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Chapter 207.2: Chapter 207.2

Chapter 207 . 2

The eight people split into three teams . They put on their invisibility cloaks and entered the night in three different directions . The bugs couldn’t perceive their existence even if the bugs had no blind spots and a sharp sense of smell .

Unfortunately, the invisibility cloak could only be used once a day and it only lasted for 30 minutes . It was being used to check the enemy’s situation tonight . Tomorrow, it was necessary to plan and use it carefully . It could save lives at critical moments .

Once everyone left, Yu Hanjiang gently hugged Xiao Lou’s waist and told him calmly, “I will take you . ”

Xiao Lou’s ears became hot . “Can you carry someone and still fly using the light footwork card? I don’t remember Liu Qiao’s card having this skill…”

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “The cards can’t but I can . ”

He used a bit of strength and carried Xiao Lou up . Xiao Lou was really too light . Carrying Xiao Lou was easier than running at the police academy with a sack . Xiao Lou only felt the arm around his waist tightening and then he was easily brought into this man’s strong arms . This was followed by the use of the light footwork card and they soared into the sky .

Xiao Lou, “…”

There was the sound of the wind in their ears . They couldn’t see each other due to the invisibility cloaks but Xiao Lou could clearly feel the strength of Yu Hanjiang’s arms as he was hugged by Yu Hanjiang . Xiao Lou’s heart thumped as they flew lightly .

In order to avoid falling, he had to extend his hand and gently grasp Yu Hanjiang’s arm .

Underneath them was the dark crisis-ridden city while Yu Hanjiang flew above the city with the help of buildings . The main point of Light as a Swallow was to find a landing point within three seconds . If it wasn’t found, the user would fall . After full level, it was enough to find a landing point within eight seconds . Liu Qiao’s card was already at full level when Chief Shao copied it so the flying distance was very long .

Eight seconds of flying could cover almost all buildings on both sides of the street . Add in Yu Hanjiang’s long legs and it was very easy to find a landing point . He jumped like a swallow and flew lightly between buildings .

Xiao Lou suddenly had the illusion of making a big blockbuster with Group Leader Yu . After a moment of flight, Yu Hanjiang was chosen to be in the shopping mall . The two of them flew for a while before Yu Hanjiang chose a shopping mall .

The five storey shopping mall should have a large number of humans gathered . If more than 80% of people were infected then it would’ve become a bug nest and no one could run away . Yu Hanjiang just wanted to confirm if the shopping mall was a gathering place for the bugs . If so, they would avoid this area when evacuating to the east district tomorrow .

They fell in front of the shopping centre and Yu Hanjiang let go of Xiao Lou’s waist . He spoke through their heart channel, “Go in and see . ”

The two people entered the shopping mall together . To their surprise, the first floor was empty .

The entire mall was brightly lit up but not a single figure could be seen . The shops selling clothes and drinks had their doors open but the shop employees were missing . The escalators of the mall were still running as usual but there was no one on it . At first glance, they seemed to have entered a ghost town . Just like the supermarket, the temperature of the mall was so low that it was clear the heating had been turned off .

Yu Hanjiang’s voice rang in Xiao Lou’s mind . “Come with me upstairs to see . ”

Yu Hanjiang frowned . “It isn’t right here . Be careful . ”

The two men stepped onto the escalator for the fifth floor .

Looking around, they still didn’t see any infected people . At this moment, Xiao Lou’s forehead was cold . It felt like when rain fell on his forehead . Xiao Lou raised his head in a confused manner but the scene in front of him caused him to stiffen and all the hairs on his body to stand upright .

He saw that the ceiling of the fifth floor was densely covered with people!

Some of them were wearing the clothes of the mall staff while some were customers who came to the mall . The elderly, young people and children… countless people all climbed onto the ceiling and were motionless!

They were closed to each other, their hands and feet gripping the ceiling . The scarlet eyes protruded slightly like insect eyes and turned around greedily .

The scene of a large number of infected people crawling on the ceiling made Xiao Lou frightened . If this group suddenly fell from the ceiling then he and Yu Hanjiang would instantly be overwhelmed by the bugs .

Fortunately, the two of them were wearing invisibility cloaks . The consequences would’ve been unimaginable if they hadn’t been invisible . Yu Hanjiang’s expression sank when he saw this scene and he instantly hugged Xiao Lou while whispering in his mind, “Go!”

Xiao Lou turned to keep up with Yu Hanjiang .

His heart had almost popped out of his chest . Such a scene was more terrible than any science fiction movie he had ever seen . Fortunately, he didn’t have any intensive phobias or this scene would’ve frightened him to death .

The two people quickly evacuated the mall . Yu Hanjiang flew lightly with Xiao Lou and they came to the food city .

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Unlike the shopping mall where the bugs were on the ceiling, all the bugs in the food city were crawling on the ground . The entire street was full of people moving slowly . Their scarlet eyes were moving around . They seemed to be checking if any fish had fallen into their net . The originally lively food street had directly become the territory of the bugs!

Xiao Lou didn’t know what to say . He told Yu Hanjiang in his mind, “It seems that no one on this street was spared . We can’t go here when we evacuate tomorrow . ”

Yu Hanjiang nodded . “Go back as soon as possible . Don’t alarm them . ”

The number of bugs was too scary . This dense group was more terrifying than the train station during the Spring Festival . Most importantly, they were all crawling on the ground or on the ceiling . This scene was simply the nemesis of those with intensive phobias and it made his scalp numb!

Yu Hanjiang and Xiao Lou returned to the square . The end time of the invisibility cloak hadn’t arrived yet so they didn’t take it off . They just placed a lantern in the middle to call for everyone .

Shao Qingge, Ye Qi and Old Mo also came back . Ye Qi whispered, “Group Leader Yu?”

Yu Hanjiang’s low voice was heard . “I am here . How was it?”

Ye Qi came near the lantern and reported, “We went to the financial building . There are a large number of enterprises and companies in this office building and countless white-collar employees have been infected . They are crowding into the lobby on the first floor!”

Old Mo added, “Their bodies are almost glued together . It is disgusting to see them . ”

Humans preferred some independent space . Crowded places, especially being crowded in front and behind, made a person irritable . However, the bugs were different . They liked to be close to their companions and liked to crowd into the same space in large numbers . Perhaps this made them feel more secure .

Xiao Lou analyzed it . “Probably it is more convenient to upgrade if they are crowded together . ”

Ye Qi’s lips trembled slightly . “It is terrible . There should be thousands of infected people in the lobby . All the bugs in the building came together like they were having a meeting of bugs . It would’ve definitely been a dead end if we weren’t wearing the invisibility cloaks!”

Yu Hanjiang whispered, “How about Liu Qiao?”

Ye Qi replied, “It seems they haven’t returned yet . ”

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Everyone was wearing invisibility cloaks and couldn’t see each other . They could only distinguish by sound .

Yu Hanjiang was worried that Liu Qiao’s group had an accident . Then within a minute, Qu Wanyue’s slightly trembling voice was heard . “Are you there?”

Yu Hanjiang asked, “How was your side?”

Qu Wanyue sighed with relief . “We wanted to jump up and check the situation of several residential buildings . We didn’t expect… the infected people in the entire community were concentrated at the square of the community . ”

Liu Qiao added, “Moreover, the music of the square was still playing the square dance . It must be that they didn’t have time to turn it off in the evening . The community we went to should have more than 1,000 residents . It is estimated that the number of infected people is over 2,000 . ”

Long Sen scolded, “This group of bugs is too perverted! Listening to the music of the square dance while lying motionless on the square of the community . It is like a meeting! If it wasn’t for the bugs staying still, I suspected they would’ve clapped and listened to the leader’s speech the next moment .

Everyone, “……”

Long Sen’s joke wasn’t funny . Everyone just got goosebumps . The bugs were group animals and liked to stay together in large groups . It seemed that not many residents of this central square had survived . The shopping malls, financial buildings, food streets and other places with high traffic had been infected .

In the residential area, the residents who didn’t go out today might live a few days if they shut their doors and windows . However, they could see from the window the thousands of people lying together downstairs . It was highly likely they would be frightened .

Xiao Lou spoke calmly . “Long Sen is right . In the bugs’ population, there might really be a leader gathering them together . ”

The group watched Xiao Lou . He took a deep breath before whispering, “They are gathered together in groups . Perhaps the leader is giving instructions for their next actions . For example, when an ant colony is about to move, the queen ant will give the ants some instructions . ”

Ye Qi’s eyes brightened . “Yes! The scene I saw in the financial building was like a meeting for bugs!”

It seemed there would be a large-scale action by the bugs tonight?

Yu Hanjiang had this thought and suddenly ordered, “It is dangerous! Everyone, withdraw!”

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The moment he finished speaking, he hugged Xiao Lou’s waist and flew with Xiao Lou to the opposite street using the light footwork card . The others also used their displacement cards to escape .

The next moment… they saw countless bugs suddenly pour out of the nest!

A huge amount of infected people emerged from the shopping malls, food streets, financial buildings and other buildings like a tide . They were on all fours and using both hands and feet to crawl like crazy to the nearby residential areas .

It turned out that the bugs wanted to completely occupy this area . At present, some residents had escaped the net and none of the bugs wanted to let them go . So the bugs decided to suppress them with an army and surround the entire residential area .

Yu Hanjiang’s face was extremely ugly . “Go back and pack our things . We will leave here immediately!”

Unexpectedly, the bugs would collectively attack the residential area at night . As they were fully attacking, the team had to evacuate as soon as possible . Otherwise, by tomorrow morning, the city centre would be the world of bugs and it would be difficult for them .

Thinking of the serious consequences, the group used their displacement cards to quickly return to Old Mo’s company . Old Mo opened the door and everyone went in to grab their bags, the insecticides, the lights, medicine boxes and other supplies . Then they ran to Yu Hanjiang .

Everyone’s goal was the eastern part of the city . They could only hope that the logistics distribution centre didn’t have too many infected people . Everyone silently prayed in their hearts .

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