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Chapter 98

The crescent moon was like a hook, hanging in the night sky .

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 In White Jade City’s pavilion, candlelight shone through the lanterns, illuminating the entire room .

 Lu Fan sat in his wheelchair, with a cloak draped over his shoulders .

 Next to him, Ning Zhao, Yi Yue, and Nie Changqing stood quietly .

 Ni Yu wanted to take an elixir out of the cloth satchel she was holding against her chest to eat, but she did not dare . She was afraid the crackling sound from crunching the elixir would break the utter silence .

 Ning Zhao was as cold as ice . She had read the denunciation . The author disparaged Lu Fan and even humiliated him in every possible way .

 “Young Master…,” Ning Zhao said hesitantly .

 However, Lu Fan waved his hand to stop her .

 “His Majesty came to Beiluo in person . And I promised him I would do something he didn’t have the nerve to do…,” Lu Fan said slowly .

 His voice echoed in White Jade City’s pavilion .

 “It’s time to pay the capital city a visit . ”

 Leaning on the back of his wheelchair, Lu Fan placed his forearm on the armrests and tapped it with his fingers .

 “Nie, Sister Ning, Yi Yue… Get ready . We’ll go to the capital city tomorrow . ”

 “I’m good-tempered, but the world lacks the respect they should have for cultivators,” Lu Fan said flatly .

 Ning Zhao nodded slightly, while Nie’s pupils shrank . Young Master Lu would go to the capital city . It was not difficult to imagine what would happen to the capital city .

 “By the way, Nie, you told me your wife, Lil Shuang’s mother, is kept in the Daoist School . I want you to go there and take your wife back when this thing with the capital city is over . ”

 “In the name of White Jade City,” Lu Fan said slowly .

 Nie was shocked . He murmured for a while, but in the end, he just let out an emotional sigh .

 “Thank you, Young Master . ”

 Lu Fan nodded . He waved his hand, telling all of them to go out .

 Yuanchi City .

 In the barracks of Great Zhou’s elite troop…

 Jiang Li was looking at the sand table inside the tent . Chi Lian, wearing a charming black dress, was standing next to him . Some of the lieutenants were also looking at the sand table, studying the current situation .

 “His Majesty went back to the capital city alone, so he didn’t talk Lu Ping’an over?”

 Jiang Li let out a sigh after hearing his subordinate’s report .

 He extended his hand to point at Beiluo City’s position on the sand table . At the moment, Beiluo was the most unpredictable factor in Great Zhou .

 “Mo Beike is allying with Tantai Xuan . Surely Mo Beike wouldn’t let go of this unpredictable factor easily . That means… He must have already done something to Beiluo City . That night, I thought it was Yinyang School’s philosopher Wei Luan who came to kill me, but it wasn’t… Wei Luan might have gone to Beiluo . ”

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 Jiang Li analyzed .

 Chi Lian was shocked .

 Yinyang School’s philosopher Wei Luan?

 Wei Luan was a philosopher-level man . That night in Drunken Dragon City, if Wei Luan had shown up, she was afraid the City Master would have been doomed, and Drunken Dragon City would have been captured .

 “However, judging from the current situation, Wei Luan… He should have been killed . ”

 Jiang Li’s fingers gently moved on the sand table .

 “By Young Master Lu from Beiluo . ”

 “So Lu Ping’an is a great concern for Mo Beike . If His Majesty can get Lu Ping’an into the capital city, the capital city will definitely remain safe . Mo Beike can’t anticipate what Lu Ping’an will do, so he won’t have the nerve to jump the gun or try his luck,” Jiang Li said slowly .

 In the tent, the others did not even dare breathe hard . They were all listening to Jiang Li talking to himself .

 Jiang Li suddenly turned to Chi Lian .

 “How is Qingniao?”

 Chi Lian bowed and cupped her hands . “She needs to get used to the cruelty of war . Lord, rest assured that she is in a fairly stable condition now . ”

 Jiang Li nodded . He looked out of the tent at the crescent moon . The look on his face showed a complicated emotion .

 Since Lu Ping’an never left Beiluo, he would need to deal with Mo Beike and Tantai Xuan’s cruelty next .

 In the silent night…

 The clacking sound of horses trotting could be heard .

 Outside of the barracks, the clacking sound was deafening…

 As if dark clouds were gathering, giving people a suffocating feeling .


 “The emperor’s decrees have just arrived!”

 Ten miles away from Yuanchi City…

 “This He Shou… He is really a moron!”

 Beside Tantai Xuan, Mo Ju swore in anger with a cold face after reading the denunciation .

 Mo Beike read it too . He closed his eyes slowly . The wrinkles on his face vibrated . He did not know how to express his feelings .

 “The aristocratic families in the capital city were tragically suppressed by Kong Xiu when Yuwen Tuo was in power . Now, they had their tails up as soon as they seized the chance . Unfortunately, they are just a bunch of morons . ”

 “This denunciation could make He Shou famous indeed, but did he ever think about the influence it would bring?”

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 Mo Beike sighed, shaking his head .

 He was not afraid of strong enemies, but he was really afraid of foolish teammates .

 This denunciation did put pressure on the emperor .

 However, it would also draw Lu Ping’an, who had not gone to the capital city with the emperor, out of Beiluo .

 Mo Ju was in a towering rage . He crumpled up the denunciation and threw it hard on the ground .

 “Lu Ping’an from Beiluo is a narrow-minded man . Now with this denunciation, what happened to the aristocratic families in Beiluo would happen again to those families in the capital city very soon . ”

 “The emperor might have qualms with the aristocratic families in the capital city, but is there anything Lu Ping’an cared about?”

 Mo Ju waved his feather fan hard . He was so angry that he turned pale .

 Tantai Xuan, who was sitting in the seat of honor, understood what he meant .

 “Giant, what shall we do next?” Tantai Xuan asked .

 Mo Beike sat in his chair . On his old face, his big eye bags slightly vibrated .

 “Wait . ”

 A team of armored horsemen came from the west and was heading north . They were going to the capital city .

 Western Liang’s armored horsemen were the strongest troop in the Great Zhou Dynasty . If Jiang Li were in charge of the Western Liang Army, then his troop could be compared to them . However, Jiang Li had been the City Master of Drunken Dragon City for years, and his valiant troop was already history .

 Xiang Shaoyun, clad in black armor, was not wearing his helmet . Carrying his axe and shield on the back, he mounted a giant black horse . The black armor complimented the black horse really well . He looked like an evil god in the dark night .

 While on horseback, Xiang Shaoyun was holding a document .

 He tore it into pieces after glancing over it .

 “The author of the denunciation is an idiot . ”

 The military generals around him were confused .

 Well, you are the commanding general, so you can say whatever you want to say .

 The cold moonlight shone on Xiang Shaoyun’s black armor, giving it a frosty luster .

 Xiang Shaoyun pulled the reins to summon a Grandmaster general whom he trusted .

 “Xu Chu, you put on my black armor and lead the troop to Yuanchi City . Encamp 150 miles away from Yuanchi City . Don’t fight the North County Army . Just stay away from them,” Xiang Shaoyun said .

 Xu Chu, a muscular military general carrying two giant barbed iron balls on his back, was dumbstruck .

 “Lord, what is this for?”

 Showing a smile, Xiang Shaoyun looked at where Beiluo City was located .

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 “It’s a rare chance… I should pay a visit to Young Master Lu from Beiluo, the best cultivator in the world . ”

 Under the armor, Xu Chu’s muscles bulged . He looked excited .

 Average people would not be able to handle the Overlord’s visit…

 At daybreak, the next day .

 When the first rays of the early morning sun shone on the flagstone ground of Beiluo City…

 The heavy city gate of Beiluo was slowly opened .

 And a luxury horse carriage drove out of the city .

 On the side window of the carriage, the curtain was lifted . Lu Fan’s gentle face showed up .

 “Fan’er, don’t linger there . Come back early,” Lu Changkong, clad in full armor, said to Lu Fan, who was sitting inside the carriage .

 He told Luo Cheng to follow Lu Fan to the capital city with 500 elite soldiers . Lu Fan refused him, but Lu Changkong insisted until eventually, Lu Fan accepted this arrangement .

 When Lu Fan’s carriage left Beiluo City…

 Scouts from various powers lurking outside of the city were alerted instantly .

 Like a brood of alert birds…

 One after another, messenger pigeons flew out .

 When Lu Fan’s fleet was near to the capital city…

 A carriage drove across Beiluo Plain, grinding gravels on the way . It stopped before Beiluo City .

 Lu Fan lifted the curtain of his carriage’s side window . Sitting in the wheelchair, he was checking the carriage opposite him .

 The man in the opposite carriage lifted the side window’s curtain too . Inside the carriage was an old man wearing a thick golden beaded necklace around his neck . He got off the carriage with a sordid smile .

 Lv Mudui followed the old man with a complicated feeling .

 “Lv Dongxuan, Tianji Zi from Tianji School, is here to meet Young Master Lu . ”

 The old man bowed deeply before Lu Fan’s carriage .

 The people around them all showed odd expressions on their faces .

 Ning Zhao pushed Lu Fan’s wheelchair off the carriage .

 “Tianji School?”

 Lu Fan, sitting in the wheelchair, looked straight at Lv Dongxuan flatly . Then he looked toward the thick golden beaded necklace around his neck .

 All of a sudden…

 Around Lv Dongxuan’s neck, those hollowed-out golden beads started to turn .

 Lv Dongxuan was slightly shocked . He was even a little horrified .

 Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . Although Lv Dongxuan’s golden beaded necklace was not a Spirit Tool like the Spirit Pressure Chessboard, it did possess some spirituality .

 He supposed Lv Dongxuan must be using this golden beaded necklace to calculate things .

 Lu Fan said in a plain voice, “Nie, Sister Ning, Yi Yue… You three go to the capital city . Just do it in the old ways . ”

 “Yes . ”

 Nie Changqing and the other two cupped their hands .

 “Ni, take me back to the island . ”

 Then Lu Fan looked at Lv Dongxuan and Lv Mudui with a slight nod .

 Rather than deal with those insignificant people in the capital city, incorporating Tianji School was more important for Lu Fan right now .

 Outside of Beiluo City…

 Seeing Young Master Lu returning to the city…

 The scouts from all those big powers were all shocked .

 The message had been sent, but Young Master Lu went back?

 The scouts hurried to write another letter and sent messenger pigeons out once again .

 The brood of birds was alerted once again .

 In the tent of the North County Army…

 Tantai Xuan, Mo Beike, and the others had been waiting up all night . Finally, a pigeon came .

 They unfolded the letter delivered by the pigeon . Then, the air in the tent suddenly was charged with tension .

 “Lu Ping’an left Beiluo City in the end . ”

 Mo Beike let out a sigh .

 Tantai Xuan’s facial expression changed . He made a difficult decision after a long time had passed . He commanded the troop—which had retreated ten miles—to retreat thirty miles more .


 Not long after he gave the order…

 Another pigeon flew into the tent .

 He took the letter and glanced over it .

 Tantai Xuan…!

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