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Chapter 74
Chapter 74: This Batch of Newbies Was Excellent

Lines of prompts were popping up before Lu Fan . Astonished, he could no help but raise his eyebrow .

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“Is [Dao Impartment Platform] sifting newbies again?”

Lu Fan murmured .

He did not enter Dao Impartment Platform in a rush . Instead, he took his time to set up the Mountain River Strategy and then put the chess pieces on the chessboard back into the box one by one .

When he had done all this, Lu Fan laid down on his bed . Pulling the expensive silk quilt over him, he shut his eyes .

Spirit Qi was rolling .

At the center of Dao Impartment Platform, three figures slowly showed up .

They were too vague . It was impossible to see their faces clearly .

Holding a chick in both hands, Bai Qingniao looked around curiously . It seems everything around her was both strange and new .

She had been feeding chickens in her backyard . Why was she suddenly here?

Next to her were two other unknown figures . One of them had a box of books on his back . Despite the blurry figure, he should be an intellectual .

The other one was kind of dull . He had been standing motionlessly since he had entered this mysterious place .

All of a sudden…

Bai Qingniao was shocked . She held tighter onto the chick in her hands .

They saw something emerging out of this mysterious place .

A thin smoke rolled over . Soon, a figure showed up .

This figure was sitting at the center of this odd formation, with Spirit Qi clinging around him . His robe was fluttering . He looked like an Immortal .

On the Dao Impartment Platform…

Lu Fan looked at the three indifferently .

His expression looked puzzled .

“The identities of these candidates are even weirder…”

Lu Fan could not help but murmur .

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The love child of South County’s Mayor… It could be something .

As to the poultry woman from Drunken Dragon City…

Last time, the Dao Impartment Platform brought Nie Changqing, who was a butcher . This time, it brought a poultry woman .

Would there be a cook who has facial paralysis or something next time?

Kong Nanfei seemed to be the only normal person there .

Lu Fan knew something about him . He did a great job in the Hidden Dragon Ridge’s Secret Realm .

He was the Imperial Advisor’s grandson and Confucianism’s second disciple .

Spirit Qi continued to roll .

Lu Fan said slowly,

“This is the Secret Realm to impart Dao, the Immortal Ascension Site . All of you will get an Immortal encounter . Everyone is equal here . Remember, don’t disclose your real identity at the Immortal Ascension Site so that you won’t be harmed by the natural law and fall into the Nine Obscurities Purgatory eternally . ”

This was almost Lu Fan’s routine opening lines .

His speech evoked some disturbances .

Kong Nanfei was excited .

Bai Qingniao, holding the chick, was startled .

What? Immortal encounter?

She, a poultry woman, could get an Immortal encounter too?

As to Tang Yimo, he had been in a daze all this time . He had not even moved .

Kong Nanfei reacted quickly . He immediately knelt down and looked up at Lu Fan .

Bai Qingniao was still in shock . Seeing Kong Nanfei kneel, she also knelt . As to the chick, she tucked it into her collar . The chick popped its head out of the collar, chirruping, as soon as it was tucked in .

Lu Fan winced as he glimpsed at the chick .

How did this chick get here?

Tong .

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There, Tang Yimo, who had been very silent, finally knelt, as if he had just realized what was happening .

“You are not the first three people that came to the Immortal Ascension Site, and you won’t be the last three . I’m guarding the Immortal Ascension Site and imparting Dao here . Anyone who can enter this place will get an Immortal encounter . ”

Lu Fan glanced over at the three .

He was rather satisfied .

This batch of newbies was excellent .

As Lu Fan spoke, the rolling Spirit Qi over the Dao Impartment Platform suddenly boiled . It turned into immortal pavilions and running waterfalls, where there were five-clawed divine dragons and seven-colored phoenixes .

Kong Nanfei kowtowed to Lu Fan with respect, the way a disciple saluted his master .

He readily accepted all this . After all, he had just experienced the shock in Hidden Dragon Ridge’s Secret Realm . He knew there were Immortals in this world .

“Thank you, Immortal, for endowing us with the Immortal encounter,”

Kong Nanfei said .

Bai Qingniao simply copied what Kong Nanfei had done . She kowtowed to Lu Fan with respect . While she was doing so, the chick jumped out of her collar all of a sudden . She was so scared that she caught the chick right away .

As to Tang Yimo, he was just kneeling on the ground like a woodenhead .

Lu Fan nodded without speaking .

Then, he waved his arms, his sleeves fluttering .

Spirit Qi started to roll instantly . It turned into a waterfall running toward them .


Kong Nanfei felt refreshed as if he had experienced a baptism . It was a moment of clarity .

He felt he suddenly had two more wisps of Spirit Qi in his Qi Core .

He knew how difficult it was to refine Spirit Qi . In Hidden Dragon Ridge’s Secret Realm, he made a tremendous effort, but only refined one wisp .

However, the immortal simply waved his sleeves, and he got two wisps of Spirit Qi right away . This made him hold the Immortal in awe even more .

“Thank you, Immortal, for giving me the encounter . I’m extremely grateful . ”

Lu Fan nodded .

Kong Nanfei had gotten the Righteousness Spirit Transmission Technique in Hidden Dragon Ridge’s Secret Realm, so Lu Fan did not give him another Immortal encounter regarding immortal cultivation methods . Instead, he gave Kong Nanfei two wisps of Spirit Qi to help with the latter’s cultivation .

Lu Fan then looked at Bai Qingniao .

Holding the chick, the woman was looking at Lu Fan with fear . Mortals always have a fear for the unknown .

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And Lu Fan sensed that Bai Qingniao was a mere mortal, a mortal who had never practiced martial arts .

“A poultry woman?”

Lu Fan murmured .

A smile tugged the corners of his lips .

With his mind, he made twenty-seven runes emerge around him . Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen, and Kun, each one of them had a special meaning .

Lu Fan’s eyes were very bright . He was inventing a technique . Of course, he was not inventing it based on nothing . Instead, he referred to Transformation Technique and adapted it .

Bai Qingniao was not a martial arts practitioner . Neither could she introduce Righteousness Qi like Confucianists .

So Lu Fan decided to take advantage of Bai Qingniao’s chickens .

The runes shook and gave off a seven-colored glow, making them appear very dazzling .

On the ground, Kong Nanfei was standing in awe .

Bai Qingniao was trembling . She just had this feeling that this mysterious Immortal was coveting her chicken .

As to Tang Yimo, he was still kneeling motionlessly .

After a good while, the technique was completed .

Lu Fan left it in [All Method Furnace] for further processing and perfection .

[Deduction completed . Method Nine Phoenixes Transformation successfully created . Level: ?]

Lu Fan wondered . “? ? ?”

It was smart that the method level turned out to be a question mark .

A flick of his fingers .

The method Nine Phoenixes Transformation turned into a shining red bead . At very high speed, it flew toward Bai Qingniao and instantly pierced the center of her forehead .

The impartation of Dao was complete .

Before Kong Nanfei and Bai Qingniao could say anything, Lu Fan waved his sleeves .

Kong Nanfei and Bai Qingniao and her chick turned into a wind and vanished .

As to Tang Yimo, he was still kneeling on the ground motionlessly, like a moron .

“The love child of South County’s Mayor…”

Lu Fan remembered the Mayor of South County was called Tang Xiansheng . He was from an aristocratic family, the Tangs . Among the insurgent counties, it was second only to Xiang Shaoyun from West County . But the county was even a bit stronger than North County, where Tantai Xuan was from .

On the ground…

Tang Yimo was kneeling that he was almost lying prostrate . Besides holding Lu Fan in awe, he was also scared and self-abased .

Lu Fan looked at Tang Yimo indifferently . Tang Yimo did not even dare look at him .

However, Lu Fan sensed Tang Yimo had a fire burning in him .

“What Immortal encounter do you want?”

Lu Fan asked indifferently .

His voice sounded distant .

“I want an Immortal encounter that can make beatings painless for me so that I can protect my mother and my younger sister with my body…”

It was the first time Tang Yimo spoke .

Lu Fan fell silent . An Immortal encounter that could make beating painless—he had never heard such a requirement before .

A love child . To put it bluntly, he did not have any place in his family . And he even had to put up with the hate and beating of the first wife of his father .

Tang Yimo might be living a hard life .

Lu Fan did not refuse him .

He made the runes emerge again with his mind . They were intertwining with one another around him .

Below him, Tang Yimo’s prostrate body was now shivering .

A long time later, the method was complete .

Lu Fan had a shining crimson bead in his hand .

He flicked . And the bead pierced the center of Tang Yimo’s forehead .

“Go ahead . Why would a person want to be stronger? Isn’t it to protect the people he wants to protect? Hopefully, you will never forget why you started and remain true to your original aspiration,”

Lu Fan said slowly .

Then, a gust started in Dao Impartment Platform’s Secret Realm .

With effort, Tang Yimo lifted his head, but he could not see anything . He only felt a giant hand smash everything before him into pieces .

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