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Chapter 234
Chapter 234: Wuhuang Continent (Mid Level Martial World)

The earth was shaking, as a deafening noise invaded their eardrums .

In Lu Fan’s eyes, the Origin of the Plane had experienced a massive transformation .

Lu Fan had expanded the Origin of Wuhuang Continent to its limit by taking in the Origin of a Mid Level Martial World . As a result, Wuhuang Continent was like a balloon filled with air in it . Any attempt to blow it up would cause an explosion .

However, the current Origin of the Plane could go on expanding again, because the world had upgraded and it had had a higher limit at that moment . The Origin of the Plane of a Mid Level Martial World could acquire a considerable amount of energy .

And this was only the change of the Origin .

On the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion, Lu Fan was very serious . He did not anticipate the current situation .

He shifted his consciousness . The Spirit Pressure Chessboard emerged, floating before him .

Lu Fan fixed his eyes on it . In an instant, he saw what was going on in the whole world .

The world was changing, but it was not following any rules .

Places like mountain ranges continued expanding . They were at least twice the size of what they had been as if they were stretched like rubber bands .

And one after the other, steep peaks elevated their summits, reaching the sky . Magnificent mountains pierced through the ground and started to grow like bamboo shoots in the spring .

The earth was shaking .

Some places seemed to remain the same . After investigating, Lu Fan found that most of these places were beyond the old Great Zhou Dynasty .

That meant the expansion of lands was only restricted to the territory of the old Great Zhou Dynasty .

In addition, it all happened around the eight Dragon Gates .

Lu Fan felt relieved after finding that out .

He connected his mind with the Origin of the Plane .

He started to control and lead the expansion and transformation of the lands .

With his eyes shut…

Lu Fan saw Hidden Dragon Ridge .

This was the location where Lu Fan deployed the first Secret Realm .

But at this moment, the Secret Realm on the Hidden Dragon Ridge had been occupied by several aristocratic families .

“Up . ”

Lu Fan lifted his hand after thinking .

The Hidden Dragon Ridge was like a dragon that came to life . The ground first shook and then expanded . Five peaks, like the five paws of the dragon, pierced through the ground and started growing .

Lu Fan was drawing on the chessboard . The Spirit Pressure Chessboard was like a three-dimensional map, on which Lu Fan could modify and change any details .

The alterations Lu Fan was doing to Wuhuang Continent were mainly on the territory of the old Great Zhou Dynasty .

Similar to the continued existence of rich people and poor people and the gap between these two societal classes in the world…

In a Mid Level Martial World, there were regions with a higher concentration of Spirit Qi and regions with a weaker concentration .

Therefore, where Spirit Qi broke out would be the center of Wuhuang Continent .

Lu Fan did find there were other civilizations on Wuhuang Continent beyond the Great Zhou Dynasty .

However, Lu Fan just ignored these civilizations . He only needed to transform where he was living .

While Lu Fan was transforming the world…

The outside world went into an uproar .

The ground was shaking . It was not very strong, but the noises sounded terrible .

West Mountain, Beiluo .

Nie Changqing looked up . Looking at the tumbling clouds overhead, he felt his heart had been tightly grasped .

“What is happening to this world?”

Nie Changqing took a deep breath .

All cultivators in the Trial Pagoda ran out .

They were terrified and shocked .

They felt it was incredible, but had no idea what had happened .

The ground under their feet was uplifted . A magnificent tall mountain suddenly appeared out of nowhere, while Beiluo City was at the summit of the mountain…

Beiluo City seemed to be isolated .

The Overlord was frustrated by Nie Changqing’s breakthrough . The latter had achieved Heavenly Lock before he did . So, with an unyielding heart, he left Beiluo City on his black horse .

Not long after he had left the city, a great change happened in the world .

He stopped his horse by a cliff . Beiluo City was suddenly surrounded by precipitous cliffs . He was kind of shocked .

So he turned the horse around to go back to Beiluo .

Not only in Beiluo…

But also similar things were also happening in Western Liang, the Great Xuan, and even South County and Dongyang County .

The distance between lands suddenly increased . In fact, mountains that suddenly emerged separated several lands .

Some of the villages used to be close to one another, perhaps by only about a two-mile distance .

However, when the villagers of one village woke up in the morning, they found out that the neighboring village was gone . Where the nearby village had been was then replaced by a magnificent mountain .

People were terrified . They felt something beyond them was happening in this world .

Lu Fan’s mind was connected with the Origin of the Plane . He was changing this world through the Spirit Pressure Chessboard .

Buzhou Peak .

Li Sansi was sitting on the bluestone under Buzhou Peak .

All of a sudden…

He opened his eyes, feeling uneasy .

He lifted his head in shock and found Buzhou Peak was enlarging . It was soaring into the clouds as if it was connected to the sky .

Sitting on the bluestone, he saw Buzhou Peak, which had once been close, was moving farther and farther .

It’s as if there were continuous tracks that kept rolling forward installed to the ground so that Li Sansi and Buzhou Peak could be separated farther from each other .

Li Sansi jumped down from the bluestone . He headed for Buzhou Peak at high speed .

He found the distance between the bluestone and Buzhou Peak had increased .

Li Sansi looked indignant . He did not even go onto the mountain . He had been sitting at the foot of the mountain, so why was he still being driven away?

This change did not last for a long time .

Lu Fan finished his transformation very soon .

Lu Fan drove the energy surging from the Origin into the Plane so that the earth expanded .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lu Fan’s consciousness came back . He let out a deep breath slowly .

He had finally finished the transformation . The new territory was at least twice or three times as big as the old one .

Thanks to Lu Fan’s intervention, the Origin of the Plane did not transform the world as it wished . Otherwise, the whole world would have been different and unrecognizable . Everything in the world could even have had to start over .

Countless cities would have been ruined, and innumerous villages would have disappeared .

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With Lu Fan’s intervention, no city was ruined, and no village disappeared .

He let mountains grow in uninhabited regions and drove Spirit Qi and the power of the Origin onto these mountains .

In this way, these mountains became legendary grotto-heavens and blissful lands—wonderful places for cultivation .

The concentration of Spirit Qi in all grotto-heavens and blissful lands was as high as that on Lake Island .

While sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan thought, “Not bad . In this way, the power distribution of the world wasn’t affected…”

He built nine new grotto-heavens and blissful lands so that counties were farther from each other, and the territory became more spacious .

He also built forbidden areas for his next plan .

This was the most Lu Fan could do without affecting any cities .

On Lake Island .

Ximen Xianzhi, who was still buried in the soil, was probably the person who had most strongly sensed all these changes .

While the ground was shaking, Ximen Xianzhi felt the soil around him was sometimes tighter and sometimes less tight . He was terrified . What on earth was happening?!

On Beiluo Lake .

The water exploded . One after the other, a cultivator moved across the lake by stepping on the waves .

Nie Changqing, Ning Zhao, Lu Changkong, Lv Dongxuan, and the others all rushed onto the island .

Lu Changkong was a little pale .

He was a little astonished by this sudden change .

How come mountains suddenly appeared on flat ground and elevated Beiluo, situated on a plain, to the summit of the mountain?

On Lake Island .

Chrysanthemums were waving, peach blossoms were amazing, and it was breezy in the black bamboo forest .

Compared to the chaotic outside world, it was extremely peaceful and quiet on Lake Island .

When those people had gone onto the island, their uneasy feeling was gone .

“Young Master…Great changes have happened in the world! Could dreadful things happen next?” Nie Changqing asked .

Ning Zhao and the others were also looking at Lu Fan .

Ni Yu took a handful of Gathering Qi Elixirs and put them into her mouth . A mountain had suddenly appeared and elevated Beiluo City into the sky . She was totally freaked out .

On the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion .

Lu Fan was listening to the wind by the railing . With chess pieces in his hand, he was setting up a configuration on the chessboard to restore his Spiritual Sense .

“I’m already aware of these changes…”

“From the Secret Realm on the Hidden Dragon Ridge to the eight Dragon Gates, then to the Spirit Qi tide and the current land expansion…”

“The legendary plan of the Immortal has never been suspended . The current world is more and more similar to the cultivators’ era in ancient times,” Lu Fan said slowly .

Nie Changqing and the others were involuntarily stunned .

“Have you noticed the Spirit Qi in the world is richer?” Lu Fan said flatly without looking at them as he placed the chess pieces on the chessboard .

Nie Changqing had got Spiritual Sense since he had achieved Heavenly Lock, so his sense for Spirit Qi was acuter . He did find the Spirit Qi on Lake Island was richer than before .

“Maybe it isn’t anything bad…”

“That being said, the revival of the old world also means the approach of crises . You should remember how the brilliant ancient cultivators’ era ended?”

At this moment, Lu Fan rolled up his sleeve to place a chess piece on the chessboard . Then he looked at them seriously .

On Lake Island .

Nie Changqing and the others were all shocked when they had seen Lu Fan’s facial expression .

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They saw the seriousness of Lu Fan’s face .


To their surprise, the Young Master looked very serious!

“Crises and opportunities always coexist in the world . ”

“It’s great that the world has changed . The Spirit Qi is richer . It’s easier for cultivators to cultivate . There will be more strong people . But…it also forebodes upcoming crises,” Lu Fan said slowly .

Nie Changqing slightly turned pale . He closed his fists .

“Alien Evil Spirits?” Nie Changqing and Ning Zhao murmured .

They had challenged that magnificent palace deep in the Dragon Gate and had seen the secret history recorded in the palace .

It was about the collapse of the ancient era .

Alien Evil Spirits showed up when Spirit Qi tide had broken out last time . Young Master did not look worried even then .

But at the moment…

The Young Master’s brows were tightly knit . And he looked so worried .

Apparently, even the Young Master seemed to feel this incident tricky .

“I’m aware of this change, and I’ve finished digging with my Spiritual Sense…” Lu Fan said .

They were intently listening while exclaiming silently for Lu Fan’s strength .

The Overlord went onto the island too . The change in the world had worried him .

“This big change has made the world more spacious . Besides some unknown mountains and rivers, there are nine new grotto-heavens and blissful lands and three forbidden areas,” Lu Fan said seriously, frowning .

“You must be wondering what grotto-heavens and blissful lands are . In short, the cultivation conditions in all grotto-heavens and blissful lands can be compared to those on Lake Island before the transformation…”

When that had been said…

Everyone, including the Overlord, took a deep breath . They all felt it was incredible .

Lake Island of Beiluo was almost a shrine for cultivators thanks to the rich Spirit Qi here .

And at that moment, there were nine more grotto-heavens and blissful lands as great as Lake Island . The whole world would be excited about the news .

The Overlord’s eyes narrowed . “Young Master Lu, where are those three forbidden areas?”

Lu Fan glimpsed at the Overlord and then shook his head .

“Grotto-heavens and blissful lands are perfect places for cultivation, while forbidden areas… Although they are not the same as those areas where creatures were forbidden in ancient times, they are absolutely very dangerous places . ”

“And Alien Evil Spirits might be involved . ”

“I don’t know any details, either,” Lu Fan said .

Alien Evil Spirits might be involved?

The Overlord took a deep breath . He suddenly wondered one thing with a heavy heart . When did this world become the same as the ancient cultivation era?

Would the Alien Evil Spirits that had ended the ancient cultivation era also befall upon them?

So would all of these cultivators die?

The Overlord could still recall what he had seen in the corridor of the palace…

One after another, ancient senior cultivator rushed at the dreadful enemy at the risk of their lives .

It was raining blood, which was a vision caused by the great cultivators’ deaths .

Compared to the ancient cultivation era, cultivation had just become popular again in the current era . If Alien Evil Spirits also attacked them, this world could really be eliminated .

The air on Lake Island was a little dull . They all felt very depressed .

Lu Fan tapped the armrest of the wheelchair .

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“Old Lv . ”

“Young Master…” Lv Dongxuan cupped his hands at Lu Fan .

“Please announce to the world what I said today to calm people down,” Lu Fan said .

“Yes . ”

Lv Dongxuan let out a sigh emotionally with a touched look .

Young Master really cared about the folks living in this world .

“As to you, focus on cultivation . Now the world has greatly changed . Spirit Qi is surging, just like the Spirit Qi tide in the past . This is the best Immortal Encounter . Don’t miss such a good opportunity,” Lu Fan said while glancing over at Ning Zhao and the others .

The crowd down there all bowed at him .

Looking at Lu Changkong, Lu Fan said, “Father, don’t worry about the change in Beiluo City… It’s nothing bad . Besides, I’m here . There is nothing to worry about . ”

“I’ll pacify the folks of Beiluo later,” Lu Fan said .

Not until then did Lu Changkong look relieved .

Lu Fan lifted his head . He could sense the Origin of the Plane was still transforming . Not only Lu Fan, but also Nie Changqing, Ning Zhao, and the other cultivators who had evolved their elemental Spirit Qi clearly sensed it .

If they cultivated at this moment, they would gain great insights into elements .

Therefore, they did not waste any time .

They all bid farewell to Lu Fan . Then, stepping on the lake, they headed for the Trial Pagoda on West Mountain .

The Overlord also said goodbye to Lu Fan . In the end, he still decided to leave Beiluo City .

He was worried about the Imperial City in the capital city as well as Western Liang, so he left Beiluo after learning what all this was about . He went down Beiluo Peak and went back to the capital city .

However, to the Overlord’s surprise, it used to cost him four hours to travel from Beiluo to the capital city, but this time he traveled eight hours nonstop on his horse .

The Sword Saint Hua Dongliu went onto the island . He finally thought about Ximen Xianzhi .

He pulled Ximen Xianzhi out of the soil after apologizing to Lu Fan .

Tears coursed down Ximen Xianzhi’s cheeks . Someone finally came to help him .

When everyone had left…

Lu Fan drove the Thousand Blades Chair onto Beiluo Lake .

He lifted his hand .

And he slowly waved it .

The water split aside . A thunder bead flew up from the bottom of the lake and floated before Lu Fan .

Lu Fan flicked his fingers .

The thunder bead was divided into three parts . Lu Fan took out the Spirit Pressure Chessboard and put the three thunder beads onto the map, on which the terrains of the world had changed a lot .

The three thunder beads were like shooting stars that flew across the sky .

They flew into the forbidden areas constructed by Lu Fan .

And by then…

The Origin of the Plane over the sky had finally finished its transformation .

The system page suddenly popped up before Lu Fan .

Lu Fan glanced at it, slightly raising his eyebrows . He fixed his eyes on one sentence in the system page .

[“Grade of the current world: Wuhuang Continent (Mid Level Martial World) . ”]

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