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Chapter 205: 205
Chapter 205: Who Dared to Fight Outside Of the Capital City

West Mountain of Beiluo .

Heavy snow fell from the sky . The white jade pagoda looked as if it was blanketed with goose feathers .

Many cultivators sat with legs crossed under the white jade pagoda . They exerted themselves to condense the Spirit Qi to achieve the Ninth Stage Qi Core Realm since it was a prerequisite for entering the Trial Pagoda .

Young Master Lu of Beiluo didn’t impose any other restrictions on people who wanted to enter the Trial Pagoda, except for their cultivation level . Anyone who wished to cultivate in the Trial Pagoda had to be in the Ninth Stage Qi Core Realm at least .

Nie Changqing had sat on the ground for a while .

Stock-still like a statue, a thick layer of snow had accumulated on his body .

Suddenly, he opened his eyes . The Knife Qi burst from his eyes like a beam of light, intense and brilliant . It didn’t dim for a long time .

He stood up, flicked off the snow on him, and exhaled a frosty breath . With the butcher knife pinned on the belt of his white robe, he strode toward the Trial Pagoda .

Ning Zhao opened her eyes as well, her long eyelashes fluttering .

She looked at Nie Changqing . They only had three chances for each level in the Trial Pagoda .

If they lost all three chances, even if they didn’t die, they would be disqualified from staying in the Trial Pagoda .

Therefore, Ning Zhao cherished every chance she had .

In the distance .

Ni Yu and Nie Shuang were also eager for action . They conditioned themselves and were ready to try it out in the Trial Pagoda .

Bai Qingniao was resting and recuperating . After all, she was still recovering from her injuries . It would be a bad time for her to cultivate in the Trial Pagoda .

She heard from Ning Zhao that they only had three chances for each level in the Trial Pagoda . Thus every opportunity was extremely valuable .

Lv Dongxuan was discussing something with Lv Mudui on the side .

Holding the pipa, Mingyue stared at the Trial Pagoda with curiosity . She wanted to give it a try as well, but not before waiting and watching others first .

She had terrific breakthroughs from the battle in West County . Even though she was not in the Internal Organs Realm yet, her Qi Core was at capacity .

Lv Mudui pulled a long face .

“We’re issuing another Tianji Order?”

Lv Dongxuan cracked a smile . The golden chain hanging from his neck moved from side to side .

“No, it’s not a Tianji Order this time . We’re only sending a message to the public…to let them know that there is a Trial Pagoda in Beiluo . ” Lv Dongxuan laughed .

“Oh . ”

Lv Mudui gripped the bamboo cane with a poker face .


Lv Dongxuan looked at Lv Mudui, squinting .

Lv Mudui pretended he didn’t notice Lv Dongxuan’s pleading eyes . Did Lv Dongxuan want him to cough blood for something other than a Tianji Order?

What wishful thinking!

Did he think coughing blood cost him nothing?!

Was Lv Mudui only a pawn for blood supply?!

After a while…

Lv Mudui pressed his chest and sat on the bluestone in front of the white jade pagoda . His face was chalky white, and his lips were stained with blood residue .

He was filled with indignation .

Next time… He had to prepare pig blood in advance!

He swore!

Lv Dongxuan, on the other hand, cheerfully wrote down the content on a Divine Paper .

“The public has begun cultivation in the newly transformed world . In light of the difficulty of cultivation, Young Master Lu built a white jade Trial Pagoda to aid cultivators around the world . Anyone who had attained a Ninth Stage Qi Core can enter to cultivate, comprehend, and advance, striving for immortal life . ”

He wrote it down with a pen .

It was done smoothly in one sitting .

Lv Dongxuan stroked the golden chain on his neck and grinned broadly .

Mingyue read the message from behind and breathed in deeply . Lv Dongxuan indeed deserved to be the head of the pavilion . The message he wrote even made Mingyue choke up with emotions .

“Mingyue, do you understand why the Young Master built this white jade Trial Pagoda?” Lv Dongxuan exclaimed as he rubbed the golden chain on his neck .

Mingyue shook her head .

“The Young Master is so generous and open-minded that he is willing to offer such treasure to the public . The Young Master once said that he wants the world of cultivators to be inclusive and flourishing . I wasn’t convinced back then since it’s not an easy thing to achieve . Now, however, looking at the sky-high white jade Trial Pagoda… I’m starting to believe him . ”

“Because the Young Master is really doing his utmost for the future of the cultivators,” Lv Dongxuan said .

He shifted his eyes on Mingyue, inhaled a deep breath, and said, “Mingyue, you don’t belong to my Tianji Pavilion . Even though you have received some guidance from the Young Master, you are not an official disciple of White Jade City . ”

“Although you could live in Beiluo as a guest your whole life… you shouldn’t forget how the Young Master guided you . ”

“You have a talent for music and the pipa and can establish your own sect . We took care of you in the past because Kong Xiu entrusted you to us, and you were only a weak girl . Nowadays, you’re strong enough to venture out into the Jianghu . You can go out to broaden your horizon, set up your own sect, and make some contribution to the world of cultivators . So the Young Master doesn’t nurture you in vain,” Lv Dongxuan said .

Mingyue was stunned . She held the pipa tighter .

She didn’t expect to hear such a speech from Lv Dongxuan .

She was bewildered by it .

Lv Dongxuan patted Mingyue’s head . Mingyue was now a cultivator as well . Ultimately, she needed to grow up .

Then, Lv Dongxuan rolled up the Divine Paper and called a Tianji Pigeon . He stuffed the Divine Paper in the letterbox tied on the Tianji Pigeon’s leg and let the pigeon go . The white pigeon flew in the sky and blended with the falling snow .

Nie Changqing entered the Trial Pagoda again .

He sat on the pouf, and the scene in front of his eyes changed at once . He was in the dense forest again .

Five mysterious creatures who just entered the Internal Organs Realm wore face masks with a round hole in the center . Their eyes behind the masks were cold and ruthless .


Butcher knives appeared in the five creatures’ hands . They charged at Nie Changqing at full speed .

The force detonated in the forest and blast the branches and leaves away .

Nie Changqing raised his butcher knife . The Knife became blurry in the forest .

It was a brutal fight .

The five creatures cooperated seamlessly . Each one of them might not be the most skilled knife user on his own, yet the tacit collaboration of all five of them posed a challenge for Nie Changqing .

Outside of the white jade pagoda .

Ning Zhao stood up . She took in a deep breath and walked into the Trial Pagoda .

The moment she got in…

She saw Nie Changqing sitting on the pouf . The word “four” blinked above Nie Changqing’s head .

All of a sudden…

Ning Zhao jolted with surprise and saw that the number “four” above Nie Changqing’s head had become fuzzy and then suddenly vanished in smoke . The number “five” now appeared .

Nie Changqing finished the fourth level!

Ning Zhao felt enormous pressure . She was still stuck in the third level, yet Old Nie had entered the fifth level!

She and Old Nie were roughly in the same rank . Nevertheless, was she really so far behind in terms of combat capability?

Ning Zhao sat on the pouf and composed herself .

The door of the white jade pagoda was pushed open again .

An unkempt Daoist priest stumbled in, along with Ni Yu, Nie Shuang, and Jing Yue, who was holding the Jing Heaven Sword .

Ning Zhao nodded slightly at them and then closed her eyes and started the trail .

The number “three” quickly appeared above her head .

Kong Nanfei combed the hair on his forehead . His eyes brightened up with excitement .

He remembered Lu Fan said he would give him a gift that was helpful for the Righteousness Qi if he could break through the fifth level .

A gift from the Young Master Lu couldn’t possibly be too shabby .

Therefore, Kong Nanfei was eagerly looking forward to it .

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Imitating Nie Changqing and Ning Zhao, Kong Nanfei found a pouf and sat down with his legs crossed .

The sucking power changed the scene in front of his eyes immediately .

White Jade City Pavilion .

Lu Fan sat upright . The wind blew snowflakes on his body .

Lines flashed in his eyes . He was watching the war against the Great Zhou happening in the capital city .

Even though Lu Fan had the ability to inspect anywhere in the world, he had to enter a state of mind first .

Lu Fan couldn’t watch over all the places all the time .

To be honest, Tantai Xuan’s army of the Great Xuan would be weaker than the army of Western Liang, if not for Jiang Li’s leadership .

The Army of Western Liang, led by the Overlord, was truly crack troops that could even withstand two of the Five Barbarians at the same time .

There was no suspense in the results of this war against the Great Zhou, at least in Lu Fan’s eyes .

Without the Master and Jiang Li, the Great Zhou was like a tiger without its teeth and claws . It lost its deterrent power and defensive ability . There was no way that it could defeat the alliance between the Great Xuan and Western Liang .

Therefore, Lu Fan was more curious about whether the Great Xuan or Western Liang would win the final victory .

He took a sip of the green plum wine .

The taste of peach blossom lingered in his mouth .

Lu Fan leaned in the wheelchair and continued watching the battle .

Outside of the capital city of the Great Zhou .

Every snowflake was heavy like a piece of lead .

The guards of Pingnan City and Drunken Dragon City were both rallied to the capital city . Even when the entire force of the Great Zhou assembled in the capital city, it was still much weaker than the Great Xuan and Western Liang .

The Great Zhou had no chance of winning the war from what the public could see .

Tantai Xuan wore the military uniform and armor with a red cape flapping in the wind on his back . Under the protection of Jiang Li and several soldiers of the Xuanwu Guard, he slowly walked to the side of the Western Liang Army .

The Overlord stood on the chariot as three horses trudged forward, pulling it .

Fearless and lionhearted, the Overlord walked to Tantai Xuan alone .

The two exchanged a look . Tantai Xuan couldn’t help but laugh out loud .

“We finally come to this . ”

The Overlord nodded slightly .

They both rushed to get the lead . Much to their surprise, Western Liang and the Great Xuan breached the strongholds and reached the capital city at the same time .

It made the situation more interesting…

Because they couldn’t exactly tell the winner now that they were both outside of the capital city .

“I didn’t anticipate you would be standing in front of me . ”

The Overlord looked at Tantai Xuan .

“Unfortunately, you’re still too weak,” the Overlord said .

“Nowadays, it’s extremely hard for you to exact obedience from cultivators if you’re not powerful enough . ”

“Even if you became the Emperor, you would still be overthrown someday . ”

Tantai Xuan remained silent…

Because he thought the Overlord had a point .

Tantai Xuan was surprised at himself that he would come this far and became the final competitor against Western Liang .

Compared with the Overlord’s smooth experience with immortal encounter, Tantai Xuan…had a much more arduous journey .

Wearing a silver armor, Jiang Li looked at Tantai Xuan . Tantai Xuan shouldn’t lose heart himself at this critical time .

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Whoever became dispirited in the face-off between the Lords of the Great Xuan and Western Liang would have an immense impact on the following contest .

“I’m not afraid . The Great Xuan has cultivated countless soldiers for the Xuanwu Guard and has numerous capable generals . They respect me as their Lord not because of my physical strength, but for their faith in me . They honor me as their Lord because they approve of me . ”

“Why should I be worried?”

Tantai Xuan tugged the reins of his horse and smiled .

Facing the domineering Overlord, one of the best cultivators in the world in the Internal Organs Realm, Tantai Xuan didn’t appear fragile or self-doubting .

Jiang Li let out a deep sigh of relief .

The Overlord gave a long look at Tantai Xuan, then turned the three horses around, and galloped toward the gate tower of the capital city .

“The Overlord is truly valiant,” Tantai Xuan solemnly said after taking a deep breath .

“The Overlord was always overbearing and assertive in the age of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, let alone the current world of cultivators,” Jiang Li commented .

They raised their eyes and saw the Overlord rushing to the gate tower of the capital city, splattering mud along the way .

The three horses ran faster and faster, almost sprinting .

The Overlord carried his giant ax and shield and stood on the chariot . His long hair blew in the wind like steel needles .

His penetrating eyes stared at the towering wall of the capital city—the city that had been the heart of the Great Zhou for so many years .

He visited the capital city when he was a kid . He was so small at that time that he felt like an ant at the foot of the gate tower .

And now, he had returned…

As a fierce tiger!


The Overlord rode to the gate tower of the capital city .

The Western Liang Army was in an uproar . Many soldiers pounded their spears on the ground and made deafening rumbles .

The sound of the battle drum was like thunder exploding in the sky .

Finally, he arrived at the foot of the gate tower .

The Overlord abruptly pulled the reins of his horses . His piercing eyes stared at the faces on the gate tower .

The Black Dragon Guards wearing black dragon masks .


The Overlord let out a roar . The blue veins on his neck bulged .

The Overlord challenged the enemy to battle outside of the capital city of the Great Zhou!

“Who dares to fight me?!”

His bellow was like a clap of thunder reverberating throughout the quiet capital city . The sound slowly faded .

Every general of the Great Zhou standing on the gate tower was frightened .

The Overlord was challenging them under the gate tower .

Yet none of them had the courage to go out and fight against him .

Who was the Overlord?

He was one of the best cultivators in the world . None of them wanted to die!

Thus, who dared to fight?

“Worthless losers!” the Overlord shouted .

The faces hiding behind black dragon masks darkened .

Many generals of the Great Zhou were pale with fear .

The Overlord was disappointed . He yelled for quite a while, yet no one dared to answer . The Great Zhou… let him down .

A Black Dragon Guard bawled out an order .

“Archers, prepare!”

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The soldiers of the Great Zhou on the gate tower drew their bows .

The cultivators in the Black Dragon Guard also raised their bows and aimed at the Overlord, who was standing on the chariot pulled by three horses .

The Overlord let out a burst of scornful laughter .

He picked up the bow on the chariot…

Pulled out a steel arrow .


The Overlord’s voice echoed on the gate tower .

A Black Dragon Guard on the gate tower glared at the Overlord, who was standing on the chariot alone and drawing his bow .


A Black Dragon Guard waved a flag and shouted with the Spirit Qi .


Whiz! Whiz!

In an instant, on top of the gate tower of the capital city of the Great Zhou…

Everyone released the bowstrings in their hands . The arrows arched across the sky and whistled toward the Overlord at the foot of the gate tower .

The flying arrows rained on the Overlord .

The Overlord laughed .

His laughter lingered in every corner of the battlefield .

He drew the bow to the full extent .


The steel arrow hurtled out .

Countless arrows were flying above the Overlord’s head like a dark cloud . Yet the Overlord only shot one arrow…

The lonely arrow faced tens of thousands of arrows .

Tragically and heroically, the single steel arrow dashed toward the rain of arrows…

As if the time stopped at this moment .


What shocked everyone was…

The Overlord’s arrow spun in the air . With a roaring sound, it collided with a great number of arrows from the gate tower and broke them into pieces .

It penetrated through a Black Dragon Guard’s chest . Fine droplets of blood sprayed out .

The arrow impaled the Black Dragon Guard on the gate tower with tremendous force .

Tens of thousands of arrows rained from the sky .

The Overlord stood on the battlefield alone .

He raised the ax in his hand .

The arrows all froze in mid-air…

The Overlord was wrapped in Demonic Qi, hair blowing in the wind .

He faced Western Liang with his back and waved the ax forward .


The arrows in the air all blew up into tiny pieces!

In the Western Liang Army .

The soldiers of Western Liang watched the man with mysterious power under the gate tower . They could feel their blood boiling .

Xu Chu brandished the two giant iron maces and let out a deep roar .

“Attack the city!”

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