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Chapter 77
Chapter 77: Yinyang School Let Me Down

The night was eerily quiet .

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The sound of the chess pieces being placed on the board was clear, and so was the sound of the explosion of human bodies and blood gushing out of them .

Ni Yu was shivering . Her big eyes were filled with fear . “Young Master lost his temper!”

“Ni Yu, come in . ” Lu Fan’s calm voice came from the room .

“Yes . ”

Ni Yu hurried to stand up and turned to run into the room . On her way inside, she glanced at the cold steamed bun stained with blood on the ground, feeling pity somehow .

Creak . Creak .

With the wooden wheels turning, the wheelchair creaked along .

Ni Yu pushed Lu Fan who was sitting in the wheelchair, and she stayed close to the wheelchair .

Lu Fan looked at the figure standing on the rooftop indifferently .

“Gathering cultivators across the world… You think you can do this?” Lu Fan said indifferently, as he leaned on the back of the wheelchair and played with the chess pieces .

Despite seeing so many black-robed men exploding into a bloody mist and the beast machine squashed into a pile of scrap in an instant, the bamboo-hatted figure on the rooftop was surprisingly calm .

“Interesting . It’s said Young Master Lu, with the aid of your immortal encounter, can release powerfully oppressive energy that even Grandmasters can’t handle . Now that I’ve witnessed it, I can see that it’s mysterious and powerful indeed . ”

The figure wearing a veiled bamboo hat spoke slowly .

This person’s voice sounded pretty different . It was impossible to identify the gender .

“As the Hundred Schools said, cultivators are hard to deal with indeed . ”

The bamboo-hatted person burst out laughing .

“That being said, since we anticipated Young Master Lu’s strength, we certainly have prepared for that . ”

The metal piccolo was lifted again . The bamboo-hatted person put the piccolo against her lips and played a melody, and the music filled the yard .

Lu Fan, playing with the chess pieces, slightly raised his eyebrow .

“Hundred Schools of Philosophy… Yinyang School,” Lu Fan murmured .

Yinyang School was a mysterious school among the Hundred Schools of Philosophy . Good at Mysterious Gates and Deceptive Techniques, its members were called necromancers . They were skilled in creating illusions, in using Gu poisons and spells, and others…

Lu Fan had especially studied Yinyang School because he thought this school did have some real stuff . When martial arts had encountered its bottleneck, Yinyang School explored many other ways through Mysterious Gates and Deceptive Techniques, almost reaching the limits of a Low Level Martial World .

Mohist rangers, Yinyang School’s necromancers, and Jiguan School’s beast machines…

These were the schools of action among the Hundred Schools of Philosophy .

Lu Fan had not expected to see the three schools show up at the same time .

The moonlight shone through the clouds onto Lu Fan’s face, giving Lu Fan’s clothes a gentle luster .

Fireflies were flying in the night sky . In large groups, they seemed to look like a river of stars . Together with the piccolo melody of the bamboo-hatted person on the roof, they made a beautiful and charming scene .

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Ni Yu was watching those fireflies while pushing the wheelchair . Her big eyes were very bright .

“They’re so beautiful,” Ni Yu said .

“The more beautiful, the more dangerous,” Lu Fan commented .

Ni Yu was dumbstruck .

All of a sudden…

With her piccolo, the bamboo-hatted person produced some short, rapid sounds .

Suddenly, the fireflies in the sky accelerated their flight . Like a mighty waterfall, they charged down toward Lu Fan .

In the yard, the blood around the spider machine, already a pile of scrap, started to flow .

The blood turned into densely packed crimson worms crawling on the ground . They were crawling toward Lu Fan .

After seeing the blood-stained steamed bun, which was instantly consumed by the crimson worms, Ni Yu turned extremely pale…

Those figures bombed by Lu Fan’s chess pieces turned out to be puppets filled with crimson worms .

Lu Fan remained calm .

He saw those flying fireflies exploding and turning into a thick mist .

With a gale, the thick mist swallowed Lu Fan and Ni Yu’s bodies in an instant .

On the roof…

Behind the veil, a smile showed up on Wei Yu’s face .

She continued playing the metal piccolo .

After seeing Lu Fan surrounded by the mist and the crimson worms crawling into his room, her face showed a disdainful look .

“Cultivator… Just so so,” Wei Yu thought to herself .

Once the crimson worms crawled into his body, they would eat his flesh and drink his blood little by little . By then… This red-lipped and white-teethed Young Master Lu would turn into a pool of watery blood .

It would be a pity because he was such a handsome young man .


“Do you have tricks other than worms?”

“Yinyang School really let me down . ”


An indifferent voice came from the thick mist .

Wei Yu was dumbstruck . She suddenly felt tremendous oppressive energy .

The thick mist in the room was driven away as if someone slowly blew into it .

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The moonlight shone on the white-clothed young man sitting in the wheelchair again .

“How is that possible?!”

“The mist from Yinyang Fireflies… Even a Ninth Resonance Grandmaster would not be able to handle that!”

“Why aren’t you affected?!”

On the roof, fear registered on Wei Yu’s face .

However, more shockingly, the white-clothed young man stood up from his wheelchair .

He… He got to his feet?!

Didn’t Young Master Lu have leg problems?

The rumor turned out to be wrong!

Lu Fan threw Wei Yu an indifferent glance .

“Don’t you have any clue why I’m not affected?”

“Everyone knows I’m a cultivator . ”

When the crimson worms had been two feet away from Lu Fan, they suddenly stopped crawling, as if they had smelled danger .

As he finished speaking, Lu Fan extended his fair-skinned palm . He snapped his fingers lightly .

All the crimson worms vanished .

On the roof, Wei Yu’s face behind the veil was as pale as a sheet of paper . She was trembling slightly .

She did not play her piccolo again, because that would be useless . The sound produced by the piccolo could control the crimson worms, but all the crimson worms were already dead .

She turned to escape .


She couldn’t move her body . It was as if an overwhelming fear swept over her . She did not even have the nerve to move her legs .

On the rooftop, white clothes were fluttering in the wind .

The white-clothed young man showed up in front of her somehow .

Since when had he been there?

Wei Yu’s pupils contracted .

The young man lifted her veil gently…

Wei Yu’s pretty face was revealed . As Yinyang School’s principal disciple, she excelled in many necromancy techniques .

She was fearless even before the Overlord of West County .


At the moment, facing this seemingly weak young man, she could not fight back at all . She could not even move a finger .

“What a beauty . ”

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Lu Fan smiled .

A charming smile showed up on Wei Yu’s pretty face . “Young… Young Master Lu, please don’t kill me . I’m willing to…”

Puff .

However, Wei Yu did not even finish her sentence .

She found a dark airflow flowing out of the young man’s body . The airflow was as sharp as a knife and as fast as a bolt of black lightning . It cut her throat open .

Wei Yu found things were changing before her eyes . She saw her headless body standing stiffly on the roof .

Her blood spattered three feet away .

However, Lu Fan was not drenched in blood, for his Demonic Qi protected him by forming some sort of shield .

Sitting as an immortal . Standing as a demon .

Lu Fan was an indestructible fierce demon once he got to his feet .

He took the metal piccolo from Wei Yu’s corpse . It was still warm from the woman’s body .

Lu Fan disappeared suddenly . He sat back into the wheelchair .

He glanced at Ni Yu, snoring on the ground .

Lu Fan turned a wisp of Spirit Qi into a palm, with which he tapped on Ni Yu’s plump cheek .

Pah… Pah…

Ni Yu suddenly sat up like an alerted bird . She wiped her saliva off her face automatically .

“You awake? Push me out then,” Lu Fan said with a smile, with one hand playing with the metal piccolo and the other hand pinching Ni Yu’s chubby cheek .

Ni Yu was kind of dumbfounded when she saw the mess in the yard and the headless body on the roof .

As expected…

Somehow it was quite assuring when the Young Master lost his temper .

With the chessboard on her back, Ni Yu pushed the wheelchair out of the room . With pity, she looked back at where the steamed bun had been, which by now was already eaten by those crimson worms .

Slowly pushing the wheelchair through Lu Manor, she found that all the soldiers deployed there were passed out .

Lu Fan saw Luo Cheng…

Carrying his knife, with his head hanging down, snoring .

“Young Master… Shall I wake them up?” Ni Yu asked .

“Let them sleep . We’ll go to the hotel,” Lu Fan said slowly .

Ni Yu curled her lip… She actually wanted to sleep too .

They went out of Lu Manor .

On the long street…

Lu Changkong was stumbling despite the sleepy feeling .

All of a sudden, a wisp of Spirit Qi fell . Lu Changkong finally felt refreshed . The Yinyang Fireflies’ effect in his body was all gone .

Under the moonlight, Lu Fan came over slowly in his wheelchair, pushed by Ni Yu .

“Father . ”

Lu Fan looked at Lu Changkong .

“As long as you are safe . ”

Lu Changkong slapped his own cheek repeatedly . He finally felt relieved .

“This Yinyang Firefly is a lost necromancy technique of Yinyang School . The whole city is asleep at the moment . ”

Lu Changkong looked like he was feeling awkward .

“Killing people in dreams, this is what’s dreadful about Yinyang School . ”

“Doesn’t matter . ” Playing with the piccolo, Lu Fan said in a low voice, “Just a small trick . ”

“Let’s go and meet that Mohist giant . ”

On the second floor of the hotel…

Mo Beike was standing by the window with his hands behind his back .

All of a sudden, his heavy eyelids moved slightly . He squinted .

He looked toward the three-mile-long street . At the end of the street, under the moonlight, he could see a maid pushing a wheelchair, where a white-clothed young man was sitting in it . Lu Changkong was walking beside the young man .

“Young Master Lu from Beiluo…”

Looking at Lu Fan, Mo Beike frowned .

Behind him…

Several black shadows emerged .

“Wei Yu failed…”

“Interesting . It made a sick man become so strong… The Immortal encounter this Young Master Lu got is beyond our imagination . ” Mo Beike’s voice was old but resonant .

Then Mo Beike waved his hand lightly .

Outside of the hotel…

An explosion occurred .

Jumping out of the hotel, two giant beast machines landed on the street . Yinyang School’s necromancers were all standing on the rooftop, wearing bamboo hats, with their clothes fluttering in the wind .

Standing before the window on the second floor of the hotel, Mo Beike was looking at Lu Fan .

Lu Fan saw Mo Beike too . However…

He looked like he was a little disappointed .

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