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On January 14th, it was a bit sunny in Blackhot City. Although the accumulated snow outside the city had not completely melt but at the sight of the wisp of light through the thick clouds, people's grief gradually reduced.

At this moment, the Blackhot City was still prosperous and boisterous. Over 10 coaches with the license plate of No. 39 Division of Norman Empire were running in the streets of Blackhot City silently.

Each coach had a military officer of No. 39 Division, who was holding the road map and a name list. They were picking up people as marked on the map according to the name list.

For those soldiers and drivers in No. 39 Division, they were executing a military mission, during which period, no mistake was allowed. Therefore, everyone became very serious.


When a car parked outside the Norbin Hotel, a military officer in the car got off the coach. A girls of Rose Association and her parents were waiting there. After checking their names, they all got on the coach...


At the same time, another coach parked outside the Mangrove Shopping Mall in Blackhot City. At the sight of the coach, some people walked over here.

"Are you Mr. Franca's family?" the military officer asked politely.

"I'm Franca..." as a common gardener in Blackhot City, Mr. Franca walked one step forward in a bit tense look.

"Can you show me your migration certificates?"

"Fine!" Franca revealed a smile as he took out the migration certificates of his family to that military officer.

"Alright, please get on the coach!" the military officer invited them in politely.

Franca's family members then got on the vehicle. At sight of the familiar faces of the brothers of God Blessing Association, Franca responded with a smile.

After finding some people in the vehicle were as old as them, Franca's dad and mom started to chat with them and soon they became relaxed.


Blues was cradling his younger sister. Lifting a luggage with his left hand, he was waiting outside the postal office of Blackhot City with his family members. Only after ten more minutes, a coach had already parked in front of them.

After communicating with each other for a few seconds, Blues' family got on the vehicle.


The same scene happened in many places across Blackhot City.

In the Red Maple Avenue in the north of Blackhot City, at the sight of Beverly in a beautiful red overcoat standing on the roadside with her parents, Zhang Tie ordered his driver to park over there. At the sight of Beverly through the window, Hista and the other guys of Brotherhood started to make ambiguous grimace towards Zhang Tie. If not their parents were sitting in the vehicle, they must have been booing and hooting.

The moment the vehicle parked, Zhang Tie jumped off it and took over Beverly's luggage, "Let me do it!"

Beverly responded with a sweet smile. She let her mom get on the vehicle first, then herself.

Watching such a spacious coach, Beverly's dad asked Zhang Tie silently in the back of the coach, "Ah, so many people would like to leave out of here with you?"

Although Zhang Tie had already told him that he would take some friends back together with him, Beverly's dad had not imagined that it was a full coach of people instead of just 7-8 people. Therefore, he became a bit amazed.

Zhang Tie then felt a bit diffident inside. After talking with Beverly's parents that day, he found that Beverly's dad had almost treated him as a will-be son-in-law. If Beverly's dad saw those girls of Rose Association after a short while, Zhang Tie was wondering what Beverly's dad would think about him.

"Erm...I have many friends in Blackhot City!" Zhang Tie yawned as he invited Beverly's dad in the vehicle. He then placed Beverly's luggage.

"Are we going to the railway station after a short while? We'd better buy sleeping berths; otherwise, Beverly's mom might not stand it!"

"Hmm, I know, I won't let aunt feel uncomfortable!"

"Papa, what're you talking about. Come on, get on the vehicle!" Beverly urged them in the vehicle.

The vehicle started once again. Zhang Tie was sitting on the side of the driver, which was close to the door. If it was a bus, Zhang Tie was in the position of the ticket seller. Beverly's parents were sitting behind the two people and were chatting with Barley's parents. Beverly was sitting on Zhang Tie's side as she hugged Zhang Tie's arm with a sweet look. For Beverly, she felt like traveling with her family members under the guidance of Zhang Tie, making her feel pretty sweet.

"Bighead, who else should we pick up?"

Doug, sitting on the back of the coach, called Zhang Tie's nickname straightforwardly even at this moment. He had not noticed Leit's expression at all. After Zhang Tie became the boss of the God Blessing Association, even Barley and Sharwin silently changed Zhang Tie's appellation. They rarely called him Bighead anymore, except for Doug.

Zhang Tie didn't mind at all. Turning around his body, he explained, "I made a friend in Iron-Thorn Fighting Club, A'Nuo. I plan to pick him up this time. He has the same temper like you, Doug!"

"Really?" Doug became excited, "That's going be fun!"

"Oh, how did you get your nickname Bighead?" Beverly asked Zhang Tie in a low voice.

"Ah, erm...when in preliminary school, we used to play truant. As we could not escape from the front door, we could only drill out of the gap between protective steel bars in the classroom. Everyone could drill out easily, except for me because of my big head. My head was stuck in the protective steel bars, which made me very embarrassed. From then on, they called me Bighead!" Zhang Tie murmured to Beverly.

Beverly revealed a smile at once as she had not imagined that Zhang Tie had such a story...

After a few minutes, Zhang Tie saw A'Nuo's family who had been waiting for them near the Citizen Square of Blackhot City——A'Nuo, his wife and two kids, who were younger than 8 years old.

Seeing Zhang Tie getting off the vehicle, A'Nuo instantly held Zhang Tie's hand tightly with an exciting look. He didn't know what to say. Since last year, A'Nuo had already known some frightening information by chatting with some guests in the fighting club. As high-end clients gradually decreased, A'Nuo had felt the coming danger. However, he was unable to solve that. He had long expected to leave Blackhot City for his kids. However, he could not make it. Zhang Tie's appearance made A'Nuo feel that the God had heard his prayer. He was very appreciative inside. A'Nuo had not imagined that his benevolence in the fighting club could win him such a great return. What an amazing fate!

"Have you got this month's salary from the fighting club?" Zhang Tie asked.

"Yes. Manager Hance even paid me advance salary of two more months' when he knew that I was going to leave!" A'Nuo replied with full gratitude.

Remembering that fat in the Iron-Thorn Fighting Club, Zhang Tie smiled, "That shrewd guy must have long managed his migration certificate. Such a sycophant don't need my concern at all."

"Good, get on the vehicle!"

A'Nuo's family then got on the vehicle. With two more kids in the vehicle, the coach became more boisterous.


After picking up A'Nuo in the Citizen Square, Zhang Tie told another address to the driver.

Several minutes later, the vehicle parked. Zhang Tie then jumped off the vehicle. Meanwhile, he needed the help from Barley and the other guys.

"Ah, who will we pick up?" Barley frowned as he watched the apartment which had been covered with purple vines.

"Cut the crap. You will know about that at once. I'm sure you will be surprised!" Zhang Tie smiled towards his brothers before walking in the apartment building.

Barley and the other guys followed Zhang Tie to the third floor of this apartment building with full doubts. Zhang Tie knocked at a door on the third floor. After a few seconds, the door was opened. At the sight of Miss Daina's beautiful face, the other guys were dumbfounded at once. Widely opening their eyes, they almost screamed.

"Miss Daina!" Bagdad exclaimed at once.

"Miss Daina, are you ready?" Zhang Tie asked her quietly with a smile.

"I'm ready. but, Leona has inconvenience in movement..." Miss Daina said politely.

"Ah, do you need help? Let me help you, let me help you..." Hearing that Miss Daina needed help, those horny students swarmed in at once.

It was Zhang Tie's first time to see Miss Daina's younger brother. He was more than 20 years old. With a pale face, the emaciated man was sitting on a wheelchair while frowning his forehead. It seemed that he was being troubled by many concerns. Not until he saw the group of horny guys pouring in and heard their appellation towards his elder sister did he relieve his frown.

Bagdad, the most strongest one among them, directly carried Leona on his back. Sharwin folded Leona's wheelchair while the other horny guys hurriedly helped Miss Daina to pick up the luggage--three trunks, leaving Doug standing alone there. Finally, he walked in front of cabinet and asked Miss Daina shamefully while smiling like a rotten pear, "Miss Daina, do I need to move this?"

Miss Daina instantly burst out a smile. Watching her students, all of her concerns disappeared at once...

Zhang Tie and the other guys made a contemptuous gesture towards Doug at the same time.


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