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Chapter 78
Chapter 78: Young Master Lu Killing a Philosopher after Three Steps

One was upstairs . The other was downstairs .

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The two kept looking at each other this way .

The night was deeper . A thick fog covered the moon, making the pale moonlight appear even dimmer .

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan did not speak . He shook his head after throwing that Mohist giant, who was standing before the window, a look . With his head hanging down, he was playing with the metal piccolo that was becoming colder and colder .

He seemed to be regretting, but no one knew what he was regretting .

Squinting before the window, Mo Beike was looking at Lu Fan playing with the metal piccolo, his eye bags slightly vibrating . That was Wei Yu’s piccolo .

Yinyang School’s necromancers stood on the roof, the veils of their bamboo hats blowing in the wind . The beast machines looked horrendous on the long street .

And with the cold, gloomy wind, the night air was kind of chilly .

Lu Changkong was gazing at Mo Beike who was standing before the window with a cold face .

“Giant, what is this?”

Lu Changkong unsheathed the knife he had been carrying at the waist . His hair was blowing in the wind .

In his body, a wisp of Spirit Qi was flowing out of his Qi Core, as restless as a little snake .

“Alas . ”

Before the window of the hotel…

Mo Beike let out a sigh slowly .

“City Master Lu, why would you rather stay awake? Wouldn’t you like a good sleep until daybreak?”

Mo Beike’s hoarse voice came .

“The whole city is sleeping . Why do you want to be the only one awake?”

“If I fell asleep, I’m afraid I wouldn’t wake up again…,” Lu Changkong said indifferently .

“If I’m correct, the Mohist should have planned this in the other six cities, Beiluo, Drunken Dragon, Tong’an, Pingnan, Yuanchi, and Wangtian . You have been waiting for this night . ”

Mo Beike looked at Lu Changkong . A small smile showed up on his wrinkled face . “Cultivators are unpredictable variables . However, the change in world power is somewhat destined . It’s intolerable for a destined thing to be affected by those variables . So cultivators should be brought under control . They can wait until the world becomes stable again to go on with their cultivation . ”

Mo Beike did not answer Lu Changkong .

Or the Mohist giant was actually speaking to Lu Fan .

Lu Changkong did not respond .

Because the beast machines on the hotel rooftop and the long street had started to move .

As soon as Mo Beike finished speaking, they perceived the hostility around them .

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Lu Changkong was so gloomy that he almost sweat .

Ni Yu, pushing the wheelchair, was extremely pale . Her legs were slightly shaking .

In the wheelchair, Lu Fan was kind of calm . Despite seeing the beast machines rushing at him and Yinyang School’s necromancers jumping off the roof, he remained cool .

He grasped the metal piccolo unhurriedly .

“You know nothing about cultivators . You claimed cultivators are affecting the big picture of the world, but in fact, it’s you who are breaking taboos with martial force .

“It’s ridiculous that you think you have everything under control .

“However, you know nothing about cultivators,”

Lu Fan said slowly .

“I feel disappointed .

“I thought the Mohist giant had come today, but you are just an impostor . ”


Lu Changkong was shocked with Lu Fan’s remark .

On the second floor, Mo Beike’s eye bags vibrated again .

His piercing eyes were staring at Lu Fan . Then he burst out laughing .

“Mo Beike told me to watch out for Young Master Lu from Beiluo . He was right . That old man is always right . ”

His smile was echoing on the long street .

Then, the fake Mo Beike reached out for his jaw to tear a mask from his face slowly . When the mask had been removed, a face with some evil charm showed up . His pale, thick hair went loose .

The hunchbacked old man’s body changed too . Gradually straightening his back up, he turned out to be a tall, muscular man .

He was completely a different person in an instant .

Lu Fan was still grasping the piccolo . His face looked emotionless .

Lu Changkong sucked the air through his teeth . He recognized who that was .

“Yinyang School’s philosopher… Wei Luan!”

A man of philosopher level!

And he was a philosopher from Yinyang School, the most mysterious school among the Hundred Schools of Philosophy .

In an instant, Lu Changkong was shocked by Mo Beike’s thoughtfulness . He managed to persuade a Yinyang School’s philosopher to come to Beiluo to deal with Lu Fan .

However, Lu Changkong also knew in Hidden Dragon Ridge’s Secret Realm, Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing, one in a white dress and the other in a white robe, killed more than thousands of soldiers, making blood flow across hundreds of miles . As those two’s master, Lu Fan was certainly hard to read .

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That was why Mo Beike asked Yinyang School’s philosopher Wei Luan to help .

“What did you do to Wei Yu?”

Before the window, Wei Luan’s gray hair was blowing . He took a step forward to jump over the window . With his long robe fluttering, he landed on the street steadily .

The beast machines roared over .

Yinyang School’s necromancers ran at high speed on the roofs nearby .

They surrounded Lu Fan and others .

Lu Changkong was very nervous . His body tensed up . The presence of a philosopher put him hugely pressured .

As calm as usual, Lu Fan was sitting in the wheelchair playing with his metal piccolo .


The flagstones on the street cracked . A tiger machine growled like a real tiger and jumped into the air with moonlight shining on its metal body, reflecting a cold and hostile luster .

“Wei Yu… The woman playing with worms?”

“Don’t worry about her . It was an easy death,”

Lu Fan said .

He swung the metal piccolo in his hand lightly .


Spirit Qi was surging and rippling . A sharp piccolo sound suddenly came .

The piccolo disappeared in an instant . When it showed up again, it was already at the end of the tiger machine’s tail…

The tiger machine was pierced entirely through . Jiguan School’s disciples inside the beast machine were also pierced through by the metal piccolo and were bleeding heavily .

The tiger machine fell apart . With its parts falling before Lu Fan, a gale started .

Lu Fan’s white clothes were fluttering in the wind .

The metal piccolo hung in the night sky as beads of crystal blood dripped from it .

Lu Fan glanced at Wei Luan who was far away with a cold face .

He pressed the palm of his hand down .


The metal piccolo fell, and a wolf machine was nailed on the ground, unable to move even a little bit .

His movement was gallant . With such elegance, two beast machines were eliminated .

The Yinyang School’s necromancers, who were there, opened their eyes widely .

Squinting, Wei Luan said in a low angry voice, “Deploy the formation!”

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Yinyang School’s necromancers acted . When they took off their bamboo hats, these people seemed to blend into the darkness .

They jumped out one after another, charging down at Lu Fan .

Lu Changkong struck one of them hard with his knife .


However, this necromancer turned into black fog . Hence, Lu Changkong failed to get him .

These necromancers kept turning into thick fogs in the air and disappearing . When they showed up again, they had been in a completely different place .

Lu Changkong’s forehead was covered with beads of sweat .

Even though he was a martial arts Grandmaster, he felt somewhat threatened, as if these necromancers would turn up next to him anytime .

Ni Yu was so scared of this spooky scene that she crouched down on the ground .

At this moment, she really wished she could sleep soundly like Luo Cheng, but unfortunately, her strength did not allow her to do that .

Facing this spooky scene, Lu Fan slowly took a chess piece out of the box beside the armrest of the wheelchair .

The moonlight shone through the thick fog on Lu Fan’s face and the Spirit Pressure Chessboard, which were both giving off a gentle luster .

He held the chess piece between the middle finger and the forefinger .

Those Yinyang School’s necromancers around him were coming and going like a shadow . And with the fog, they appeared to be more like ghosts .

No matter where the wind came from, the east, the west, the south, or the north .

Lu Fan rolled up his sleeve and placed the chess piece on the chessboard unhurriedly .

As soon as the chess piece was placed…

A dreadful Spirit Pressure was released .


The world seemed to be distorted in an instant .

Boom! Boom!

In the thick fog, two blood fogs exploded .

Two Yinyang School’s necromancers did not escape in time . They were squashed into pieces . Meanwhile, the others landed on the rooftop in nearby buildings, shocked and frightened .


Lu Fan said slowly .

He did not place another chess piece on the chessboard .

Instead, he handed the chessboard to Ni Yu while gazing at Wei Luan .

He stood up from his wheelchair . His clothes were even whiter than snow .

Wei Luan’s pupils slightly contracted when he saw Lu Fan stand up, just like how Wei Yu reacted when she had seen him stand up .

“You might become the first philosopher from the Hundred Schools who dies in Beiluo,”

Lu Fan said .

“Don’t worry . I’m a kind person . I will give you a swift death as that of your apprentice’s . ”

Wei Luan’s pupils contracted . His gray hair was blowing .

He bit through his finger and touched the center of his forehead lightly, leaving a drop of blood there . Then he moved his finger down along the bridge of his nose . Soon, a weird pattern appeared on his face .

It was Yinyang School’s spell .

All of a sudden…

On the street, Wei Luan’s body became blurry .

Things could be created from nothing . Then one turned into two, two turned into three, and then into five .

Wei Luan turned into five persons .

Lu Fan stayed calm .

Then a dark airflow surged around him .

He took one step forward .


The entire Beiluo City seemed to be quaking .

The five faces of Wei Luan shook in the same manner .

Lu Fan took the second step .

The five Wei Luan all felt tremendous pressure . They could not help but kneel down .

Lu Fan took the third step .

The five Wei Luan were all kneeling on the ground, with their heads hanging down . They finally showed their fear .

Lu Fan was standing before Wei Luan with his hands behind the back .

The dark airflow turned into a sharp knife, which was suddenly brandished .

The heads of all of the five Wei Luan were sent flying .

He left the world as quietly as his apprentice Wei Yu did, like a silent and beautiful withering autumn leave .

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