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Zhang Yang looked much better than Zhang Tie had imagined. He was lying on the bed with one foot wrapped in thick gauze bandages; it was held in the air by a rack on one side of the bed. There was a small bandage above his left eye. Besides not being able to easily move about, he didn't look too bad.

Zhang Yang was telling Zhang Tie what happened to him 2 days ago. Although he was the one who was abducted, he could only recall some incoherent fragments.

"It was already late by then. My coworkers at the company had already left, leaving me alone. I was checking over the day's work. However, 3 people entered the company at that time. At the beginning, I thought they were guests and was not vigilant about them. They then asked whether I was Zhang Yang. I said yes. Then, I lost consciousness..."

Zhang Yang explained shamefully. Whereas, Zhang Tie could understand his feelings. Because his elder brother was only LV 5 and had not even formed his battle qi. He was like commoners who had no ability to fight those LV 7-8 fighters at all. Therefore, it was pretty easy to knock him out when his elder brother wasn't expecting it.

"What then?"

"When I woke up, I had been taken into a vehicle by the 3 people with my limbs bound and mouth covered. The vehicle felt like it was driving fast; but I didn't know where it was heading for. It should've been near Jinhai City. When they noticed that I was awake, they torn off the adhesive tape from my mouth and asked me a question — how is all-purpose medicament produced?" Zhang Yang forced a bitter smile, "As it was my first time to hear the name all-purpose medicament, of course I didn't know how to answer them. Therefore, they tortured me a lot. Receiving no answer, they then asked whether you had me hold onto something for you. I said no. They then covered my mouth with adhesive tape once again."

While he explained, Zhang Yang was extremely gloomy as he gazed at Zhang Tie who was sitting beside him, "I was so scared at that moment. Although they had covered my mouth with an adhesive tape, I could still clearly hear what they were talking about. After receiving no answer from me, they were negotiating about burying me. I then thought of you, Cheng'an, and our parents. I didn't know whether I would see you ever again!"

Hearing his elder brother’s words, Zhang Tie said nothing; he just held Zhang Yang's hand tightly.

"When I thought that I would be buried, I heard a sudden braking sound. Then, I felt the vehicle we were in crash into another. As a result, our vehicle was knocked over. At the same time, I flew out of the vehicle due to inertia. As for what happened after that, I don't remember..."

Even if Zhang Yang didn't remember what happened next, Zhang Tie already knew about it. When those abductors drove their car on the highway of Cloud Snake Mountain in the north of Jinhai City, some affluent kids were racing cars illegally over there. Due to a malfunction, one of those cars crashed into the vehicle of those abductors and knocked over the latter's vehicle, making it roll down the hillside which was higher than 10 m.

Luckily, Zhang Yang flew out of the window due to inertia. Although one of his legs was broken and his body what quite bruised, Zhang Yang had already got out the control of the abductors.

When those rich boys and girls parked their cars and prepared to help those people in the vehicle, they caught sight of Zhang Yang with limbs bound and mouth pasted; they immediately knew something was not right.

Therefore, those bodyguards of the rich boys and girls moved, some of which were even powerhouses. As a result, one of the abductors were killed in an instant while all the rest were caught. However, they all committed a suicide by releasing the poison hidden in their teeth.

Realizing this accident was unusual, those rich boys and girls hurriedly sent Zhang Yang to the hospital as they called the police.

That was how it went. When Zhang Tie was told what happened to Zhang Yang on Hidden Dragon Island, the latter was still in coma in the hospital.

Zhang Tie knew that his elder brother was definitely suffering because of him. The head of this movement in Zhen Clan of Heavens Cold City was not sure whether Zhang Tie was the only person who knew about the manufacturing method of all-purpose medicament; therefore, he had contacted his accomplices in Jinhai City and decided to start the movement at the same time.

From this point, Zhang Tie realized that this organization was very huge and under strict administration. Because they needed to coordinate the two movements on both Hidden Dragon Island and in Jinhai City, they had to use at least 2 sets of crystal remote sensing equipment, which could not be easily bought by average people.

After listening to Zhang Yang's experience, Zhang Tie told Zhang Yang everything, including that he mastered the manufacturing method of all-purpose medicament and his attempted assassination.

After finding out that Zhang Tie encountered huge danger, Zhang Yang was really dumbfounded; however, compared to the assassination, Zhang Tie's current real strength and ability was more stunning.

"You're already LV 7 after entering Hidden Dragon Island for half a year? You can also produce all-purpose medicament?" Zhang Yang asked Zhang Tie doubtfully.

"Yes!" Zhang Tie nodded, "Don't tell dad and mom about what happened to me on Hidden Dragon Island; it would make them more worried!"

"I know. But are you really okay about all this? If you do this, you will have given up the opportunity to be well-known in Zhang Clan through Hidden Dragon Island. After living in Jinhai City for over half a year, I realize that our clan is definitely more powerful than the former Andaman Alliance!"

"Yay, Huaiyuan Palace is very powerful, but it might not be suitable to me to be an elite of the Clan like others aim to be!" Zhang Tie stared at Zhang Yang seriously, "I'm not completely out of Huaiyuan Palace's control. I'm still a member of Zhang Clan, but compared to others, I chose an easier way to get along with the Clan. This is good for both me and Huaiyuan Palace, otherwise, I would not have been here now!"

"I hope so!" Zhang Yang considered, "but I still feel a bit pitiful that you have to stay away from Huaiyuan Palace and become an irregular member of the Clan's system!"

"Nothing to feel pitiful about that. Where there is a loss, there is gain. Huaiyuan Palace is a huge ship, which carries so many people. Some of them cannot be easily identified which made me uncomfortable. I'm also not accustomed to letting others determine my own fate and my life direction on such a huge ship. Additionally, I don't intend to stay away from Huaiyuan Palace, nor do I want to become estranged from it. I chose this only to protect myself. They know it very well! My prospects in Huaiyuan Palace will be determined on my own ability and the value I can bring to this Clan, rather than how docile I am!"

Zhang Tie glanced over Zhang Tie and felt that Zhang Tie had changed too much over the past half year. Zhang Tie had grown taller and more robust; his eyes were radiating sharp light. What was more important was that Zhang Tie's heart and spirit had grown more mature and powerful.

Zhang Yang felt that Zhang Tie had become powerful enough to shoulder the load of the Zhang family and had become more confident and decisive when dealing with major problems.

At the age of 17, Zhang Tie had become the pillar of this family. Seeing this, Zhang Yang was filled with a sense of comfort.

"When I was abducted and was waiting to be buried in the vehicle, I was concerned about our parents and our kids. I have always been thinking about this over the past few days. It made me scared. Now, I've been reassured at the sight of your change. You have the capability to take care of our family!" Zhang Yang smiled pleasantly.

"Don't worry, elder brother. I would definitely take revenge against them!" A cold light flashed across Zhang Tie's eyes.

"Do you know who they are?"

In order to let his family members feel reassured, Zhang Tie didn’t tell Zhang Yang about those terrifying truths that he had learned; instead, he told a lie.

"Those who can do this are definitely not average ones. As they've lost so many people this time, there must be some clues. As long as I am alive and can produce all-purpose medicament, I believe that they would find me sooner or later!"

"Oh, what's that all-purpose medicament that you're talking about?" Zhang Yang asked out of curiosity.

Zhang Tie then explained the function of all-purpose medicament. Hearing Zhang Tie’s explanation, Zhang Yang's eyes almost popped out, "Isn't that super enzyme the all-purpose medicine which could cure all the diseases and strengthen one's body?"

"Almost like that!"

"When did you learn to produce this item?"

"After leaving Blackhot city, I had a chance to master some secret knowledge that cannot be mastered by others. With this secret knowledge, I was able to produce the super enzyme!"

"You say you are cooperating with Long Wind Business Group on selling it. According to my knowledge, it's very hard for average business groups to cooperate with super business groups like Long Wind Business Group and become the latter's suppliers. Additionally, Long Wind Business Group always requires a large quantity of good products. How many vials of all-purpose medicament can you produce a year?"

"More than 1 million vials!" Zhang Tie replied calmly.

"What?" Zhang Yang thought he didn’t hear it clearly as he instantly sat straight with eyes as large as copper bells, "How many?"

"More than 1 million vials!" Zhang Tie looked at his elder brother calmly without considering how his elder brother was shocked, "From then on, our family will have a revenue of at least several millions of gold coins a year by selling all-purpose medicament. With this amount of money, we can do whatever we want. It's even possible for you and me to build a clan that could match Huaiyuan Palace!"

"More... than... one million... vials..." Zhang Yang gazed at Zhang Tie like a dead fish. His eyes were not focused on Zhang Tie as he had been completely stunned by that astronomical number. What was even more shocking was Zhang Tie's ambition to build a clan that could match Huaiyuan Palace.

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