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Chapter 191
Chapter 191: Why Does The Land Need The Emperor?

The battle was already over when the South Manor Army of South County sent by Tang Yimo arrived at Dongyang County .

When barbarian army from Dongyi was defeated, they fled in disarray, leaving countless bodies behind .

It surprised the South Manor Army, who came from afar .

Dongyang County defended themselves even without an army of cultivators?

In addition, the casualties were light . As far as the generals of the South Manor Army could see, most of the soldiers from Dongyang County didn’t lose their limbs .

It was beyond comprehension how a battle like this didn’t cause heavy casualties . Even South County lost more people .


The morale of the soldiers from Dongyang County was quite low . They didn’t seem to be in a jubilant mood after the triumph .

The reinforcements from the South Manor Army had an audience with Mayor Yang Mu himself .

Dongyang County and South County were practically enemies who had conflicts in the past .

Yang Mu only asked for help from South County as a long shot . Much to his surprise, not only did South County send them reinforcements, but also the South Manor Army, their elite troops of cultivators, was sent to assist them in the battle .

“Thank you very much…”

Yang Mu had mixed feelings .

The death of the Master made him realize that the capital city would never send in troops since the young emperor didn’t want to help Dongyang County at all .

It lit a fire of anger in Yang Mu’s heart .

Not only the South Manor Army…

Xiang Family’s Army, the Western Liang armored horsemen, was also following behind .

He asked West County for help, and they sent their men as well .

North County also had horsemen wearing light armors rode into Dongyang County .

Unfortunately, the war was over .

Yang Mu expressed his gratitude to the three parties and told them what happened on the battlefield .

He also informed the public of the Master’s extraordinary feats .

Everyone was shocked . They exchanged a look over the incredible report .

They were all cultivators who knew how much advantages they possessed when fighting against ordinary people .

Nevertheless, the Master fought a legendary battle with his flesh and blood .

A great sense of admiration for the Master surged in their hearts .

The reinforcements from other counties left Dongyang County with shocking details .

Carrier pigeons spread this surprising news across the world .

The Master of the Confucianism died in Dongyang County .

All the power groups, including the Tianji Pavilion, learned about the Master’s death from the messenger pigeons . The shocking news became the talk of the entire Great Zhou Dynasty .

Many disciples of the Confucianism wailed bitterly in grief .

But most people felt enraged as they mourned the Master .

What were they furious about?

The lack of action of the capital city of the Great Zhou, of course!

Dongyang County sent letters to North County, West County, South County, and the capital city at the same time . The letter arrived at the capital city first . Yet the young emperor chose to ignore it for a long time .

On the contrary, West County and North County both sent their troops to help . Even South County that had conflicts with Dongyang County offered help at the critical moment .

The capital city of the Great Zhou Dynasty was the only one that didn’t make any move, not even reply to the letter .

The Master had no choice but to go to Dongyang County alone and take on the responsibility . Noble and fearless, he helped them defeat the invaders from Dongyi .

For the time being…

The disciples of Confucianism were infuriated . And the capital city was condemned by the public .

Capital city .

Yuwen Xiu’s face was steely .

The news from the young eunuch astounded him . Yet, in the meantime, he was also boiling with anger .

“How dare Beiluo City… lie to me like this!”

However, the following news filled him with anxiety and shuddered his heart .

The Master… died in Dongyang County .

He fought against the cultivators of Dongyi and died an honorable death .

Yuwen Xiu’s body became ice cold upon hearing the news . He only calmed down after a long time .

Another terrified young eunuch entered the Zijin Palace .

“Your Majesty…”

“After the Master’s death, the disciples of Confucianism around the country blamed the capital city for inaction . The disciples in the capital city are gathering on the long street to protest and to ask for an explanation from Your Majesty,” the young eunuch said .

The death of the Master was a blow to the capital city .

The disciples of Confucianism around the country were all the Master’s students . How could they remain calm?

Yuwen Xiu sat in the Dragon Throne . The palace was gloomy without any candles burning .

“What kind of explanation do they want from me?”

Yuwen Xiu’s icy voice traveled down from the throne .

“Do they think my teacher’s death does not hurt me? Do I need these nerds to come and condemn me? How dare they?!”

“How could the Master die if he stayed here in the capital city as he should?”

“So why did he leave the capital city? Why did he go to Dongyang County?!”

Yuwen Xiu became more and more agitated as he was speaking . He was almost roaring in the end .

The young eunuch prostrated himself on the bare floor in fear and didn’t dare to move an inch .

“The public condemns me, right?”

Yuwen Xiu seemed to calm down a little bit and said, “Summon my Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men . ”


The young eunuch stepped out . Soon after, a line of people walked into the Zijin Palace, one by one, with the sound of armors clanking .

There were twelve men in total [1], all dressed in light black armor with a black dragon’s head engraving .

“Your Majesty…”

The twelve people said while cupping one hand in the other before the chest .

“Gather the Black Dragon Guard and crack down the riot in the capital city . ”

“I am the son of Heaven . How dare these scumbags of Confucianism criticize me? They have no right to condemn me even if I commit heinous crimes,” Yuwen Xiu said .

The twelve people below exchanged a look and nodded .

“Yes . ”

Then, the Twelve Black Dragon Armored Men backed out of Zijin Palace, climbed on their horses, and galloped in the snow .

The Black Dragon Guard gathered, their armors gleaming coldly .

On the long street of the capital city .

Bristled with indignation, the disciples wearing Confucian robes were cursing and shouting .

Assembled, they moved to Zijin Palace at a slow pace like a long stream .

The stream was also growing as more disciples came from other places and joined the protest .

They wanted to demand justice for the Master’s death .

They wanted to know why the capital city didn’t send out troops .

Dongyi was one of the Five Barbarians . They attacked the Great Zhou, yet the young emperor didn’t even send out reinforcements .

Wasn’t that ridiculous?

The civilians living in the capital city watched the disciples flooding the street with mixed feelings .

In the crowd…

Qianqian, the beautiful woman of the teahouse, felt a chill run down her spine . She stood in the snow, eyes sparkling .

Pursing her lips, she muttered, “The weather is about to change…”

The sound of hoofbeats reverberated around the field .

The snow on the ground was kicked up in the air .

Black armors came into view from afar like a swimming dragon on the snow-covered long street .

The unscrupulous Black Dragon Guard rode the horses and dashed on the long street of the capital city .

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The Black Dragon Guard was the young emperor’s personal guard, and a troop composed of cultivators . Every guard wore black armor and a face mask with a black dragon engraving . They emitted the smell of death .

The head of the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men reined in his horse .

The angry faces of the disciples reflected in his eyes under the mask .

He didn’t say anything .

The head of the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men raised his hand…

And waved slowly .

Then, the Black Dragon Guard behind him all spurred their horses forward .

The sharp spears gleamed in the snow and tore the snowflakes into pieces .

The crimson blood and unyielding screams filled the street .

The smell of blood permeated the air of the capital city . It was a tragic day for the disciples of Confucianism in the country .

In the crowd…

The civilians were heartbroken . Many people collapsed on the ground in fright by the scene in front of them .

Qianqian covered his mouth as her eyes brimming with disbelief .

The sound of hoofbeats gradually stopped .

The long street of the capital city was packed with disciples’ dead bodies .

Even the snow falling from the sky was stained by the blood .

Upon hearing the news, Kong Nanfei rushed to the scene . The sword in his hand fell on the ground as he stared vacantly at the corpses on the street .

His lips twitched, and his expression was indescribable .

He thought about the Master’s disappointed look when he left the Book Pavilion .

Yuwen Xiu changed…

The capital city also changed .

Kong Nanfei suddenly had an urge to laugh . The Great Zhou was built on Confucianism . So many years had gone by .

Who would have thought such a devastating scene would show on the long street of the capital city?

Blood was still dripping from some Black Dragon Guards’ spears . Their icy eyes under the black dragon masks looked at Kong Nanfei .

Sitting upright on their horses, the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men also stared steadily at the hysterical Kong Nanfei .

It was an intense moment .

Kong Nanfei tossed a deadly glare at the Black Dragon Guard . He trained the Black Dragon Guard himself, yet they had now become the ruthless executioners .

He slapped himself on the face .

Kong Nanfei turned around and left . His lonely figure slowly disappeared in the snow .

He didn’t return to the Book Pavilion . Instead, he left the capital city and vanished on the main road covered by heavy snow .

A horse carriage arrived at the outside of Beiluo City . The horses were still panting from the sprint .

Mo Tianyu seemed much older . Beard untrimmed, he looked dull with his eyes glazed over .

He carried a body off the carriage .

Gazing at Beiluo, his eyes flickered .

After saying goodbye to Yang Mu, he whipped the horses to rush to Beiluo City . Now he finally arrived .

“Master, you wanted to retire in Beiluo City . Now I finally brought you here as you wished,” Mo Tianyu said .

He plodded on through the snow to Beiluo City .

Beiluo .

Beiluo Lake Island .

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan seemed to have sensed something . His white robe flapped in the wind .

He raised his hand and waved gently .

The gate of Beiluo City opened, and the snow on the ground melted, which paved a broad way for Mo Tianyu directly to the Beiluo Lake Island .

While staring at the clean, snowless road, Mo Tianyu’s face twitched .

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He came from the east . The Master wanted to spend his final days on Beiluo Lake Island, yet it wasn’t realized . Mo Tianyu hoped to bury the Master on the Beiluo Lake Island .

So he could fulfill the Master’s last wish .

He fastened the body on his back .

Mo Tianyu carried the Master and slowly walked forward .

It was still snowing . Yet all the snowflakes changed the course above Mo Tianyu’s head and didn’t touch him at all .

Outside of the Tianhan Gate .

With the butcher knife at his side, Nie Changqing walked in the snow . He was swift like a bird and didn’t leave any trace on the snow .

He caught up with Li Sansi in a short time…

Because he realized Li Sansi was fighting against the Xirong Army alone .

Nie Changqing pulled out his sword and chopped down . Even the snow was blown away by his strike .

“Where is the Lord of Xirong?” Nie Changqing asked in an icy voice .

His strike made the Xirong Army lose the will to fight .

Finally, a leader of the Xirong tribe answered with a terrified look, “The Lord of Xirong… is dead!”

“A palm fell from the sky and killed the Lord of Xirong . Heaven has punished him!”

The leaders of the Xirong tribe all prostrated themselves on the ground .

The cultivators in the Great Zhou were too horrifying!

Li Sansi and Nie Changqing exchanged a look . Nie Changqing seemed to realize something . The murderous look in his eyes slowly disappeared .

“It seems that… the Young Master made a move . ”

Young Master quite favored Nie Shuang .

Nie Changqing exhaled a deep breath .

He slammed the butcher knife downward again and cut a trench on the snowfield .

The Xirong Army instantly started to flee in a frenzy .

They had tried to fight back before . But there was nothing they could do when facing Nie Changqing’s butcher knife .

The Xirong Army was running for their lives . Nie Changqing and Li Sansi held their knife and sword .

They followed the Xirong Army as if they were herding sheep .

They chased the Xirong Army to the west .

North County .

Tantai Xuan smashed his fist hard on the table .

The teacups on the table shook violently and spilled the water .

“Jiang Li was put in prison?!”

“What’s wrong with retiring to do farm work? How could he cook up a charge of assaulting the late Emperor and put Jiang Li in prison?!”

“Did the young emperor hit his head?!”

Tantai Xuan was furious .

He flushed angrily, and his eyes were ablaze with rage . He didn’t let Jiang Li go so that the young emperor could put him in prison!

Not only that .

The following news shocked Tantai Xuan even more .

The most unbelievable one was the death of the Master . He was the Master of Confucianism and the pillar of the Great Zhou Dynasty!

The Master’s death was like the beginning of the collapse of the Great Zhou Dynasty .

Why did those people hold off attacking the Great Zhou for so long?

It was because the Great Zhou has Kong Xiu, the Imperial Advisor!

As for those Black Dragon Guard… Would Tantai Xuan be scared of them? Would Xiang Shaoyun be scared?

F*ck them!

Who didn’t have an army of cultivators?

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Even North County had its own troops of cultivators .

“He didn’t send out reinforcements because he wanted to weaken the power of each county by the hands of the Five Barbarians . What a little emperor!”

Tantai Xuan sat back in the chair . He took a sip of the tea yet didn’t feel content, so he picked up the teapot and drank directly from it .

He remembered the dream when he slaughtered the black dragon, and the dragon’s blood spilled all over him .

He put down the teapot forcefully .

A look of determination flashed in his eyes .

He glanced at the servant next to him and said, “Go quickly and invite Mo Ju and the giant over . ”

Following the order, the servant bowed and left .

Tianhan Gate .

Wearing a crane cloak, Mo Ju stood on the gate tower in the snow . With the cold wind blowing on his face, he gazed at the vast field .

A series of vivid pictures were present in his eyes .

Shabbily dressed, he squatted down next to the road . A horse carriage stopped beside him, and an amiable old man inside the carriage looked at him with a smile .

Once an unwanted person in obscurity in the Mohist School, he became the wise counselor of North County . It was largely because of the old man’s help and guidance .

Even though Mo Ju understood his guidance was done on purpose… He still deeply appreciated him for making him feel hopeful in the darkest days of his life .

“Master, rest in peace . ”

Mo Ju stared at the snow on the ground . The bright reflection made his eyes teary .

In the distance…

The sound of hurried steps of the servant brought Mo Ju back to reality .

The servant bowed and said, “Mr . Mo, Mayor asked you to go to his study . ”

Mo Ju nodded . Wearing a crane cloak and a kerchief, Mo Ju walked to the study .

He went into the study and shook off the snow on the crane cloak .

Mo Beike and Tantai Xuan had already been waiting for him .

Mo Ju sensed the graveness in the room .

After he sat down in the chair…

Tantai Xuan took in a deep breath, then suddenly stood up, and bowed at Mo Beike and Mo Ju .

“Thank you both for your continued help . ”

“I hope I can still count on your support and company in the future . ”

Mo Beike narrowed his eyes . He could feel that Tantai Xuan was in a strange mood .

Mo Ju naturally sensed something was wrong as well .

“The Imperial Advisor is dead . Jiang Li is in prison . The Five Barbarians attacked the Great Zhou, yet the capital city remained silent and waited idly to see us sacrifice ourselves…”

“Why did we fight so hard against Xirong? Wasn’t it because we want to protect this land and the ordinary people from the persecution? But what did the Emperor of the Great Zhou do?”

“If he doesn’t cherish the land and the people himself, then why do we need this Emperor at all?!” Tantai Xuan said .

His forceful and sonorous voice echoed in the room .

Mo Ju breathed in short gasps .

Mo Beike caressed the chair . Obviously, his heart was not as collected as his appearance was .

Tantai Xuan’s words raised conjectures in his mind .


Sitting upright and looking around the room, Tantai Xuan slowly opened his mouth .

His voice was calm . Nonetheless, a stunning level of resolution was hiding underneath the calmness .

“I want to establish a new dynasty, the Great Xuan .

“I will be the Lord of Beixuan . ”

“We will raise an army and revolt against the Great Zhou!”

[1] The number of the Black Dragon Armored Men is inconsistent in the original text (twelve or thirteen) . This and the following paragraphs were direct translations .

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