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Chapter 243: 243

Lu Fan was no stranger to Wudi City .

He saw Wudi City from afar when he occupied Young Master Tianxu’s body in the past . Therefore, Lu Fan was familiar with Wudi City .

He now possessed Feng Yilou’s body . Although Lu Fan didn’t know why Feng Yilou ran across him on his way, he decided not to care . At least, Feng Yilou’s arrival was quite convenient for Lu Fan .

The purple robe made a loud flapping sound in the wind .

Holding his hands behind his back, he went down the barren mountain rather than joining the inner-order disciples of Wudi City who were hunting Nie Changqing .

Instead, he walked to Wudi City by himself . He planned to gain some further understanding of this world .

Lu Fan was eager to learn what kind of world this was . He knew it was a peak Mid Level Martial World, yet he didn’t know about the details .

A peak Mid Level Martial World was on the verge of leveling up to a High-Level Martial World .

It would provide a perfect reference for Lu Fan .

Besides extensive travel, another way to have a good grasp of a world was to gain knowledge from books and documents .

Lu Fan met many inner-order, purple-robed disciples of Wudi City on his way down the barren mountain . They were all surprised to see Feng Yilou .

“Senior Brother Feng, why are you going down the mountain instead of chasing the stowaway?”

“Senior Brother Feng is so low-key today . How unbelievable!”

“This is quite strange . Why didn’t Feng Yilou show off his seventh-level Golden Elixir?”

Lu Fan’s eyebrows arched when he heard the whispers of the inner-order, purple-robed disciples of Wudi City .

He was not high-profile enough?

Lu Fan smiled . A jade pendant with Feng Yilou’s name engraved on it hung from his belt . The pendant indicated the identity and represented the status of the disciple of Wudi City .

Lu Fan put away the jade pendant and slowly walked down the barren mountain .

Lu Fan was still Lu Fan even when he was inside Feng Yilou’s body . He acted like himself rather than following Feng Yilou’s style and manner .

Lu Fan wasn’t afraid of being recognized .

Lu Fan turned back and looked at the barren mountain . He wondered if Old Nie had escaped .

Du Longyang almost sent Nie Changqing to hell by posting a reward for his head .

However, it also gave Nie Changqing enough pressure in the meantime .

Lu Fan ran toward Wudi City while humming a folk tune to himself .

Lu Fan was getting familiar with Feng Yilou’s power by controlling the body with his Spiritual Sense .

He stamped on the ground and blew up the slushy snow and mud . Feng Yilou’s body bolted forward like a beam of purple light .

Bright arcs bounced in the air as Lu Fan applied the Thunder Movement Technique .

Movement techniques were highly demanding of the ability to control one’s power . Therefore, it was the best choice for Lu Fan to get to know the host’s body by applying the Thunder Movement Technique .

He soon arrived at the end of the road that was almost fifty miles long .

Lu Fan lifted his head and gazed at the towering Wudi City . The horrific sense of pressure made people feel tightness in their chest and breathing difficult .

Wudi City—the entire city represented a giant power group .

Lu Fan stood still at the foot of Wudi City, his robe flapping in the wind .

He had to admit that even the capital city of the Great Zhou, the most extraordinary city on Wuhuang Continent, paled in comparison to Wudi City .

Wudi City had extremely high walls that were covered with various mysterious patterns and markings, making the walls even more invincible and impenetrable .

While still controlling Feng Yilou’s body, Lu Fan glanced at the walls . Lines bounced in his eyes as he examined the formation of the walls .

The formation was deconstructed and interpreted easily in his eyes .

Lu Fan had understood the formation after a short time of studying . As a master of the Eight Trigrams of the Dao Impartment Platform, he had a natural gift for analyzing formations .

After decoding the formation, Lu Fan was ready to enter Wudi City .

He walked closer and was surprised to see that the giant Wudi City had no guards around .

The energy of the formation formed a curtain in front of the city gate .

After initial confusion, Lu Fan soon realized that the masters of Wudi City were exceptionally confident about the formation they had set up .

Lu Fan’s lips curled up . He raised his hand and tapped gently on the formation . Before long, the formation in front of the city gate was cracked and the curtain lifted .

Lu Fan strolled in .

Wudi City was bustling and lively . Lu Fan even saw some peculiar creatures…

For example, horses with wings and griffinlike beasts that pulled carriages .

Lu Fan’s eyes brightened up .

Were these demonic beasts?

With a pensive look, Lu Fan studied everything around him…

Everything that he could use to transform Wuhuang Continent .

Lu Fan curbed his Spiritual Sense a little bit once he stepped in Wudi City . He knew that many people in Wudi City might be no less powerful than Du Longyang .

Although Lu Fan didn’t care about revealing his true identity…it would be much more difficult to find another decent body to possess if he were exposed .

That was why Lu Fan needed to be quite careful .

“The Scriptures Depository of Wudi City…”

Lu Fan’s eyes sparkled . The Scriptures Depository was his target . As a supreme power group in this world, Wudi City probably had useful and promising books and documents stored in its Scriptures Depository .

“It’s him, Feng Yilou . The number nine on the top cultivator list!”

“Didn’t he go out of town to hunt the stowaway? Why is he back now? Judging by the direction…is he planning to go to the Scriptures Depository again? I heard that Feng Yilou had failed every attempt to enter the Scriptures Depository . How can he be so persistent and shameless?”

“The Scriptures Depository is not an ordinary place . The cultivators in Wudi City only have one chance to visit and read what they want after moving up to the Nascent Soul Realm . ”

The people around Lu Fan were whispering .

Lu Fan didn’t care about them before . However, he was intrigued now that he had them talking about the Scriptures Depository .

Lu Fan moved briskly, leaving bright arcs glinting in the air .

He was standing next to a whispering purple-robed disciple only a second later .

Lu Fan looked at the purple-robed disciple and spoke calmly, “Do you know how to get in the Scriptures Depository?”

Startled, the disciple felt a chill down his spine as he realized Feng Yilou probably heard him calling him shameless just now .

He immediately kneeled before Lu Fan and prostrated himself on the ground, panic-stricken .

“Senior Brother Feng, please spare my life… I shouldn’t gossip and spew nonsense…”

Lu Fan was at a loss for words for the disciple’s reaction . It looked like the host he possessed was well-known for bad temper .

Lu Fan patted the disciple amicably and said, “Answer me . ”

The disciple was trembling with fear . Feng Yilou was the number nine on the top cultivator list and already had multiple failed attempts to enter the Scriptures Depository . How could he not know?

Apparently, Feng Yilou was trying to find fault with him . And answering his question would provide him an excuse .

The disciple would suffer a brutal beating whether he answered Feng Yilou right or wrong .

Even so, the disciple still replied honestly .

“There is a qualification match . An inner-order disciple can enter the Scriptures Depository if he can defeat the elder who guards the Depository,” the disciple answered .

Lu Fan narrowed his eyes .

He didn’t know about the details as he didn’t inherit Feng Yilou’s memory .

Challenging the elder who guarded the Depository?

The elders in Wudi City were certainly all in the Nascent Soul Realm, which meant that a Golden Elixir cultivator could only enter the Scriptures Depository by defeating a Nascent Soul one .

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It was remarkably difficult and basically eliminated an ordinary disciple’s chance to visit the Scriptures Depository .

Lu Fan smiled .

He didn’t pay any heed to the man shaking on the ground .

Lu Fan was not petty like Feng Yilou .

Looking at Lu Fan’s receding figure, the inner-order disciple was stunned . He was sure that the ill-tempered Feng Yilou would beat him senseless .

However, Feng Yilou didn’t lay a finger on him . Instead, he turned around and walked away with ease…

As if he really was simply asking how to enter the Scriptures Depository .


Why did he need to ask something that was universally known?!

The disciple was bewildered .

Lu Fan went into the inner city . Many disciples who saw Feng Yilou on the way expressed fear and disgust on their faces .

Lu Fan didn’t care . He only sighed at Feng Yilou’s deep unpopularity .

But it might be for the best . No one would come to bother him .

Lu Fan pulled a disciple over and asked for the direction of the Scriptures Depository .

After learning about the location, Lu Fan cordially patted the flustered disciple’s shoulder . The disciple collapsed on the ground in fright .

Lu Fan arrived at the Scriptures Depository of Wudi City .

The Scriptures Depository was a lavish building that covered a large area .

The magnificent building was enclosed with red walls that were decorated with green tiles and golden glazed upturned eaves .

The Scriptures Depository was in a remote location, deserted .

Lu Fan walked in . There was a large empty field paved with gray bricks inside the red walls .

The empty field was extremely vast . The gray bricks paved all the way to the foot of the Pavillion of the Scriptures Depository .

Lu Fan’s eyes focused on an old servant who was sweeping the stairs in front of the Scriptures Depository .

The old servant had white hair and beard and stooped shoulders . Holding the broom, he continued to sweep the grounds gently . The dust and fallen leaves danced in the air before rolling into a dustpan like a dragon .

He had an extraordinary control of his power for sure .

“Feng Yilou, why are you here again?”


The old servant raised his head . Lu Fan was surprised to see his vacant eyes . The old servant was blind .

“Even though you’re in the seventh level of the Golden Elixir Realm, you still can’t control your strength well enough and are not even remotely qualified to get in the Scriptures Depository… Why don’t you wait till you’re in the ninth level of the Golden Elixir Realm?” the old servant said .

Then, he continued to sweep the floor with the broom .

Lu Fan smiled and said, “I want to visit the Scriptures Depository . What do you need?”

The old servant stopped sweeping . He slowly raised his head and looked toward Lu Fan’s direction with his opaque and empty eyes .

“I will limit my power to the seventh level of the Golden Elixir Realm . You can enter the Depository if you can defeat me,” the blind old servant answered .

Lu Fan nodded slightly and took out the collapsible spear from his backpack . The tip of the spear touched the floor and made a clanking sound .

The old servant lowered his head and continued to sweep .

The rustling sound lingered around the stairs in front of the Scriptures Depository .

Lu Fan controlled Feng Yilou’s body and kicked up the spear . He stared at the old servant .

“I’m coming,” Lu Fan said .

The old servant maintained his composure and kept sweeping .

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Lu Fan’s cracked a smile . The tip fo the spear tapped the ground . “Then…I’m coming for real . ”

His voice reverberated in the air .

Feng Yilou’s body disappeared in a flash as thunder arcs bounced around .

He blurred into a row of shadows .

The old servant’s sweeping motion stiffened . He raised his head abruptly, hair and beard billowing in the strong wind .

He lifted the broom in his hand .

A spear was already thrust toward him .

With terrifying momentum!


The broom was knocked away . The old servant backed several steps as the energy inside him surged . He crushed the gray bricks with each step .


The old servant was astounded .

Was this Feng Yilou?

But the old servant was certain that he sensed Feng Yilou . Even his soul was unchanged .

“Have you been hiding your strength?”

The old servant became solemn .

Lu Fan controlled Feng Yilou’s body and launched another attack .

He didn’t know anything else but a high-speed thrust with the help of the Thunder Movement Technique .

As the saying went, no one could defeat you if you were fast enough .

Lu Fan could simply speed up even though he didn’t know how to use a spear .

Lu Fan dragged the spear with one hand . He gently stepped forward, bright arcs flashing in the air .

His body vanished again .

The old servant might be blind, yet his consciousness became clearer and clearer .

He felt the pressure . He never expected to be pressured by a youngster in the Golden Elixir Realm .

The old servant couldn’t employ the power from the Nascent Soul Realm without blushing .

He still fought against Feng Yilou with the power of the seventh level of the Golden Elixir Realm .

Outside of the Scriptures Depository…

Several disciples craned their necks to get a glimpse of the ongoing battle .

They all gasped in shock while watching the fight in front of the Scriptures Depository .

It was unbelievable .

Feng Yilou had challenged the old servant to enter the Scriptures Depository again . Yet the most important thing was…he completely dominated the elder who guarded the Scriptures Depository this time .

Did their eyes blur?

At the peak of Wudi City .

Sitting with his legs crossed, Du Longyang opened his eyes .

He looked at the direction of the Scriptures Depository with confusion . A quite surprising fight was going on there .

“It’s Feng Yilou again . He is really using the blind elder as his personal sharpening stone . ”

Du Longyang grinned .

He always saw Feng Yilou as a promising youngster .

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With a somber expression, he moved his eyes away .

So many disciples of Wudi City were hunting Nie Changqing, yet no one succeeded after such a long time . On the contrary, Du Longyang couldn’t sense the energy of several disciples anymore .

It meant that they were dead .

The stowaway had killed them .

Dozens of Golden Elixir cultivators couldn’t manage to kill a first-level Golden Elixir newcomer and even lost their own lives .

Du Longyang’s face was grim . Was it because the stowaway was too strong or the Golden Elixir cultivators in Wudi City were too weak?

The first-level Golden Elixir cultivators in Wudi City were hardly a match for the stowaway who was at the same level .

The stowaway who came through the Void Gate had exceptionally high potential, strength, and tenacity .

“He would be a star on the top cultivator list if he could survive this,” Du Longyang exclaimed .

Just when Du Longyang was expressing his feelings…

The fight before the Scriptures Depository had nearly ended .

Surrounded by bouncing thunder arcs…

The blind old servant stepped back .

A spear was stuck on the floor and pressed against his face .

A bloody weal became visible on the blind old servant’s cheek .

The disciples outside watching the fight in secret held their breaths in fear .

Their faces were lit up by the excitement .

He… Did he win?

An inner-order disciple challenged the elder who guarded the Scriptures Depository…and won?

That was a first in history .

Feng Yilou… Was Senior Brother Feng so powerful?!

Defeating the elder could place him in the top three on the cultivator list .

It turned out that Senior Brother Feng Yilou was hiding his strength!

The blind old servant stooped down and picked up the broom . He coughed quietly . “You can read anything you want on the first two floors of the Scriptures Depository . You should never step foot on the third floor . Furthermore, I will kill you without mercy if I catch you stealing or damaging any book,” the old servant said .

After that, he returned to clean the stairs .

Lu Fan controlled Feng Yilou’s body and collapsed the spear . He didn’t respond to the blind old servant’s instruction and went straight to the door of the Scriptures Depository . He hit the ancient door with his palm . A creaking sound echoed and lingered for a while .

After Lu Fan went into the Scriptures Depository…

Du Longyang suddenly appeared .

“He won?”

Du Longyang looked at the blind old servant, eyebrows furrowed .

The blind old servant nodded slightly .

Du Longyang glanced at the marks on the floor left by the spear .

“He didn’t develop the spear spirit . However, he used speed to make the attack more powerful… With this new approach, he unleashed the amount of energy that was equivalent to the ninth level of the Golden Elixir Realm . ”

“Feng Yilou…has the potential to be the first on the top cultivator list!” Du Longyang exclaimed .

He looked at the Scriptures Depository, eyes glistening with expectation . “I hope Feng Yilou could gain something from his time in the Scriptures Depository… It has been a long time since someone from our Wudi City ranked first on the top cultivator list . ”

Du Longyang’s emotional speech was heard by the eavesdropping disciples outside . Soon, the news spread throughout the entire Wudi City .

Feng Yilou, the inner-order disciple of Wudi City, had the potential to be the first on the top cultivator list!

In the meantime…

Lu Fan already controlled Feng Yilou’s body and went into the Scriptures Depository .

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