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Chapter 196
Chapter 196: Nanfei Who Cannot Fly Away

Blood spilled onto the white snow . The white snow was tinted red .

It was still snowing heavily .

Snowflakes kept falling from the sky . But they melted into water because of the heat .

A bird with a soft silhouette and red fire plumes was flapping its wings in the air . Its sharp beak was like the sharpest knife in the world, sharp enough to smash anything without much effort .

The red fire phoenix with its soft silhouette brushed past the Black Dragon and left bloody claw marks on the latter . The Black Dragon’s scales fell to the ground with some clanking sounds .

This was a fire phoenix, a fire phoenix many times stronger than the previous young phoenix .

It was the second transformation of the Nine Phoenixes Transformation, Phoenix Plume .

Everyone in the Imperial Garden was shocked . Yuwen Xiu’s eyes widened and he clenched his fists tightly .

His Black Dragon was injured!

Lil Phoenix One, already having reached the Phoenix Plume Realm, grew fire plumes . As it flapped its wings, its burning fire became even more powerful, almost as if it could control the wind .

A loud and clear chime rang through the air .

Lil Phoenix One, like the burning sun, stared at the Black Dragon . It opened its beak and called in a sharp voice .

The Black Dragon did not growl or respond . It just continued staring at Lil Phoenix One . The Black Dragon and the fire phoenix were confronting each other in the Imperial Garden .

Shapeless energies seemed to be colliding .

The Nine Phoenixes Transformation was a mysterious method . Even Lu Fan could not identify its grade, which was enough to prove how powerful it was . And since the method was capable of causing Lil Phoenix One to transform, it was certainly a powerful method .

Lil Phoenix Two and Lil Phoenix Three had not transformed yet .

It wasn’t at the moment they could not transform . It was just Bai Qingniao was unable to make them transform yet .

Blood had oozed from her nose and mouth after she had coaxed Lil Phoenix One into its second transformation of Nine Phoenixes . If she really made Lil Phoenix Two and Lil Phoenix Three reached the second realm as well, she might lose her life there .

Jiang Li hit the ceiling . He rushed at Bai Qingniao as soon as she fell .

“Retreat!” Jiang Li shouted in a low voice while the Black Dragon Guard and the Black Dragon were confronting Lil Phoenix One .

He scooped Bai Qingniao up in his arms . Without Bai Qingniao’s control, Lil Phoenix Two and Lil Phoenix Three were a little confused, like two muddleheaded baby chickens .

Jiang Li looked at the girl . Blood was still flowing out of her mouth and her nose . His eyes turned red .

All of a sudden, he was eager to be strong .

Since he had not been strong enough, he failed to protect those he wanted to protect . Bai Qingniao even tried to protect him instead .

He jumped onto Lil Phoenix Two’s back .

Luo Cheng was fighting even while they were retreating . He jumped up to grasp Lil Phoenix Three’s paws . The two fire phoenixes flew into the sky, stirring the snow from the ground .

“Don’t let them go!” Yuwen Xiu yelled coldly with his eyes wide .

The Black Dragon Guard came to themselves . They charged again . The Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men ran extremely fast and jumped up into the air .

On the ground, archers carrying bows on their backs pulled their bowstrings and shot arrows .

Densely-packed arrows shot at the fire phoenixes in the sky .

Jiang Li waved his knife to parry the arrows . The arrows broke . They were shot by ordinary people, so it was easy to parry them .

Luo Cheng stared at the archers and threw his knife over . All of the arrows fell .

“Useless things!”

One of the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men grabbed an archer’s bow . He took an arrow and pulled the bowstring .

He breathed out slowly .

The bowstring was taut .

He let go of the arrow . The bowstring trembled so violently that the bow in his hand exploded .

The arrow with feather fletching was shot into the air with a high-pitched sound . It flew out at high speed .

Towards Bai Qingniao, who was in a coma .

This man had discovered that it was Bai Qingniao who was controlling the three fire phoenixes . As long as the girl died, this fire phoenix that was strong enough to confront Black Dragon would absolutely panic .

Jiang Li, on Lil Phoenix Two’s back, was astonished .

The arrow flew at them in a blur .

Jiang Li’s pupils shrank .

He activated his Spirit Qi to stop this arrow . However, the enemy had injected Spirit Qi into it . It was almost impossible to resist arrows shot by cultivators .

And the arrow’s target was Bai Qingniao below .

Jiang Li could not stop it . So, he turned around to stop the arrow with his own body .


The arrow pierced through Jiang Li’s body . Its cold arrowhead pierced through his body and showed up in front of Bai Qingniao’s pale face . Warm blood kept dripping on the girl’s long eyelashes .

Lil Phoenix Two and Lil Phoenix Three flew out .

Lil Phoenix One flew back after another collision with the Black Dragon . It flapped its wings and soared at a high speed like a flame .

It came under Lil Phoenix Two and Lil Phoenix Three in one second .

The two flew onto Lil Phoenix One’s back . After the second transformation, Lil Phoenix One’s body was much bigger . It was even big enough to carry Lil Phoenix Two and Lil Phoenix Three on its back .

Flapping its wings, Lil Phoenix One flew across the sky over the Imperial City like the burning sun, its call a loud and clear chime .

However, it fell as soon as it left the Imperial City because of exhaustion .

Lil Phoenix Two and Lil Phoenix Three, lying on the snow ground feebly, turned back into two furry baby chickens again .

Luo Cheng sprang to his feet from the ground . After all, as a cultivator, he was much stronger than before .

He helped Jiang Li, whose body had been pierced through by the arrow, to stand up right away .

“Go,” Jiang Li said with a calm face .

Luo Cheng narrowed his eyes . Then, he nodded . He picked the three baby chickens up and put them into his collar .

Carrying his knife, he ran fast to leave the capital city .

“Yuwen Xiu won’t let us leave the Imperial City . He will definitely send troops from the capital city to chase after us . But he should have just given the order . We should still have the time to leave if we act fast enough,” Jiang Li said .

Carrying Bai Qingniao in his arms, he was running with steady steps .

His shoulder was bleeding .

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The sound of horse hooves came after them .

The horsemen from the capital city were sent as they had expected . On the long street of the capital city, civilians had been hiding in their own houses . There were few people on the street .

Luo Cheng was running away ahead of Jiang Li .

Great Zhou’s horsemen came .

Luo Cheng’s face flushed because of the cold air . He kept looking back . Great Zhou’s elite soldiers were closing in on them .

He turned pale .

This time, there was no way out .

Would he, Luo Cheng, die here this day?

His father had not seen him get married yet .

Gnashing his teeth, Luo Cheng was reluctant to die . At this point, the person that came to mind was not his father, Luo Yue, but the Daoist nun he saw walking away from the city tower .

Luo Cheng was spooked by his own thoughts . He slapped across his own face to clear his mind and stop daydreaming .

Jiang Li was a little pale because he had lost too much blood .

He did not have to think to know that the Great Zhou’s horsemen chasing after them were large in number and densely packed behind him . He, with plenty of experience in leading armies, could even tell these horsemen had begun the chase about twenty seconds later than in usual drills .

“Luo Cheng, let’s keep going!”

Jiang Li did not give up . Carrying Bai Qingniao in his arms, he kept trekking through the snow .

He had promised Bai Fengtian he would take good care of Bai Qingniao so that she could live a peaceful life . But right now, Bai Qingniao was so heavily injured… He would be too guilty to face Bai Fengtian even if he lost his life now .

Therefore, he could not die . He had to get Qingniao out of this chaotic capital city .

Luo Cheng looked back . At the sight of Jiang Li’s determined face, his lips, chapped by the wind and snow, trembled involuntarily .

“There is no way ahead…” Luo Cheng said .

“Since there is no way, we’ll make a way out,” Jiang Li said, panting .

“I regret not having cultivated earlier . If I had, maybe I wouldn’t be so helpless today .

“Overlord was right . Strength is fundamental in this world today . This is a world where even miracles can be cultivated . ”

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Li continued trekking through the snow .

Blood spilled onto the white snow . The white snow was tinted red .

Luo Cheng gnashed his teeth . Grasping his knife, he ran ahead, exerting the power of the dragon’s blood to the full .

Well, since it was impossible to outrun the horsemen, he would just kill them .

Old Nie and Ning Zhao had killed thousands of troops before . So could Luo Cheng .

After all, the current Luo Cheng was no weaker than Nie Changqing and Ning Zhao had been in the past .

However, it took time to kill people . If he could not finish this quickly, it would be really impossible to leave when the Black Dragon Guard and the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men arrived .

Only cultivators could deal with cultivators . It made sense .

The power of the dragon’s blood had spread through his system .

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Luo Cheng grasped his knife . The Knife Qi was vaguely oscillating behind him .

All of a sudden, just as Luo Cheng was ready to risk his life, a heavy creak came from behind him .

Luo Cheng looked back, feeling incredibly heady . He saw the city gate of the capital city suddenly open .

A startled look came over Jiang Li’s pale face . Carrying Bai Qingniao in his arms, he looked at the city tower in the distance in surprise .

Before the city gate, two senior armored soldiers of Great Zhou pushed the heavy vermillion city gate open .

They had removed their helmets and looked at Jiang Li calmly .

They were just looking at him silently . However, an unspeakable air was lingering between the city towers somehow .

Luo Cheng was dumbstruck .

Jiang Li had an emotional look on his face .

He looked up and saw one after another, armored elite soldiers of Great Zhou on the city towers . They had all been trained by him .

The archers who had pulled their bowstrings taut also lowered their bows .

Gazing at Jiang Li from above, they took off their helmets out of respect .

Jiang Li was really touched .

Behind him, the horses’ hoofbeats also fell away .

Jiang Li looked back and saw Great Zhou’s armored horsemen standing in the distance of the long street of the capital city .

Their unsheathed knives and swords were all pierced into the snow ground .

All the soldiers were staring at Jiang Li in the heavy snow . Their breaths were visible and their faces went rosy in the cold .

Jiang Li, carrying Bai Qingniao in his arms, was covered with blood . His face was extremely pale from blood loss . However, despite the paleness, he was obviously touched . He seemed to guess these soldiers’ intentions . He felt as though his heart had been struck by a heavy hammer .

A warm current was flowing through his blood vessels . He could not help the tears that ran down his face as if his tear ducts were reacting to the cold .

He recalled the days he and Great Zhou’s elite soldiers had guarded Yuanchi City . They ate meat and drank alcohol like crazy in those days . Despite the crisis then, Jiang Li had never given up . He inspired every soldier under his command .

Who said these soldiers were heartless?

Jiang Li gnashed his teeth . He did not waste any time . Lifting Bai Qingniao in his arms, he turned his back on Great Zhou’s elite soldiers and the armored horsemen . Then, Spirit Qi gushed out from his soles . The snow on the ground suddenly exploded .

Pushed by such a power, he ran out of the city gate quickly .

Gradually, he was farther and farther from the army .

He was so far away, it was impossible to go back again .

Luo Cheng sheathed his knife . Carrying the knife in the snow, he charged out of the capital city .

While passing by the two senior soldiers who opened the city gate for him, Jiang Li could hear them speak in a hoarse voice with an accent of the capital city, “General, stay alive .

“We would like to be your soldiers again in the next life . ”


The snow under their feet exploded . Jiang Li and Luo Cheng had finally left this ancient city .

Outside, everything was covered with snow .

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Twenty Black Dragon Guards rode their horses through Great Zhou’s elite army to chase after Jiang Li .

“Who told you to open the city gate? Are you courting death?!” a Black Dragon Guard snarled with his eyes wide .

He brandished his knife on the horse . The two senior soldiers’ heads flew into the air .

The snow before the city tower was stained with blood .

The Black Dragon Guards were chasing Jiang Li on their horses . Great Zhou’s elite soldiers exchanged a look . They pulled their weapons out of the snow unhurriedly and then jogged out of the city .

However, they were not very motivated .

Gazing at the white snow before him, Jiang Li felt a little dizzy .

Luo Cheng followed him, gnashing his teeth, gripping his knife tight .

Behind him, the horses’ hoofbeats approached . Twenty Black Dragon Guards charged at them on horses .

Although they were already out of the capital city, it was still very dangerous .

All of a sudden, in the snow, a blurry figure stumbled over, murmuring something that sounded like poetry .

It was an unkempt scholar holding a wine jar . He would drink from the jar after taking every two steps .

The unkempt scholar was followed by a teenager carrying a spear on his back . The teenager was also wearing a Confucius robe, but he was holding two sealed wine jars in his arms .

In this way, the unkempt scholar and the teenager with the spear showed up on this dangerous battlefield in snow, like two square pegs in a round hole .

Luo Cheng’s eyes narrowed . The sight of the unkempt scholar standing in their way gave him goosebumps .

He felt extremely spooked .

Jiang Li, carrying Bai Qingniao in his arms, was dumbstruck .

Behind him, the twenty Black Dragon Guards pulled on their reins . Their horses lifted their front legs, stirring the snow from the ground .

“Who are you? The Black Dragon Guard of the capital city is capturing important criminals . Irrelevant people, get out of here!” the Black Dragon Guard leader demanded .

The unkempt scholar took another swig from his wine jar .

Suddenly, he threw the wine jar down on the ground, hard .

He lifted his hands to push the shaggy hair on his forehead aside, and a face familiar to the people showed up .

“Haoran Sect, Kong Nanfei… Nanfei who can’t fly away, hic . ”

“I’m here to pick up an old friend . Whoever stops me—hic—will die . ”

The teenager carrying the spear behind the unkempt scholar thought for a second .

Then, he said, “Meng Haoran, Haoran Sect…”

The unkempt scholar turned his head to give the teenager a squint as soon as the latter finished speaking .

The teenager was speechless right away . He hurried to hand over another wine jar to the unkempt scholar .

The air turned extremely cold in a second .

There was only the sound of wind and snow .

Looking at that unkempt man, Jiang Li could hardly believe what he was seeing .

Was that really Kong Nanfei?

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