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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 – S-Grade Tool Card

The keeper of Hearts was a beautiful sister . Xiao Lou thought that the image of the keeper of Diamonds would be similar . As a result, he just finished speaking when he heard a clear and sweet child’s voice in his ears . “Hello, I am A of Diamonds . Congratulations on your perfect clearance!”

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Xiao Lou turned and saw a small loli sitting on the sofa . She wore a red, knee-length dress, white stockings and a pair of red bow shoes . There were two ponytails on the girl’s head and her chubby baby’s face had a big smile . Her eyes were curved and there was a lovely dimple on the corner of the left side .

She looked only seven or right and her soft white face easily made adults feel soft .

However, remembering that this was the keeper of Diamonds… Xiao Lou quickly put away his love of children and got straight to the point . “I perfectly cleared the instance so can I draw a card?”

“Of course, try your luck . ”

A glittering treasure chest appeared in front of him . Xiao Lou walked quickly and put his hand into the box, pulling out a card .

[Congratulations on getting the S-grade ‘Tool Card: Compass’!]

Since the perfect clearance of 2 of Hearts and drawing the summoning card Tao Yuanming, Xiao Lou had a preliminary understanding of this Card World . He didn’t feel any surprise when getting the Compass . He picked up the card and looked at it carefully .

[Tool Card: Compass]

Rarity: S

Description: A mathematical tool that is common in reality but extremely rare in the Card World . After perfectly clearing a room, there is a very low probability of obtaining it from the limited card pool draw .

Additional Skill 1: Draw a Circle .

How to use: Take out the compass tool and draw a circle at any position . After 10 seconds, the circle will become a metal ring of the same size . You can let the ring float and use it as a weapon to attack the enemy . The power of the ring depends on how you use it . Please understand it for yourself .

Note: The growth is level one and the drawn circle will become solid after 10 seconds . For every increase in level, the time it takes for the drawn circle to become solid is reduced by one second . At full level, it is reduced to 0 . 5 seconds .

Additional Skill 2: Unlocked when the card grows to level 10 .

Xiao Lou read the description and immediately activated this tool card, wanting to try out the actual effect .

The card activated and a silver compass appeared in his palm . It was similar to the compass used in junior high school mathematics, except that there was a knob at the two legs of the compass which allowed him to adjust the length .

He first drew a regular sized 1 cm diameter circle on the ground and then followed by adjusting the length of the legs to the maximum, drawing a circle with a diameter of 100cm . After 10 seconds, two silver-white metal rings of the same size as the circles he just drew appeared . The rings were very thin and the touch was like silver wire . The rings floated into the air with his movements .

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Xiao Lou’s heart was happy as he tried to control the rings to fly around his personal space .

Two rings, one big and one small, actually floated in the air according to the movement of his fingers and didn’t fall .

This type of anti-gravity phenomenon like ‘magic’ made it difficult for Xiao Lou to adapt for a while . Then he thought of himself in the Card World and how he could summon Tao Yuanming… there was no need to talk about the scientific basis of making a floating ring .

The world itself wasn’t scientific .

Xiao Lou put the rings down and quickly figured out the usage of the S-grade tool card, ‘Compass . ’

The circle drawn by the compass could be adjusted freely between 1cm and 100 cm . Small earrings, rings, hula hoops for adults—the size of the circle was the size of the metal ring .

The powerful part of this card was that it was very flexible to use . He could draw a ring the size of a bracelet and use it as a hidden weapon to attack others . He could draw a big ring that could be used to trap the enemies . When necessary, he could use a thin metal ring to break the neck of others .

In theory, with the compass in hand, he didn’t lack any circular weapons . They could be painted on the spot, regardless of the environment .

This was really an S-grade tool .

Xiao Lou comfortably put the new card into his card package and rearranged the order .

The plot card ‘Rose Funeral’ was still placed in the last grid . He also placed the Four-way Arrow and Folding Paper that he just obtained in the back . These two cards were temporarily unavailable . They would be taken out later if necessary .

Then he followed up by placing the Compass in the second grid for convenient access at any time .

Xiao Lou finished the arrangement and once again checked the position of each card . Tao Yuanming was still in the first grid, Compass was in the second grid, followed by Nine Palaces Grid, Mathematical Equation, Fruit Knife and Rose Perfume . Then there were more than a dozen card sloths and finally Rose Funeral, Four-way Arrow and Folding Paper .

He currently had a total of nine cards, two of which were S-grade .

Xiao Lou found that the S-grade cards were all cards that could grow . They had the highest versatility and no limit on the number of uses . Tao Yuanming could be summoned at any time and use Remember Peach Blossom Spring once a day, while Compass could always draw a circle and wouldn’t be damaged .

An grade card was weaker than an S-grade card . For example, Folding Paper could only be used once . Four-way Arrow had no limit on the number of uses but only had the role of ‘guidance . ’ It was a god card in the maze but not a big deal outside the maze .

Cards below grade were even worse . For example, the tool Fruit Knife could only deal damage 10 times, Rose Perfume had a 100ml capacity before it was used up, Nine Palaces Grid could only be used nine times and Mathematical Equation could only be used twice .

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Judging from the cards currently obtained, there was no hierarchical fraud in card rarity .

This meant that an S rarity card was the most powerful, an grade card had a miraculous effect in some secret rooms but had large restrictions, B and C-grade cards were relatively simple to obtain while there were countless low rated cards that were also very easy to use .

In the later stages, if he wanted to clear more advanced secret rooms then it was better to have more S and grade cards on his body .

In the Card World, the cards drawn would increase the player’s combat power . Therefore, in the next secret room, Xiao Lou should aim for a perfect clearance as much as possible . Even if he had to use the low level cards he obtained, he must pursue a perfect instance clearance to draw more S-grade cards .

Xiao Lou put away the card package and look at the little girl on the sofa . “I can rest for 15 minutes after the clearance is over?”

The little girl supported her chin with a hand and smiled . “The Diamond rooms have no break time . You need to select the next card as soon as possible within one minute . ” She waved her hands and four cards suddenly flew in front of Xiao Lou .

Xiao Lou frowned . It seemed that the rules set by the keepers of each type of secret room were different . After the Hearts secret room, he could rest for 15 minutes while the Diamonds secret room didn’t give any rest time and he could only continue to the next level .

At present, the second rooms that Xiao Lou could choose were 3 of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds, 2 of Spades and 2 of Clubs .

He could go to 3 of Hearts to solve the case or go to 3 of Diamonds to continue opening the mechanisms . He had confidence that he could clear it . However, he couldn’t always avoid Spades and Clubs . Since he decided to be familiar with all the secret rooms, Xiao Lou simply pulled out Spades in order .

This was the first time he had drawn a black card .

The unknown secret room and the black light of the card made Xiao Lou feel a bit uneasy .

Still, he didn’t have time to think much about it . His body was forcibly sucked into the world of 2 of Spades by a familiar, strange force .

This was a desolate town .

The grey sky cast a shadow over the entire town .

Most of the stores had their doors closed, the streets were empty and there were no pedestrians . There were many abandoned vehicles parked on both sides of the street and no living people in all the cars . Some cars had a rusted appearance .

There was a garbage can not far ahead . The garbage inside obviously hadn’t been cleaned out for a long time and it smelt rotten .

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A gust of wind blew through the garbage can and a plastic bag in the trash was blown out .

Next to it, a dry tree was blown down to the ground with a loud sound . The crows on the tree were startled and screamed as they flew into the distance . A few mice next to the trash can were alarmed by the crow’s voices and scurried around . A large mouse passed by Xiao Lou and stopped to look at him .

Xiao Lou was immediately alert .

This was an unusual environment . What type of place had he come to?

Just then, the floating text box above his head familiar gave the familiar prompts .

[Welcome to the 2 of Spades secret room, Zombie Town . ]

This is a remote town . Due to its beautiful scenery, it was once a popular tourist destination in the Card World .

Six months ago, a family of three travelled here and this coincided with a heavy rain . The eight year old boy was sent to the hospital for treatment after a high fever . At first, everyone thought that he only had a cold and a fever but the doctor couldn’t cool him down, no matter how many attempts were made . The boy died because of the ineffective rescue and he was placed in the morgue in preparation for burial after the rain .

However, late at night, the little boy suddenly climbed out of the morgue .

He was gnawing on his mother’s neck when the nurse on duty found him . The nurse screamed and called the security room . The little boy attacked the people around him like a mad dog but the security guards at the hospital quickly subdued him and locked him up .

Even so, there were too many people bitten by him and some left the hospital .

The virus started to spread rapidly .

The infected people frantically bit at their own kind .

The original scenic town turned into the most terrible hell on earth overnight!

[2 of Spades secret room survival target: Avoid the zombie attacks and go to the hospital in the town centre . There will be someone on the roof of the hospital outpatient building to save you . ]

[The time limit to clear the instance is 60 minutes and it will be a failure once the time is over . ]

[D-grade secret room’s friendly tip: The zombie’s attacks are very strong but their movements are slow . Once caught by them, you will immediately be infected with the virus, become a zombie and stay here forever . ]

Unlike the simple tips for Hearts and Diamonds, the Spades room had a more detailed background .

Xiao Lou was currently in a world infected with the zombie virus .

The last line of the tip made Xiao Lou feel creeped out .

In other words, if he was accidentally scratched by a zombie in this secret room then he would get a virus and stay here in the form of zombies . Perhaps many of the zombies he would encounter in the 2 of Spades secret room were challengers like him .

Living in the form of a zombie in this Card World, it was better to simply die!

Xiao Lou clenched his fists hard, nails hurting his palms . The sharp pain made him calm down quickly .

Hearing a noise behind him, Xiao Lou turned around .

He saw that several zombies had smelled the living and were slowly surrounding him .

Some zombies had distorted features, some lacked arms and legs and some had holes in their stomach . A female student in a school uniform whose body was intact but her eyes were muddy and staring at him without any feelings . Drool was flowing from her mouth .

The distance between him and this female zombie was no more than five metres .

The moment he turned back, his eyes happened to meet the female zombie’s dead, fish-like eyes .

Xiao Lou stiffened and turned without hesitation to run!

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