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The red and black fruit of bloodline was like an artwork. After observing it for quite a while in his hand, Zhang Tie finally ate it.

It tasted sour and salty. However, after eating it, Zhang Tie felt being still as an exotic energy rose from his stomach before spreading across his body. Being affected by that energy, Zhang Tie felt very sleepy. Only after resisting it for a few seconds had Zhang Tie closed his eyes...

'F*ck, will this fruit of bloodline help me awaken a bloodline in the dream?' Zhang Tie thought before falling asleep.


Zhang Tie felt like entering a grotesque world, which was covered with white clouds of mist, large or small, which looked like the marshmallows.

'Is this a dreamland?' Zhang Tie asked himself. Closely after that, Zhang Tie denied his presumption as he saw the fruit of bloodline in a clear-minded way inside.

The fruit of bloodline was floating above Zhang Tie's head in the shape of gyroelongated square dipyramid while giving out looming luster. This fruit of bloodline seemed to be much larger than that before. Suspending above Zhang Tie's head, it reminded Zhang Tie of being in an odd-looking lighthouse in the ocean composed of the marshmallows.

When Zhang Tie looked around, a group of messages appeared in his mind, reminding Zhang Tie of his current situation.

He was not in a dreamland but in a mysterious spiritual world similar to the virtual situation manifested by the trouble-reappearance fruit. This world was half real. Zhang Tie didn't know why he was here. Neither did he want to think too much about it. He only knew it was an effect of the small tree or Castle of Black Iron.

The trouble-reappearance fruit manifested the external world while the Fruit of Bloodline manifested his internal world, in which, he could freely choose which ancestral bloodline to activate or evolve.

The marshmallows in different sizes were various ancestral bloodlines which were hidden in his genes and had not been activated yet.

Zhang Tie then watched the ocean of marshmallows and almost passed out. Watching those marshmallows, Zhang Tie finally realized why everyone's body was a treasury.

Zhang Tie waved his hands towards the red and black fruit of bloodline; then, the huge gyroelongated square dipyramid floated towards him at once. Zhang Tie touched it with one hand and obtained a message immediately——bloodline's energy: 316 points.

"Show me the two ancestral bloodlines that I've already activated..."

Soon after Zhang Tie finished his words had a red marshmallow and a golden marshmallow flown towards him from afar and floated in front of him.

Compared to other dim marshmallows, both the red one and the golden one were giving out a comfortable, tender light.

There was a shadow of the javelin in the red marshmallow. Zhang Tie immediately recognized that it was the precise throwing bloodline. There was a humanoid shadow which was changing its color constantly in the golden marshmallow, at the sight of which, Zhang Tie knew it was the color changing bloodline.

It seemed that the red marshmallow had been completely activated while the greater part of that golden marshmallow was still grey.

Zhang Tie put his hand on the red marshmallow and saw a line of the message at once.

——Precise throwing bloodline; already been fully activated.

After checking the precise throwing bloodline, Zhang Tie moved his hand on that color changing bloodline.

——Body changing Bloodline; 1/3 activated. 2 more levels to be activated.

——LV 1, color changing bloodline; already been activated. This bloodline could change the color of your skin, eyes and hair.

——LV 2, bone changing bloodline; not been activated yet. After activating this bloodline, you could change your figure. It could be activated with 78 points of bloodline energy.

——LV 3, face changing bloodline; not been activated yet. This level could not be activated unless the LV 2 bloodline is activated. After activating this bloodline, you could change your face. It could be activated with 135 points of bloodline energy.

After reading this message, Zhang Tie was so thrilled that he kept rubbing his hands. He had not imagined that he could have such powerful genes. Bone changing effect could be reached by some secret cultivation methods such as bone contracting skill. With the help of some pills or medicament, one could also realize the same effect in a short period; however, that face changing bloodline was really great. As the color changing bloodline, bone changing bloodline and face changing bloodline belonged to the same series, only when all the 3 bloodlines were activated would the entire body changing bloodline awaken completely.

'What an immortal bloodline!' Zhang Tie thought it was a bit excessive by listing the color changing bloodline as an immortal bloodline previously. Until then did he understand that the color changing bloodline was just a beginning of a powerful bloodline. It would be more powerful if the later bloodlines could be further awakened.

'Why Huaiyuan Palace are so concerned about the ancestral bloodlines that their disciples have awakened? Maybe the elders of Huaiyuan Palace have already guessed that there might be more special bloodlines to awaken after these rare immortal bloodlines.' Zhang Tie thought.

'I have 316 points of bloodline energy after eating that fruit of bloodline. I will still have 105 points left if I completely activate the body changing bloodline. Do I need to activate them?'

Watching the marshmallows in front of him, large and small, Zhang Tie soon made a decision——just take a look first.

In the next half an hour, Zhang Tie was wandering in the ocean of marshmallows. He checked the ancestral bloodline in each marshmallow. As a result, Zhang Tie was so shocked that he could not even utter a word.

There were inclusive ancestral bloodlines in his genes. As long as he activated any one of them would he gain a new ability. He found that the precise throwing ability was only a very common ancestral bloodline being related to javelin. There were many other bloodlines concerning the abilities to use weapons, the most common one among was called "**Affinity" such as "Sword Affinity", "Sabre Affinity", "Stick Affinity" and "Ax Affinity". According to the introduction, after awakening "**Affinity" bloodline, he could use that weapon adroitly.

However, these "**Affinity" bloodlines were just a start as many weapons would manifest their unique and powerful bloodline abilities in later stages. For instance, Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace paid more attention to the ancestral bloodline concerning crossbow. After reaching "Crossbow Affinity", there were dozens of other ancestral bloodlines to be awakened, such as "Crossbow Proficiency", "Crossbow Identification Skill", "Unification of Human and Crossbow", "Shooting through Tree Leaves from 100 m away", "Long-distance Shoot", "Shooting in Wind", "Shooting through Clouds", "Mountain Drilling Shoot", "Heart Shoot", "Shoot after Lightning Bolt ", "Breaking Sun Bow", etc. Those ancestral bloodlines of the same series would have complex links with each other more or less. It was a bit like bloodlines tree which had a rigid hierarchy.

These ancestral bloodlines reminded Zhang Tie of Lan Yunxi, who said she had awakened some ancestral bloodlines concerning crossbow at a young age. Perhaps, they were contained in these bloodlines.

Among all the ancestral bloodlines, crossbow, sword, saber and javelin were the most powerful series concerning weapons, each of which had developed into a verdant bloodlines tree, on which there were always a lot of ancestral bloodlines to be awakened.

Zhang Tie found that those marshmallows containing ancestral bloodlines of crossbow series were whiter while those marshmallows of saber, sword and javelin were grayer. It required 27 points of bloodline energy to activate a "Crossbow Affinity". However, it required 62 points of bloodline energy to activate a "Sword Affinity" or "Sabre Affinity", which was almost twice that of "Crossbow Affinity".

Zhang Tie thought, 'Perhaps this was influenced by the ties of the blood of Zhang Clan. The most powerful ancestral bloodline of Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace is related to the crossbow. Therefore, such an ancestral bloodline could be easily manifested by the offspring of Huaiyuan Palace. The Clan's mark has been staying in my body since I was born.'

Besides the above ancestral bloodlines, Zhang Tie learned many other strange ancestral bloodlines on insects' language, beasts' language, flowers' language, etc.

Some bloodlines, after being activated, could make you a good gardener.

Some bloodlines, after being activated, could enable you to identify ground qi and fengshui.

Some bloodlines, after being activated, could enable you to respond to aspect astrology and meteorology.

Some bloodlines, after being activated, could grant you with the talent of mathematics and financial management.

Some bloodlines, after being activated, could make you a cook or a blacksmith.

Some bloodlines, after being activated, could grant you with an ability to pluck up the morale of the army when you beat a drum. Zhang Tie was deeply impressed by this ancestral bloodline and its name——Fiery Dance.

Zhang Tie was stunned by its message when he checked a grey marshmallow which was as large as a small room.

——Dragon Herding Bloodline; not activated yet. After activating this bloodline, you could gain the secret method of herding dragons. It could be activated with 1134 points of bloodline energy.

'Is that real? Is that dragon herding skill hiding in my gene?'

Zhang Tie was shocked.

'I remember that an elder of Huaiyuan Palace said it was a bloodline of Dong Clan. The ancestor of Dong Clan was called Dragon Herding. As Dong Clan had been married to Hua people for tens of thousands of years, the ancestral bloodline was maintained in my gene...

After being stunned for a few seconds, Zhang Tie shook his head as a question appeared in his mind, 'It took me quite a long while to only read 1/10 of these ancestral bloodlines, which ancestral bloodline should I activate then?'

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