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After Zhang Tie laid in the flower of life, the huge bud gradually closed. Zhang Tie then felt being wrapped by pedals while an exotic fragrance drilled into Zhang Tie's nose. Zhang Tie instantly felt pure as his soul and his body seemed being split from each other.


Zhang Tie couldn't feel the existence of time in that state. After quivering his body all over, Zhang Tie realized that the pure state had disappeared. Zhang Tie opened his eyes and found that he was soaked in a liquid of the bud. What a strange feeling! He didn't breathe, however, he could sense that each pore on his skin was exchanging oxygen and energy with the liquid.

With a crashing sound, the bud opened while the liquid spread over the ground and disappeared instantly. All the liquid that touched Zhang Tie's skin also slid off Zhang Tie's body. Being naked, Zhang Tie also caught sight of the outside world at once.

At this moment, Zhang Tie really felt being a new born. He was pure, cool and energetic. He watched his hands, skin and his thing before letting out a deep sigh.

No tail on his body, no scale on his face, no horn on his forehead, no bat-like flesh-film wings on his back, he recovered his human body once again. In one word, "Cool!".

Although demon's body was powerful, Zhang Tie always regarded it as a worm, instead of a person. Now, he had recovered his pure human body; although losing his seven-strength fruits as a payment, Zhang Tie felt it was worthwhile.

Heller was waiting for Zhang Tie beside him with a mirror and a lot of clothes very carefully. It seemed that Heller knew what Zhang Tie was thinking about.

Zhang Tie jumped off the flower of life and put on his new clothes. After that he raised his head and exclaimed, "Ah..." for about 1 minute. After releasing all his depressive qi, Zhang Tie started to look in the mirror carefully. If there were still some scales on his face or a bulge on his forehead, he would suffer a lot.

It was still that same handsome face. There was no bulge on his forehead. Except one point, his eyes became emerald.

"Ah, why is my eyes green? Is there any remaining genes of demon?" Zhang Tie was greatly shocked.

"Demon's genes have been completely cleaned from your body. However, some of your special genes were activated when you and Abyan engulfed each other. Although demon's genes were removed, your genes could not be eliminated. You've already had the similar experience." Heller explained patiently.

"What do you mean?"

"Castle Lord has awaken another ancestral bloodline, a unique ancestral bloodline which only appeared in Chinese. Such a bloodline would be inherited to your descendants!"

"Ancestral bloodline? You mean I've awaken another ancestral bloodline?" Zhang Tie widely opened his eyes.


"What's its effect? To turn my eyes green?" Zhang Tie muttered inside.

"Castle Lord, you could imagine your eyes turning black!" Heller suggested.

Zhang Tie glanced at Heller before looking into mirror once again. He then silently imagined that his eyes were black. Amazingly, his eyes turned Chinese black.

Zhang Tie almost sprung up.

"Castle Lord, you could imagine that you have blonde hair like that of Peter Hamplester!"

Zhang Tie then imagined as his black hair gradually turned blonde. Additionally, his skin gradually changed its color while his eyes turned blue.

All these only took him dozens of seconds. However, the effect was the same as that of disguising medicament. Zhang Tie was so amazed about that Peter Hamplester in the mirror as he widely opened his mouth.

"What a great...great...great ability!"

"Will I be mistaken as a demon?"

"No, like how fish could swim, human could also swim. You can't say that a person who has the same ability with fish is a fish. Your ability originates from the activated human genes of you instead of the demons. Additionally, this ability is completely different than that of shadow demon. Shadow demon could completely transform into another person; however, you could only change the color of your eyes, skin and hair. Some people were born to change the color of their eyes. For instance, some albinism patients could also change the color of their eyes, hair and skin. Because they've partly manifested their human genes. Although such a manifestation is not constructive and controllable in many people's eyes, it's truly their special ability. The biggest difference between you and those people who could optionally manifest their genes is that you could control this process!"

"Ah, but why would people have such an ability?" Zhang Tie continued.

Heller blinked as he joked, "If I told you that this was just an instinct and talent of women who could make themselves beautiful without make-up in the far ancient time, would you be surprised about that?"

"This was an automatic make-up skill for women?" Zhang Tie became stunned as he watched Heller, "Heller, I've not imagined that you're that humorous!"

Heller replied with a smile as he shrugged, "I'm always humorous, but Castle Lord has not found that before. As the first person who wakes up this ancestral bloodline in this age, you can name this bloodline!"

"Let's call it Fantastic Pupils!" Zhang Tie replied after thinking for a while, "Although I've lost seven-strength fruits, I woke up an ancestral bloodline. Therefore, I can save the money for disguising medicament! That's not bad!"

"Castle Lord, as you've been focusing on that demon body these couple of days, you forgot to take a look at your reward from the small tree after killing the shadow demon. Shadow demon is the most terrifying enemy of human."

After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie hurriedly rushed towards the small tree...

After one minute, Zhang Tie's exciting roars drifted from that small tree...


One day later...

The moment Zhang Tie left Castle of Black Iron did he appear in water. Widely opening his eyes, he held his breath and watched where he was. If not Heller had told him that he would appear in water after leaving Castle of Black Iron, he might have been choked by water.

There were undercurrents in the water, which was caused by churning water. It was already deep night. However, under his dark vision, he could see everything clearly. He could see a shoal of small fish and flourish water seeds at the bottom of the water on his side. After ensuring that nobody was in water, he forcefully kicked back in the water and came to the surface of the water along with his water-proof luggage.

In the past three years, as Zhang Tie was promoted to LV 9, Castle of Black Iron further released its spacial ability. Heller built a space tunnel between this subterranean stream and the Pool of Chaos in Castle of Black Iron so that water could be constantly transported in the Pool of Chaos and bring a great amount of energy storage to Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, Castle of Black Iron could be expanded. If not being afraid of too much water loss which might lead to abnormal phenomenon here, Castle of Black Iron might have expanded many times more.

However, even now, Zhang Tie was also satisfied. Because he found another way for Castle of Black Iron to increase its basic energy storage rapidly. Later on, if he wanted to rapidly increase basic energy storage for Castle of Black Iron, he only needed to find a remote place in ocean. After entering Castle of Black Iron, he could directly open a space channel and absorb sea water in the Pool of Chaos from inside. In this way, he could increase the storage efficiency by more than 1000 times.

This made Zhang Tie comfortable more or less. Although it was a long period during which he lost many things, Zhang Tie also gained something. After recovering his human body by eliminating demon genes with the help of the flower of life, Zhang Tie found that he recovered his looks of three years ago. Three years was just like one day, which left no trace on Zhang Tie at all.

Only after a few seconds, Zhang Tie had already exposed his head out of the water. He looked around and saw nothing in the surroundings but waving reeds in the night wind.

Nothing changed in the surroundings except for the disappearance of the entire castle of Master Abyan. Instead, it became a lake. "According to Heller, my master Zhao Yuan arrived one week after I entered Castle of Black Iron. With only one strike, he erased the entire castle from this world."

Zhang Tie swam towards the lakeside. As long as he swam in the lake he could sense the terror of the man whose nickname was conversion demon. Such a terrifying strength was completely out of Zhang Tie's imagination. In front of such a strength, Zhang Tie, as a LV 9 fighter, or a fighting demon like Abyan was nothing but ants.

Zhang Tie was filled with reverence and self-mockery. It was reasonable that he didn't know what level was his master Zhao Yuan; however, although having lit 34 surging points on his spine, he was still confused about the next step. In Zhao Yuan's words, LV 9 was just a start of cultivation.

Thinking about this, Zhang Tie became more desiring about Huaiyuan Palace because his relatives, friends and the secret knowledge about the way of cultivation after LV 9 were all there.

Zhang Tie came to the lakeside and entered reeds. He then started to put on his clothes rapidly. When he fought Abyan, he dropped off his golden carp sword. Finally, the sword was covered by Abyan's bloody light and was teleported into Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, it was preserved. But the soul crystal gifted by Zhao Yuan was broken in fight.

After putting on average clothes, Zhang Tie walked out of the reeds and headed for Blackhot City.

On the way, Zhang Tie saw weed everywhere. Additionally, there were so many tombs on the hillside. Some red-eyed stray dogs were wandering in the wild. At the sight of Zhang Tie, some of them followed Zhang Tie without any fear. After Zhang Tie kicked two of them with stones, the rest ones escaped away while lowering their tails.

At the sight of all this, Zhang Tie gradually became cold inside. Although he didn't know what happened in Blackhot City, what was in front of his eyes had told him that Blackhot City had experienced a huge change.

Coming to the south gate of Blackhot City, Zhang Tie was startled by the current situation of Blackhot City. Ruined city walls and open city gate indicated that this city had encountered a catastrophe. It was broken and deserted everywhere. Nothing was on the top of the city wall. Some men were sitting at the city gate with spears. The whole city seemed having been deserted, which was sharply different than its previous boisterous scene.

Sitting in the gate entrance, they were sitting around a bonfire and roasting something. Until Zhang Tie reached the city gate did a guy who was facing Zhang Tie find him.

"Ah, someone is here..."

The moment that person exclaimed, everyone who was sitting before the bonfire turned around as they targeted their spears at Zhang Tie.

"Who're you?", a 40-odd strong guy with a ferocious look glared at Zhang Tie.

Frowning, Zhang Tie watched them. Their uniforms were irregular. Additionally, their gesture and coordination was not proper. Zhang Tie then confirmed that they were just some commoners with some strength. In another word, they were nothing but a motley crew.

"Who are you?" Zhang Tie asked them after glancing at them.

"Ah, he can speak. He's not a damn zombie!" one of them finally let out his sigh as he lowered his spear. As to that guy with a ferocious look, after glaring at Zhang Tie, he hurriedly raised his spear in a shameful way.

"Brat, answer me honestly. Who are you? Where have you come from? What are you going to do in Blackhot City?" the 40-odd guy shouted towards Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie didn't speak; instead, he just flashed forward and instantly grabbed away that guy's spear magically. After that, he changed the direction of the spear and put the sharp end of the spear onto that 40-odd guy's throat.

Zhang Tie moved so fast that the 40-odd guy's life fell in his hand in a wink.

"It's my turn to ask you. Who are you? Where have you come from? and What's the current situation in Blackhot City?"


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