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The water source of the waterfall pouring off the immortal mountain originated from the melting deposits of snow on the top of the mountain. After Heller made a few rapid adjustments, Zhang Tie saw a new change in the shape of the immortal mountain—— There was a new mountain peak over 2000 m in height which was covered with white snow.

At the sight of this, Zhang Tie praised the marvel of the Castle of Black Iron once again. 'I'm afraid that only the real creator could make this.'

When Zhang Tie and Heller were planning and adjusting the three-dimensional map on space and topographical renovation, Agan, Aziz, and Edward had already arrived at their sides and were watching the three-dimensional map with an interested look.

"My lord, can you create a smithing workshop for me this time?" Edward asked with a big smile on Zhang Tie's side.

"You want a smithing workshop?" Zhang Tie glanced at Edward with a dumbfounded look.

"Yup, with a smithing workshop, I will be able to produce all sorts of instruments for you, my lord!"

Zhang Tie threw a glance at Heller, "Can we?"

"Yes, it only requires a bit basic energy storage. We can layout an independent space at the bottom of the immortal mountain which could serve as Edward's smithing workshop while making some high-temperature fires." Heller nodded as he made a slight adjustment on the three-dimensional map. Closely after that, a tidy space appeared inside the immortal mountain, which was further divided into many isolated and inter-linked cells. Besides, there were dozens of fires on the ground in that space.

Watching this, Edward smiled in a satisfied manner.

"My lord, I need a cellar and some wine vats in the hinterland of the immortal mountain. With them, I can brew all sorts of palatable drinkings for you." Aziz opened his mouth.

Zhang The threw another glance at Heller, "We should treat them fairly, just make them for Aziz."

Heller the made another slight adjustment on a position of the immortal mountain. As a result, a mountain-cave sized cellar and hundreds of huge wine vats appeared on the map. Covering an area of over 20 sq km, the cellar was further divided into many layers. Aziz was so happy at the sight of that. Even Zhang Tie was shocked by such an adjustment.

"Erm, do we need such a wide area?"

"Yes, we do, we do!" Aziz interrupted Zhang Tie. "My lord, when you have a great undertaking, you will definitely find this cellar useful."

Agan was so excited that he kept rubbing his hands on one side. "My lord, can you build a stone mountain outside the immortal mountain. It can better provide sufficient architecture stones for me. There're few stones left in Castle of Black Iron now."

Before Zhang Tie uttered, Heller had already pointed on the map while an undulating bald hill appeared.

"There're blue stones, marble stones, granite, China granite and obsidian on this hill, which are available to build some cities."

"Thank you, thank you!" Agan's eyes gleamed as he started to stammer. Zhang Tie also couldn't help but laugh out loud, 'How cute they are!'

After Edward, Aziz and Agan posed their requirements, an important thought crossed Zhang Tie's mind——houses. The cabins were far from meeting his demands at this moment.

"Aww, I need more spacious houses that can hold more people." Zhang Tie looked at the map for a short while before choosing a place covering over 10 sq km of vast plains that were leaning against the snow peak on the hillside of the immortal mountain. "At this place..."

"Do you have other requests on the houses, such as exteriors?"

"At your will." Zhang Tie said casually.

Heller then pointed at the place where Zhang Tie had selected while a tall building that occupied a wide area appeared on the three-dimensional map, the tallest of which was higher than 200 m.

Zhang Tie was dumbfounded by the architectural complexity of the area. Because the tallest building in the three-dimensional map was absolutely a huge tree. Precisely, it was a palace that looked like a huge tree. Many places in that building were unimaginable. Even before the Catastrophe, humans could never build such a delicate tall building.

"This, this is... too exaggerated. Won't it break down?" Zhang Tie asked Heller with a dubious look.

"If it was a concrete building, it would collapse for sure as it didn't correspond to the structure of building mechanics. However, it's not a building precisely, it's a tree!"

"A tree?"

"This is a palace tree. It's made of special silicon-based lifeform. The Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree could produce the seed of a palace tree, which consumes more basic energy storage, merit values, and aura values than are required to build a real palace complex. However, this palace tree has an advantage, it could constantly grow and expand its space and land. After inputting the basic energy storage, merit values, and aura values once in growing it, we don't need to input other resources or build other buildings even as the population of residents increases. Such a palace tree is very suitable to the living of humans!"

It was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that it was a palace tree. After being shocked for a few seconds, Zhang Tie nodded forcefully. "Well, let's grow this palace tree!"

"My lord, please have the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree produce the seed of a palace tree."

Zhang Tie opened the management panel of Castle of Black Iron when he indeed saw the sub-option "Production of Seed of Palace Tree" under the option "Production of special seed and fruit of Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree". At the sight of the resources that it required, Zhang Tie took a deep breath. However, Zhang Tie felt very happy the moment he thought that he could live in such an exotic silicon-based lifeform. Additionally, he only needed to input resources one time. Therefore, Zhang Tie gritted his teeth as he pressed the button.

——My lord, Do you want to produce the seed of a palace tree, Yes or No?



Soon after pressing the "Yes" button, Zhang Tie felt that the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree on his side was radiating a yellowish luster. Each leaf and twig of the small tree was giving out light. At the same time, the tree leaves were rubbing each other, causing a sound as euphonious as that of an organ.

After a few minutes, the small tree's luster disappeared while a pineapple-sized seed was hanging over the small tree.

Zhang Tie walked to the front of the small tree and picked off the very seed from the small tree. Holding the seed, Zhang Tie felt like holding a heavy stone. After gazing at it for quite a while, Zhang Tie didn't see any relation between this pineapple-sized seed and that palace tree in the three-dimensional map.

With one more partner and citizen, Zhang Tie felt that the small tree was very happy. Zhang Tie came to Heller's side with that seed in hand.

"What do I do now?" Zhang Tie asked Heller.

"Just give it to me, my lord!"

Zhang Tie then handed the seed to Heller.

"Do you have any other requests, my lord?"

Zhang Tie pointed towards the mountain spring, "Whatever, as I've invested so many resources towards this renovation, just upgrade the mountain spring then!"

"My lord, do you want to promote to quality mountain spring to a Class A aura mountain spring?"

"Is there any difference"

"A Class A aura mountain spring is one level higher than a quality mountain spring. In the outside world, there are also a few natural Class A aura mountain springs in the wild."

"Class A aura mountain spring then!"


Ten minutes later, after agreeing on some details, Zhang Tie and Heller then confirmed the plan on space and topographical renovation of Castle of Black Iron completely. In the new plan, the entire immortal mountain and over 100 sq km of neighboring land were surrounded by a huge lake, being linked to which, some rivers nourished and irrigated the surrounding land. The Castle of Black Iron was covered with fertile land and woods which were abundant in water sources.

The Abyss of Chaos, after being expanded by 10 times, was in a canyon being surrounded by the immortal mountain.

"My lord, do you need other adjustments?"

"No need!"

"Let's start it then!"


Until 1 second before of the start of the renovations, the high speed-water flow pouring off the sky stopped, the colorful clouds started to pervade in all directions. In a split second, it had covered the Castle of Black Iron.

Watching such a bizarre scene, all the residents in the small own in the distance became perplexed. They just prayed loudly.

Heller then threw that seed of palace tree into the colorful clouds.

"Heller, is there any problem with those residents?" Zhang Tie asked.

"No problem, my lord. Because they were brought in by you, as long as you're okay, they will be okay."

Before Zhang Tie figured out Heller's words, the colorful clouds started to roll. In the misty cloud, Zhang Tie could see nothing near him.

The ground started to rock, the immortal mountain beneath his feet started to rock, the whole world started to rock. At the same time, Zhang Tie heard tumbling sounds coming from all directions.

Zhang Tie felt that he was standing on a car which was running on a bumpy road being paved with fine pellets.

After 3 minutes, the rock stopped while the colorful cloud covering the entire space started to fade away to the marginal region.

In 3 minutes, the Castle of Black Iron had already changed its look greatly. It expanded by dozens of times and became boundless. The entire immortal mountain was as high as 12,000 m like the pillar of the world. The lofty mountain undulated like a Chinese dragon in the middle of the Castle of Black Iron.

Zhang Tie lowered his head as he looked at his own feet. He felt that he had already come to a new world. Even though he was on the hillside, he was still over 6,000 m high.

In the distance, a heaven river was pouring off from the sky. The seed of the palace tree had already grown into a tree-sized palace behind him which was higher than 200 m. Its crown was as splendid and fantastic as that of colorful clouds. In the farther and higher place behind the palace tree, Zhang Tie saw a picturesque mountain peak being circled by white clouds...

"Creating the world, our God is creating a new world..."

In the small town, more people responded it at this moment. They were so moved that they even dropped off tears at the sight of their God creating a new world. Everybody then poured towards the only shrine in the small town

From then on, the firm belief became indestructible.

After a few hours, Zhang Tie left Castle of Black Iron.

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