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After the explosion in Mocco City three days ago, the circumstances across the city became intense at once. Various news were spread in Mocco City. The explosion was targeted at the Selnes Eagle while the missing two alchemist's bombs in the strategic arsenal of Symbian Republic were still lost.

The explosion on that day killed hundreds of people. Additionally, the two missing alchemist's bombs in the strategic arsenal of Symbian Republic had many people sent to the prison. This event involved over 600 people in total. Therefore, although three days had passed, the atmosphere in Mocco City was still intense.

The noon had just passed by. At the northern city gate of Mocco City, a city defense soldier was checking the accessing vehicles and personnel strictly. After they were told that the missing two alchemist's bombs might still be in Mocco City, all the soldiers on duty treated this very seriously. They paid special attention to the places on vehicles which could hold alchemist's bombs.

However, after three days, they neither found the alchemist's bombs nor the lackeys of Three-Eye Association. They only caught some deserters and corrupted guys from the logistics department of some countries in the Selnes frontline who were related to the illegal market in Mocco City.

It was just a bit over 12 pm. It was lunchtime. At this moment, a car darted towards Mocco City after passing by some defense lines outside the Mocco City and causing some noises, dust floating through the air.

A major wearing the armband of the human alliance who was on duty outside the city gate had already noticed the abnormal situation in the far. Before that vehicle arrived at the city gate, the major had already told the soldiers to be spirited.

At the major's order, two armored vehicles parking outside the city gate had already targeted the steam catapults on the armored vehicles towards the oncoming vehicle.

When the incoming vehicle drew closer, the major noticed the symbol of Jinyun Country hanging on it, "Who dared to drive a military SUV into Mocco City only after that event three days ago." the major slightly frowned, "What the hell!"

The vehicle was stopped at the checkpoint outside the city gate. Before the major opened his mouth had he seen a pile of wing demons' heads behind the vehicle. The major immediately drew in a cold breath.

After hearing their exclamations, a lot of soldiers swarmed up. They all watched those demons' heads with a shocking look.

"Ah? They're real, not waxworks. They're all wing demons' heads..." a soldier couldn't stand to check those heads out of curiosity before shouting out loudly.

The major deeply drew in a breath before asking that driver, "Sergeant first class, what are those things?"

"Wing demons' heads, is there any problem?" Zhang Tie answered.

"Those heads are real, but why did you put them in your vehicle?"

"They are my military exploits!"

"Military exploits? From where?"

"I killed them!"

"You killed them?" that major immediately recalled something when he saw Zhang Tie's young face and the rank sergeant first class on Zhang Tie's shoulder, "Can you show me your ID certificate?"

Zhang Tie showed his ID certificate as the only air cavalry across Selnes Theater of Operations to the major through the window.

After taking a look at it, the major instantly snapped to attention, causing a sound 'Pa' before passing the certificate back to Zhang Tie respectfully. At the same time, he took a deep breath, "Your Excellency, Zhang Tie, out of my duty, I have to warn you that someone might pose a threat to your life in Mocco City. May I know your purpose here? If necessary, I will notice the human alliance and let them protect you..."

"No need. I've heard what happened in Mocco City. I'm just here to take a round in Mocco City. I want to chop off the head of the owner of those demon lackeys and show them my energetic look. I want those b*stards to know that even though they have alchemist's bombs, they are still just a group of b*stards who deserve to hide in the sewer!"


Under everyone's admiring gaze, Zhang Tie drove into Mocco City.

At this moment, Mocco City was full of soldiers.

Zhang Tie slowed down and started to wander in the streets.

All those who caught sight of this vehicle would stop on the streets as they widely opened their mouths and stared at those wing demons' heads in the carriage of the vehicle.

Since the beginning of the 3rd holy war, demons' super corps had been resting on each human's head like a mountain. A LV 9 human fighter could at least serve as a field officer in many countries across Blackson Humans Corridor, which was definitely the backbone of each human corps. However, in demon's super corps, such a LV 9 fighter was just a common soldier. Therefore, everyone would feel chilly and think that demons were unrivaled.

However, in Selnes Theater of Operations, those demon squads who broke through human defense line and penetrated to the back of the theater of operations brought a huge and terrifying destruction to humans, which frightened everyone. A battalion of human fighters, If encountered a demon squad of over 10 demons, would be killed in a couple of minutes. Such powerful demons made over 99% of human fighters below LV 9 breathless.

If an allied human squad of about 100 people could kill one common LV 9 demon soldier, all the members of this squad would be rewarded. This reward was equal to killing one major commission officer of the enemy. From this, we knew how difficult it was to kill a demon.

However, at this moment, those human fighters who might have not seen demons, suddenly saw a military vehicle being loaded with wing demons' heads in the streets. Of course, they were shocked.

Those heads were not of the most commonly seen iron-armored demons but of the rarest wing demons. Therefore, the shock was amplified by many times at once.

Wing demons' heads, a military SUV from the Crystal Battle Fortress of Jinyun Country and a young sergeant first class in a special uniform——after combining the three aspects, some onlookers guessed Zhang Tie's status right now. In a split second, the driver's status was spread across the city.

After experiencing the assassination of an alchemist bomb, the Selnes Eagle returned to Mocco City, with a carriage of wing demons' heads. He was driving his vehicle on the streets of Mocco City brightly.

Because of that explosion three days ago, the circumstances in Mocco City became a bit depressive as people were worried about their lives. However, at the sight of so many wing demons' heads and knowing that the driver was Zhang Tie, everyone felt energetic like having a strong power out of nothing. They didn't fear about demons anymore while their depression faded away at once.

Gradually, more and more soldiers followed Zhang Tie's vehicle voluntarily. Being driven by the unrivaled morale, some even shouted the slogan for the first time as more and more people joined in. The slogan then became as overwhelming as mountains and tsunami and sounded around Zhang Tie's vehicle.

"Kill the demons. Humans are doomed to win..."


"Kill the demons. Humans are doomed to win..."


In the beginning, Zhang Tie didn't mean to make such a chaos. However, Zhang Tie gradually found that he could not control that. Hundreds and thousands of people started to follow him. Only after wandering in the streets for over 10 minutes, he had been followed by over tens of thousands of people.

Through the rear-view mirror, Zhang Tie saw his vehicle was followed by a lot of people, who filled the whole street. As he moved ahead, more and more people joined in the contingent. Some more were coming on the way here.


"Kill the demons. Humans are doomed to win..."

Gradually, this slogan thundered across the Mocco City.


General Howard was holding a meeting with the other generals of other countries in a conference room. At this moment, the loud slogan drifted in the conference room. Given the loudness, they knew it was caused by at least hundreds of thousands of people.

General Howard and the other generals in the conference room became a bit chaotic.

"What's wrong? Which country's corps is holding a parade in Selnes City?" General Howard slightly frowned as he glanced at those generals at present.

Although Howard, as the supreme officer in the alliance command, just played a coordinating role on the battlefield. None of the corps from other countries would follow his order. All the military actions had to be coordinated. However, it was too excessive if any corps would like to hold a parade in Mocco City and didn't notice him in advance. Therefore, General Howard became a bit dissatisfied.

At this moment, there were only three major corps, coming from three countries. One from the Symbian Republic; one from Norman Empire; the last one from Francia Federal.

At this moment, all the other members in the conference room were silently glancing at the representatives from the three countries. Many of them were admiring them inside. Given the slogan, they knew the corps had a high morale. It was very difficult to keep such a morale at this critical moment.

The three countries' representatives then exchanged glances with each other.

"Symbian Republic didn't hold a parade today. If there was, as the owner of Mocco City, I would be invited to watch it for sure!" the general on behalf of Symbian Republic shook his head.

"Norman Empire didn't hold a parade either. In Norman Empire, only when the king arrives do we hold a corps-level parade!" that general of Norman Empire also shook his head.

"The parliament of Francia Federal has never approved any budget for holding a corps-level parade in Selnes Theater of Operations. This requires a lot of money. In order to support the Selnes Theater of Operations, we've already tightened our waistband. The parliament of Francia Federal has already cut off half of its expenditure. This summer, our noble parliamentarians will not enjoy those ice cubes in the ice cave. If we hold such a parade at this moment. Those noble parliamentarians would feel cold in winter. They might rebel before the arrival of the demons!"

After hearing the Francia Federal general's joke, all the others in the conference room burst out into laughter.

Only after a short while, the slogan outside had become even louder. Additionally, they realized that it came from all directions. It seemed that the entire Mocco City was boiling.

When they were puzzling about that, General Howard's adjutant hurriedly walked into the conference room and whispered in Howard's ears for half a minute. After hearing that, General Howard's eyebrows raised at once as he looked thrilled.

The adjutant then left.

Watching those generals in the conference room, General Howard took a deep breath, "Our Selnes Eagle has just driven in Mocco City while the carriage was loaded with 60-70 wing demons' heads. This is his current achievement, also a dauntless declaration. That's a heroic and charming deed. The slogan was made by the soldiers in Mocco City. As the general of the alliance command in Selnes Theater of Operations, I'm proud to have such a hero in Selnes Theater of Operations!"

After hearing his words, all the general applauded fervently after a short second.

The Selnes Eagle allowed the low-morale across the Mocco City to rise again. He made the entire city so energetic and inspiring. Given this point, he deserved that medal.

''I want to see our hero and the wing demons' heads. Those who are not afraid of alchemist's bombs can go there together with me!" General Howard then walked out of the conference room. The other generals exchanged glances with each other before following General Howard one after another...

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