would fall in others' hand. If so, all the efforts that they had made would be in vain. The three tribes would deteriorate to laughingstocks and crowns across Ice and Snow Wilderness and north water for at least 100 years. 

When Peter took Tribal Axis Railway as the mortgage, the three tribes were put on the grill!

The huge bear tribe and iron bear tribe also chipped in after Peter.

On the noon of October 8th, the exclusive 10,000 ton-luxury cruise Chief of the head of Spencer Clan finally appeared in front of Saint Herner Island after 5 days of travel.

Gangula, the head of wild bear tribe was watching so many cruises and ships in the open water of Saint Herner Island with greedy eyes as he rubbed his hands and drooled, 'F*ck, so many deluxe yachts, so many rich people...'

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