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When Zhang Tie arrived at the valley, he saw a huge pit as deep as 10 m at the bottom of the valley, where the two knights' brilliant battle qi totems were gradually fading away.

What a fierce battle situation! When they tightly clutched the opponent's hand with one hand, the long sword of the human knight was penetrated through the chest of the knight of Three-eye Association. When the knight of Three-eye Association was covered with blue ice dregs, he inserted his right hand into the human knight's lower abdomen, causing a huge bloody hole on the back of the latter...

Standing at the bottom of the deep pit, they constantly shed fresh blood, causing a blood pond at their feet...

At the sight of this scene, Zhang Tie realized how powerful were the two knights. As a result, Zhang Tie quivered once all over as he almost wanted to turn around and escape.

'Should I leave?' Zhang Tie struggled for 2 seconds before gritting his teeth and landing on a small tree beside the huge pit. The beetle then stretched out its little head through a leaf and watched the battle situation in the huge pit.

In such a remote valley, the two knights seemed to have not noticed such a trivial insect landing on the tree beside them. Even if they did notice it, they would not care.

"Wh...why?" The knight of Three-eye Association asked in a furious, regretful and hoarse voice as he glared at that human knight opposite him.

Zhang Tie remembered that this guy was standing with that knight who was employed by Senel Clan last night when he flew over the camp of demonized puppets.

"You...won't understand it!" Leo replied as he spurted out a mouthful of black fresh blood, "Even though you're a knight, you're just...a lackey of demons, it's...worthwhile...for die in Mocco City together with you..."

"Lunatic...lunatic..." The knight of Three-eye Association swore loudly as he also kept spurting out blood. After falling to the ground, his fresh blood turned into dark blue ice dregs...

"This is...the commitment...of a real knight!" Leo revealed a tranquil smile...

"Do you could die together with me only in this way? Heh...heh..." The knight of Three-eye Association revealed an insidious smile, "You're too naive, without enough you think I Three-eye Association?"

Leo suddenly narrowed his eyes as something occurred to him; however, he didn't say it; instead, he just used up his remaining battle force, "Go die..."

The long sword inside the chest of the knight of Three-eye Association suddenly became more brilliant as it cut downwards his belly, seeming to cut that knight into halves. As a result, a terrifying wound about 10 cm long appeared on that knight's body...

After suffering another severe injury, the knight of Three-eye Association suddenly opened his mouth while a cyan flame flew out of his mouth and fell onto Leo's body. As a result, Leo's body froze before burning into ashes only in a few seconds in front of Zhang Tie's eyes although the flames didn't look hot.

The battle instantly came to an end in the huge pit. If not that long sword which still stayed inside that knight of Three-eye Association and the terrifying huge pit at present, almost nobody could imagine that there was another [human] knight here just now...

It was Zhang Tie's first time to witness the death of a powerful human knight.

Even till now, Zhang Tie still didn't know the name of the dead human knight.

Zhang Tie's blood boiled...

The knight of Three-eye Association knelt down at once as he started to spit blood. After a while, he struggled to pick himself up and attempted to draw that long sword blade out of his body. However, the moment he moved had he uttered a muffled harrumph while sweat dropped off his forehead heavily. Finally, he abandoned that thought as he just kept the sword blade inside his body.

Although only with an attempt, he had almost exhausted his full physical strength. He swayed his body for a few seconds before throwing himself onto the ground with his legs crossed. After that, he took out a vial of medicament and drunk it. He then closed his eyes and entered meditation.

At this moment, a crazy thought occurred to Zhang Tie. However, when Zhang Tie recalled the cyan flame flying out of the mouth of that knight of Three-eye Association and his terrifying battle force, Zhang Tie hesitated at once.

All the actions were too risky. He would be safe and sound if he just left out of here at this moment; however...

The reply "This is...the commitment...of a real knight!" filled Zhang Tie's mind...

Only after thinking for less than 5 seconds, Zhang Tie had gritted his teeth and flew off the leaf...


Right then, the knight of Three-eye Association seemed to feel that something was wrong as he turned around. When he found that it was just an insect, he ignored it and continued his meditation.

When that guy turned around, Zhang Tie was so scared that he almost wanted to turn around and flew away. He had not imagined that such a person could still have such a great perceptive ability even now. What a knight!

Nevertheless, Zhang Tie was controlled by his adventurous gene once again.


At the final moment, the knight felt something behind him. He looked back once again...

This time, he didn't see an insect anymore; instead, he saw Zhang Tie's decisive look which was full of killing intent. As a result, that person widened his eyes immediately.

"Go die!" Zhang Tie exclaimed the same words which the human knight roared just now like he was going to finish the will of the human knight. Meanwhile, he struck onto the knight's ears and temples with his punches which were full of his physical strength and his fierce Iron-blood Battle Qi.

As a result, each hole on the head of the knight of Three-eye Association spurted out blood while his head was distorted...

Being afraid of his cyan flame, after striking his head, Zhang Tie teleported a dagger from Castle of Black Iron and stabbed him dozens of times on his back in a blink of an eye...

When Zhang Tie stopped, he found the knight was already dead with his eyes widely opened. Zhang Tie didn't know whether that guy was smashed to death by his punch or by his dagger.

Only after such a short while, Zhang Tie found that he had already been oozing sweat all over. Meanwhile, he panted as his chest was rising and falling.

'F*ck, it's really intense to kill a knight.' Zhang Tie mumbled.

Soon after killing that guy had Zhang Tie teleported the corpse along with the long sword on the corpse into Castle of Black Iron. After that, he glanced over the bottom of the pit with a complex look and confirmed that nothing was left except for the ash. Then, Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron. A few seconds later, that black beetle reappeared. It changed the direction and flew away.

Only after less than 20 seconds, before Zhang Tie left the valley had another figure arrived.

At the sight of that figure, Zhang Tie was too scared that he started oozing sweat all over even in Castle of Black Iron.

That person was Koz...

Koz darted here as fast as a lightning bolt with gleaming eyes and started to check the huge pit carefully. As the bottom of the huge pit was full of gravels, Zhang Tie was not worried about leaving any footsteps on it.

After finding no clue, Koz finally paid attention to that small pile of black ash and blood stains. He squatted and rubbed the black ash and blood stains with his fingers. Closely after that, he revealed a dubious look. After standing in the pit for a few seconds, he jumped out of it. After a couple of seconds, he passed by Zhang Tie as fast as the wind.

At that moment, Zhang Tie was only less than 10 m away from Koz. However, Koz didn't pay attention to such a small insect behind the trunk of a tree, the color of whom turned as same as that of the trunk.

'If I waited another 20 seconds before attacking the knight or stayed 20 seconds longer in the pit after killing him, the result would be completely different.'

Zhang Tie felt fortunate inside.

After flying off the trunk, Zhang Tie was not in a hurry to return to Mocco City; instead, he kept flying dozens of miles away towards the west before landing in a palm-sized crevice on a low cliff. After that, the beetle returned to Castle of Black Iron.

In Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie opened his eyes when he found Heller watching him with a weird look. It was like how a math doctor watched a passer-by clearing the lottery pool which contained the total prize of 5-6 billions of gold coins by purchasing 50-60 lotteries with the same number. If not the passer-by had colluded with the lottery seller, it could only owe to the luck.

Zhang Tie had no time to consider the meaning of Heller's weird look; instead, he directly ran towards that knight of Three-eye Association pleasantly.

After turning over the corpse by his foot, Zhang Tie instantly drew that long sword out of the corpse. Of course, the knight's weapon was unusual. The moment he held the long sword had Zhang Tie realized that it was a rarity...

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